ITHCWY Newsletter for July 2020

ITHCWY Newsletter for June 2020

Bay View Trail to Shoreline Trial at China Camp State Park

Coronavirus by country and US state/county - this post updates two videos daily that show increases in cases and deaths by day. Also more very local hikes.

I can't tell if Microsoft wants me to use Edge.

More ISS.


Visualizing Coronavirus Cases and Deaths by Country and US County

Updated on Saturday, August 15, 2020

Cases and Deaths by Country Yesterday

Daily Incremental

Visualizing Coronavirus Deaths by Country (Daily Incremental)


Visualizing Coronavirus Deaths by Country (Cumulative)

Cases and Deaths by US County Yesterday

Daily Incremental

Visualizing Coronavirus Deaths by US County (Daily Incremental)


Visualizing Coronavirus Deaths by US County (Cumulative)

This post is updated daily with global and US county level coronavirus data from Johns Hopkins University. Four videos show both cumulative and daily progression of the disease together with four images that show a snapshot for yesterday.

Cases and deaths are shown simultaneously using blue for cases and red for deaths. Where both are high a region will be a shade of purple. Regions with no data are dark gray.

The daily incremental visualization is useful to see the history and current state of the spread of coronavirus. Each region is shaded based on the highest number of daily cases and deaths for that region. For example if the highest number of deaths reported on any day in San Francisco county is 3, then any day that has three deaths will be the brightest shade of red. This shows where COVID-19 is relatively bad but should be used to compare regions.

The cumulative visualization is shaded relative to the highest total death and case count for any region. This does show the relative severity between regions (based on total deaths and cases, not relative to population).

As the location and date of the peak in daily and cumulative cases and deaths change over time the videos will be different each time you watch. Bookmark this post and check back for daily updates.

(This is the third version of this post as I have changed the data source and methodology several times. I usually preserve the previous version of any post but the changes are large enough that in this case I have removed them).

Cases and Deaths by Country

Daily Incremental




Cases and Deaths by US County

Daily Incremental




ITHCWY Newsletter for May 2020

ITHCWY Newsletter for April 2020

Equirectangular clouds for Catfood Earth

A 4K one year global cloud cover timelapse.

Social Undistancing

Niche topic maybe, but if you want to monitor Azure app services via Google Sheets then I've got you covered.



ITHCWY Redesign

I've just launched a redesign of I Thought He Came With You. The main thrust is to make the site more usable on desktops. Which seems nuts, but the data doesn't lie. The site has low mobile traffic and for a while I thought this was some kind of technical issue. I optimized the design heavily for mobile and spent a lot of time on speed and some AMP. I guess it's the content. Google loves it when I write documentation for them and doesn't think I have anything useful to say on politics. They're probably right. So I've gone back to having an old school sidebar and I've taken the performance hit of using Bootstrap to get some better looking forms and navigation without spending a lot of time on it. I hope you enjoy it, and if you find anything broken please email or leave a comment.

ITHCWY Newsletter for March 2020

Actual, age weighted and age and life expectancy weighted results of the 2016 Presidential Election

More Bangalore: Timelapse featuring Tipu Sultan's Summer Palace, Lalbagh Botanical Garden, KR flower market, Bangalore Palace and Cubbon Park.

Coastal: an abstract timelapse of the California coast.

Jesse Wegman has written a book, Let the People Pick the President: The Case for Abolishing the Electoral College (review) and a NYT op-ed on switching to a more rational way of electing the President. If you support this idea I have a page on the topic with four concrete things you can do to help.

Hike to Kirby Cove Beach (Marin Headlands near San Francisco).

Tool to backup locked files on Windows 10 - great for XCOPY backups or just grabbing a locked file.


News: We May Be Living in a Simulation, but the Truth Still Matters

We May Be Living in a Simulation, but the Truth Still Matters

I like this article because Kara Swisher actually gets the history right. Read my series on this starting with Can I move to a Better Simulation Please?.

ITHCWY Newsletter for January 2020

Alexa Echo Wall Clock

A timelapse portrait of San Francisco on New Year's Eve 2019.

Hike: Mt. Livermore on Angel Island

Catfood Earth 4.00 has been released. The new version includes 4K remastered day, night and cloud images as well as the latest timezone database.

It's a month for updates - you can also grab Catfood WebCamSaver 3.20 which includes an updated list of working webcams around the world. WebCamSaver is a Windows screensaver that shows you a feed of open webcams.

Meeting defragmenter is real!

How to fix the Washington Post democratic candidate quiz.


Clockwise - Meeting Defragmenter

Back in 2016 I shared an idea for a tool that would automatically arrange meetings to maximize stretches of production time. As a marketing genius I called it Meeting Defragmenter.

I just read about Clockwise, a startup that is doing exactly this. Right now it supports GSuite and it looks like Office365 is coming soon. Can't wait to try it!