Teague Hill Preserve

Teague Hill Preserve

Teague Hill Preserve

Teague Hill Preserve

A four mile, 1,400 foot hike into the Santa Cruz Mountains from just above Woodside. The trail is almost entirely under canopy but with a lot of variety and the occasional snatch of a view of the bay as you climb. The Bear Gulch section is very steep in places, if I did this route again I'd try Marker 3 to Marker 11 to see if the descent is more forgiving. Oh, and make sure you have a map or a downloaded route, there are a lot of trails with multiple entrances so it would be pretty easy to get lost here.

Hike starts at: 37.424658, -122.281739. View in Google Earth.

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4.32 miles, 1,400 feet total elevation gain (estimated from GPS track).


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