ITHCWY Newsletter for August 2022


Catfood WebCamSaver 3.29 is available for download.

UK Update - three things that have changed beyond recognition in the last four years.

Some timelapse: sunset in Wales, milky way in Wales and various sunsets over Waterloo Station in London.

I'm inching closer to actually building this evil calendar to stamp out B2B spam. Does anyone want to help?

HBR gets patent reform wrong.

I said I wouldn't, but here is how to control LIFX WiFi light bulbs from Google Apps Script.

What is Microsoft thinking with Bluetooth settings on Windows 11?

Slow motion video of the One O'clock Gun firing at Edinburgh Castle. ISS over Wales. And a lucky shot of a meteor.


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ITHCWY Newsletter for May 2022

Catfood Earth

Catfood WebCamSaver 3.28 is available for download. More webcams!

Timelapse: stars over Casini Ranch, Bangalore Sunsets, and time lapses of the week #6 and #7.

Instructions and code for building a long term Arduino powered timelapse camera.

I really don't like BBC My Sounds.

Letter to Joe Manchin


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ITHCWY Newsletter for March 2022

One Year of Tides Animated (with Sun and Moon)

Exclusive transcript of the speech that Biden should have delivered: Build Back Betterer.

What is the San Francisco Rent Board Fee?

Catfood WebCamSaver 3.27 is out. This has a big increase in the list of working webcams and so definitely worth upgrading (or trying for the first time).

Code: I fix a pet peeve with Todoist so the Alexa Integration sets a due date. Also, here's how to use the new Google Search Console API to monitor the index status of your pages. Both in Google Apps Script.

Timelapse: San Francisco Shoreline. Sunsets 8 (Nice Pacific view from my roof) and 9 (the March 27 storm in San Francisco). Both sides of the Golden Gate.

Hikes: I don't recommend the perimeter of Treasure Island (at least not trying the whole of it). I absolutely do endorse Mount Davidson. And San Bruno Mountain.


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ITHCWY Newsletter for December 2021


Some Catfood updates - WebCamSaver has been migrated to .NET 4.8 and has a code signing certificate (less nagging from Windows during install) and updated notifications. The list of webcams has also been updated. Catfood Earth for Android now supports Material You. This was so painful that there is a companion 'making of' post so I can whine about it.

With all the news about San Francisco's crime tsunami I decided to look at the data. Here's an animation of all the crime from 2003 to 2021. Spoiler alert, the only really interesting trend is that there is less of it, and 2020 was a massive dip which makes all of the year on year increase statistics being paraded around at the moment a little less interesting. There is a good contrarian take in The Atlantic as well: The Great Shoplifting Freak-Out.

A few hikes in southern California: Sawmill Flats (in Mount San Jacinto State Park), Ladder Canyon and Painted Canyon (amazing) and Barker Dam and Wall Street Mill (in Joshua Tree NP). One in Sonoma: Creekside Trail to Big Leaf Trail Loop.

Windows 11... it's great except for the bits you need to use.

Also a Barn Owl.


Links for December 2021

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ITHCWY Newsletter for October 2021

CA 2020

Continuing my Catfood Software refresh I have added a detailed WebCamSaver Guide as a companion to the Catfood Earth post. I also released Catfood Earth 4.20. This is a minor feature release (with the 2021d time zone database) but has a lot of upgrades behind the scenes. I've migrated to .net 4.8 and renewed my code signing certificate both of which make it much easier to install on Windows 10 (and 11). Upgrade notifications died when I moved Catfood Software to ITHCWY, with this release there is a new web service so Earth can tell you when thee is a new version available. Similar changes will come to WebCamSaver soon.

Are US schools too obsessed with sports?

Some fun with crystals and Adobe super resolution - I don't think they trained the AI on crystals.

Hikes: Adobe Creek, remnants in the sunset, Twin Peaks and Sugarloaf Ridge State Park.

I might buy more of your podcasts if you stop making them too long.

A milky way timelapse from Sugarloaf Ridge State Park.

Fleet week came back to San Francisco. Photos and timelapse.


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ITHCWY Newsletter for August 2021

ITHCWY Newsletter for June 2021

Visualizing Coronavirus Deaths by Country (Daily Incremental)

Catfood Earth has been missing a detailed guide since I shut down the Catfood Software web site. That has been fixed with this somewhat epic post which covers every feature of the Windows and Android versions.

Two new timelapses: stars over Columbia State Historic Park and another sunset. I also started working on a longer term project, it will be a few weeks until I get to see if it's going to work.

Hike posts have been upgraded with route maps and a chart showing elevation profile.

Also, some egrets and a ship.


Links for June 2021

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ITHCWY Newsletter for May 2021

Summer Solstice 2020

Timelapse of three trains of Starlink satellites. It's getting crowded up there. Another timelapse of the super flower blood moon eclipse which wasn't Musk's fault.

The Guardian's long read on free will is a disaster, but possibly not their fault. Also my tips on doing news right.

Photos from Marshall's Beach in San Francisco. And some fog. And sand.

Lastly, a nice hike near the Carquinez Strait.


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ITHCWY Newsletter for April 2021

ITHCWY Newsletter for March 2021