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San Francisco New Year's Eve

More Bangalore

San Francisco Shoreline Timelapse

Road Trip Timelapse


Stars over Pinnacles

Sugarloaf Stars and Milky Way

Stars over Lake Tahoe

Timelapse of three Starlink Trains

One Year From West Portal

Three different projects made from a year of footage captured from a Nest Cam (DropCam) pointed out the back of my house:

West of West Portal

West Portal Mosaic Timelapse

West Portal Timelapse of Timelapses

Animation and Visualization

GDP, The Music Video

San Francisco Crime 2003 to 2021

Global Temperature Anomalies Animation, 1850 to 2018

San Francisco Street Tree Datalapse

Catfood Earth

Animations made using Catfood Earth:

4K One Year Global Cloud Timelapse

Catfood Earth 2019

Catfood WebCamSaver

A compilation of timelapses made from webcams in the Catfood WebCamSaver database (there are hundreds of additional single webcam timelapses on my YouTube Channel):


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