Stable Diffusion Global Stereotypes

Stable Diffusion Global Stereotypes

What does Stable Diffusion think a typical person looks like from each country?

This image is composed of 248 faces generated with the following prompt:

"photo of a typical person from Vietnam, highly symmetrical face, portrait photography, highly detailed Vietnam background, 4k, 35mm, sharp focus, amazing photo, portrait of the year"

Using seed 960604, 50 iterations, 7.5 scale, and just varying the country name in the prompt text.

There is no gender implied in the prompt but it certainly seems more likely to generate a woman. It seems to find something distinctive about most countries. The region that surprises me the most is Eastern Europe which ends up being very similar. Click the image above for a larger version.

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(Published to the Fediverse as: Stable Diffusion Global Stereotypes #etc #ml #stablediffusion A composite image of 248 faces generated by Stable Diffusion for each country in the world. )

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