Tide Line from Lands End
Sunrise, Ulloa and 15th
Black Kite in Bangalore

Recent photographs from Robert Ellison. My favorite subjects include landscape, nature and astrophotography. You might also be interested in my timelapse collection. Click any thumbnail for a high resolution post.

Photo of bubbles drifting over the Great Highway in San Francisco
Murphy Windmill in Golden Gate Park
Beautifully lit wave at Fort Funston

I also spend a lot of time making family memories. Most of those don't end up on my blog, but my full collection is over forty thousand photos and counting. Over the past 10 years 2016 is the record breaker, but most years I keep more than two thousand:

A Red Swamp Crayfish at Stow Lake in San Francisco
Frog at Acadia National Park
Black Crested Night Heron

In terms of kit, I have owned a lot of cameras. The chart below shows the number of shots kept all time (top 10 cameras). I'm surprised by just how much I love Sony's 1 inch RX series. I've used various generations of the svelte RX100 but the camera I reach for the most often is the RX10. This has proven to be indestructible and has a 600mm equivalent zoom and a built in flash. It's not the best in low light and it suffers from the lack of a built in intervalometer. It's the best camera I've ever owned for kids and wildlife.

Tree with Lichen
Surf Scooter
Picture of 58 birds on some power lines recently.

Another insight is just how little I'm using my cell phone camera. The first on the list is a Pixel 2 which I haven't used for years. My current Pixel 6 Pro despite the highly reviewed camera is pretty low down. It's true that the best camera is the one you have with you, but Google leans too heavily on AI and when you zoom in you get a hallucinated nightmare rather than anything recognizable from the subject.

After the Storm
Rocky Outcrop Park
Crow, Sutro Tower
ISS over Wales
A Plane, the Moon and Sutro Tower
Sea Anemones in a cave
Barn Owl in Glen Canyon Park, San Francisco
Teddybear Cholla
Skull Cave
Sundial Bridge
Snowy Egrets at Marshall's Beach
Ship Entering San Francisco Bay
Sand covering the great highway in San Francisco
Downtown San Francisco from Twin Peaks
Grand View of Fog
Wave breaks in front of the Golden Gate Bridge
Sun Halo
Great Horned Owlets
Post Storm Sunset
Great Conjunction
Red-Tailed Hawk vs Gopher
Humpback Whale Feasting off Rockaway Beach in Pacifica
Bald Eagle
Nesting Ospreys
Humpback Whale at Fort Funston
Northern Pacific Rattlesnake at Fort Baker, Marin County, California


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