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Updated on Sunday, July 23, 2023


ITHCWY now supports a basic webmention implementation. Any inbound mentions will be dropped in the post moderation queue (so may take up to a few hours to appear as I check everything manually to keep the spam out). If an outbound link supports webmention then it will be mentioned. I'm only doing this for new and updated posts, not for the full archive. I'm a little Fediverse curious and this is a first step towards maybe implementing Bridgy Fed or even rolling my own ActivityPub implementation. Mostly I miss trackbacks and hope that we can figure out how to have nice things again.

Updated 2023-07-23 23:45:

I just added Bridgy Fed support so ITHCWY is sailing into the Fediverse. Details here.

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(Published to the Fediverse as: Webmention on ITHCWY #etc #ithcwy #bridgyfed #fediverse #indieweb #webmention Inbound and outbound webmentions are now supported for I Thought He Came With You blog posts. )



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