My collection of hikes, mostly around the San Francisco Bay Area (zoom out to explore further afield!). Click a marker on the map below for a link to the blog post about the hike, or browse all hike posts.

The first blog post I ever wrote was about a short test hike with a Magellan GPS back in 2015. Since then I've posted about almost every new hike. The amount of equipment used has varied tremendously. Currently I log the route on my phone using Gaia GPS, record a hyper lapse video on an Insta 360 and take some photos.

Post processing results in a downloadable KML track in case you want the exact route and a visualization on both Google Maps and a chart of the elevation profile (details here).

While I used to only post the first time I did a hike I'm trying to start a habit of adding a photo or video every time I go back. Some of these routes are one offs but many are family favorites that we visit often.

I use the tag sfdogwalk for dog friendly hikes.

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