Creekside Trail to Big Leaf Trail Loop

Updated on Saturday, February 19, 2022

Awesome trees along Creekside Trial in Shiloh Ranch Regional Park.

Pond as seen from Pond Trail in Shiloh Ranch Regional Park.

Missing tile in Google Earth reveals the stars below Sonomoa.

3.8 mile loop with 600 foot elevation gain in Shiloh Ranch Regional Park near Santa Rosa in Sonoma County.

This is the first time my Pixel 4 XL GPS has failed me. Sometimes it wanders a little off trail, but this time it took a completely unauthorized trip to a Home Depot before eventually snapping back to reality. I've included it here but unlike any other track I've uploaded you might not want to use this one (see the route on AllTrails instead, distance incorrect below). The really strange thing is that when I look at the trail in Google Earth there is a missing tile around where the GPS freaks out and Google Earth sends the route plunging down into outer space (because it's clamping to its elevation model but the stars under Sonoma are not as far away as they look?) See the screenshot above. Something is odd at Shiloh Ranch...

Hike starts at: 38.525412, -122.762561. View in Google Earth.

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(Published to the Fediverse as: Creekside Trail to Big Leaf Trail Loop #hike #hikevid #map #video 3.8 mile loop in Shiloh Ranch Regional Park, Sonoma, California. This hike includes a GPS failure and a suspicious missing tile in Google Maps that shows the stars below Sonoma. )


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7.29 miles, 620 feet total elevation gain (estimated from GPS track).


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