Route map and elevation profile for Hike Posts

Hike Profiles and Map

I have just updated my blog with two new features for hike posts.

The route is now shown in an embedded Google map. The map has a pin for the start of the hike (and for any geolocated photos included with the post) and a red line for the GPS track. Don't use this for following the route - better to download the KML file and have an offline map - but it's great for getting a sense of the hike.

Below the map is a new hike profile that plots elevation against distance together with estimated total distance and elevation gain. This is fairly tricky as my phone GPS isn't the best and altitude in particular jumps around a fair bit. To make this reasonably stable I take trackpoints every 60th of a mile and I only count elevation gain when it has gone up more than 100 feet. This probably errs on the side of underestimating unless the signal is really bad. The overall shape is a pretty good guide but please don't depend on the distance and elevation gain.

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(Hike Map)

(Published to the Fediverse as: Route map and elevation profile for Hike Posts #hike #ithcwy Hikes on ITHCWY now feature a route map and a hike profile with distance, total elevation gain and a chart to give you a good sense of what you might be in for. )

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