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Point Reyes - Drakes Estero

A pleasant, undulating hike along Drakes Estero (see north district trails, PDF) to Sunset Beach and back.

Gill illustrates the length of Drakes Estero.

Rob slowly sinking into the mud on Sunset Beach.

I think this is a striped shore crab, saw a couple of these guarding the approach to the beach.

(7.71 miles, total elevation gain 1,594 feet, 2 hours 48 minutes (average 2.76 mph), view in Google Earth)

Hike starts at: 38.081683, -122.9142.


Marco Di Costanzo

This is sweet! I love the GPS information on top of the Google map. I'm wondering how you did that. Is there a tutorial available? Thanks and keep it up!


Rob Ellison

I use GPSBabel (http://www.gpsbabel.org/) to convert the log files from my GPS to Google Earth KML files. It works with many GPS formats.


The links to "see this on Google Earth" are broken. I'd love to see this info. Any chance of fixing them? Thanks.


Google Earth links are fixed now.

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