L Taraval Track Replacement, The Movie

Track Construction on 15th Avenue, San Francisco

My poor street has had the works over the past few years. PG&E upgraded the gas lines. Then everything got ripped up for new water mains. We got two new poles. And then new sewers. I'm a little surprised the houses are still standing.

Over the last couple of months the train tracks for the L Taraval have been replaced. They're only two years younger than me, but I'm happy to report that they looked in much worse shape. Here's a time lapse of the whole process:

You'll see that they opened a chasm right in front of my garage early in the project and the plan called for it to be almost the last hole to fill in at the end. I'd be more excited if the L Taraval went anywhere useful. When I moved into my house it stopped right in front and then whisked you quickly downtown. Since then that stop was removed, and then the L terminated at West Portal to make room for M and N people and has been replaced by a bus for the duration of the pandemic and track replacement service.

With perfect comedic timing we also just got a letter from PG&E saying that they now need to dig everything up all over again. Probably we need medium rather than high pressure?

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