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Brooklyn 45

Review:Movies:Brooklyn 45

Both a sensitive movie about coming to terms with the transition from war to peace at the end of WWII (as well as foreshadowing some other transitions) and a really average seance horror movie. Overall I don't regret watching it but this didn't need the hokey special effects (down to an actual shot of a photo with its eyes moving a little bit).

Heart of Stone

Review:Movies:Heart of Stone

80% Mission Impossible, 20% Minority Report. Nothing new to see here, but it's a fun enough ride.

Luther The Fallen Sun

Review:Movies:Luther The Fallen Sun

Luther hits the big screen. Really not the same without Ruth Wilson. It's fun and over the top but more silly than dark.



Scientists figure out how to transplant literal years of life from the poor to the rich. What could go wrong? Lots of twists and turns, this was pretty good.

The Pope's Exorcist

Review:Movies:The Pope's Exorcist

Russel Crowe shows off his Italian, retcons the Spanish Inquisition and shows the devil the door. It's OK.


Where is my mind

Amazing performance of an incredible song.


Search Engine

PJ Vogt's something turns out to be Search Engine, which so far has consisted of idiosyncratic deep dives that remind me of another podcast that died too soon...




Two hours of thrills unfortunately packed into a 7 episode show. A couple of episodes in I was rooting for the Hijackers. By the fourth, I just wanted the plane to be shot down. They spend three episodes figuring out the guns are loaded with blanks, although to start with they insist the guns are fakes which is a different proposition entirely and then it turns out that they also have real bullets. That's about 3 hours of plot. Feels like it was written in one sitting and then never checked for continuity or tension or interest. When Generative AI is making TV shows on demand this is what I imagine they'll be like.

Jack Ryan Season 4

Jack Ryan Season 4

I've got some good news and some bad news.

The good news is that you get to make one more season of Jack Ryan.

The bad news is that we really had to scrape the barrel to fund it. Your primary sponsor is the State Tourist Board of Myanmar. Their goal is to keep people away so you only get to include shots that look like the suburbs of LA and the plot can't do anything to upset the Junta. Other than that you have complete creative freedom. Although Jeff insists that one scene can be summed up as "No, Mr. Ryan, I expect you get to wrapped up like a cucumber".

We also got a few bucks from JLR so every third shot has to be a Range Rover looking awesome. Have fun!

Silo Season 1

Review:TV:Silo Season 1

Foundation was a big disappointment to me, de-Azimov'd generic SciFi, so I was pretty nervous about Silo. It's an adaptation of the first few installments of Hugh Howey's epic Wool series. The TV version doesn't dare to be quite as good as Wool, but it's pretty decent with a great cast and spot on production design. Looking forward to the next series already. If you haven't read the books then you're missing out.

The Outlaws Season 2

At this point it's Breaking Bristol. It's rare to get dramedy right, this is great.

The Witcher Blood Origin

Review:TV:The Witcher Blood Origin

Ever wonder where Witchers came from? Me either, but they're going to tell you anyway. This has an awesome cast - Michelle Yeoh with Lenny Henry! And the special effects and production values are similar to the main series. It's not that good though. Four episodes is a really awkward canvas. It might have been a tight film or an entertaining series but it's both not enough and too much for the space available.

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