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Spanish movie where the nowhere in question is a shipping container bobbing around in the ocean after falling in during a storm. That would be fine except there is a pregnant woman on board who promptly gives birth and now has two problems. It's OK.



It's a cop movie. Probably the best scene is when all the cops bet on who the killer is, just like the audience at home. Adds nothing to the genre, but it looks great and goes down easy.

The Foreigner

Review:Movies:The Foreigner

Jackie Chan goes all Liam Neeson and kills the IRA terrorists responsible for his daughter's death. Pierce Brosnan is absolutely not Gerry Adams, any similarity must be due to coincidence.

The Last Man on Earth

Review:Movies:The Last Man on Earth

Spanish movie with the premise that hot women should sleep with ugly men, even if the world hasn't quite ended yet. Compelling. I prefer The Quiet Earth in the everyone else has gone genre, the sex is better here though.

The Out-Laws

Review:Movies:The Out-Laws

Downloaded for a flight. About as funny as an average SNL sketch only movie length.


Intrigue Murder in the Lucky Holiday Hotel

Review:Podcasts:Intrigue Murder in the Lucky Holiday Hotel

I have now worked my way back all the way to the first story in the series, murder in a hotel in China. This was pretty good.

Intrigue The Immortals

Review:Podcasts:Intrigue The Immortals

Fantastic series on the billionaire trend towards spending all of your money on life extension and ultimately the geek rapture. Hopefully some of the technology trickles down. I'm not holding my breath - this seems to be the realm of anecdote over data and even some of the proponents admit that it's more religion than science.


The Lincoln Lawyer

Review:TV:The Lincoln Lawyer

From the Bosche Cinematic Universe. The Lincoln Lawyer is unconventional but his heart is in the right place. He has a teenage daughter to look after part-time. He even seems to live in the house next to Bosche (he certainly has the same view). I never watched the movie and I haven't read the books. This adaptation is a David E. Kelley creation - good, but just a little too whimsical.

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