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I See You

A small town where kids mysteriously vanish. This is quite clever in how the story changes perspective a few times before being resolved.

John Wick 4

Review:Movies:John Wick 4

Very pretty, but also very flabby.

Knock at the Cabin

Review:Movies:Knock at the Cabin

Sophie's Choice, set in an Airbnb.

Scream 6

Gory, not clever, not sure why I bothered.

The Last Sentinel

Should have ended: "What did the cats, the horse, the swallows, and Rob do to deserve this?". Reasonably atmospheric in places but ultimately not that good.

The Wandering Earth 2

Review:Movies:The Wandering Earth 2

I very nearly skipped this because the first movie was action trash, like a Chinese take on the indecipherable Transformers movies. The Wandering Earth 2 is a prequel, about dueling visions of how to escape the imminent demise of the Sun. Option 1 is attaching thousands of engines to the Earth and moving it to a different solar system (you can guess this is what ends up happening). Option 2 is digitizing people. It's never made entirely clear where the digitized people would live once the Earth has been engulfed by the Sun, but you're not going to enjoy this movie if you stop to think about any part of it for too long. Like why does a space elevator use rockets? Despite all this it's really good and has the Liu Cixin vibes that I missed from the first film.


Anatomy of a Scandal

Review:TV:Anatomy of a Scandal

Anatomy of a Scandal has shades of the original House of Cards but without the dark humor. It keeps the pace up and the revelations coming, pretty good overall.



Beef is a Korean-American focused comedy about a parking lot altercation that rapidly spirals out of control. It's outstanding.

Succession Season 4

Review:TV:Succession Season 4

This ended as well as it could have. Roys, you suck but you will be missed.

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