Links for December 2023

Updated on Tuesday, December 5, 2023
The Washington Post: “Do I Know You?” examines what it's like to have face blindness - The Washington Post

I'm on the who the hell are you end of this spectrum. #prosopagnosia


Tom's Guide: By the way, did you know Alexa's annoying suggestions can be turned off? Here's how

Alexa, stop by the way apparently. Saving for future use. #alexa #shutup


Bridgy Fed

The docs suggest just passing a fragment will post part of a page but this doesn't seem to work, so testing again with a parameter as well... #ithcwy


San Francisco Examiner: How to download new Muni app on Apple App Store, Google Play | Transit

A new app and a new account... Is this just to escape the 2.8 rating? #muni #sfmta #sanfrancisco

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