Doyle Drive before and after: @PresidioParkway @presidiosf

Experimenting to remove GPS jitter from hike statistics - you can end up covering ground while standing still otherwise.

An advantage of @ATT is that you automatically connect to broken @Starbucks wifi giving you some much needed downtime.

In other news, 2/3rds of de-worming medicine includes cocaine:

CNN: the most trusted name in news about Jay Leno. For anything else, try the BBC.

The dog is giving me a look that suggests I'm personally responsible for thunder, and could I please make it stop.

Watching mad people talk to themselves outside 16th st. Peets - #codecon lunch break

Success of Kepler Mission is staggering. Discovering water worlds, planets everywhere. #SETIcon

JellyBean sounds like it wants to pester you a lot. Uncanny Valley of mobile OSs. #io12

RT @quepol: Prop 8 protest sign spotted today in Sacramento: "Jesus had 2 dads - why cant I?" (via @lindasusan)

RT @davidaxelrod: How loving owners transport their dogs.

Strangest omission from Chrome - RSS support. Google do make Google Reader as well, right?

Also needed, a 'net' underneath the wall.: (Facebook adds suicide help system)

Baby tech should let everyone sleep:

Trapped in slut march. No need to send help...

@gzicherm frustratingly it needs at least two hours in the fridge. It's a bit pinker than I was hoping for but didn't want it too sweet...

Need to stage an addiction to emergency powers intervention...: (Obama, in Europe, signs Patriot Act extension)

Spoiler Alert: R2-D2 hangs out in The Presidio

RT @LondonNPC: 70+ experts are calling on elected councillors to back #London to become a #NationalParkCity https:/…

The Trust Project, Fake News and a Partial Facebook Uninstall: @sarahintampa @_trustproject @mirandakatz @zephoria

California: how about a ballot measure to ban ballot measures requiring a two thirds majority for any group's pet peeve? #fb

Wishing Server Intellect could keep our email up for more than five minutes at a time. Sigh.

RT @Pearldotcom: Have you received your preposterous love life predictions? #vday #love #lovelife

Hike: Fort Funston in the rain: (view in Google Earth).This is the short version of our Fort Funston walk (..

WPF in a bootstrap :) WiX beta is making me about as excited as it's possible to get about installation

The @IFTT channel I really want? #NSA

Seem to have scheduled about a month's worth of work this week...

@ajs_gingertom congrats!

I side 90% with Jill Stein...

That's the far side of the Golden Gate bridge (PDF Map:

Trump is a dangerous president, we #NeedToImpeach him now! Join me by signing the petition:

Bohemian Rhapsody: worst baby calming song yet. #fb

Mmmmm, percocet, zzzzzzzzz

I'm #reading Company Town by Madeline Ashby

Listening to my Dad on Simon Mayo: ... like the Oscars, but more uplifting... starts at 00:19:38

GGNRA dog plan comments published: I'm #85. #1339 recycled my post:

Memo to self - when picking up Riley in a storm remember to take Riley's keys :(

3 of 5 stars to The Obelisk Gate by Jemisin

Obama administration defends the Defense of Marriage Act: (Salon) - having trouble wrapping my head around this.

Damned right: (On Tea)

"Please help us Thunderclap the launch of the #NHR-walk"

There should be constituencies for ex-pats - the number of Brits in California must be worth at least two MPs. #ge2010 #fb

UK astronomers to co-ordinate their search for alien signals -- nice, but why not something other than radio?

Highest IQ? Telnet to port 80 directly: (IE users have lower IQ says study)

Just donated to @fairvote who should take the time to pre-populate a twitter message!

Dear Google Voice: Don't tell me what time you actually managed to deliver a message. The time you received it is a little more helpful.

Bing Desktop being pushed through Windows Updates is both cheeky and reeks of desperation.

Hubble discovers new Pluto moon -- Promote Pluto back to a planet immediately!

Shake your way into space:

The cat just can't decide between the cushion and the router. The cushion is soft, but the router is hot and has a better view.

#IMU - Chris, go broad and participate everywhere or go deep and excel in one community medium?

Shut the frack up about the non-Rapture.

@gillwilson check out -> @perrybelcher: 26 Charities and Non-Profits That Tweet

Is Obama the anti-Christ? 8% in New Jersey say yes, 13% not sure!

Illegal_Dumping/1828-1898 Bernal Heights Blvd San Francisco, CA 94110, USA #bernal-heights!

Car moved to an undisclosed location #B2B100 #BayToBreakers

#ces08 how much faster would taxi lines go without chap collecting tip to tell driver your destination?

ITHCWY: Catfood: Earth for Android I’ve just released Catfood Earth for Android 1.10. You can control the…

I uploaded a YouTube video -- San Francisco Bay - 24 hour time lapse

Your 'child on board' sign goes badly with applying makeup while swerving around in heavy traffic.

@british_airways weather is beyond your control, but 545 minute wait for customer service is ridiculous and web site is useless!

Clipper just send out an email about expiring credit cards... and CCd a couple of thousand of customers. #SF #FAIL

AT&T support #fail ... anything I type into their send an email form gets deleted. Obviously deploying some time saving javascript.

30K additional troops. ~20K employees at Google. Could we achieve more by just sending Google over? Afghanistan Beta? #fb

Eagle-mounted GoPro -- is the future

Oxygen?: (Kabbadi players fail doping test)

Catfood PdfScan - Catfood Software via @CatfoodSoftware

@jprall congratulations, and happy birthday to both of you!

Enjoying the audience worm ( at #ge10 #fb

Off to #SETIcon. Want to share my theory that 'possums are actually alien anchor babies ;) #fb

@RavenEllison Just had a good meeting, but won't know more for a couple of weeks. Fingers crossed...

Watching #Wintellect10

Not #boarding but at SFO anyway...

JustAnswer Becomes Raises $25 Million Series A via @techcrunch #PearldotcomLaunch

Just shipped Cucku Backup 1.21, see

Lands End recently:

No, he abandoned us: (Are white liberals abandoning the president?)

Why must BNP allow non-whites ( when Church can exclude non-heteros (

RT @IDEX: IDEX Takes On Seva's Community Self-Development Program.

Made it. Long day. Awaiting room service.

Just added myself to the twitter directory under: #british #startup #ceo

My fitbit survived the laundry _and_ I got a totally unearned 15k steps badge. #fb

Beds in economy from Air New Zealand - - license this now please BA and Virgin! #fb

GMail: You'd be doing the world a greater service by suggesting people *not* to include in emails... I might even pay for it.

Just donated to @SierraClub #resist

gutted that palin failed to botch the debate, at least according to the telegraph

ISO 8601 -- yes!

'herpetology is a silly field': (Herpetology)

ITHCWY: Reviews and Links for December 2011: REST API Design Rulebook by Mark Masse 2/5 Two huge problems with this…

Faffing. Then grilling cheese and taking the dog to GGP.

One more try...

HOWTO: #impeach @realDonaldTrump faster:

RT @cucku: I'll be on Frugal Friday with Ken Hess on the 15th - - looking forward to talking about free remote backup.

Another day at the vets with Molly 'air miles' Wilson.

Standout talk from @antifreeze #bapi

Finish medals nowhere near finish #B2B100 #BayToBreakers paraphrase Gibson and supersede Twain

I'm #reading Zero History by William Gibson

Email alerts for new @googleanalytics referral traffic with apps script:

Got error handling in for dotnetfx... it's going to be a bitch to test though.

I'm #reading The Annihilation Score by Charles Stross

Arrrggghhh. You can't upload an image to Blogger in Chrome (at least not if you're publishing to your own domain).

Going to Portola Valley. Have to cross SLAC. Gulp.

Not really university. Not even polytechnic. Disappointing morning so far #BAPI2012

RT @SFtourguide: 68 Open spaces in downtown #SF private/public open spaces (POPOS) to rest your feet, eat your lunch or chill http://bit ...

@nihiofkdi Hasn't been much of a barrier to previous recipients ;)

ITHCWY: Reviews and links for January 2011: My Empire of Dirt: How One Man Turned His Big City Backyard into a Farm…

RT @cucku: Cucku Backup 2.11 released: (this is a critical update that addresses a compatibility problem with Skype ...

"Updates were not configured correctly. Reverting Changes." - again, sigh. Windows Update #Fail

Bugger. Have just snapped only pair of glasses in half. Also, superglue solid. Also, dog just barfed in the study.

3 of 5 stars to One Day by David Nicholls

@d_shep what happened?

Weather in the north east has just got much more Octoberish... brrrr #fb

#ces09 packing. Cupboard contains bewildering turducken consisting of various suitcases, a duvet and a selection of lara bars.

Windows 8 Is Now Available For Developers (And For Everybody Else, There’s A 90-Day Free Trial, Too)

The word 'sustainable' is unsustainable: (XKCD)

San Bruno Mountain: #hike @CAStateParks

Whew, month end crap finished, back to the to do list of doom.

Retweeting @cucku: JournalSpace dies after not bothering to backup their database: (TechCrunch)

@gamemom I should find a cuckoo costume, but last time i did this it was all i could do to drag myself over the hills...

Importing 2 hours of digital video. Several times. Grrrr.

I'm attending Vator Splash -- #li

ITHCWY: Loose Lips...

Hike: Crissy Field: Crissy Field, part of the Golden Gate National Parks, is a recently restored stretch of..

Florida bans computers -- ooops

@kunklejr distraction if you spread your efforts too thinly - focus on getting it right on one network (re social media)

Embarrassed to admit that I've already ditched my #BoS2009 snuggie.

Grrrrr, UPS double shafting.

New sofa delivery: Two hours, three geometrically challenged delivery guys and two police cars. We might be on the news tonight... #fb

ITHCWY: Time Zone Time Lapse: The video below shows twenty-four hours from noon UTC to noon UTC on June 7, 2010…

@robblewis What a Micky Mouse patent. Depressing. Drinks soon?

California style democracy is exhausting - spending Saturday working through the telephone directory sized voter guide...

How do San Francisco's mosquitos survive the 364 days it's too windy to land?

Amazing how much noise a hummingbird can make, while sat on a branch not dropping dead from inactivity.

Catfood Earth Patch ( via @CatfoodSoftware (recommended if you use the clouds layer)

Connected twitter to facebook, facebook to plaxo, plaxo to twitter. Internet should crash shortly.

BBC News - Brian Cox: bank bailout costlier than UK science 'since Jesus' -- amaaaaazzzziiiinnnnngg

Happy New Year!!!

Poker Spam. Sigh.

BBC News - Elite classic video games remake seeking backers -- give Braben your money!

5 of 5 stars to The Goldfinch by Donna Tartt

Gold Star to Intuit QuickBooks assisted payroll support - panic from IRS levy notice dispelled in under a minute.

Off to SFO to pick up Gill...

RT @abfo I Thought He Came With You | How to fix software patents

Off for a crash course on not immediately breaking the baby. Wish that O'Reilly did a "nutshell" guide... #fb

BBC News - 7 questions on computer programmes (more of a history / pop culture quiz)

RT @CatfoodSoftware: Blog: Summer Solstice 2009 in Catfood Desktate:

cat has woken up and started to demand some curry...

Dog First Aid:

RT @IDEX: Vote now to support coffee farmers in Chiapas (Voted yet? Great cause, just takes a minute)

I hate people who request a chargeback without getting in touch first.

#GGNRA dog plan: NPS to hold 'open house' sessions instead of public hearings...

Nothing to add...: (Catholics object to Irish law requiring them to stop covering up the rape of children.)

Why I hate your 'Got It' link:

Book reviews for September 2014:

Cry for help: National Parks Service hates dogs, breaks law -- save #GGNRA #fb

Agostino Bassifirst proposed the germ theory of disease. Medicine then stalled until my discovery that infections spread via day care. #fb

joining #hubspot webinar

New word of the day: shoboshobo - Japanese for feeling sick/disoriented due to watching too much 3D. #CES10

@mrsmele will be having the non-dehydrated for transportation stuff soon :)

You can get a tour of the #SF Armory. #todo @myEN --

Get your Flash update now:

We could use a LearnVest aimed at the investment bankers #tc50 (Live From TechCrunch50 live >

What happened to that week? Time to amble down to The Phoenix :) #fb

RT @Bernalwood: WANT! This Bike Elevator Makes Steep Hills a Little More Manageable

@dharmesh one of two talks so far that will make me go do things differently (the other was Geoff Moore). Thank you. #BoS2009

Catfood Software Blog | Catfood Weather 2 Beta via @CatfoodSoftware

RT @CatfoodSoftware: Blog: Vernal (Spring) #Equinox 2012 in Catfood #Earth: Spring starts right now in the…

Target is the exact opposite of a trash compacter.#fb

@ThomAllen KQED aren't that bad. I work from home so I listen to them all day... pledge weeks are painful

Today's PM ( has best ever use of an Ultravox track in a news context. #fb

My Ambient Orb is doing useful work again via some serial port. It's a long time since I've had to use a serial port.

Sponsered a little Mexican girl to walk at a dollar a block. Sounds like a pretty good gig.

RT @CatfoodSoftware: Closed Case 5332 in Catfood Cleat: Support geolocation

BBC News the secret links between Star Wars and Wales (is there any tenuous link with Wales you won't publish?)

Wow, smart strips on both computers, big drop in power consumption already.


ITHCWY: Wave Organ: Like the Internet, The Wave Organ is a series of tubes. Unlike the Internet it groans at you in…

Technorati now refuses to claim a blog if you 301 from non-www to www. #Fail

Regional Beauty Shot: The Bay Area, at Night, From Space -- I can see #bernal

Timelapse of stars over Lake Tahoe:

There's a power cut at Safeway. I feel like looting.

Watching Jeff Lawson at #BoS2011 having just seen his presentation at #BAPI - owl drawing & DOer funnels bear repetition.

Fun fact: I'm around a month younger than the Sutro Tower but took less time to build and was around $4M cheaper. #fb

@ajs_gingertom instead, lost weekend hand-crafting partition tables and then using dd to make a new hard drive work (I've been there).

Listening to @scifri on gene patents... do you need a license to create proteins from a patented gene? Does my body infringe?

ITHCWY: Reviews and links for November 2010: The Anthologist by Nicholson Baker 4/5 A first person account of a…

ITHCWY: Badge Driven Development: Microsoft has released Visual Studio Achievements, an extension that brings…

Prior Artist: @artBoffin

@robblewis Europe in general is devloping too many thought crimes. UK is fast catching up to France and Germany.

Meeting downtown... could eaily lead to a coffee at Union Square...

Yet another bad idea -- no, please write this book.

We must stay in government - Clegg -- 'I don't think so' - Rob

@ajs_gingertom short version, farmer in smoky bar, inhales and clears air, asked how: ex-tractor fan :)

It's all going a bit Florida #ge2010

Fog is back. Grrr.

Finished Starbucks Commercial Makes Bernal Life Look Rather Aspirational (due to lack of Starbucks) via @Bernalwood

Wolfram Alpha says that 1 in 6506 Americans are Ellisons.

Happy New Year UK! #fb

Tool to generate RSS feeds for Twitter users, lists and searches: #tools @myEN