I've just backed #London to become the world's first #NationalPark City. You can too @LondonNP @crowdfunderuk

@davidboleyRN thanks... so what would happen if he didn't take the oath? I'm a brit so forgive the lack of constitutional awareness

This really seems very silly: (England reading test to include non-words)

Might be interesting to hook up to an orb: #tools @myEN (Sentiment Analysis #API)

RT @MoveOn Republicans are coming after NPR and PBS. They want to zero out their funding. Help stop them (again).

Working on tedious progress reporting improvements.

@gillwilson chop chop

What is this strange, unfamiliar blue tinge in the sky?

Has anyone ever seen a delivery only parking meter being used to make an actual delivery? Turn those into miniparks @mayoredlee ! #fb

Should have had that tea...

Londonist Out Loud: A National Park City

@gillwilson until it drops dead

BBC News - Big Bang and religion mixed in Cern debate -- hangers on

A Pearl (.com) Comes Out of via @HuffPostTech #PearldotcomLaunch

Beer was near, sadly earlier.

Mission:Explore Food - via @pleasefundus

I. Hate. Muppets.

RT @Pinboard: My theory is that the Senior Vice President for Bad Decisions got lured away from Yahoo to Google

It's more like Cape Mediocreweather today...

Intelligent life: it's all about the unknown unknowns #SETIcon

IT class warfare — It’s not just IBM

Wow. Going to have to get this as a poster just to fully grok it:

After 2 Weeks, Voters Yearn For Obama

WER Services CodePlex project updated to handle negative events:

3 of 5 stars to Nocturnes by Kazuo Ishiguro

Hey @googlechrome , I'd like you better if you didn't go on an 'aw, snap' fest every time Windows reboots.

Phew, sea lion mystery solved: (BBC)

This is Rob, about to tell Kim where he can shove his favorite sensation.#fb

@mrsmele all the way! got back today... was in write only mode while travelling. Great trip, glad to fly back though!

Had forgotten that a few miles south of San Francisco they have this thing called "Summer". #fb

Thanks for the fetid steak, Safeway 

RT @Betty_Makoni: My new website is out for all your updates Get updates on my work

Sticking PSTs in GMail!

Party Limits: (like Term Limits, but for entire political parties)

ITHCWY: Magic Mountain

Pants. No way to increase hard drive size in VirtualBox.

Last night it was actually raining inside the Jeep. Need a new roof...

Crap. ISL isn't sending notification about DE reports and more, and also didn't bother saying that this was the case.

Please Digg GigaOm's great coverage of the Cucku Backup Pro launch:

'Never smoke a cigar bigger than your uterus' #Kindle

@twdeeter, #hubspot, same here, how to get everyone blogging? Seems like a good way to get variety.

@ajs_gingertom I know, 50 years seems so recent but apparently have to go to a specialty firm! Incredible.

"A conversation with my 12 year old self" (video) -- freaky

Ineffective Sorts -- definitive

I'm supporting Regan Gill! via @DonorDrive

ITHCWY: Reviews and links for May 2011: Freedom by Jonathan Franzen 3/5 The first couple of chapters are hilarious…

Vista SP2: takes longer to boot, one project won't compile any more. Developers, Developers, Developers...

Dolphins at Fort Funston:

I'm #reading Worth Dying For by Lee Child

+1 Judge suspends US law that provided for indefinite detention without trial - Boing Boing via @BoingBoing

First real game... @gillwilson is kicking my ass!

I understand TiVo might not be interested in repairing their boxes, but would a list of repair centers be too much to ask?

Off to the Thirsty Bear for lunch. I have a premonition that it's not going to be a productive afternoon...

@d_shep and I'

Puzzling failure of Twitter Cards:

Don't call Dimbleby if you're a muppet.

RT @GeoCollective: We've just had the first copies of our new Mission:Explore books back from the printers.. Here's a snap http://yfrog ...

ITHCWY: Sweeney Ridge: Sweeney Ridge, starting from Skyline College and walking up to the Portola Expedition…

RT @IDEX IDEX's annual celebration of our partners is just a few weeks away. Buy your tickets today! (<- I'm going)

Brown just going with fear of the unknown and a Madame Tussauds smile #leadersdebate

Stupidly installing Windows 8 the day before travelling...

@geocollective check out

Obligatory new Facebook Profile is a bit different grumble. #fb

50 Common Misconceptions - mental_floss on YouTube ( -- you're wrong!

RT @cucku: 5 tips for evaluating online backup:

How many Facebook redesigns? And still there are several links at the top that go to the same place.

the mars lander is twittering (MarsLander), be the first to know when it gets attacked

Taking hangover round #SF for #pearlhunt

Google+ fix for Google Apps users in a matter of days! +1! via @vicgundotra at #w2s

4 Great Family Friendly Gadgets And Apps At CES 2014 @Pearldotcom at #CES

@RavenEllison photo please! Good trip?

I'm #reading Packing for Mars by Mary Roach

San Francisco 2014 Ballot Measures:

Sick of: Droid, Climategate, Tiger Woods, November, auto-DMs, Plaxo #fb

I've been a l10n muppet. Hopefully fixed now.

RT @CatfoodSoftware: Blog: Catfood Software on Google+ and a Hangout Pledge: Catfood is now on Google+. Once 50…

SeeClickFix is a great idea marred only by crappy implementation. #fb

Visual Studio 2010 "invalid option: -ologo" is a cryptic way of telling you to install the 7.1 SDK:

In the market for a cat strength taser... #fb

ITHCWY: Catfood: Earth for Android: I’ve just released Catfood Earth for Android. It’s my second app created with…

@antor, at the moment PR$ are the best we're spending, better than advertising and better than social media (which is time not $$$).

Does not list programming while intoxicated (PWI):

@faresismail1996 on its way...

Shut down the Interstate highway system because a few people are speeding? Then don't do this:

Extraordinary: The real criminals in the Tarek Mehanna case

Have resorted to a sippy cup in order to defeat the cat...

@urbagirl i'll let you know... hopefully early next week

#inaug09 so who was president between noon and the actual swearing in?

red bear has been in the garden so long that he's germinated...

You'd probably have to go to a special effort just to source once cheap enough to only work on 110 these days.

#VIA is over packaged

Misses the reason for the ending, which btw can't be improved: "I only told you to blow the bloody doors off"

ITHCWY: We can’t fix politics without fixing 24-hour news: Take a moment to watch Brian Kilmeade and Janet Jackson…

Watching #winsummit2010 software track at

Stop @RecParkSF from cutting down thousands of healthy trees:

ITHCWY: Upgrading to http://BlogEngine.NET Today I upgraded this blog to the latest and greatest version of…

Desparately seeking whiskers.

At Stack Overflow Dev Days in SF - it has kicked off with a The Office style spoof.

Irritated that the @Canon repair process is to say 'you broke it' and charge nearly the cost of a new camera for an in warranty fix. Grrr.

Curiosity scientists not spilling beans on Mars news yet... #AGU12

looking at ecommerce vendors again, need full site integration without any requirement to sell snake oil

I'm #reading How It Went Down by Kekla Magoon

Rudy off for "enhanced interogation techniques" with Dr. Depp

Yuck: Mel's has switched from regular fries to tiny cold ones. Avoid.

Necessary Conversation: It's like Weekend Update for San Francisco (only funny). #SF #fb

Have found the worst possible solution to the travelling salesman problem. Can I have I Fields Medal? #fb

Just cannot persuade my computer to go to sleep. Going nuts.

RT @IDEX: Have we got an exciting challenge! Starting TODAY, for every new fan we get until March 25th, a generous supporter... http://f ...

RT @Pearldotcom: is now in beta, come check us out at #PearldotcomLaunch

#boarding SFO-LAS

Inner Workings...

How can coffee sometimes make you more sleepy? #fb

Matt Fwei is in Japan. They should have sent him to Wussia.

Code analysis with errors switched on is like XP with a camelCasingPedant from Microsoft as your partner...

Brexit Prize -- plan for leaving the EU

Got to love the Paul Revere head slap: (Sarah Palin on Paul Revere)


Are cats supposed to snore?

Can't focus at all today.

Lou Dobbs leaving CNN. Excellent - it's about time they started differentiating between news and rabies. #fb

I just backed Elite: Dangerous on @Kickstarter

Done with meta tags, on to updating help...

Banana Slug

RT @CatfoodSoftware: Blog: Catfood #PdfScan I’ve just released Catfood PdfScan This is a minor update…

@geocollective next week some time? I'm away all weekend and Monday - quick break before baby chaos.

Struggling with DemoForge.

Hey @RepSpeier please don't robocall me . You're not even my representative.

ITHCWY: Reviews and links for March 2011: The Idle Parent: Why Laid-Back Parents Raise Happier and Healthier Kids…

Catfood Software Blog | Catfood Earth via @CatfoodSoftware

Critical Factors Shaping the Future of Sudan: via @IDEX (Monday 25th in #SF) #fb

@gillwilson, wondered how long that would take. I don't think there's any damage.

ITHCWY: Twitter: Put some status in status updates: Give me an extra character for every year that I’ve been with…

Garlic, garlic, garlic, garlic, garlic, garlic, garlic, garlic, garlic, garlic, garlic, garlic, THUMB! #fb

Misssion: Socks. I'm sure they must makes socks in America somewhere, but still... #fb

So happy we're moving to Kaiser...: (3 Bay Area hospitals cited for serious violations)

eBook: Getting Started With WinQual For Windows Error Reporting: #li


Are 'geek' and 'nerd' now positive terms? -- yes, but fucktard is still pretty offensive

It's time to kick out the Bishops:

A (totally legitimate) letter from new Zynga CEO Don Mattrick

Browsers should stop remembering sixteen digit numbers. It's clearly still too much to rely on e-commerce implementers to do a good job.

Aalesund, More og Romsdal, Norway WebCam - Catfood Software via @CatfoodSoftware

Only a $100 fine, could be worse.

RT @CatfoodSoftware: Current Catfood Earth beta with time zones. The layer is updated whenever a country enters or leaves daylight... ht ...

Chookie -- a chicken based cookie.

3 of 5 stars to The Hydrogen Sonata by Iain M. Banks

I uploaded a YouTube video -- Jay likes NPR's Weekend Edition

@daveoflynn I'm abfo.rob ... which makes some sense, if only to me ;)

Cleaning :( #fb

@gillwilson only 10! I did 50!

Meeting moons at #SETIcon

knackered... have some sort of repetitive testing injury

Stasi versus NSA - Wieviel Platz brauchen die Aktenschränke? via @opendatacity

Hopping on @hubspot webinar:

UPS tip, if it's this busy on a Friday night install a bar!

I had to go through the knob scanner at SFO... Got caught smuggling a belt.

Stop marketers from being able to call your cellphone! @CREDOMobile #p2

THINKWALKS: #todo in San Francisco @myEN

USPS: store parcels for collection using some system other than completely random.

listening to any questions ( @npr, please do a US version of this!

Bad taste, but should you really be arrested for causing 'alarm or distress'?: (Fan held over 'air crash mockery')

Raj Patel is the Eddie Izzard of food security.

Planetary-scale chicken

I can't believe I ever thought I enjoyed C++ #fb

I still don't like the Oxford Comma, but...

Office has laid on EURO 2012 coverage.

RT @StackHash StackHash Blog | WinQual Survey Results

@robblewis but most online news is sourced from offline content. There is a problem with who pays. Bigger problem is bad product.

"Man makes explosives from things purchased in post-security airport stores"

@RavenEllison by the way, did you get an invite from me for Google+? If not, are you interested in one?

Harvesting .NET builds from VMs... I wish MS would put out a disc of these. Need these for WinDBG.

@RavenEllison that must have been a long wee!

@gillwilson I was planning on putting it in the chili. Instead there are now two cans of beans. Grrrr.

Snort - @mattcutts "How to Unlock the Amazing Secret of Unlimited Productivity" -

Winter Solstice 2012 in Catfood Earth via @CatfoodSoftware

Hey, London oiks, leave my bank alone!

Just started using uservoice and it's gone very flaky since Sat. Nothing on their twitter account or status blog. 72hr estimate for support.

4 of 5 stars to Artemis by Andy Weir

4 of 5 stars to The Quarry by Iain Banks

I can handle the faith based stuff ( if Obama also creates an office of fact based partnerships for balance...

Who ate all the cheese? Rhetorical question, it was me... #fb

Has Microsoft been entirely knocked off the Internet? MSDN down, CodePlex down, down...

Wall of skulls: at @calacademy

I've #justsponsored Daniel Raven-Ellison on @JustGiving. Support them and The Outward Bound Trust @

@mrsmele Congratulations to Mrs Smele! That took a while...

@ATTNickT can you help with paperless statements not being delivered (and _not_ caught in spam filter)?


RT @GeoCollective: The Making of a #NationalParkCity. Powerful speakers, provocative thinking, entertaining performances. September 21. htt…

Yet more on (BoingBoing)

ITHCWY: Support SHIELD–a small measure of patent sanity: A friend pointed me at the SHIELD (PDF) act today. This…

ITHCWY: Reviews and links for March 2010: Juliet, Naked by Nick Hornby 3/5 Classic Hornby. It's fairly close to…

10 Business Lessons From 'Battlestar Galactica': #BSG

Phoenix packed... Cheese moved :(

All is not lost in social media when there’s a Lego DeLorean in the works -- want!

RT @MattWilsontv: RT ...: Nonprofits out there who want to attend @blogworld at 50% off? email us: - @gillwilson

@robblewis only on a virtual machine, I'm not brave enough to actually use it

Read this now, then change your passwords!: (Password Strength)

RT @MissionExplore: #MissionExploreFood our radical cookbook for families is currently FREE / ...

Beach -> Centering Reunion -> Oscar Party

RT @GeoCollective: In the US? You can now order the (Outdoor Book 2011) #MissionExplore books on Amazon #play #pla ...