Two stunning earth videos from @CatfoodSoftware - Seasons: and Time Zones: (both on YouTube)


Fix Cisco VPN on Windows 8:

4 of 5 stars to A Short Gentleman by Jon Canter

101 is fucking evil - The Funded please don't make me drive this far south again.

In blighty briefly...

More testing today :( I'm ready to start creating new bugs ;)

Support the International Refugee Assistance Project

Own a color: (for Unicef)

Met with an ex-enemy and hopefully new friend. Now back to endless testing...

@JeremyKossen prefer the flexibility of being able to roll my own functionality when needed.

The new X-Files movie doesn't suck! Plus it has probably the best critique of Bush yet committed to film.

@htc got there in the end...

Enjoying snowy fields and a toasty fire in Mapledurwell after a short but very happy Christmas. Also itching for Cranium rematch.#fb

Pasty Time :)

Irrationally mad at Expedia for playing David Gray on hold and then calling me Roberto.

JustAnswer is looking for a UK PPC consultant or employee. Let me know if you're interested or know someone who migh…

3 of 5 stars to The Phoenix Descent by Chuck Grossart

@kevkev9000 try StackHash to take some of the pain away:

Enjoying the funky hold muzak while waiting for the Launch 2010 webcast to get going #join2010

RT @Bernalwood: Marmot Alert!! Marmot Alert!! Wild Mountain Creature Spotted in Bernal Heights

Simon Cowell to have final say: (Royal succession changes proposed)

RT @CatfoodSoftware Catfood Software Blog | Catfood Contraction Timer for Android

testing again...: (Coming soon: all the TV news that's fit to ignore)

I might take #VIA camping.

Don't give way to the right, take way from the left. #fb

Interesting automation tool: #API #tools @myEN via @kinlane

BA customer service message: "your estimated wait time is 545 hours". Doesn't say if a meal will be served. #fb

Verisign vs. Network Solutions for SSL - any opinions?

Kepler talk interesting but the worst slides I've ever seen. #seticon

ITHCWY: California Slender Salamander

I wonder if @foxnewspolitics was hacked the same way that @RepWeiner was 'hacked'.

RT @CatfoodSoftware Catfood Software (just relaunched the web site!)

@Beevis congrats! great write up

RT @IDEX: Join @IDEX and @world_affairs tonight at the UNHCR #WorldRefuge Day Event in #SF:

RT @ACLU_NorCal: Tell Gov. Schwarzenegger to #CutThis! #deathpenalty #cabudget

Tweaking the Cucku blog - adding lots of new feeds :)

@seeclickfix Android app says "Something got wrong with the content, please contact the software provider."

Celebrating national doughnut day in style with a Bacon Maple Apple from Dynamo: #fb

Franken the highlight of Sotomayor hearings. Need more comedians in Congress.

@urbagirl wow, he'd love that even without needing PT after the surgery. Thanks :)

Watching a tedious NUMB3RS marathon to distract from tedious cold :( #fb

Pre-ordered: (Go the Fuck to Sleep: a storybook for exhausted parents)

I just made my donation to the @ACLU – please support their work, too:

Actually used a box cutter to cut up a box. It's a tool I normally reserve for my fingers. #fb

@robblewis It can't convince me to watch them *even* once :)

Off to the #FogBugz World Tour.

Welsh results are like listening to Eurovision... in face the whole affair could be improved by adding Wogan to the coverage. #ge2010

#Frei on "the gloved one", Pakistan: (BBC News)

3 of 5 stars to Starhawk by Jack McDevitt

We can’t fix politics without fixing 24-hour news - I Thought He Came With You via @abfo

BART is a sea of orange, black and either Korean or Klingon. #fb

PHP barfs on UTF-8 with a signature when you want to set headers. My life is not richer for knowing this.

ITHCWY: Reviews and Links for June 2012: The Marriage Plot by Jeffrey Eugenides 3/5 A love triangle set in the…

Has Facebook removed the option to hide all wall posts from an app or page or are they just torturing me?

@RavenEllison maybe when Kate goes to university...

@mrsmele no, I only do Canon VBCam cameras at the moment

API basic values #api @myEN: (Does API Value and Reliability Trump Docs and Code Samples?)

ITHCWY: Better Paperless: I've just spent several hours scanning and then shredding tedious statements, medical…

Plug fully pulled on Cucku Backup. A sad day. Long live @StackHash !

Blog: WiX Tricks for Screen Savers: I've been migrating my installers over to WiX. My only complaint with t..

External impact report for @IDEX at

#IMU but what if you *are* happy multi-cultural people? ;)

RT @geocollective: Please send the Guardian pictures from any of your Mission:Explorations to - pls support + RT! ...

@uservoice I keep getting errors on my (and your) forums today - is there somewhere to check on system status? What's up?

It's blood orange margarita season again. Learn more about blood oranges: #fb

Girls tear down the toy store pink aisle, demand engineering toys -- yes, also this -->

RT @abfo I Thought He Came With You | Finding NPR on Windows Mobile (testing...)

“we couldn’t as a company be in a position of acknowledging ... hidden people.” -

5 of 5 stars to Advanced .NET Debugging by Mario Hewardt

ITHCWY: Bernal Bug

House of Lords reform: Nick Clegg's crazy plan is a pay day for has-beens and never-wozzers via @Telegraph

Unidentified butterfly:

Mercury: if you're going to call a call the "Milan" then it really shouldn't look like a lump of coal from the reject bin.

#bananameasurer is the hashtag of the future!

I'm attending StartUp SF v2.2 - "Give Your Ideas Ex-Lax" (12/2/09) -- #li

Dear Sainsbury please stock Moo Free Chocolates - Sign the Petition

I'm attending Business of APIs 2011 Conference: San Francisco -- #API

Yup, sounds about right. -- blinkshit

@gillwilson and on marathon days!

Weeks are too short. Need an office on Mars. And a nice weekend cabin with a pressurized hot tub on Neptune. #fb

ITHCWY: Reviews and links for February 2011: Agents of Treachery: Never Before Published Spy Fiction from Today's…

Laser cannons on technicals: ("V": How to fix ABC's struggling alien invasion series)

Learning Thermostat: - @nest @myEN


Teeth ok

Best thing today - awesome Lifehacker coverage :) Worst thing - looking at expensive dog surgery :( #fb

Making ginger cake and ginger ice cream. When the cake is ready, fennel encrusted pork loin. Yum.

Ooooh, will they be auctioning it off?: (100-ft-long drug-smuggling, Narco-crafted submarine discovered in Colombia)

Ed Lee Is...2 LEGIT 2 QUIT #fearthestache - haven't decided yet but awesome!

Leaving @Bernalwood at least for now... if you need a great house on the west slope make it this one -->

5 of 5 stars to The Last Policeman by Ben H. Winters

I just want to get rid of @windows 10 notifications with one click:

@gillwilson being flipped over

Mashing up system administration and text based adventure games... #fb

Piers Morgan faces US gun backlash -- not the reason he should go

Is it 'feed a cold, get a fever pissed' or the other way round? I can never remember. #fb

Use gun insurance to pay for gun buybacks:

Good morning parrots #fb

Toaster needed rebooting. I hate appliances. I'd buy a new one if I didn't think it would come with an app store. #fb

Users will hate -- yes, see also

Could we solve the financial crisis just be getting Obama nominees to pay their back taxes? Seems that way.

Headline of the day

The cat is easy - drugs.

ITHCWY: Earthquake Supply Co.: The last time we refreshed our earthquake supply kit was because of a smell. It…

RT @CatfoodSoftware: WebCamSaver 3.00 Beta and Free License Offer: Catfood WebCamSaver 3.00 is now available...

RE: Wow, that's circular.

It shouldn't bother me as much as it does that Google Reader often leaves phantom unread items in the Subscriptions list...

Exahusted TiVo, time for MI5 (not 9-to-5)

RT @robblewis Are more US Marketers using social media for market research? » robblewis

New sink could take a week. Grrrr.

Packed house for @MarsCuriosity lecture at #AGU12

Have hit the G&T button. #fb

Coldest spot on Earth identified -- shockingly not that dip near the end of Presidio

4 of 5 stars to Life After Life by Kate Atkinson

Any Questions, Any Answers, and now time to make soup and pot pies :)

ITHCWY: Procyon lotor

ITHCWY: Misplaced Outrage: The video of US Marines urinating on corpses is shocking and counterproductive. But it's…

JSON Formatter & Validator:

Windows Marketplace shutting down Digital Locker August next year. Another nail in the DRM coffin. Cheers Microsoft.

RT @cucku: "Carbonite lost the backups of over 7,500 customers" - (Boston Globe) #badcloud

Why do a US version of a Terry's Chocolate Orange if it's just the same hopeless american chocolate? It's just teasing...

BBC News - Does a baby's name affect its chances in life? -- Sue Yoo the lawyer

#fracker friday - I can understand letting me do them all, or none. But just 1? Makes no sense.

is shipping :) #fb

Babies R Us is rocking on a Friday night.

RT @CatfoodSoftware: Learn how to get a free copy of Catfood Earth for you or a friend: #fb

RT @Pearldotcom: Let Your Kids Contact Santa at the Last Minute!:

Twitter just suspended Cleat... No idea why and no explanation. Will have to email. Sigh...

Summer Solstice 2011 in Catfood Earth via @CatfoodSoftware

Windows 8, Users 0?

9 out of every 9 busses are a 30.

ITHCWY on Messenger:

Should I really be auditing my own benefits?

Find the motivation to read the CA voter guide or just throw darts at it?

Playing with Nimbuzz. So that's how it interfaces with Twitter (last status). Thanks @SFtourguide - cool app :)

UNIX time hits 1234567890 tomorrow

Hike: Reviews and #links for May 2011 #bookreviews

@RavenEllison check out - I like the subscription model.

@RavenEllison or waiting for iPad3 ;) - you can use iPad2 for facetime, lighter and faster as well...

Migration of to BlogEngine.NET complete. Now time for some fun...

Kate's #MEF151 looks hard! #fb

Announcing Source Code Pro -- nice code font @myEN

Fwei back from visiting "notoriously gloomy Teutons": (BBC)

Third (hopefully lucky) trip to get Jeep's wonky lug nut fixed... #fb

@sr00t @Etsy awww, I was expecting a crocheted 1U :(

#boarding LHR

On the subject of deadly pork, MRSA found on 7% of samples in a University of Iowa test:

Well said @PJCrowley

Crurp: to burp while crawling with sufficient violence that you need to sit up and look shocked.

The Ballmer queue is almost worse than Avatar. #CES10

I could eat a whole cow // while waiting for @HBO Now -- #HBONow #buffering #whydidicutthecordimissthecord #ott

I'm #reading The Land of Later on by Anthony Weller

Catfood Earth for Android

Benchmarking. Bah.

Bloody health insurance doesn't seem to cover attempted self-immolation.

Explaining 'Jobs' to Rudy Giuliani:

@RavenEllison good thanks. Liked your Glastonbury pics, jealous! Looking forward to seeing you too.

Biden's 'get out of the way' section of the VP debate is powerful.

ITHCWY: Intelligence Squared Two-Party Debate: On Tuesday Intelligence Squared US held a debate on the proposition…

Risking some deck time for Rudy - he's being very good so far.

RT @IDEX: We did it - 500 new fans in less than two weeks! We've reached our challenge goal and have raised much-needed... ...

RT @StackHash StackHash Blog | Include your application log in WinQual crash reports

Famed Tokyo electronics center to close -- sad

Rubik cube solved in 20 movements or less

Is there any way to get a BBC News RSS feed that excludes all the trivial stories about Wales?

It's time for the Food Network to calve a new channel for shows devoted to defrosting and then lightly tarting up stuff they can't cook. #fb - synthetic biology handout from #codecon day 3

I always read American Medical Response as Armed Medical Response. Which would make a great show. #fb

RT @BlaneBachelor: @Bernalwood: Via @TIME, a bullet bounces off victim's face, hits robber, kills him -- right here in our 'hood. http://t…

Book reviews for October 2014: The Martian (Andy Weir) and Personal (@LeeChildReacher)

#SF - stop mourning @Borders and check out the Alexander Book Company:

Any time I want to use Twitter search it packs in :(

I hope they didn't screw it up...: (VIDEO: Murakami's book on silver screen)

Stack Overflow Dev Days - battle of the mobile development stacks. I hope Android wins - I hate Objective C.

ITHCWY: Farallon Islands: A rare clear day where you can see the Farallon Islands from Fort Funston.

Nine for Exchange email on Android: -- @9FoldersInc

@mrsmele seems to be that has the problem.

#hubspot, apparently need ~1M posts... better get posting...

Feeling happier after a nice walk. Tired and ready for a gin :)

Not keen on this new dark right after work phenomena.

@DrDisco2000 you're much more considerate at once a month ish...

Back to it!

Last of five company tax returns finished. It's harder being a virtual person than a real one.

Spoke too soon. Bizzare failure on XP.

Hot Item at Safeway: Shopping Carts -- there are none. You can only buy what you can carry.

RT @clayposey: @abfo so use a LANDING SLIDE? #IMU :)

All copied out. Or copy'd out? or maybe copy'ed out. Anyway, done with it.

Playing with webcam based time lapse video (while listening to Any Questions).

RT @cucku: Join Cucku on LinkedIn:

ITHCWY: Bernal in Bloom: Updated 2013-04-29 18:50:

Fighting comment spam. Unfortunately with CAPTCHAs rather than a flamethrower. #fb

Check this video out -- IDEX: Connecting You to Grassroots Solutions to Poverty via @IDEX

Enjoying High-Precision Deep Zoom: (not having a productive day...)

Middle-Eastern cover of Radiohead's "Karma Police"; by Shefy & Sabbah of Tel Aviv -- stonking

BBQ: combining lowest end hot dogs with highest end home ground steak burgers. It's a frack the air day! #SF

Louis Vuitton butt plug: (oh no, scrolling down it seems to be a trunk)

Sun deemed to be over yard-arm: hitting the deck with J.G. Ballard and and an old, speckled hen. #fb

Haven't been able to get to the @Lightstreamer web site all day. What's up?