GGNRA dog plan comments published: I'm #85. #1339 recycled my post:

Bridge birthday thing...

Thanks #codecon organizers and presenters. Excellent conference.

ITHCWY: Sod Searle And Sod His Sodding Room: Marcus du Sautoy, writing on BBC News, brings up Searle's Chinese Room…

It's July 16th. Enough with the daytime fireworks already San Francisco. #ffs

Headline more interesting than story...: (Primate civil partnership warning)

Connected twitter to facebook, facebook to plaxo, plaxo to twitter. Internet should crash shortly.

ITHCWY: Catfood: Earth for Android I’ve just released Catfood Earth for Android 1.10. You can control the…

RT @bigballofmud: Is it ironic that mathematical ignorance is playing a role in saving BP? RT @jasongorman: [blog] Bletchley Park Wins £ ...

Who knew that Prius regenerative braking meant "as in Doctor Who" :) #fb

ITHCWY: California, I can save you billions with a small and reasonably priced computer program...: California just…

Timelapse of stars in 4K from Pine Mountain Lake in Groveland, CA:

@sfmta_muni And not just confusing to me given how packed the next 28 is...

Leek & potato soup very nice, bloody eyeball and buggered up neck less so.

Testing with multiple Windows, Skype and Cucku accounts. Hard to keep it all straight.

Skype for Android 4 - Better but Useless

@ThomAllen KQED aren't that bad. I work from home so I listen to them all day... pledge weeks are painful

I want @redgate smartassembly #Wintellect10

the tuna guy on NPR right now should really get a room

Can't focus at all today.

Today's embuggerance - NAS out of space, local backups failing. I'm just doomed to sorting out random IT shit this week. #fb

RT @davidaxelrod: How loving owners transport their dogs.

Study: Our Digital Devices Are Ruining Our Relationships -- tl;dr

Procrastinating. #fb

Starting to relax. I'll probably be made to regret this soon...

Please RT @idex 10 Twollars to give $1 to @idex via #twollars (you have 50 #twollars to start with). Thanks!

What a happy coincidence. As well as #IPAday it's also goof off at work day:

Specific Gravity #AddaWordRuinaMovie

Scooby-Doo and Secular Humanism:

Watch out for the Script Kitties! (amusing typo in the Kindle release of Zero Day)

Test with fix...


Manual Retweeting, misguided thumbkissing, and other social media sins /by @PandoDaily -- all true

Hurray, fog is burning off. Dog might get to visit the buffalo after all.

Off for a walk in the Oakland Hills - hopefully the wind has died down and we survive the #baybridge s-bend of death.

@DumpAnalysis Thanks, you can contact directly via rob cucku com.

@gillwilson and on marathon days!

RT @CatfoodSoftware: Catfood WebCamSaver 3.00 released:

Ocean Beach:

@Agile_IT Thanks, I'm on AT&T. Tapping fingers and waiting for a fix...

Panspermia -- Fermi Paradox solved?

Every congresscritter now has an email address, thanks to Sunlight and EFF -- very nice

Why have an artificial limit on taxis in SF? And then trying to sell medalions? Need more cabs in this town.

Working on tedious progress reporting improvements.

The animals are not just sleeping but sleeping at me. #fb

Did the @twitterapi recently start dropping hexadecimal status ids? Can't find this mentioned in the docs...

Jupiter debate has become football vs soccer #SETIcon

2-Ten FM is going under ( - Facebook). I miss Rob Randal on County Sound.

Tedium on grass... #ENG #USA

Piers Morgan faces US gun backlash -- not the reason he should go

RT @GeoCollective: The Making of a #NationalParkCity. Powerful speakers, provocative thinking, entertaining performances. September 21. htt…

Just got one of those day-changing emails from a happy customer. :)

RT @stephenfry: Imagine London as the world's first National Park City. Wow, heck of a thought. Help make it happen:

ITHCWY: Radio 4: Can I buy you a new hard drive?: I love that Radio 4 is available outside the UK on iPlayer. It’s…

WER Services CodePlex project updated to handle negative events:

Harmony Surgery

RT @spacearcheology: Will #InspirationMars accept a same-sex married couple for their mission to Mars?

RT @IDEX: Join us tonight for a discussion on the situation in Sudan

ITHCWY: Intelligence Squared Two-Party Debate: On Tuesday Intelligence Squared US held a debate on the proposition…

ITHCWY: Catfood: WebCams for Android: I’ve just released a WebCam app for Android. It’s based on WebCamSaver but…

Back to inbox zero :)

I love fixing a bug just be trying to write the email explaining why it can't be fixed and then going... Oh

Facebook: people have friends in different time zones. Sort your stupid events out.

RT @ScienceMarchSF: Wow!!! #sciencemarchsf #marchforscience @ScienceMarchDC

Please check out and help me get the work out with a digg!

Six hour window to get windscreen replaced. Jeeps are designed as a kind of life support system for the auto glass industry.

Skyping with elephants: a new paradigm for education /by @PandoDaily

There should be a word for when you sigh at exactly the same time as your dog.

ITHCWY: Reviews and Links for January 2013: 2312 by Kim Stanley Robinson 2/5 I always want to like Kim Stanley…

How many dogs can you really fit on a @sfmta_muni LRV?

4 of 5 stars to The World to Come by Dara Horn

Radio 4: Can I buy you a new hard drive? - I Thought He Came With You via @abfo - @BBCRadio4, please read!

Ahhh, exactly the right amount of sun...

Spoiler alert: it's the top right quadrant.

Stupidly installing Windows 8 the day before travelling...

@implus glad to hear it... hope you get this fixed soon.

Explaining 'Jobs' to Rudy Giuliani:

Good chart: (Visualizing Herman Cain's 9-9-9 plan to redistribute wealth from the poor to the rich)

Obedient Bird!:

Attending the @IDEX Creating a Just Food System panel in Berkeley tonight - - fantastic panel, please RT.

Why recount? @realDonaldTrump #Recount2016

Held prisoner in a toothpaste factory

Another Skype for Windows Mobile release, another failure to support the internal speaker. Sigh.

The more tedious the product the fewer clothes on the booth babes #CES10


If Corporations want to be "people" they should accept the responsibilities as well as the rights. Starting with jail time. #fb

Jenkins' Commission report is surprisingly droll in places: #av

ITHCWY: Fixing dropped wireless connection for Linksys E4200: I've been going quietly mad trying to fix a constant…

Things I wish I hadn't overheard in Walgreens part 1: If you put enough fluid in it *will* come out.#fb

Where I live I have the power of 0.28 votes. See your result at #GE2010 #VPI

DE Tax finally done. What a nightmare. They should just have a flat fee for smaller corporations.

There's a Lake District in the Presidio? Must find... Maybe need some home brew Kendal Mint Cake first...

Happy New Year! #fb

O'Reilly new books RSS feed is super-stressful... should I learn this, what the hell is that, etc.

Catfood Software Blog | Catfood Weather 2 Beta via @CatfoodSoftware

#stayintheshadowofacloud is a really bad mission for California ;)

Sigh, obvious, invalid, bullshit -- BBC News - Microsoft wins patent fight with Google's Motorola unit

NASA data #API :) #todo @myEN: (New Data API Around NASA Data Sets)

RT @DanRavenEllison: Why I took my 10-year-old son on a walk along the highway

Autumnal Equinox 2013

@jemkarsales how much wanted porn is there for children?

The @polycom C100S *still* doesn't support Vista. Wonder if they'll support Windows 7. Useless brick.

Ahhh, Telegraph and coffee while Jeep gets a new nut :)

Sun's campus is nice. What is it they do again?

Reloading the Fort Funston webcam page with increasing optimism: #fb

Is it normal for dogs to love pistachios?

I have some Google Wave invites - ping me if you'd like one. #li #fb

Giant straw Dalek

Pasty Time :)

#hubspot, exec buy in, seek forgiveness not permission

Cleaning :( #fb

@HTC why are downloads from soooooo slow? Any alternative?

There are now touts and nutters handing out creationist lit. I think there might be a fight. For a lecture. Got to love SF.

Is Facebook reducing their font size 1 point a day? #fb

DOS on DNS wipes out the cloud (for an hour).\

Epic #Bernal Panorama: - via @bernalwood

Has Microsoft been entirely knocked off the Internet? MSDN down, CodePlex down, down...

Depressing number of contact forms give no indication that a message was sent... just clearing the screen is ambiguous.

4 of 5 stars to Acceptance by Jeff VanderMeer

It's gone a bit wet. Bad for solar panels and vitamin D, good for getting stuff done.

This Mind Blowing Video Does NOT Use Green Screen

2-In-1 iPotty with Activity Seat for iPad -- OMFG, this is actually a thing you can buy

Why Microsoft is likely doomed based on one email folder: @Outlook #MSFT

Why Are Jerky Treats Making Pets Sick?

I need a separate instance of myself to handle conference calls.

Does this make Pluto a planet again? #Pluto

Daniel Raven-Ellison, Guerrilla Geographer Information, Facts, News, Photos -- National Geographic via @NatGeo

Matt Fwei visits Google: (BBC)

Unicode Character 'PILE OF POO' (U+1F4A9):

There is no excuse for your pathetic trickle of traffic - @dharmesh at #BoS2009

Chow Down (at Chick-fil-A): via @youtube

RT @abfo I Thought He Came With You | WPF commands with nested focus scope

#boarding ORD

Week of lunch - happily have two meetings booked at the 21st Amendment. Hopefully they won't run out of Double Trouble this time.

RT @presidioknolls: It's the last few hrs of our latest auction: lunch w/ CEOs of Paypal, GRPN, etc. Check it out & add your own offer @ ht…

Web Goes On Strike: Jan 18th! All-out blackout 2 stop #SOPA #PIPA. Petition @twitter and other sites to join us.

ITHCWY: AT&T MicroCell Woes: AT&T's MicroCell extends their famously inept network into your home or office. It…

Diaspora Founders To Move On, Handing Over Decentralized Social Network ‘To The Community’ -- sad, but not the future

THE future of cookie storage --

Cow Fartpacks -- i'd pay good money for a dog sized one #fb

Reasonable: (PR firm boss will fire you if you don't replace milk in fridge after using the last drop)

QBz Flashback!

I'm #reading One Day by David Nicholls

Pants. No way to increase hard drive size in VirtualBox.

Dynamo Doughnut Friday :)

Power out in Bernal... time for Super Scrabble!

5 of 5 stars to Kill Decision by Daniel Suarez

Why do I get an error 'Cannot resolve symbol <symbolname>' in ReSharper? - very frustrating

I'm #reading Professional Android 2 Application De... by Reto Meier

Oh dear, time to clean the house :(

Embarrassed to admit that I've already ditched my #BoS2009 snuggie.

KQED pledge week. If you're a Bay Area free loader give them some $$$:

Goodreads is being willfully flaky :(

If you're on Google+ find me here: #li

Bohemian Rhapsody: worst baby calming song yet. #fb


Hike: Golden Gate Park - Stow Lake, Stawberry Hill and Museum Concourse: An alternative to our normal loop is anothe...

Format of a minidump (mdmp) file. via @StackHash

Looking forward to: Build better web applications with "Get Some REST" via @getsomerestbook

BBC News - Gay marriage: Religious 'opt-in' offered, but not to CofE -- the establishment part should be illegal

There, we fixed it: (The woman... must marry her rapist as a condition of the release.)

@tpdorsey - possibly interesting for your Toolbox column: connect WinQual to bug trackers.

Hoping that Torchwood is good, bummed out that Comcast isn't carrying BBC America in HD yet. #fb

I'm #reading The Lion by Nelson DeMille

Sad that #BSG is over... great ending though, didn't think they'd pull if off after that last few directionless episodes.

@RavenEllison couple more hours in the sun... 80 degrees here right now. Just hope the drive up isn't too late and miserable.

I'm #reading Hull Zero Three by Greg Bear

I want to subscribe to Vague Scientist:

Like bumping into an ex post sex change... #bapi

Bernal not Burby - - and a higher score than Noe! #SF via @mapquest mqVibe

RT @MerriamWebster: *whispers into the void* In contemporary use, fact is understood to refer to something with actual existence. https://t…

+1 Judge suspends US law that provided for indefinite detention without trial - Boing Boing via @BoingBoing Turing Suicide in doubt?

Unlimited backup proves to be a loss leader: - had Cucku survived it never would have had this problem. :(

'Never smoke a cigar bigger than your uterus' #Kindle

When home 3D printing goes wrong -- not Kelly LeBrock?

Celebrating national doughnut day in style with a Bacon Maple Apple from Dynamo: #fb

Does not list programming while intoxicated (PWI):

Obama: key to promoting human liberty and dignity worldwide is richer Americans. Right...

UK Government to start investing in startups? (BBC) ... Yes please @DowningStreet #fb

ITHCWY: Kindle: Figure out sorting!: I love my Kindle. Loved it since seeing the screen for the first time after…

Back to #goatposting

I've got a brand new solar inverter and I'll give you the rectifier...

Falsehoods programmers believe about time - riff on the malleability of computer time

Have hit the G&T button. #fb

cleaning :(

Hike: Point Reyes - Tomales Point: Tomales Point is a ten mile hike in Point Reyes. The trailhead is at the..

Going to learn about the Foundation for Self-Sufficiency in Central America (

Finished Starbucks Commercial Makes Bernal Life Look Rather Aspirational (due to lack of Starbucks) via @Bernalwood

In case you missed it earlier please check out (and Digg) the GigaOm story on Cucku Backup Pro: - Thanks

Another version of sobees, another adventure in configring all the settings again. I know it's an alpha but still, sigh.

ITHCWY: But does it get you in the HOV lane?: Interesting but highly disturbing alternative fuel source...

Weather in the north east has just got much more Octoberish... brrrr #fb

Kate didn't enjoy her vaccines... she's found a whole new range of noises :( #fb

Going blind from crash analysis. Time to call it a day and head to the Thirsty Bear for beers with an ex-boss. #fb

ITHCWY: Fight Facebook with Email: I was a little saddened to read today that Diaspora is transitioning over to…

Has @grader been hacked?

How did the Marines come to build a theater in San Francisco?

Irrationally mad at Expedia for playing David Gray on hold and then calling me Roberto.

ITHCWY: Guess?