Why You Get No Love From Google's Spiders [cartoon]

Why does UK overseas voter renewal require the *entire* form, seemingly every three weeks? #frackers

@robblewis new readers are for reading the news you can't be bothered to read ;) (see Dirk Gently)

Half an hour to go from hitting reboot to Visual Studio being responsive again. Sigh.

Happy 6 month 1/2 birthday Kate! #fb

PGP on top of GMail:

Shipping :) and then, slacking :) :)

my day of not faffing is getting... pretty faffy

Shocking news - can Lou Dobbs prove that he isn't Mexican?

Off for a soggy drive to Woodside...

Patent Law 101: What’s Wrong And Ways To Make It Right via @techcrunch

Bird & Fortune on bank bailouts: - brilliant! (FT, via Salon)

No ground almonds at BiRite, none at Safeway, time to slog over to Whole Foods...

Facebook struggling with photo uploads as well? Bad facebook.

How To Opt Out Of Google's Weird New Ads That Use Your Face And Name


Note to self: fancy purple carrots lead to pinky-grey pot pie filling :( #fb

Sorry about the constant toothpaste messages, Nimbuzz has gone a bit mad. Now unplugged...

US needs a national newspaper that doesn't suck. Can't get upset by local rags folding when they're just tarted up AP feeds.

Also, fair warning, Rudy has peed on every discarded Christmas tree in San Francisco.

Backyard visits on @nest #nestcam

RT @KarlTheFog: How long have I known I was gray? As far back as I can remember. I felt different from other clouds, but wouldn't change a …

One of them is just for cats.: (What do you put in nine bins?)

Playing with Google Latitude. Not impressed. Needs Google Maps to be running all the time and my location is increasingly derranged.

Packet loss while trying to work: 8%. Packet loss while on the phone to Comcast: 0%. Sigh. #fb

Facebook is broken, Google+ is a hollow shell, Twitter is too vanilla, bah! #fb

Reboot computer in C# / .NET - I Thought He Came With You via @abfo

RT @LikeDebate: First Debate! Alpha 1 - It’s buggy, ugly and rough but you can now have a debate on the site. Sign in with...…

Incredible: (Final space shuttle launch, as seen from booster camera (video))

Mighty Mutt Strut #GGNRA:

Off to check up on the buffalo...

Can't decide which walk to do.

Berry TheraFlu on top of toothpaste... cure is worse than disease...

#fail @IntuitInc, if you want a longer username say so up front. Or at least don't clear the rest of the form when you reject it.

ITHCWY: XamlParseException and 256x256 icons: When testing out a WPF app on XP I got an unhelpful…

Finished 1 dog walk and a couple of light chores. It's 4:30. Frack.

BBC News - US loses AAA credit rating after S&P downgrade (Cheers S&P)

Switching to beer - just to stop the cat from stalking my glass of water!


This #SF instant runoff voting isn't very instant.

@antor perfect! Hadn't heard of them before.

StackHash Beta 10 now available (adds plugin support to your Windows Error Reporting arsenal): #li

Sign up for Daily Action alerts: text DAILY to 228466 or go to - very odd

Tea and toasted banana bread - warming up while the door is open so the dog can get some air.

I guess it's good that has fixed their #SF forecast but I miss the old +20 degree optimism...

Need to update a serialized object to be backwards compatible.

Old friends... No CDTV though! At #CHM

With More Original Programming On The Way, Netflix TV Viewing Is On The Rise -- missing the point, lack of content

Whew, @implus is back to life for Skype.

Fracking anal $105 parking ticket + processing fee. Someone has to pay for MUNI drivers to call in sick I guess.

Convinced myself that Café Bello is on the way to Cole Hardware...

In case you missed it earlier please check out (and Digg) the GigaOm story on Cucku Backup Pro: - Thanks

Cal band at justanswer (missed this while at lunch)

ITHCWY: Reviews and links for August 2010: Packing for Mars: The Curious Science of Life in the Void by Mary Roach…

ITHCWY: Black Diamond Mines Regional Preserve: Black Diamond Mines Regional Preserve is an East Bay park spanning…

If I could play real poker like pretend poker I'd be retired...

Google's Nexus 7 tablet image leaks onto the Web via @CNET - holy crap that's a big bezel #io12

Help make #London a #NationalPark by signing this petition to the #MayorOfLondon. #AskBoris #GLNP

To watch: Mike McDerment on marketing metrics: @myEN #BoS2011

leonsbuddydave:razerwolf:leonsbuddydave:favorite part of CSS? hmm that’s a tough one but it...

Bugger, @HTC Aria ROM update fails with 'An error (-5001 : 0x80070002 has occurred while running the setup.' Stuck for now...

Hipster Coffee Lovers Rejoice, Blue Bottle Coffee Raises $20M -- for one cup of coffee

3 of 5 stars to The Power of Habit by Charles Duhigg

I'm on Frugal Friday starting at 3:30pm PST: - will be talking about Cucku Backup

Kate didn't enjoy her vaccines... she's found a whole new range of noises :( #fb

12% of International calls are now over Skype:

My body is a temple... unfortunately it's for Shiva #fb

Bletchley Park's archives being digitised -- nice

Text messages for the SF Marathon are being delayed due to network problems at the race site. We apologize for any inconvenience. --B ...

Something about Cucku and Mustard in German:

By the time I've remembered my new password it's time for a new stupid password.

Statistics, recommendations & big data != AI. #CHM

Installing a virtual build machine. Yawn...

In other news, Stewardess discovers Higgs Boson: (Astrophysicist finds fastest method of plane boarding)

Check out this new @IDEX video on their work in South Africa: (YouTube)

Why would we spend countless taxpayer dollars on a Death Star with a fundamental flaw ...

I hate odd DPI issues. Takes the spring out of your step.

bored, waiting for film to start... wish that US cinemas would let you book seats and divulge the actual start time... #frackers

Shredding :) #fb

HTTP status cats by GirlieMac: classic server error codes, now with cats:

Hike: High-Frequency Trading #politics #random

21A IPA in store for tomorrow :)

ITHCWY: Great Billboard Hack

Bay Bridge Bike Path Bolts Break -- might just stick to BART and boats... #fb

Star Sighting: Invisible Obamas Seen Relaxing in Bernal Heights #fb

#IMU how do service provider recommendations on LinkedIn differ from personal recommendations?

Mosaic timelapse:

#hubspot, if not using hubspot, which blogging platform would you recommend?

ITHCWY: Extreme Environmentalism: Speaking of Gaia, I read Michael Lind’s Why we should embrace the end of human…

"Facebook makes you sharper but Twitter makes you thicker." #fb

Better idea: (Clegg unveils Lords reform plans)

Trying to capture a screenshot of an elusive dialog...

This is an awesome tool: - RSS feeds from any web page. I'm watching @polycom for a C100S Vista driver (slackers!).

Sadly, !humpheap doesn't seem to be a valid SOS command

We'd be screwed if a civil emergency hit at noon on a Tuesday. #SF

Animation of a year of global cloud cover:


With URL: ...

ITHCWY: Bishops: I’d love to not care what the Church of England thinks about allowing women to become Bishops. But…

Is Skype spam way up, or am I just forgetting lots of Nigerian and Russian friends? #fb

ITHCWY: Book reviews for May 2013: Troika by Alastair Reynolds 4/5 Stonking little novella.

Join me in supporting Let America Vote via @actblue

Street View:

@Syndic if you can't be bothered with error handling return 418

RT @StackHash: Email Update: Missing Events and tips on StackHash, WinQual and Windows Error Reporting from the StackHash Blog http://fb ...

ITHCWY: Bringing a SHIELD to a conker fight: I've supported the SHIELD Act before, which would force patent trolls…

Rebooting due to stupid OneCare firewall.

LazyWeb request - set up some diverse honey trap twitter accounts and generate a list of spammy accounts that follow indescriminately...

RT @twitter: What did the general say when he found out his army was going to lose the war? Retweet! (feature now available to all users)

Can't get over two BNP MEPs in #eu09 - major democracy #fail

Blog: Video timeout on XP and Vista (power management): I'm updating a screensaver so that it stops work on..

We need to take a page from the #USA playbook and have a #ENG only World Cup that we can always win #ENG #GER :(

In her defense, she has a lot more hours to fill these days...: (Dear Oprah: Some thoughts on your credibility.)

I have some free invites. Hit me up if you'd like one. It's like the worst bits of Google+ and Twitter! #fb

If you want to keep donors you need a way to update credit cards that doesn't involve a pen and a stamp @KQED !

I have some Google Wave invites - ping me if you'd like one. #li #fb

I need a separate instance of myself to handle conference calls.

Filing :( #fb

Off to the Commonwealth Club to learn about Afghanistan #fb

Playmobil appear to have merged with IKEA.

Just how much damage can you do configuring AdWords with a hangover?

Leaving for #codecon, hope to learn some interesting stuff

Oh the agony of vanilla Win32 :( #fb

RT @Bernalwood: It's Official: Bernal Heights Is the Hottest Neighborhood in America

ITHCWY: Near-plurality of idiocy: "In the 30 years since Gallup started asking people whether they believe humans…

The only good PPT transition is no transition. And don't get me started on Wallace and Gromit sound clips. #BoS2009

RT @CatfoodSoftware Catfood Software Blog | Catfood Follower 1.30

What happened to Any Questions? this week:

@gillwilson - AJWS is on KQED forum at the moment (the 10am hour)

Just donated to @Translifeline #resist

If you're riding a recumbant bike at night without lights then I'm nominating you for a Darwin Award. #fb

Seesmic Desktop: - it's an early beta but finally seems to get multi-account support right.

Do I wait for a fix or fork it for now?

Virgin America leaves from SFO international - can't shake the feeling that I should be bracing for an 11hr flight...

#IMU elymedia has 6 fans on Facebook, no company info on home page, loosing faith in this presentation!

I'm #reading So You've Been Publicly Shamed by Jon Ronson

RT @Sparkitland: This reminds me of Steve Krug's "Don't Make Me Think". Good book. #imu (agree - also MUST read Robin Williams Design W/S)

Unit tests on virtualized win 7 are like watching paint dry, flake off and then the house decompose and the neighborhood return to nature.

I can update my payment info by post or fax? Really @kqed why not telegram or carrier pigeon as well?

I'll drink #VIA if Starbucks put the nipples back on their mermaid.

Epic email session. I guess at least doing it semi-manually keeps me from being evil.

'badger' is a British euphemism for 'tabloid journalist': (Government 'to back badger cull')

#IMU what was the answer on the previous one (with four options)?

do you love your tuna or do you *love* your tuna

Why does the Internet even still use FTP? Fracked Protocol.

Fracking UAC is spoiling my day :(

@mrsmele groan

Ticked off: How stock market decimalization killed IPOs and ruined our economy

CSV on Android is a world of pain.

ITHCWY: Crow Gyre

RT @cucku: RT @AvenueZ: LOVE this free tool: Cucku: Backup w/a Buddy. Stores backup of your files on a friend's computer

Final test using Rudy, I promise:

Who knew that Prius regenerative braking meant "as in Doctor Who"... :) #fb

"To achieve these amazing battery savings, we’ve temporarily turned off instant notification of messages in group chats." - @skype

"PM to Scots: We want you to stay" -- yes, please stay!

Shutter 3D is awesome. Criminal to be using the polarized flavor in cinemas. #CES10

Our cat is a water spilling monster. Grrrr.

@sr00t even better than PEBKAC?

RT @RepAdamSchiff: Whether the Russians colluded with persons, including the Trump campaign, must be thoroughly investigated. Here's… goes nuclear:

Sea lions at Fisherman's Wharf:

The Challenge and Promise of Artificial Intelligence, a Bay Area Science Festival Wonder Dialog

+1: A appeals court rules Prop. 8 unconstitutional: #fb

Facebook: you need to disambiguate pages that happen to have the same name.

Fucking spammers. The things you see when you don't have your gun...

"Stealth mode is for Fighter Jets, not Startups"... from @hubspot

For Christmas, Your Government Will Explain Why It's Legal to Kill You:

The first 20% of migrating a web site is fun...

GetvCard shutting down at the end of 2013: @getvcard

@skydiver talk to my old Prof, Kevin Warwick:

@AnswrExpt hi, yes, and I believe the expert team has been in touch with you?

Working with multiple Google accounts seems to be getting increasingly flakey. I almost need a different browser for each account.

Actually nearly three moons...: (We could have had the Moon, instead we get Afghanistan)

Harmony Surgery

Journalists: time to drop the "on Facebook." stories. It's as remarkable now as learning something by phone.

3 of 5 stars to The Girl In The Ice by Robert Bryndza

I got 8/10 on the BBC Thanksgiving quiz: (it's harder than the naturalization test...)

#timelapse of @sutrobaths

Are the specialist and the generalist on that slide both Steve Ballmer? @hubspot

Less of a democracy, more of a rota: (VIDEO: Putin to run for Russian presidency)

Kindle 2.5 firmware now available for download: - flashing it on now...

Check out Viva Fund Summer Campaign: via @razoo

Seven days to decide the fate of the Oxford comma:

Maryland abolishing death penalty +1 #fb

@gillwilson I was expecting attentive dinosaurs...

ITHCWY: Reviews and links for February 2010: Programming WPF by Chris Sells 4/5 A highly detailed and well written…

Mathematica clearly poaching from Catfood Magazine circa '98: vs.

Now we're "Reverting Changes" - looks like another hour gone. I think I'd rather be part of a Chinese botnet than sit through this.

£10m tongue: (BBC)

Link building is exhausting. A stiff margarita certainly helps.

@gillwilson, you should take the rest of it to work tomorrow...

Further healthcare reform needed...: Has Professional Advice, for a Price via @mashable #PearldotcomLaunch

I'm #reading The Information by James Gleick

I'm #reading The Thousand Autumns of Jacob de Zoet by David Mitchell

I think Microsoft has different teams for HKLM and HKCU. And I don't think that they talk. Anyway, fixed :)

Hey DataContractSerializer, how about an exception on illegal characters? WCF #fail

What you missed in July on ITHCWY:

I hate it when you click a "read more..." link and there are only two more words to read. Web two point doh!