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Salesforce conference (I'm guessing) seems to have overwhelmed AT&T mobile Internet :(

4 of 5 stars to Men Without Women by Haruki Murakami

Patent 'trolls cost $29bn a year'

Do people with email footers begging you not to print their email realize that it just means you use an extra page to print it?

Mission:Shiregreen via

Turned out nice...

Shipping :)


"Bay Bridge Opening Delayed Until at Least December" -- bummer

Walking through doorways causes forgetting, new research shows:

Congratulations on the release, @robinapp now just need more people I know to get on here!

Just donated to Council on American-Islamic Relations @CAIRNational #resist

Discovery Days at AT&T Park: - Bay Area Science Festival, via @bayareascience

@nihiofkdi still dead from San Francisco. You're in Tehran?

@Minifig81 it can take a few minutes to update. Try setting a different wallpaper and then switching back to force it.

Back buggered. Clearly my week for falling apart. And I promised the dog GGP. Kill or cure...


ITHCWY: Sod Searle And Sod His Sodding Room: Marcus du Sautoy, writing on BBC News, brings up Searle's Chinese Room…

Also, people in a busy supermarket line who just stand there rather than packing your own bags, I hate you.

Two words that shouldn't go together: unicorn and metrics #bapi

4 of 5 stars to Ready Player One by Ernest Cline


So close: I must have a follower with $43,836 burning a hole in their pocket. Get to it! #seti

Run, Hillary, run! - War Room - graffiti #glenpark playground

I Thought He Came With You | Thinking about the UK referendum on AV via @abfo

XML: #rofl

Fandango #fail - no Avatar this weekend :(

Format of a minidump (mdmp) file. via @StackHash

ITHCWY: Radio 4: Can I buy you a new hard drive?: I love that Radio 4 is available outside the UK on iPlayer. It’s…

The parrots are not amused.

RT @StackHash StackHash Blog | If you don't use WinQual, why not? #li

Probably the Higgs:

And now there's a truck blocking elsie...

USS Hornet:

Amazed from trailing round stores yesterday how hard it is to buy a desktop - the laptop really is king.

Unfollow screenshot for Twitter.

Getting ready for the Mighty Mutt Strut: #GGNRA

ITHCWY: Robot Ahead

4 of 5 stars to The World to Come by Dara Horn

Out of steam...

#ces09 taxi line reassuringly long, but can be skipped if you grab a luggage person with access to secret cabs so now at @mgmgrand

Refactoring WebCamSaver - making it faster to load and faster to exit. Also less likely to leak the odd handle here and there.

PDF: so much worse than paper, so much worse than a web page.

BBC News Quiz backup on air - must listen - :)

I feel the distribution pain problem for Hark! #tc50

Writing online help. Depressingly like talking to yourself.

Dentist :( ... then sausage roll hunting :)

Guinness and Marmite bread makes an excellent cheese on toast platform. #fb

My @fitbit has survived another trip through the laundry. Impressive device. #fb

Catfood Earth -- fixed weather radar, latest time zone database

Catfood Earth update:


Off for a walk in the Oakland Hills - hopefully the wind has died down and we survive the #baybridge s-bend of death.

@urbagirl thanks, i got one involved answer (the same as you) and one that wasn't right.

Capital gains tax should run on an exponential scale - from 100% at 1 second to 0% at 10 years. Stack the decks against the quants. #fb

Excel is such a poor substitute for reality. #fb

Two police helicopters and several hundred hell's angels going past.

Walgreens line looks like they must have started prescribing Halo or a new iSomething. #fb

Also getting deluged in Skype-spam today.

Day 1 of #codecon very good. Looking forward to denaturing my DNA with some G&T :)

Dear Technorati: how long does it take to move a colo? Are for forcing your servers to hitchhike? Excuse is wearing thin... #fb

TransUnion, your recorded message may as well be "Thank you for calling TransUnion. Now please fuck off. PS, can we have some money"

Yippee, inbox zero. Time to yank out the Ethernet cable before anything else comes in...

Headline more interesting than story...: (Primate civil partnership warning)

There is so much bad information about launching a URL using the user's default web browser.

Just burned my first BD-R. Takes me back to spending all Friday night trying to make one good CD on a burner bigger than the computer... #fb

Dammit Google. First you kill Reader and now I have to compose emails in the bottom right corner of my screen? #fume

@DanRavenEllison with or without floppy ears?

@jacobm, why is #hubspot wrong on this?

#10yearsago I was disappointed by both the "river of fire" and the smell emanating from a co-reveler in London.

@d_shep, I see you're getting there.

Personal Finger Daemon for Windows -- bring back finger!

Ahh, the happy sound of the dog harmonizing with Portishead :) #fb

@earth2andy ♫ I've got my spine, I've got my orange crush... ♫

3 of 5 stars to Damned by Chuck Palahniuk

Long foggy / windy walk in the Golden Gate Park. Two very happy dogs.

I've hit the point where preparing any more is going to start making things worse. Probably time for a nice cup of tea.

No: (Could rugby take off in the US?)

Off to sunny Marin for lunch.


Worked on this idea in 2004, didn't get funded: (Cloud-Based Video Editor WeVideo Launches To Public)

The dog stinks. He probably shouldn't have had any of that garlic bagel.

Just can't work without ReSharper any more... going to have to take the plunge for personal projects.

@scottrutherford Thanks Scott, seems stable again now.

ITHCWY: Reviews and Links for December 2012: Phantom (Alexander Hawke, #7) by Ted Bell 2/5 Sigh. The man can…

Steinbach's Guideline for Systems Programming: Never test for an error condition you don't know how to handle.

It must be crazy gopher season - another one was a quick lead pull away from being eaten. That, or rabies...

Jenkins' Commission report is surprisingly droll in places: #av

What an unexpectedly interesting Wednesday I seem to be having...

Discover Explore via

Visual Studio 2010: stop locking your own output files. Not big, not clever.

I'm #reading Agents of Treachery by Otto Penzler

@robblewis 31st is good, let me know when/where. Linking text non-obvious? Please....

Left 1099 printing to the last minute and have realized that I've got a package of W2s. Bugger.

Study: Our Digital Devices Are Ruining Our Relationships -- tl;dr

4 of 5 stars to Some Remarks by Neal Stephenson

Not encourages that the first thing Google's cycling directions tell me is to bike down the Esmeralda stairs...

A radical pessimist's guide to the next 10 years via @globeandmail

To claim my free Safeway gas I had to go to Daily City. The horror...

ITHCWY: Reviews and Links for July 2012: The Sense of an Ending by Julian Barnes 4/5 A personal anti-adventure…

The cat can no longer tell the difference between her litter tray and a laptop. This could get expensive.

SWEET! According to @ingoodco, I'm closest to the Dreamer. Check out my work personality and discover yours

Why do I get an error 'Cannot resolve symbol <symbolname>' in ReSharper? - very frustrating

Are birds hijacking quantum physics? -- um, BBC, that would be everything.

Ah, I came here with @beavis a year or two ago.

Cisco locks customers out of their own routers, only lets them back in if they agree to being spied upon and monetized

4 of 5 stars to Cockroaches by Jo Nesbø

It's miscellaneous monday...


Bright Hub also addresses the online backup speed problem... guess who has the answer?

ITHCWY: Mangler: I don't know what the machine attached to our office does but it's giving me nightmares.

@mzanh Hi!

#hubspot, also, there are no cocktails :(

Cannot make myself understood today. Need to hire an interpreter.

@urbagirl ended up waiting two hours! it was good though

RT @CatfoodSoftware: Catfood Weather Beta 2 updated: Now supports weather alerts, fixed 7-day forecast bug. #fb

When life gives you burnt pizza make a salvagable bit quesedilla. Then regret it...

Kate is starting to crawl. Now have the impossible task of finding a gate for the stairs that the dog will be willing to go through. #fb

Got rick-rolled at the skylark

Skyping with elephants: a new paradigm for education /by @PandoDaily Turing Suicide in doubt?

Learn about the StackHash beta: #li

Thinking harder about how to make WinQual better...

I'm #reading C# Design and Development by John Paul Mueller

Looking at Subarus (vs. a long Jetta).

+1 AllClear ID Rolls Out First-Ever Social Security Number Blocking Service For Children's IDs via @techcrunch

RT @robmen: State of the WiX toolset, Jully 2011 -

Resuscitating old PC to recover discontinued Skype Publisher Studio... painful

Chromecast why do you need rebooting there times before you can be bothered to do anything?

Blog: The Perfect Twitter Client: I started using bDule today after reading about it on Techcrunch. It seem..

Did I hear a tornado warning for *Santa Clara*? #fb

5 of 5 stars to 1Q84 by Haruki Murakami

@DumpAnalysis thanks for an interesting webinar. Would love to know what you think about a project I'm working on -

Maybe there's a good reason to support @realDonaldTrump, but @ScottAdamsSays hasn't found it:


Vator Splash: great location, horrible seats.

Trump is a dangerous president, we #NeedToImpeach him now! Join me by signing the petition:

It's brrreatle

If you send a newsletter out to say that you have no news you are lame.

RT @DanRavenEllison: Please support "Teach #water" @worldh2o @wateronline @unw_wwd @canadianwater @workwithwater @a…

I really hate JavaScript.

Also: Facebook people: time to accept that any given side dish can acquire more fans than any given celebrity or politician. #fb

Congratulations @SpaceX -- Dragon arrives at space station in historic 1st via @sfgate

Interesting, but the first book I tried was wrong: (The Interpreter in Look to Windward)

The Economics of Digital Rights Management:

Great Lifehacker article on Cucku Backup:

Because so many people IRL do: (Why do so many people online hate "The Smurfs"?)

"If you follow the law the way it is, before they change it, you're going to get reversed."

#juicepitcher giving away actual juice. Awesome!

Marked as to-read: REST API Design Rulebook by Mark Masse

Wow the Silverlight video controls are annoying. "Look at me, look at me, look at me" - no, I just want to fracking pause....

Summer Solstice Stroll:

#boarding SFO

Windows 8... Doesn't include .NET 2? Can't shut down without Internet (to Google how to shut down)?

5 of 5 stars to Kill Decision by Daniel Suarez

ITHCWY: Reviews and links for April 2010: The Spire by Richard North Patterson 3/5 A good enough holiday read and…

RT @notwaldorf: Go home, JavaScript, you're drunk:

Shower -> Clams -> Budget -> Walk -> Clams -> Shopping -> Clams -> Drink

"Eileen boo a tease me Dante news cool" -- android voice recognition of Kate singing ABCs

#hubspot, thanks @mvolpe & @ellieeille, great overview, do you have a free version of your service for non-profits?

Social networking tip: rather than freaking out about the latest security lapse just don't say/post anything you wouldn't do in public.

"Juxtaposing random Tweets with unprotected IP-based CCTV intercepts" -what webcamsaver missed @catfoodsoftware

Looking forward to: Build better web applications with "Get Some REST" via @getsomerestbook

If you're sick of the new Facebook and don't want to be more in thrall to Google check out Diaspora (I'm playing with

Hurray, it's virtual Friday. Time for a gin :) #fb

Chester on scifri, you are a fuckwit

Testing from LooseLips....

[text: “what the fuck, it worked the first time”,...

RT @CatfoodSoftware: Brand spanking new on Facebook: Catfood Software!

In the US are the things to connect pins on a circuit board called sweaters?

There are now touts and nutters handing out creationist lit. I think there might be a fight. For a lecture. Got to love SF.

Trying to figure out how I ended up on the South Sudan list. Claim your independence and stick it to the north guys...

Two pots of cofee since 3:30am... my body is trying to pace and sleep at the same time. I think I'm going to have to put on a helmet.

Fun task for today - learning the Google Maps API for an automatic hikes map...


@retrevo_robb vaio p... p stands for poor keyboard

Become a SETI Star and help reboot the @SETIInstitute Allen Telescope Array:

The Withings WiFi scale is very well implemented, be grateful that I'm not switching on the Twitter option:

RT @missionexplore: Do you know someone who lives in Britain? It's time to point them toward one of our sheep pls RT!

@HTC please make HTC Sync not pop up every time you plug your phone in. Very irritating.

BBC On Patents: @ruskin147 via @HilaryEllison #patents

Arrrgggghh comcast you forget the place and then only allow snails pace ff. OnDemand #fail

XAML is an adventure in recursion as you keep branching off to learn new ways to do things. Must focus...

Turns out, I was right.

Firefox 3.5.2 has borked some of my JavaScript. Can't possibly be the other way round. Sigh. #fb

Windows′s Start Button Isn't A Start Button -- so how about a ... START BUTTON? Please?

Over indoctrinated by Daniel Tiger.

#IMU how many Google visitors use the new options (like wonder wheel)? I'd guess that this is a small number.

ITHCWY: Response to GGNRA Draft Dog Management Plan: On Friday the National Park Service published their GGNRA…

Waiting for @gillwilson so we can walk the dogs and chill.

Cisco's insane securedoc HTML attachment: -- @Cisco wants to train you to fall victim to #phishing

It doesn't end well for the sardines: (cool BBC nature footage)

I'm attending Founder Showcase -- #li

Gill back at work, Kate in daycare, cat sleeping... not sure I can work with all this peace and quiet. #fb

ITHCWY: Shrubbery: A missed opportunity to demand that violators shall provide... another shrubbery! (At the Old…

Ghosts With Shit Jobs: #fb

Is Brown flying back to London on Jet2? Can't we afford an RAF 1? #ge2010

Epic day. Water heater broken. Car broken. Kate unwilling to stay at daycare. Now, the mortgage fairy is calling.