no, i think it's saving humanity from you that's more important:

4 of 5 stars to Drive by Daniel H. Pink

Sunset sunset: #timelapse #finally

@BrianCarl set noindex in the page metadata #IMU

RT @CatfoodSoftware: New Cams: Webcam Updates for Sunday, July 28, 2013

I guess Al Gore would accept the prize?: (Internet Up For Nobel Peace Prize Again, Let’s Hope It Wins This Time)

Election please. #Bredo

Test cycle ride to work and back. Still breathing.

Belgian MPs vote on child euthanasia -- and Belgian children stop asking for 'one more story' #fb

I bet the size of the arsenal is 2.

Time for gin, snacks and pretend poker :) #fb

RT @StackHash StackHash Blog | StackHash Beta 1 Preview

ITHCWY: Twenty-Four Hours with Twilio: I've wanted to play with Twilio's voice and SMS service for a while and…

apparently now friends with an entire university

RT @TheRegister: +Comment: 'No, I CAN'T write code myself,' admits woman in charge of teaching our kids to code: 'Jen from the IT cro… http…

ITHCWY: Book reviews for April 2013: Drive: The Surprising Truth About What Motivates Us by Daniel H. Pink 4/5…

I'm #reading The Immortal Life of Henrietta Lacks by Rebecca Skloot

Watercress Line:

ITHCWY: Reviews and links for September 2011: Neutrino by Frank Close 3/5 Narrow topic, but an interesting book…

@implus glad to hear it... hope you get this fixed soon.

Shutting down a company so much harder than starting one. Not least of all because you don't want to do it. Sorry @Cucku

Check this video out -- Cello Wars (Star Wars Parody) Lightsaber Duel - Steven Sharp Nelson via @youtube

4 of 5 stars to The Rhesus Chart by Charles Stross

Happy 2009!

WiX 3.5 release candidate:

Whuffie is similar to #tc50 (Live From TechCrunch50 live >

+1: (Entrepreneurial OCD)

RT @Camfed: Please RT “10 Tw @Camfed” & help raise money for girls’ education in Africa! Each RT =$1! #twollars

ITHCWY: Snake rests on Toad: At the California Academy of Sciences.

That makes a nice change...: (Odds are good you won’t be hit by a satellite this weekend)

Kate just went incognito in Chrome and brought up the source code. She is also puzzled that her xylophone doesn't work by 'touch' #fb

ITHCWY: Open Immigration: I'm increasingly in favor of opening up immigration. Partly it's a general sense that a…

Moving on from the VM, now installing Win 7 RC on a 64-bit laptop. Install experience was great, haven't needed to hit HP for drivers.

3 of 5 stars to Worth Dying For by Lee Child

@daveoflynn yes please (Wave Invite)


@Syndic totally safe, promise

BBC News - Tom Daley 'abuse' tweet: Legal rethink on online rules -- only correct boundary is no boundary

Get out of my head, incy wincy spider music!

@ComcastBonnie less money flowing out of my bank account :(

Why does Shell think it's OK to have an *advert* before completing a transaction at the pump? Not the worst thing about Shell, but #frackers

@RavenEllison couple more hours in the sun... 80 degrees here right now. Just hope the drive up isn't too late and miserable.

3 of 5 stars to The Fire Seekers by Richard Farr

Shit San Franciscans Say: via @youtube

Brown's deal on bank pay ( going down that path, why not start at home @DowningStreet, really need nearly GBP200K?

Sure, $3K+ to install a water heater. Plumbers need to adjust to the post-Google era.

"106 long-lost Doctor Who episodes found in Ethiopia"

@mzanh that's what I use to get... no second popup now.

@abfo retracted:

The future of Scotland. #Kindle

California Drought Update: Catholic Bishops Say ‘Pray for Rain’ -- punishment for installing Cordileone in SF

Go Al!: (Senator Franken shames homophobic imbecile)

Who tracked in the desiccated lizard?

@gillwilson hmm, not in Chrome but working in Firefox

Amanda Palmer's awesome stop-motion music video [NSFW]:

It's a Winter Spare the Air week in San Francisco - need some rain to clear the smog. #utday

4 of 5 stars to Why Does E=mc²? by Brian Cox

Naples, Florida, USA snapshot from Catfood WebCams on Android.

ITHCWY: Goldilocks: Israel just banned models with a BMI under That's not severely underweight, it's the…

Thank you Dell for not bundling too much crap :)

Just listened to David Bowie because of a support incident

RT @DanRavenEllison: So, who wants to see my son (who's 10) rescue a #sheep by #kayak in the #Shetland islands? #Rou…

Why does the cat insist on participating in every conference call?

ITHCWY: Sentinel Dome: Slightly easier than Half Dome, and when you get to the top you get to look at Half Dome…

Saw at Vator Splash. Looks like a great meeting tool.

Sunrise earlier: #sunrise #westportal #tinyplanet @lyrebirdstudio

Oh dear, time to clean the house :(

Waiting for 2GB of video goodness to upload to YouTube. Could be a while. Sucky upstream connection.

ITHCWY: Moon on a Wire: Testing posting by email with a picture of the moon from last night... I've extended…

Twitter Cuts Off Tumblr's Ability to Find Friends

Learning CA labor law. Will probably regret it.

Summer Solstice 2014

Twitpocalypse coming at 2pm PST ( - TechCrunch). If you used a 32-bit int for tweet IDs then you're a muppet.

Playing darts at the Thirsty Bear... badly

Random #ge2010 streaming coverage at - apparently expats get to watch Newsnight for now.

ITHCWY: Might there actually be grounds to sue BA on the basis of a frequent flyer program that never lets you…

Cool, the Now Show is doing a daily Vote Now Show for the run up to the UK election: (Radio 4) -- "Today, CSS is the worst possible way to describe the layout of a page..."

Should have made green bread last night. #fb

@jbeller thanks, i use blogger with a custom template at the moment and the Google doesn't show through. Thinking of switching though. - The problem with the new 'Like' feature in Google Reader. #fail

I'm #reading Practical WPF Charts and Graphics by Jack Xu

In sync hell. No calendar any more and three copies of each contact. Grrrrr

Love your customers but don't *love* your customers. #BoS2009

The animals are not just sleeping but sleeping at me. #fb

Great @kqedforum segment on denialism - autism, AIDS, etc - will be available later at

I can FTP again! Shouldn't be an achievement but it's taken Server Intellect a week to fix...

Updated with more Endeavor pics: #OV105 #spottheshuttle

ITHCWY: Is Intuit Insane?: Yes. Some more color. I use Intuit's assisted payroll service, which is fantastic. You…

I really hate all the post-scan-store services like shoebox. Such a failure. Give me a digital reciept to start with. Photo scanning is OK.

RT @CatfoodSoftware: World Webcams Google Gadget updated: - view and control hundreds of webcams from your iGoogle page.

@mrsmele Just about.

Think before you print? - I Thought He Came With You via @abfo

70% of UK traffic deaths caused by >50mg but <80mg alcohol per 100ml of blood? Not likely. Extrapolated from someone's bottom.

It looks real - someone got fired for tweeting this: (Chrysler Tells It How It Is)

Chilling Effects: (post Megaupload, file sharing sites disabling sharing)

Catching up on useless #SF mayoral debates. Would rather hear each candidate answer 1 question but they all do it the other way round.

Arrrrgggghhhh, it's pledge. Go throw @KQED a bone radio-chavving-freeloaders:

Outbox Shuts Down Its Mail Digitizing Service -- not a shock, only mail service i need is chucking it in recyling.

Network Solutions: If you're not going to read email then don't pretend you offer support via email. #frackers #todo @myEN

Hey, @KarlTheFog -- you're hiding the comet.

@PhilTing following up again about 94 Elsie - you said you'd look into this year's valuation but haven't head anything back. Thanks.

Unit tests are looking promising...

A "Guerrilla Geography" Google Hangout for Geography Awareness Week #GAweek via @RavenEllison

Memo to self: Gaylord owes me a margarita :) #fb

@gillwilson #pizza could be a vegetarian subconciously seeking pepperoni drippings...

Off to what promises to be a very moist wedding.

Why Microsoft is likely doomed based on one email folder: @Outlook #MSFT

a little sozzled

Good weekend to skip Fort Funston:

Fitbit has literally no conception of the calories burned packing and moving boxes of books.

I'm #reading Wool Omnibus by Hugh Howey

TSA MRIs are coming...,


BBC News - Photo shows Mars rover descent

RelayRides very cool - p2p car sharing - #juicepitcher

#Lytro tree —

Test with timestamp 2012-04-21 15:56

Spare the air days should have an exception for fires that make pizza :(

Off to the BloodHound, which apparently has Old Speckled Hen on draft. Fingers crossed it hasn't been powdered and rehydrated.

I didn't.

Here's why http://BlogEngine.NET shares to Facebook are failing:

I hate mystery dependencies. Every time Microsoft tries to fix deployment they just make it that much worse.

Gorgeous start to the second full day of #SETIcon 2.

RT @CatfoodSoftware: Catfood Earth 3.10 Beta updated: - includes screen saver and longitude/time based rotation. #fb

Syncing with Perforce for the foreseeable future... at least until 2k10!

Trying hard to focus on another business plan variant but my eyes are bleeding and the cat is misbehaving.

RT @StatTweets: I need your help! @Twitter shut down StatTweets: To bring the Heat You must Retweet #SaveStatTweets

@missionexplore parallel inflationary bubble universes.

I'm #reading The Fuller Memorandum by Charles Stross

Valley planning: "You know what would look great next to this Caltrain station? Another sodding Caltrain station!"

Microsoft demos speech translator -- might need this

Murakami on The World today, cool

4 of 5 stars to Skios by Michael Frayn

@urbagirl no idea, maybe @gillwilson will know

4K B&W timelapse of @SFBayBridge

Off to Vator Splash tonight: (it's also streaming soon at #li

ITHCWY: Sealions

Infants seriously cut into recreational coding time. #SLOCD up to about 5. #fb

@earth2andy deal!

ITHCWY: Comma Wars: My new debate site, Like Debate, is finally up and running and I'm losing the first debate…

I'm #reading Squirrel Seeks Chipmunk by David Sedaris

RT @RSS_GigaOM: Cucku Uses Skype to Back Up Your Family's Data

Is There A Peak Age for Entrepreneurship? via @techcrunch

Why is CDC is Atlanta when it should clearly be based at Kate's daycare? #fb

So you found one dim user? #twitterchirp ~ Come watch and chat with me!

20% VAT! Owch.

Automate mobile friendly alerts for your site with apps script: #mobilefriendly

I'm hoping this is a whole YouTube genre...: (Playmobil Stop Motion Joy Division)

#ces09 last day for me, one more meeting then looking forward to flying home

It can travel a foot between recharges...: (Rolls-Royce to show electric car)

watching @gillwison, watching @funnyordie

NPR: there is not a red scarf and a blue scarf, there is a united states of purple scarf (#inaug09)

I'm sure I'll do it again...


@mrsmele I was testing rather than buying. It's just interesting how complete the change seems to be.

Does this make Pluto a planet again? #Pluto

5 of 5 stars to Zero History by William Gibson

Shutting up...

Microsoft: suppress XML documentation warnings in generated code. Thanks.

RT @justanswer: #FridayFacts - 5 simple tricks to maximize your Android

Cheney speech was pure in A Few Good Men. Now can Obama please stand up and be Cruise?

I want @syncfusion products #Wintellect10


Only banging on about it as I have pork related meals planned for tonight and tomorrow...

Good chart: (Visualizing Herman Cain's 9-9-9 plan to redistribute wealth from the poor to the rich)


Off to enjoy some more moisture with the dog... - Nuke the Whales. I hope it's only #Fail Whales.

NSA Crossword Puzzles -- some answers redacted

A better idea for House of Lords reform: Agree? vote for #lordsreform

It's gone a bit wet. Bad for solar panels and vitamin D, good for getting stuff done.

The Real Cost of Patent Trolls: via @bfeld

Have to go and navigate the dreaded fashion island tangle to meet a friend for lunch.

ITHCWY: bye, bye, Miss Deprecated API: After my horrible experience with Cleat last year I'm finally pulling the…

ITHCWY: Instead of punishing bankers why not disrupt them?: I'm not the biggest fan of banks. Not content with…

Solving CAPTCHAS...

to do list stack overflow...

Gin o'clock #fb

Peg and Cat going straight to infinity and differential calculus. Love it.

ITHCWY: Section

Bacon quiche, sunny walk around the hill, Fresh Air over, happiness :)

Hey, @FCC shouldn't there be a very large fine for this kind of unchallenged bullshit: ??? #fb

Done with Storage Visions, off to find Ballmer's keynote. #sv10 -> #CES10

Please RT @idex 10 Twollars to give $1 to @idex via #twollars (you have 50 #twollars to start with). Thanks!


Hikes on google maps - - parse RSS, then parse first track point from KML, then output dynamic page using the maps API.

ITHCWY: Reviews and Links for November 2011: Reamde by Neal Stephenson 5/5 Intelligent and humorous if highly…

Street View Again: #streetview #stalking

Check out Catfood WebCams on Google Play!

@mrsmele it goes to sleep fine manually and doesn't wake up. It just won't go to sleep automatically. It's some bastard process or other.

ITHCWY: Has France Cracked Fixing Education?: The French are close to making it illegal to deny a second genocide…

RT @Bernalwood: Or on Bernal Hill! RT @keren_bernal: Sharks are afraid of heights which explains why you never see them in buildings

Gray whales at Waddell beach:

RT @CatfoodSoftware: Blog: End of life for Catfood #Follower and #Twitter Screensaver: The Twitter v1 API is being…

Hike: Lands End: Lands End to Eagle's Point is a stunning section of the Coastal Trail. Park in or near the..

@rossrubin it's closer to Wuala - distributed so lacks the ability to do sneakernet transfers.

Matt Fwei visits Google: (BBC)