How do San Francisco's mosquitos survive the 364 days it's too windy to land?

KQED Forum on GGNRA dog plan: (live now, link will have audio archive later).

Shoot me, I want a GyroBall.

Just how much damage can you do configuring AdWords with a hangover?

Apparently. Odd.

3 of 5 stars to The Marriage Plot by Jeffrey Eugenides

ITHCWY: Do useful things with the volume shadow copy service (VSS): The Volume Shadow Copy Service (VSS) takes a…

Have installed: .NET 3.5, .NET 4.0, SQL Express 2008 R2, MSI 4.5. Really wish Windows could get its shit together on dependencies.

BBC News - Mars rover makes first colour panorama

Twitter <-> LinkedIn :)

Check out this presentation : How to stop sucking and be awesome instead via @slideshare

Making movies...

Is there any way to get a BBC News RSS feed that excludes all the trivial stories about Wales?

Being a luddite and watching Gravity in 2D.

FogBugz integrating source control and code reviews with their hosted service - beta available now, looks cool.

Just spent an hour screwing with the scammers at Live PC Solutions. Go to and 'Report Group' #fb

UK, enough with the thought crimes already! (BBC News)

Wow, My Flout score is -7 on @floutdotme! Get yours at

Catfood Earth update: (fix for volcanoes layer).

Thirsty Bear via some coffee :)

Canon tech support have just blown my mind by answering an email quickly with actual helpful information.

Not Skip's Tavern any more...

Showing the rings of Saturn to Bronx street sex workers -- amazingly not a euphemism

Please Stay: #indyref #no

Please @bbcquestiontime put up a download of today's Question Time for international viewers - #bbcqt


Less of a democracy, more of a rota: (VIDEO: Putin to run for Russian presidency)

I Thought He Came With You | Thinking about the UK referendum on AV via @abfo

@ajs_gingertom because you've regressed or James is precocious?

@gillwilson - AJWS is on KQED forum at the moment (the 10am hour)

After 2 Weeks, Voters Yearn For Obama

Blog: MessageInterceptor doesn't always...: I've been writing a play by text message version of battleships..

Economist is manked up with eithe coffee or dog wee. I'm going to choose to believe that it's coffee.

4 of 5 stars to Annihilation by Jeff VanderMeer

All copied out. Or copy'd out? or maybe copy'ed out. Anyway, done with it.

Browsing with Chrome to support a good cause:

RT @spindledesco: Good samaritan neighbor reports power outage affecting 1200 customers in Bernal Heights expected back at 9:30pm accord ...

Hating databases, and that Microsoft spends so much time on cool demos rather than making actual deployment work....

Also experimenting with Brizzly.

Get your Flash update now:

One more try...

#API Design Webinar from @theamiableapi - some very valuable nuggets

Explorer hangs every time I try to rename a file. Not helping.

WinQual / Windows Error Reporting Data Client - StackHash via @StackHash

#IMU elymedia has 6 fans on Facebook, no company info on home page, loosing faith in this presentation!

No clean nipples :(

"The Queen is like Heineken lager"... off with his head! #ge2010

Devil's Slide Trail: #hike

#marchforscience #SanFrancisco #EarthDay

Too hot? Switch Google off:

@gamemom I should find a cuckoo costume, but last time i did this it was all i could do to drag myself over the hills...

One of them is just for cats.: (What do you put in nine bins?)

How about... let AIG take their bonuses but add a 100% tax on all bonus pay to orgs that take any bailout money.

Trillion-frame-per-second video:

Next step, jail for incorrect maths answers: (more illegal history in France...)

Book reviews for November 2014: -- agree with Shapiro's title, All the Light is a good read.

Checking out Diaspora on the pod.

ITHCWY: Pelicans

RT @IDEX: We did it - 500 new fans in less than two weeks! We've reached our challenge goal and have raised much-needed... ...

Looks like @Skype has killed @implus (as well as @imoim) -- would a functional Android or web client first have been too much to ask?

RT @quepol: Prop 8 protest sign spotted today in Sacramento: "Jesus had 2 dads - why cant I?" (via @lindasusan)

Waiting for PKS Parade --

I might take #VIA camping.

I hate people who request a chargeback without getting in touch first.

Google denies giving NSA back-door access to user data -- nice post, some possible weasel words though...

I'm attending Vator Splash -- #li

Hmmm, are the #fail whale birds releasing that whale or capturing it?

Snort: (The Important Field)

Learn to hate the like button:

keep forgetting that starbucks has switched to diet milk as their standard

I can't believe how little _brown_ there is on the UPS web site.

Test no fix...

RT @jbvit_sf: is looking for: Online Community Coordinator #job

I'm #reading Drive by Daniel H. Pink

I'm #reading The Annihilation Score by Charles Stross

Catfood Software Blog | Catfood Earth via @CatfoodSoftware

ITHCWY: BlogEngine.NET most popular pages widget using Google Analytics: I finished off my BlogEngine.NET migration…

@urbagirl ... is a cell connection.

@geocollective no :( are you still going to post me a copy? ><

Wanted to get Follower ported over to XAuth as well, but forgot the step where you need to email Twitter and ask nicely. Tomorrow maybe.

#boarding SFO

3 of 5 stars to Everybody Writes by Ann Handley

We've found San Francisco's least pleasant park...

Don't mention the war! #ENG #GER

And now it's official - #ge2010

RT @BlaneBachelor: @Bernalwood: Via @TIME, a bullet bounces off victim's face, hits robber, kills him -- right here in our 'hood. http://t…

Retweeting @cucku: JournalSpace dies after not bothering to backup their database: (TechCrunch)

do you love your tuna or do you *love* your tuna

Cameron sounds like Bush in '99, only articulate. #leadersdebate

If I could play real poker like pretend poker I'd be retired...

Probably a fair shift.: (Worries if Cal Fire pulls out of wildland areas)

Trying to work up the energy to walk the dog and feed self...

In sync hell. No calendar any more and three copies of each contact. Grrrrr

Listening to nutters yelling at Dimbleby on Any Answers and @gillwilson yelling at the nutters. It's a Saturday thing. #fb

Clue: BNP doesn't get any freebie seats in the Lords...

Too many CMSs

"To achieve these amazing battery savings, we’ve temporarily turned off instant notification of messages in group chats." - @skype

#inaug09 so who was president between noon and the actual swearing in?

Do I wait for a fix or fork it for now?

So which side to fight on in a hypothetical US - UK war? Conflicted independence / good riddance day ;) #fb

Birds and Dinosaurs

Learning CA labor law. Will probably regret it.

British press "better intellectually capitalized" - heard on NPR

Snort: (Development)

@d_shep bust out a map and get on the A roads. Bonus - find interesting pubs instead of depressing motorway service stations.

Failed to follow own advice re not stabbing self with cat's needle yet again...

The larger the push the higher the chance that git rebase will run garbage collection first...

My favorite form of procrastination is unnecessary automation.

Wolfram Alpha says that 1 in 6506 Americans are Ellisons.

Evernote hacked - almost 50 million passwords reset after security breach via @NakedSecurity

Is it 'feed a cold, get a fever pissed' or the other way round? I can never remember. #fb

Hitler learns HP is abandoning WebOS

Another great (as in sickening) Wall Street write up by Matt Taibbi

Meeting downtown... could eaily lead to a coffee at Union Square...

I just backed Hammy Hamster's Chocolate Factory Needs Your Help on @Kickstarter

Rudy is hiding from the Blue Angels in the back of the car. #scareddog #fleetweek

One of the red tailed kites is roosting in our garden... it's usually crows or a jay doing a car alarm impression. Very cool.

Can't cancel broken @TiVo through web site. Scummy. Have paid you guys enough over the years, shouldn't have to be forced to phone you.

PageSpeed Insights -> daily spreadsheet via Google Apps Script: @pagespeed

to do list stack overflow...

4 of 5 stars to Ancillary Mercy by Ann Leckie

On Radio 4 comedy jag - now Just A Minute:

The cat is listening intently to Obama. Hopefully she'll give me an update once I'm done wrestling with QuickBooks.

Test from Cochabama

Just added myself to the twitter directory under: #british #startup #ceo

FBI Can Remotely Activate Android Smartphone And Laptop Mics, WSJ Reports

Turned out nice...

Nice panorama! Curiosity rover: Martian solar day 2 #360pano via @360cities

#ces09 last day for me, one more meeting then looking forward to flying home

You've got to see from @stopthenra via @RebelMouse

#boarding SFO

WATCH: ‘Doctor Who’ Returns with Comic Relief Mini-Episode via @anglophenia

At Flora Grubb, looking for victims...

4 of 5 stars to The Killer Angels by Michael Shaara

#join2010 webcast is too small on web page, too fuzzy at full screen :( Would be nice to see the code that life is running on...

Also, you can't raise money if you need it. Prime directive is don't run out of cash. @hubspot

@gillwilson bon voyage ><><

If there isn't an API... screen scrape one together.

Wish _I_ could switch to a different thread when waiting for Visual Studio...

"Snowden's Run" -- nice

Cal band at justanswer (missed this while at lunch)

Leaving @Bernalwood at least for now... if you need a great house on the west slope make it this one -->

Why does Shell think it's OK to have an *advert* before completing a transaction at the pump? Not the worst thing about Shell, but #frackers

The Challenge and Promise of Artificial Intelligence, a Bay Area Science Festival Wonder Dialog

Intelligent life: it's all about the unknown unknowns #SETIcon

Big data: "complete bollocks. Absolute nonsense."? -

SeeClickFix is a great idea marred only by crappy implementation. #fb

@newscientist complains about misuse by creationists, but could have gone for a more responsible cover story:

The Withings WiFi scale is very well implemented, be grateful that I'm not switching on the Twitter option:

Learn about the StackHash beta: #li

Check out pearl biotech gell boxes #codecon diy bio

Any headed this way?: (Free-floating 'planets' found that have no star)

LHR -> SFO takes too long. I want suborbital flights!

It's irritating that the Build button in Visual Studio 2010 is about one pixel away from the undo button.

3 of 5 stars to The Kremlin's Candidate by Jason Matthews

ITHCWY: Better Paperless: I've just spent several hours scanning and then shredding tedious statements, medical…

@TiVoUpgrade, thanks for making InstantCake. You saved my Series 3.

Testing from LooseLips....

Retweeting @CatfoodSoftware: Blog: Scratch and Sniff: A blast from the past... The Utah Education Network links ...

Bernal Heights Park graffiti - go 311, go! via @seeclickfix

A school, in the woods, in the city: #utday

Working with multiple Google accounts seems to be getting increasingly flakey. I almost need a different browser for each account.

Guilty: (Standards)

The Choice: Prof Kevin Warwick -

Illegal_Dumping/1828-1898 Bernal Heights Blvd San Francisco, CA 94110, USA #bernal-heights!

NPS PEPC - GGNRA Draft Dog Management Plan / Environmental Impact Statement

Have found the worst possible solution to the travelling salesman problem. Can I have I Fields Medal? #fb

The Technical Interview Is Dead (And No One Should Mourn) -- how many golf balls can be pinned to the wall of a Fiat?

I'm attending Sustainable Sausage and Beer Party --

3 of 5 stars to The Hunger Games Trilogy Boxset by Suzanne Collins

@SugarSync I don't have an email from you, but your website seems to be working again so I've updated my payment info. Thanks for chasing.

Skype fully pulls the plug on 'Extras'

Scary Bunny:

It's actually sunny at the beach!

Back in WinDbg :( #fb

California: how about a ballot measure to ban ballot measures requiring a two thirds majority for any group's pet peeve? #fb


Shutting down a company so much harder than starting one. Not least of all because you don't want to do it. Sorry @Cucku

Crunching gigabytes of raw log data... dull, dull, dull

Google Analytics is slow as a dog this morning.

4 hours to get a shield icon working properly in WPF. Some of the gory details at

RT @LikeDebate: Oxford comma: Beta 4 - Basic (and I mean basic) styling is complete and the first debate you can vote on is...…

Standout talk from @antifreeze #bapi

It's almost Phoenix O'Clock :)

Shut the frack up about the non-Rapture.

ITHCWY: Bottled Water: A company called Evive launched this week to battle the evil of bottled water with reusable…

Patent Law 101: What’s Wrong And Ways To Make It Right via @techcrunch

Cats don't understand hangovers...

I love being able to support international customers using Google Translate.

RT @cucku: Is your Skype Extras menu still disabled? If so see the latest comment at

I'm very glad to not have to manage storage for HD+ video. #sv10

According to @gillwilson the @tivo premier should have a clock. It's not really 'premier' if you have to blutak one on.

"Facebook makes you sharper but Twitter makes you thicker." #fb

Happy 6 month 1/2 birthday Kate! #fb

Off-leash dog areas should not be closed - SFGate

RT @gragtah: San Francisco described in a 1930s history book

Apparently 'child annoyance' is a crime. May be doing time soon... #fb

Shocking, but need to distinguish between standardized tests and shit standardized tests: Florida standardized...

@robblewis but why would you want to ;)

Any Answers chaser - - time for the nutters to call in