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@antor, at the moment PR$ are the best we're spending, better than advertising and better than social media (which is time not $$$).

Software development: Those who can, do. Those who can't program HSA/FSA reimbursement websites. #fb

ITHCWY: Zombie Robs: I use Facebook for people I know well, LinkedIn for weaker ties and Twitter mostly for people… http://goo.gl/fb/Qx5N4

From sunburn to hypothermia in 70 miles... Brrrrr-isco

_The Poky Little Puppy_ is a crime against humanity.

Does the US have a dog in the fight in Syria? http://www.intelligencesquaredus.org/debates/upcoming-debates/item/900-the-us-has-no-dog-in-the-fight-in-syria -- parallel debate at http://www.likedebate.com/Topics/The-US-has-no-dog-in-the-fight-in-Syria-6 @LikeDebate @IQ2US

RT @SFtourguide: 68 Open spaces in downtown #SF private/public open spaces (POPOS) to rest your feet, eat your lunch or chill http://bit ...


Just registered for #SETIcon next Saturday

Idea for Google Maps "More" menu... "Bomb this location". Could integrate nicely with Google checkout and blackwater...

Hike: Fort Funston in the rain: (view in Google Earth).This is the short version of our Fort Funston walk (.. http://tinyurl.com/7lynqz

And the stupid recessed power port won't work with the plugs for a multi-adapter.

Stuck in a David Blunket loop. It's like the worst possible episode of Sapphire and Steel.

ITHCWY: Disqust: I just discovered that Disqus started running adverts on my blog without permission. It's probably… http://goo.gl/fb/DhVvW

"Are people drinking too much coffee?" http://feedly.com/k/1a94sii -- the people who get to it before me, yes

Twitter search just explained all the honking in the Mission - I guess El Salvador just beat Mexico. Local news sites 0 twitter 1.

SGI apparently being sold for $25M. That's about what an SGI box used to cost...

Ooops. Unhappy cat accidentally locked in back bedroom. She's telling me all about it now. #fb

You Might Be A Smanker If… http://bit.ly/MSoEKk

Pope gave Obama a "booklet" on right-to-life: http://bit.ly/19obP9

Blaze Seeks To Save Cyclist Lives With A Laser Projection Bike Light http://feedly.com/e/nUhWT_uR -- death by swerve to avoid laser bike

Yet Another Awful Dumping Incident on Bernal Hill http://wp.me/p1dGY0-2Lf via @bernalwood

Test #todo

I'll drink #VIA if Starbucks put the nipples back on their mermaid.

I guess the RFID updates stopped working, had me worried!

I'm #reading When Will There Be Good News? by Kate Atkinson http://bit.ly/ijb16P

Viewpoint: Did our brains evolve to foolishly follow celebrities? http://bit.ly/11Zu38z -- no

Test & this

Molly didn't make it to the next 10,000. http://on.fb.me/gSRQoe

@d_shep and I'

ITHCWY: Farallon Islands: A rare clear day where you can see the Farallon Islands from Fort Funston. http://goo.gl/fb/C01cY

Congratulations @DanRavenEllison and @LondonNPC http://www.nationalparkcity.london/media #NationalParkCity

'Have the people who designed this protocol really never made the twenty mile drive to San Francisco?' - http://bit.ly/t40WAq

@Beevis congrats! great write up

Planetary redistricting in progress: http://worldofequaldistricts.tumblr.com/

Overheard: "I don't want to install the Yahoo fucking toolbar!"

Also needed, a 'net' underneath the wall.: http://goo.gl/DPyKP (Facebook adds suicide help system)

"Tiger's whiskers are pulse detectors" http://feedly.com/k/1aqfMtc -- suddenly way more afraid of tigers.

Just made fish and soggy chips. Better than expected.

RT @IDEX: Vote now to support coffee farmers in Chiapas http://is.gd/mBZR (Voted yet? Great cause, just takes a minute)


Off to the UK tomorrow, back Oct. 13.

Battle Royal over agriculture and aquaculture in Point Reyes: http://bit.ly/9FNYQ (KQED Forum).

Why You Get No Love From Google's Spiders [cartoon] http://bit.ly/w189Y

@robblewis only on a virtual machine, I'm not brave enough to actually use it

Check this video out -- IDEX: Connecting You to Grassroots Solutions to Poverty http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tqaqIQPoaeA&feature=share via @IDEX

RT @cucku @JohnWTucker posts 12 free online backup services: http://snurl.com/cmuj9

#tccloud great point on data in the cloud... too often it's easy to put in but hard or expensive or impossible to get out

2 of 5 stars to The Lion by Nelson DeMille http://bit.ly/bDc5yu

Arrrrgggghhhh, it's pledge. Go throw @KQED a bone radio-chavving-freeloaders: http://bit.ly/kuowDn

Two pots of cofee since 3:30am... my body is trying to pace and sleep at the same time. I think I'm going to have to put on a helmet.

It's Friday already in India...

"Stop saying Chagford!"

3) Can you reconcile that with "On the other hand, I also have a belief that we need to look forward as opposed to looking backwards."

ITHCWY: High-Frequency Trading: Algorithmic trading is getting a little out of hand: “For high-frequency trading… http://goo.gl/fb/JNmBh

@ajs_gingertom Enigmatic, but got a 404

+1: http://goo.gl/g9IA5 (Entrepreneurial OCD)

Is Facebook down? How am I going to procrastinate now?

Mid-east Internet cables (3/4) severed _again_ http://is.gd/cySx

How can installing windows updates take longer than installing the OS? And why bother with progress that's always 0%?

Exhausted at the thought of next week. Nearly Gin O'Clock though :) #fb

Oh, forget the last tweet, @tivo are obviously using 'premier' in the sense of 'premier' inn.

Woolwich 'joke' tweeter sentenced http://bit.ly/16QyATt -- bad joke, but no joke should get you in trouble with the law.

5 of 5 stars to Hull Zero Three by Greg Bear http://bit.ly/dYxNRe

National watermelon day just doesn't do it for me like #IPAday

Held prisoner in a toothpaste factory

@gillwilson I was expecting attentive dinosaurs...

I'm #reading My Empire of Dirt by Manny Howard http://bit.ly/hEFotC

https://getsatisfaction.com/feedly/topics/unread_count_not_changing_properly_in_all_view -- and this one

Car needs hour long firmware upgrade :(

XBOX: Don't ask, don't tell: http://is.gd/l0jq

Happy New Year! #fb

More patent stupidity, this time genes (@myEV): http://goo.gl/BtQvC (Are your genes somebody else's property?)

Because if there's just one thing you can't find on cable it's a Star Treck rerun.

Was the UN really thinking about Musca domestica eradication for Libya?

Un-bloody-believable, I just found out what tumbarumba means and will now be using it liberally: http://goo.gl/fh02 #fb

ISS: http://ithoughthecamewithyou.com/post/iss?utm_source=twitter&utm_medium=share&utm_campaign=frompost

Why is this firefighting robot familiar: http://bit.ly/yZsizd vs. http://bit.ly/zO8SHS US Navy, call Cybernetics #fb

No, just preparing to.

No: http://goo.gl/bLiga (Could rugby take off in the US?)

The Lawrence 37-Inch Cyclotron: http://ithoughthecamewithyou.com/post/the-lawrence-37inch-cyclotron


ITHCWY: Butterfly http://goo.gl/fb/G3q68

The nut is taking some time... Sorry Rudy!

That's the far side of the Golden Gate bridge (PDF Map: http://tinyurl.com/5wfody)

Actually nearly three moons...: http://goo.gl/GVN7r (We could have had the Moon, instead we get Afghanistan)

ITHCWY: PolyLineM support in http://goo.gl/fb/6IDXw: I’ve just updated Catfood.Shapefile, my ESRI Shapefile parser for… http://t.co/ll50wcEi

Ghosts With Shit Jobs: http://www.ghostswithshitjobs.com/ #fb

Adding 65,554 pages to the Internet. A personal best.

In tight social network loop, time to step away.

If a civil emergency occurred at noon on a Tuesday in San Francisco would anyone notice? #fb

https://itunes.apple.com/us/app/pearl.com/id534613124?mt=8 <-- Pearl iOS Update.

Previous tweet did not have enough room left to mention: #attfail

Pretty cool: http://hyperlapse.tllabs.io/#37.7434 @DanRavenEllison you might enjoy...

DJ Baker joins Radio Hall of Fame http://bbc.in/RBBHE7 -- but which house were you in at school?

It shouldn't bother me as much as it does that Google Reader often leaves phantom unread items in the Subscriptions list...

running a build with fingers crossed after moving many projects around

Do not meddle in the affairs of WPF Hyperlink controls, for they are subtle and quick to anger :(

ITHCWY: Not a Private Key: When jarsigner says "Key Associated with [alias] not a private key" it almost certainly… http://goo.gl/fb/HVYD1

New sink could take a week. Grrrr.

RT @cucku: Green your computer backup for #EarthDay: http://bit.ly/U4yH

The unbearable (nearly) awkwardness of Real Time with @billmaher : https://ithoughthecamewithyou.com/post/real-time @RealTimers @HBO

Held prisoner in a toothpaste factory

Bright Hub also addresses the online backup speed problem... guess who has the answer? http://bit.ly/wFzKF

Catfood Software Blog | Catfood Weather 2 http://catfood.net/blog/post.aspx?id=efe12140-e104-4fb1-adb3-c37d23384ca0 via @CatfoodSoftware

"not a threat to the penguins, we don't suspect" - http://bit.ly/wyKIXH - it wasn't a dream!

Check out Field Trip on Google Play! https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.nianticproject.scout -- looks cool, automatically tells you when something interesting is near

Retweeting @scifri: awesome shot of Endeavour shuttle atop a 747: http://tinyurl.com/6y3y4w /christopher

DVD R = WORN? http://tinyurl.com/63flyg

Kate is starting to crawl. Now have the impossible task of finding a gate for the stairs that the dog will be willing to go through. #fb

BBC News - Tom Daley 'abuse' tweet: Legal rethink on online rules http://bbc.in/SE57yD -- only correct boundary is no boundary

RT @notwaldorf: Go home, JavaScript, you're drunk: http://zero.milosz.ca/

Rudy doesn't like twitter

Check out the @IDEX silent auction items: http://bit.ly/dehmxc - event is in #SF tomorrow night! #SanFrancisco #BayArea

Uff Da!

RT @IDEX: Check out this article in the Huffington Post highlighting IDEX and our partner Biowatch. http://fb.me/AbPxlK5a

MISSION:EXPLORE http://www.missionexplore.net/ via @www.missionexplore.net

Wierd day.

I've #justsponsored Daniel Raven-Ellison on @JustGiving. Support them and The Outward Bound Trust @ http://www.justgiving.com/42point195km?utm_source=twitter&utm_medium=socspon&utm_content=42point195km&utm_campaign=post-sponsor-tweet

Test #todo some more.

4 of 5 stars to The End is Now by John Joseph Adams https://www.goodreads.com/review/show/1854105677

Sir Patrick Moore, 1923-2012 http://bit.ly/TUZiPw -- sad

I didn't break it!: http://bit.ly/a8U2Nk (Liberty Bell in 2006)

#VIA is over packaged

ITHCWY: GGNRA Dog Management Plan Update: I love it when making some noise works. The NPS is pushing its dog… http://goo.gl/fb/Sd4FA

Rudy: http://on.fb.me/iecW0E

@d_shep it's not cucku, uploading a website that had been edited on a Mac which then spewed gibberish all over the place. Grrrr.

Auschwitz on Facebook: http://bit.ly/4dZkcx - Facebook needs to expand its interaction vocabulary beyond "Like" and "Fan".

ITHCWY: Reviews and Links for August 2012: The Last Policeman by Ben H. Winters 5/5 Stonking police procedural set… http://goo.gl/fb/2eC6Z

The first 20% of migrating a web site is fun...

Alpha 1 Sanity Test...

Windows Marketplace on Windows Mobile 6 has not opened for me once. Not exactly competing with Apple yet...

Elsie Street Library Opens Mysterious Main Branch http://feedly.com/e/LbfZArbc

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