Gross is right #w2s: (Bill Gross Explains What’s Different About “You Can Follow A Part Of A Person”)

Q: When is Larry King on @cnn? A: Whenever I check into a hotel, no matter what the @%#$*&! time. Need to do some ironing :(

Off to Vator Splash, via a very large coffee: #li

Too hot? Switch Google off:

Held prisoner in a toothpaste factory

ITHCWY: Android: Insane Contacts Storage: Oh no: My phone keeps running out of space. A little sleuthing under…

@gillwilson you won't want to know about this:

At #CHM for Norvig v Horvitz. Will punch anyone who mentions Searle's Room.

OnLive working well for me :) Tearing myself away from FEAR 2 to get on with some work now...

I hate over-sensitive trackpads that want to click and drag at the worst possible moment. #frackers

My new favorite word: semithermonuclear: (what Google will be doing tomorrow).

@andyy, love the selective twitter status app, just what I was looking for. #fb

@mrsmele wet and nasty in SF :(

Douglas Engelbart (1925-2013)

Herman van Rompuy is president of EU council: (BBC). Even auntie is reporting this as "EU President" #bananameasurer #fb

RT @StackHash: Do you have missing WinQual events when using the WER Services API (including StackHash)? How to fix -> ...

Cleaning :( #fb

Dear new @bbcnews feed: I don't need to know about every single person that dies. Also find some synonyms for warn. #fb

Suddenly Massive Attack is sounding like The Doors. The dog isn't appreciating this discovery...

ITHCWY: Do useful things with the volume shadow copy service (VSS): The Volume Shadow Copy Service (VSS) takes a…

Video Simulation: What Would Happen if a Meteorite Hit San Francisco?


Orbital Speed -- tied in to the Pretenders!

house clean, time to take Rudy for a swim

I have found Fairyland!

yay #twitterchirp ~ Come watch and chat with me!

Retweeting @CatfoodSoftware: Blog: Winter Solstice in Desktate: Winter solstice rendered in Catfood Desktate :..

RT @HardSciFiMovies: A scientist would usurp God, to toy and tinker with the very fabric of life. The resultant kumquats have increased mol…

Matt Fwei opens fire on Fox, MSNBC:

I've just registered my opinion for my constituency for #ge2010 at, why don't you? #twitVoteUK

I want to subscribe to Vague Scientist:

@clayposey thanks - not clear on the site, it looks like the same thing again.

@gillwilson see -> @google: YouTube nonprofit raises $10K in one day using InVideo overlay ad

I hate having to drive somewhere when it's Fresh Air o' clock.

Rather than using RFID and GPS to track your tapes consider ditching the tapes. #sv10

+1: "I sent you a truck, a boat, and a helicopter! What the hell more did you want from me?"

Looking forward to some crumpets :) #fb

ITHCWY: Republicans and Democrats: Too big to succeed: The US political system is like daisyworld. Daisyworld is a…

@mrsmele time to resgister

Catfood Weather (taskbar based weather forecast for WIndows, @NWS data, severe weather alerts) #weather

@robblewis are these some of those sponsored tweets I've been reading about ;)

@antor don't try that with your head!

4 of 5 stars to Never Go Back by Lee Child

Over San Francisco last night. I think it was saying 'a new life awaits you in the off-world colonies'

#todo @myEN Mobile-Friendly Pet Locator PetHub Closes $ Million Seed Round

Go Vince!: (Cable in attack on 'US nutters')

Going blind from crash analysis. Time to call it a day and head to the Thirsty Bear for beers with an ex-boss. #fb

In exchange for free milk babies should have some sort of amphetamine excreting gland. Stupid evolution! #fb

Settled into skanky Riviera room for Storage Visions and then #CES10 ... room service, ironing and bed await.

+1: Introducing the Innovator's Patent Agreement via @twitter

off to hunt down some IPA

3 of 5 stars to The Girls by Emma Cline

@RavenEllison Is it the East Pole? ;)


Taxonomy of the Lean Startup Anti-Pivot via @trikro

Krugman: America is heading for a "lost decade" - War Room -

@robblewis looks cool but I think it was last year!

I'm the dog catcher of Bernal Hill. In temporary possession of an escaped Pit Bull. #fb

@gzicherm @mrsmele it was very good if very pink. Next time I'll try to do it in layers.

@sr00t we were too, for four hours. Now it's kind of smelly.

I'm getting a 509 on the pledge. Presumably a sign from God...

At #SFAMA listening to an invisible panel and ribbing #VIA.

KQED Forum on Shutting Down SETI: (Live now)

@PhilTing any result? you were going to look at valuation (I sent my address to you about a month ago). Thanks.

Via KQED Guides: Guide to Bay Area Tidepools: Where to Explore Amazing Marine Life | #todo @myEN

Suddenly the 5 star safety rating but non-machine-washable new car seat for Kate seems like exactly the wrong trade off. #fb

Silver lining - just rewrote a 12hr+ webcam search task to run in under half an hour. Single thread GUI to parallel command line version.

victory over the unit tests!

RT @cucku: Green your computer backup for #EarthDay:

I now have the silliest shoes:

ITHCWY: Occupy Intellectual Ventures: Send them a troll. Now.

Could have walked by now...

Cucku is now certified:

Ah, one good way to go over your twitter api limit is a while loop that just won't end. Sorry twitter.

Goodreads is being willfully flaky :(

Am now a dad: Katherine Harper Ellison - Born Sep 16th 15:56 PST, 9 lbs 7 ozs, 21" (Kate Jr)

I often wonder myself: (Twilight Zone San Francisco: “Why Is Everybody Here?”)

Oh no, Google is finally killing off their SOAP search API ( With no good alternative. #frackers

A History of the Sky for One Year: (very cool)

2) Did the US sign the Convention Against Torture and incorporate it into US law?

Hike: Hill 88: Hill 88 is the former site of a radar installation in the Golden Gate National Recreation Ar..

I am a blog migrating machine.

Is it just me or does Chrome 27 just suck?

Visual Studio getting stuck on a mystery "internal operation". Sigh.

Every gram of CO2 saved by the solar expo I've wasted looking for parking.

Excellent, this Jesus-fish has not only evolved but also taken up hashing.:


4 of 5 stars to The Start-up Way by Eric Ries

Palin: off to walk the Appalachian Trail??

5 of 5 stars to Go the Fuck to Sleep by Adam Mansbach

@SugarSync I don't have an email from you, but your website seems to be working again so I've updated my payment info. Thanks for chasing.

Another great (as in sickening) Wall Street write up by Matt Taibbi

Writing helpful API documentation « The Amiable API #API

US has more prisoners, prisons than any other country

In tight social network loop, time to step away.

ITHCWY: Chinese New Year

I actually would like to buy your Unicorn. I could then get working on some of those Unicorn Metrics. #BoS2011

Is there an Ice Hotel in the Outer Sunset? 3 weeks with the Google Cloud Vision API:

RT @ddprrt: Every relaunch ever

RT @cucku @JohnWTucker posts 12 free online backup services:

4 of 5 stars to The Nightmare Stacks by Charles Stross

Ahhh - has an API:

Bad @SFGate editorial on GGNRA dog plan: one sided and factually inaccurate:

The color of yesterday:

Exhausted at the thought of next week. Nearly Gin O'Clock though :) #fb

Pine cones outside exploding like popcorn... it's hot, and they're hoping for a fire.

3 of 5 stars to Machine Learning by Hugh Howey

Cool: 1% Of Nothing Launches To Get Startups Donating Equity:

Do I know anyone looking for an interesting (very different) network / system admin job? Ping me if I do. #li

Proud of my community and my local government: over one million issues fixed on @SeeClickFix! #1MMFIXED

Refreshing a page is what really sucks about looking for a job... #tc50 (Live From TechCrunch50 live >

Fortune Cookies for Android:

Presidio seems to be burning right now.

ITHCWY: Reviews and Links for January 2012: Damned by Chuck Palahniuk 3/5 Very much a vehicle for Palahniuk to rant…

Retweeting @cucku: We're now a Premium Skype Extra, rolling out to a Do More menu near you soon :)

360 degree, 24 hour time lapse from West Portal, San Francisco:

And the stupid recessed power port won't work with the plugs for a multi-adapter.

Priceless SeeClickFix error: "Something got wrong with the content, please contact the software provider."

ITHCWY: Space and multibyte character encoding for posting to Twitter using OAuth: I've spent the last day learning…


RT @cucku: Spread the news about Cucku Backup Pro - please Digg and RT.

"Thoughts on teaching calculus to five-year-olds" -- no pressure

And how come they have never heard of Bernal Heights?

e good...

Windows To Get A Start Button Because Windows Is Dumb Without One -- slow clap

The buffalo were fine.

IANAL, but it certainly seems a bit crazy:

ITHCWY: State of the Micro-ISV-osphere: I was a micro-ISV (µISV) for years before I heard of the term. It was coined…

Backup Service IDrive Now Ships 1TB Hard Disks To Users Who Want To Back Up Large Amounts Of Data -- Like Cucku...

Bummed out that Ahmadinejad got "re-elected": (BBC News, with video).

Updated Catfood Follower beta with better @klout integration:

Too much coffee.

@ucsf how can I trust you with my health when your online payment system is such a joke?

Extreme Environmentalism - I Thought He Came With You via @abfo

Fire and Fury: Inside the Trump White House by Michael Wolff via @amazon

Magnitude - SAN FRANCISCO BAY AREA, CALIFORNIA (via @usgs) Another #sf #earthquake

SF Churchgoers Complain About Sunday Meter Enforcement -- like you're not blocking Guerrero Street regardless.

SFO -> LHR -> Newcastle -> knackered

"What happens when actual prisoners play The Prisoner's Dilemma?"

Not Skip's Tavern any more...

Thanks @Mashery for an interesting #bapi today.

At Noe Valley Post Office again...

Repeat offender: why must I be the dog catcher for Bernal Hill?:

Figured out how to remove Jeep's center console, felt smart, then superglued fingers together... #fb

RT @simonblackwell: Apparently BBC America bleeped The Thick Of It. Must have sounded like a lorry reversing into a heart monitor.

ITHCWY: Executive Clubbing: I used to really love British Airways. I even got over their silly new livery and…

Living in the study is surprisingly tiring. #fb

Blogger shutting down FTP publishing on March 26: - two months to figure out what to do with five blogs :(

Is anyone going to Vator Splash at the Cafe du Nord on Thursday? #li

Thanks @xamarinhq for the customer friendly 2.0 upgrade. Can't wait to give it a spin.

MS killing off OneCare in June (, but just emailed to say they plan to charge me $49.95 in May. Cheeky @MSWindows!

And now it's official - #ge2010

Great web cam:

Bummer. WNA cut in half, shunted to PBS.

Extensive document dump on Microsoft's shallow anti-Android bullying: #patents from @groklaw

California, I can save you billions with a small and reasonably priced computer program... -> @JerryBrownGov

Stock from yesterday's roast is smelling really good :)

ITHCWY: Reviews and Links for January 2013: 2312 by Kim Stanley Robinson 2/5 I always want to like Kim Stanley…

@YouGov how about this for reform: #lordsreform

@sfmta_muni what is the 28L and why isn't on your website list of routes?

ITHCWY: Episode Four: I became a US Citizen in 2010 so I didn’t get to vote in the last presidential election. If I…

Curated == chaved #fb

I love #vatorsplash for the inspiration to create a liquor license tracking startup ;)

&$%^ing cat bas barfed on: my phone, a contract, a pen, the floor and some Christmas cards. #fb

Why is Dismiss All disabled in Outlook reminder window when no items are selected? #fail

"Are people drinking too much coffee?" -- the people who get to it before me, yes

2 of 5 stars to REST API Design Rulebook by Mark Masse

Defeated the @NatlParkService plan to ruin dog walks in @GoldenGateNPS

I have DST-lag. Need a nap.

Supreme Court Rules JCPenney Allowed to Sacrifice Employees to Appease Cthulhu #scotus

I did a similar thing with limpets once: (chimps tree finding abilities, BBC News)

The three questions I'd ask Sotomayor:

C#, C++, C, PHP, JavaScript, SQL #code2009

Figuring out shapefiles.

Software Patents Are Bullshit -- indeed:

Why is @VisualStudio so busy?

I Thought He Came With You | Convert BlogML comments to XWR for Disqus via @abfo

Shit Silicon Valley Says: via @youtube

Obama/Stewart was a disappointment. I'd rather have watched the negotiation where teeth were surrendered in exchange for the get. #fb

Will a drop in solar activity counter global warming? Apparently not enough: (Heat and light)

Arrrggghhh! Michael Jackson is on NPR. Did I miss him becoming a head of state? News #Fail #fb

@mrsmele is this dance floors or something else?

@d_shep stuck in a polystyrene blizzard?

Supreme court confirmation hearings are the exact opposite of 'Just a Minute' and almost equally entertaining. #kagan #fb

Now back to work...

Held prisoner in a toothpaste factory

What would the union jack look like if the Scottish bit were removed? -- no good options. Scotland has to stay. #fb

RT @Snags1970: : Jimmy Savile's chair which heralded the first of many media appearances by Kevin Warwick. #JimmySavile #cyborg #twonk h ...

Coho Salmon in Lagunitas Creek: with @SeaTurtles_org #SaveMarinsCoho

Memo to self: the egg bagel at Progressive Grounds is enormous - built to share!

Figuring out how to get the RunOnce key working as expected. Painful, but nearly there. Wish WiX would get their act together on bootstrap.

@PhilTing 94 Elsie Street (Block 5612, Lot 029). Thanks for the follow up!

VXP: Pair programming with baby. #fb

Why recount? @realDonaldTrump #Recount2016

@gillwilson check out - it places me about equidistant from all the main parties :(

RT @davemcclure: pretty sure if *both* @MattCutts + @KimDotCom say u shld read this, then u shld fucking read this: …

Completed #IMU exam, wanted to answer "well, it depends..." for several questions. Frustrated that it's such a long wait for a result!


Cure, mostly.

4 of 5 stars to The Immortal Life of Henrietta Lacks by Rebecca Skloot