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Have successfully DMCA'd the person ripping off my Google Gadget. Didn't think that form would do anything...

Another version of sobees, another adventure in configring all the settings again. I know it's an alpha but still, sigh.

"Help make Abercrombie and Fitch synonymous with homelessness" -- oh yes

#API Design Webinar from @theamiableapi - some very valuable nuggets

Any Answers is hilarious. One guy thinks that Gordon Brown is derelict for not arranging ships for stranded travelers...

"Boy Scouts Vote to Accept Gay Boys" -- +1

Flawed dog guilt research: (BBC News) proves instead that dogs read people well, sloppy reporting.

Freeloading Bay Area scum, donate to @KQED now: (you know who you are).

Where I live I have the power of 0.28 votes. See your result at #GE2010 #VPI

@mrsmele I said almost...

Visual Studio 2010 SP1 now out

ITHCWY: Gopher Snake: Bernal Heights Park

Hike: GGNRA Draft Dog Management Plan

Previous tweet did not have enough room left to mention: #attfail

RT @justanswer: Want to know how old Santa is or what he gets Mrs. Claus for Xmas? Ask Santa your questions for free! ...

Goat posting at the photo place :(

Bernalwood 2012: The Year in Superlatives

Skype fully pulls the plug on 'Extras'

Another Skype for Windows Mobile release, another failure to support the internal speaker. Sigh.

@HTC why are downloads from soooooo slow? Any alternative?

4 of 5 stars to Whiskey Tango Foxtrot by David Shafer

ITHCWY: Reviews and links for April 2011: Zero Day by Mark Russinovich 2/5 Promising start, Mark 'system internals…

Dear @Google: don't kill @GoogleReader or remove key features! Sign at @GoogleTech

Big news from Mars coming soon, maybe -- oooohhhhhh

#towatch @myEN: (Penn & Teller's Magic and Mystery Tour: exploring magic's roots in China, India and Egypt)

Two Lines

Any headed this way?: (Free-floating 'planets' found that have no star)

Watching vertical response dashboard isn't helping...

San Francisco's rubbish - why everyone wants a share:

Griffin turns out to open at noon on Sundays. Brrrr

Check out the free webinar w/ @hubspot founders @bhalligan @dharmesh - Money, Marketing and Mgmt on Feb 10 -

No plan B for lunch at home so heading over to Progressive Grounds for foggy coffee

I've just completed a Mission:Explore challenge on Mission:Explore to...

@gillwilson, do you know where my orb is (the one that changes color)?

Ira Glass is a national treasure

@gillwilson leaving now...

Why doesn't my cursor indicate if a hyperlink is going to open in the same page or a new page?

P.S. thanks for the upgrade and cheerful helpful staff @britishairways - made an Xmas eve flight very pleasant

United and Continental missed a golden opportunity to create Contended. I'd fly Contented. Never United if I can help it. #fb

Guilty: (Standards)

Puzzling SCOTUS decision - man can't use DNA technology that wasn't available at the time of his conviction: (CNN)

@SFAssessor says to email, email address auto-responds and says to use web site? (Re: prop tax appeal)

I'm #reading The Anthologist by Nicholson Baker

They missed the pop up toilets from Reading.: (Unusual toilets)

Quantitative easing is a fantastic euphemism for printing money.

@DanRavenEllison video please!

Looting nipped in the bud - heading to 16th.

@gillwilson check out

What are the 1865 stickers on Bernal Hill about?

For each day the CA budget is late fire a random legislator and ban them from office for 5 years. #fb

The larger the push the higher the chance that git rebase will run garbage collection first...

Seth says friction saves the medium, stamps underrated: I spend less time on spam than throwing out junk mail though.

Graffiti - Public - Other_enter_additional_details_below via @seeclickfix

I guess Pluto might be screwed though...#seticon

Happy Birthday Claude!

Still testing...:

Things learned at #CES10 - 1,000 things to put on an iPhone seen for every mile walked. Oh, plus 3D TV really coming this time. #fb #li

How about... let AIG take their bonuses but add a 100% tax on all bonus pay to orgs that take any bailout money.

"8-year-old's invention for keeping books dry in the bath" -- awesome

Gravity-defying levitating superconductor on a magnetic Möbius strip -- beats Thomas The Tank Engine.

#I♥HDvoice "Send three and four pence, I'm going to a dance" or "Send reinforcements, I'm going to advance" ...see

Just donated to @splcenter in honor of @realDonaldTrump

You won't believe this one crazy trick that would fix the broken patent system:

Next step, jail for incorrect maths answers: (more illegal history in France...)

is back... #fb

4 of 5 stars to Lovecraft Country by Matt Ruff

There is a point where it takes longer to set up the build environment for a project than it does to just write it again...

@gillwilson i didn't realize when i saw it earlier, just thought it was a really, really bad cake

Nailed the GPS app, should release after one more test tomorrow (at the beach, with the dog)

"Kepler Scientist: 'A Beautiful Instrument Has Died'" -- very sad :(

Reading 'Cats in the News' at vets. Was never really sure the book was real before now...

Test with time and place 2012-04-21 16:00:41

At Flora Grubb, looking for victims...

"This is the most beautiful satellite that has ever been built" - (BBC) - you've been in your lab too long...

Trillion-frame-per-second video:

@RavenEllison plenty of interviews, will have to insist on time off for you visit once I find something!

When is he doing MySpace?: (LinkedIn Town Hall with President Obama: Putting America Back to Work)

baaaaa #tc50 (Live From TechCrunch50 live >

Should Ћ be used for "the"? -- no

Economist is manked up with eithe coffee or dog wee. I'm going to choose to believe that it's coffee.

I want #VS2010 #Wintellect10

NSA: We lack the capability to search our own email

Held prisoner in a toothpaste factory

No Obama, this is exactly the time for retribution: (or, in other words, living up to treaty obligations!) #fb

Dentist happy with teeth

The @AmazonKindle apps badly need a way to sort archives by purchase date. It's getting too hard to find the latest additions. #kindle

Blog: Launching a URL in the user's default browser: This has bitten me a few times. If you use Process.Sta..

The @Cucku Inc. QA department has been dismantled and converted to a downstairs baby pen :)

Crypto guy at #codecon is threatening dogs, hypotheticaly

Spelunking in WinQual. ASP 2.0 is a good technology provided that you don't use the web-breaking MS controls. Sigh.

TEA Party photo actually from 1997:

Watching unit tests...

Depressing number of contact forms give no indication that a message was sent... just clearing the screen is ambiguous.

keep forgetting that starbucks has switched to diet milk as their standard

Minify and inline CSS for http://ASP.NET MVC:

Bummer - MessageInterceptor seems to be pretty flaky :(

Why does my new Facebook application keep mysteriously appearing and disappearing? Very strange... hope it settles down soon.

Seriously Chase, we can only communicate by fax? Lame.

BBC News - Can the US Army embrace atheists?

RT @IDEX Next Thursday - join us at Sun Rise Restaurant on June 3, for our final Happy Hour benefit gearing...

Debugging a Managed dump file with SOS and PSSCOR via @StackHash #li

I'm #reading Started Early, Took My Dog by Kate Atkinson

Confused about who the next #SF mayor will be? Watch and add to your puzzlement.


Oh dear, this might be ESB #6.

StackHash beta for better WinQual via @StackHash

Adobe Gets Hacked, Product Source Code And Data For Customers Likely Accessed -- uninstall Acrobat

Things I wish I hadn't overheard in Walgreens part 1: If you put enough fluid in it *will* come out.#fb

It's irritating that the Build button in Visual Studio 2010 is about one pixel away from the undo button.

RT @CatfoodSoftware: Catfood Earth 3.00 released - it turns your Desktop wallpaper into a rich Earth simulator:

3 of 5 stars to Last Man in Tower by Aravind Adiga

The national weather service says, "BEAT THE HEAT... CHECK THE BACK SEAT!"

Looking for dimmable LED spotlights...

StackHash via @StackHash (lots of frequently requested enhancements added) #li

Internet fried now. Should not have got out of bed.

Cringely finds the root cause of the financial crisis - great post:

My BART train allegedly gained 2 cars between 24th and Montgomery. I didn't notice anything... 1.51: (ESRI Shapefile Parser, fixed release binary issue).

Minimum requirement for life is surely energy to dissipate. Anywhere that is the case then some form of life is possible. #SETIcon

RT @DeptofDefense: Social media postings sometimes provide an important window into a person’s #mentalhealth. Know what to look for. https:…

Excellent, Elixir has Old Speckled Hen :)

ITHCWY: Grape Plasma: Gill found these instructions for making plasma in a microwave by carefully cutting up a…

3 of 5 stars to When to Rob a Bank by Steven D. Levitt

Listening to the first PM debate on R4. Brown stands out, but having trouble telling Clegg and Cameron apart.

I'm #reading The Lion by Nelson DeMille

3 of 5 stars to The Idle Parent by Tom Hodgkinson

Very sick of import/export. Third re-write :(

now watching @gillwison get sucked into a subculture of broccoli eating cats, i.e., a classic of the genre apparantly

Catfood Earth

I just supported the Need To Impeach Thunderclap. Join us to call on Congress to impeach Trump!

Sun has materialized just in time to visit my favorite amendment :) #fb

Surreal... Basking in the heat, listening to the foghorns.

LOL: (Rick Perry: The Air-Safety Candidate)

@sr00t really doing my bit to help the economy at the moment...

3 of 5 stars to The Girl Who Kicked the Hornet's Nest by Stieg Larsson

Applause: VA state senator attaches rectal exam amendment tacked on to anti-abortion bill

The 00s "hasn't been that bad for China, India or TV personality Simon Cowell" #frei

Warm Stella :(

Thanks @kenhess and @jperlow, enjoyed it.

Awe-Inspiring Flythrough of the Saturn System

#FollowFriday @StackHash @cucku @CatfoodSoftware #FF

My Grandmother's oral history (including cryptography!) from being a Wren in WWII:

"France Has A PRISM-Like Program With Thousands Of Trillions Of Metadata Elements" -- mostly minitel

Book reviews for September 2013: -- Dust and Brilliance

@urbagirl - if you care about the keyboard then hard to beat Lenovo. We have an X60 and it's a svelte tank.

Maybe the Scientologists are onto something... #Kindle

Just sitting down with a book and discover that I've screwed up some unit tests. Fixing the build...

Hint - always using 7706 isn't a CAPTCHA.

Passed #IMU - better start putting it to good use.

@RavenEllison see #15

For some reason approximately all of the crabs came out of the sea today...

Should really go and see this...: (Magna Carta: Live!)

The M1 / is very long / so keep your bonnet on #fb

@daveoflynn I did... must be a lot of doppelgangers on there already!

Timeline of the far future


@mrsmele that's a phenomenal conversion rate then. You just might be in the wrong business ;)

Spectacular cosmic discovery hailed -- proof of inflation, exciting if this nails it. #fb

popping out for leeks, kitchen roll and a turnip

Hitler learns HP is abandoning WebOS

Rejected and controversial New Yorker cover art (the mentos one is very good) via @BoingBoing #fb

@elijahmanor have you checked out selective twitter status: - great FB app for Twitter

Blue Angel: over #SF

Posting some votes from #SF #ge10

All cases cleared - at least for now :) #fb

How many dogs can you really fit on a @sfmta_muni LRV?

Salon RSS feed is stuffed full of Scientology ads - yuck.

Only just getting to my second bacon doughnut.

Defensive Patent License: judo for patent-trolls

I'm #reading Zero Day by Mark Russinovich

The dog really hates Portishead. How do you train a dog to appreciate good music?

4 of 5 stars to The Psychopath Test by Jon Ronson

@SupportVR Every time I access my account I need to log in twice (using Chrome). Is this something you're aware of?

RT @LondonNPC: We've written to London's councillors asking them to help make #London a #NationalParkCity! https://…

There's nothing like sleeping on a horrible problem and waking up to realize it's just a missing MIME type. :)

Hear that? It's the sound of goats being posted.

Hike: Lake Merritt #hike

Obama sighting on morning dog walk. #fb

Learned from EDD: Never work for a small restaurant. Or in crane maintenance.

I'm very glad to not have to manage storage for HD+ video. #sv10

@tpdorsey - possibly interesting for your Toolbox column: connect WinQual to bug trackers.

CA legislators should just be fired if budget is more than three months late... just start with a fresh slate and repeat as needed.

Superm*n -- me at Safeway

Epic #Bernal Panorama: - via @bernalwood

RT @MissionExplore: Well done to @abfo who has slowed down time in this very boring video… for

@sr00t I have LastPass... this is stupid windows domain password rules

@CatFoodRobot still no

If they're still going in a couple of years...: (Subscription Service For Kids Activities Kiwi Crate Raises $2 Million)

Nice panorama! Curiosity rover: Martian solar day 2 #360pano via @360cities

StackHash Released via @StackHash #li

RT @MargaretAtwood: Just used for gruesome printer problem: excellent, done in 10 mins! Tks to S H E F I N. Website ...

Is it shallow to hope for a hung parliament so there's another series of the Vote Now Show this year? #ge10 #ge2010

Congratulations to @mattfrei

@NancyPelosi please support an easy fix for child identity theft:

ITHCWY: 1.40: I’ve just released a small update to Catfood.Shapefile. Stephan Stapel, who…

Your Computer May Already be Hacked – NSA Inside?

RT @CatfoodSoftware: Fine tune the way that earthquakes are displayed in Catfood Earth Beta:

Engineers core/context color blind. Geoffrey Moore #BoS2009. I'm an exception!

wishes that websites would migrate by themselves, like gray whales... #fb