ITHCWY: Reviews and Links for February 2013: Shift Omnibus Edition (Wool, #6-8) by Hugh Howey 3/5 I read this…

Off to MVSN reunion. Hope there's some food left...

Hey DataContractSerializer, how about an exception on illegal characters? WCF #fail

@JeremyKossen prefer the flexibility of being able to roll my own functionality when needed.

@gillwilson see

And done. For now.

Boris: Make London a National Park!:!.aspx#.UzriSeSvIEk.twitter @LondonNP #GLNP @MayorofLondon #AskBoris @NaturalEngland @DCMS

Oh the joy of Skype vomiting up a million messages I've already read.

I'm #reading How It Went Down by Kekla Magoon

If you only buy one house in Bernal Heights this month make it —

@robblewis I'm better now. Hey, I know how to have lunch :)

USPS: store parcels for collection using some system other than completely random.

2 of 5 stars to Good to Great by Jim Collins

San Francisco from Alameda

@skydiver talk to my old Prof, Kevin Warwick:

RT @CatfoodSoftware: Blog: Summer Solstice 2009 in Catfood Desktate:

Kate and I have discovered early morning YouTube karaoke. I have a numb arm and probably some irritated neighbors. #fb

No Snow :(

First Tweet from Cleat!

Retweeting @IDEX: Help coffee growing communities in Chiapas. Vote on Justmeans to Change Climate Change Please RT.

Screw the web, bring back finger!

@sr00t @Etsy awww, I was expecting a crocheted 1U :(

Turkey Broth, Percocet and _Wait, Wait, Don't Tell Me_ - mainlining happiness

Facebook Just Changed Your Email Without Asking 1.51: (ESRI Shapefile Parser, fixed release binary issue).

RT @CatfoodSoftware: New Cams: Webcam Updates for Sunday, July 28, 2013

PDF: so much worse than paper, so much worse than a web page.

The only #SF residents who follow the MUNI front door only rule: ((title unknown))

ITHCWY: Last Light: Last light of 2012 (up Bernal Hill). Happy New Year!

While I don't think I'll ever use it I just love saying "XBAP". :)

4 of 5 stars to The Evolutionary Void by Peter F. Hamilton

Naming Pets

Sorry England:

I'm #reading Terminal World by Alastair Reynolds

ITHCWY: Upgrading to http://BlogEngine.NET Today I upgraded this blog to the latest and greatest version of…

The Trust Project, Fake News and a Partial Facebook Uninstall: @sarahintampa @_trustproject @mirandakatz @zephoria

2 of 5 stars to REST API Design Rulebook by Mark Masse

ITHCWY: Circles: I just got on Google+, and the Circles concept definitely moves the ball forward, but my heart…

Have just witnessed a very happy dog / freshly washed toys reunion.

Cool, there's an API to access WER/WinQual data (Crash reports submitted by Windows) at :)

RT @Bernalwood: Or on Bernal Hill! RT @keren_bernal: Sharks are afraid of heights which explains why you never see them in buildings

Sticking PSTs in GMail!

My head is full. Drink time :) #fb

Blogger image uploading fixed in Chrome 2.0 :) I can now do without Firefox or IE most days.

Sadly, !humpheap doesn't seem to be a valid SOS command

US town bans small water bottles -- how about banning large coke bottles instead?

Very silly.: (Decoupling Civil Timekeeping from Earth Rotation)

4 of 5 stars to Some Remarks by Neal Stephenson

Can I have a black car if I promise not to switch on the AC?

Spoiler Alert: R2-D2 hangs out in The Presidio

Catfood Follower fixed: via @CatfoodSoftware

Meeting moons at #SETIcon

RT @IDEX @twestival: Aims to Provide Clean Drinking Water for 200 Communities thru charity: water. You can help

Hike: Reviews and #links for May 2011 #bookreviews

@ATTCustomerCare can someone help with paperless statements not being delivered (and _not_ caught in spam filter)?

Sunset into fog (from Monday):

RT @cucku: Cucku Backup 2.10 now available for download - learn more at

Commute to work recorded on @Strava

Cisco locks customers out of their own routers, only lets them back in if they agree to being spied upon and monetized

I need some WD40 spraying in my carburetor...

Check out my audit! #twitteraudit

@sr00t I'll hunt some down and report back.

Long hold for Intuit payroll support, but very helpful chappie one they answered.

@d_shep what happened?

Time lapse made from time lapses:

RT @StackHash: Vote for non-Verisign certificates for WinQual (Windows Error Reporting) - it should be possible to use any... http://bit ...

@d_shep, I see you're getting there.

KQED: AK-47 "like" a coffee pot in Oakland

BBC News - US loses AAA credit rating after S&P downgrade (Cheers S&P)

Just posted the obituary for nearly four years of hard work: :( RIP Cucku Backup #fb

@gillwilson hmm, not in Chrome but working in Firefox

Why is @VisualStudio so busy?

Have finally vanquished the phantom voicemails.

Applause: VA state senator attaches rectal exam amendment tacked on to anti-abortion bill

ITHCWY: Religion's Kayne West Tendencies: BBC News has a report today on a conference held by CERN to bring science…

Zeno's Advent Calendar: #fb

Attending RSM McGladrey M&A webinar. Not a pretty picture. Tip - be an 'A' company and wait until next year.

We'd be screwed if a civil emergency hit at noon on a Tuesday. #SF

Why your camera's GPS won't work in China (maybe)

Walking the dog, then off to this interesting looking panel on Sudan (in #SF tonight) - #fb

Dentist :( ... then sausage roll hunting :)

For Whom the Bell Trolls: Life for a startup on the receiving end of a patent lawsuit -- yes, evil scum

ITHCWY: Android: Insane Contacts Storage: Oh no: My phone keeps running out of space. A little sleuthing under…

I'm attending Founder Showcase -- #li

Also, it might be the best conditioner in the world, but having your hair leave blue streaks everywhere seems like a deal breaker. #frackers

"1,400 tigers in captivity in Florida"

Minify and inline CSS for http://ASP.NET MVC:

Twitter with photos is really irritating.

#inaug09, john williams' tune seemed to borrow heavily from "lord of the dance"... is this actually the rapture?

What you missed in July on ITHCWY:

How To Opt Out Of Google's Weird New Ads That Use Your Face And Name

Yes, @grader got hacked ( - revoke access from Settings -> Connections on

JSON Formatter & Validator:

Four Parties:

This week in defeating Patent Trolls

Yet more on (BoingBoing)

Catfood Software Blog | Vernal Equinox 2011 in Catfood Earth via @CatfoodSoftware

Lands End recently:

Complex test "quotes" & with © § ÇEven a second line...

Because so many people IRL do: (Why do so many people online hate "The Smurfs"?)

Moving my open source projects out of CodePlex:

Just sitting down with a book and discover that I've screwed up some unit tests. Fixing the build...

@urbagirl i think so. see you Thursday :)

Finally saw Star Trek. Excellent cast but otherwise irredeemable. Pity.

Shoot me twice, I meant a GyroBowl!

Just shipped Cucku Backup 1.21, see

Nutter now the 'N' word? scopes...

@aliving thanks for the follow friday mention

@ajs_gingertom congrats!

ITHCWY: Thinking about the UK referendum on AV: I just got my postal ballot for the UK referendum on switching from…

Times Online: Why do you take five mins to load a page? And then split the smallest article into fifteen pieces?

#tccloud, thanks for explaining sneakernet...

I'm #reading So You've Been Publicly Shamed by Jon Ronson

How can an annular eclipse and the 'supermoon' be so close together? Stoked, but puzzled. #fb

@DanRavenEllison with or without floppy ears?

Batteries to Bluffs:

Has anyone seen flight 3066, SFO -> LAX?

Read/write Office 365 Excel from a C# console app using @microsoftgraph -

Hike: Lake Merritt #hike

RT @CatfoodSoftware: Catfood Weather 2 beta updated: Now supports proxy server, fixed installer bug. #fb

victory over the circular dependencies

Planetary engineering idea - suck all the San Francisco fog into a big blimp, then float south and release. Global warming solved. #fb

RT @Amazing_Maps: What's closer to Texas than Texas itself? -

Murakami on The World today, cool

3 of 5 stars to Three Tales from the Laundry Files by Charles Stross

RT @StackHash: Great paper on Windows Error Reporting / WinQual from #sosp09 (on the StackHash blog)

@scottrutherford Thanks Scott, seems stable again now.

Ship software on Windows? Watch the @StackHash Overview video on YouTube: #li

ITHCWY: Scanning from the ADF using WIA in C#: I've been going nuts trying to scan from the document feeder on my…

Suit storage anti-pattern: in bottom of cupboard covered in cat sick. #fb

Coho Salmon in Lagunitas Creek: with @SeaTurtles_org #SaveMarinsCoho

Tea and toasted banana bread - warming up while the door is open so the dog can get some air.

Poor Spirit: :(

My @fitbit has survived another trip through the laundry. Impressive device. #fb

Spare bed sold. Final obstacle to painting room removed.

Just can't get excited about plug computing. Impressive - like the OQO - but don't want one. #sv10

4 of 5 stars to Whiskey Tango Foxtrot by David Shafer

Cry for help: National Parks Service hates dogs, breaks law -- save #GGNRA #fb

Enough WinQual...

Work toilet door has been removed. Having flashbacks to school before the Children's Act.

Walgreens line looks like they must have started prescribing Halo or a new iSomething. #fb

Find the motivation to read the CA voter guide or just throw darts at it?

RT @newscientist: Waterworld discovered 20 light years away. Let's send Kevin Costner there (Agreed!)

@McDonalds @McCafe i'd rather eat a bucket of sick with used chopsticks, thanks.

Christmas shopping is so hard for two dogs with everything (except balls, and I'm not springing for cosmetic surgery).

Finally, can rearrange LinkedIn profile and move application block out of the way. Thank you LinkedIn. #li

RT @CatfoodSoftware: Catfood Follower 1.10 released: (Twitter tool to follow new follower and/or remove non-followi ...

RT @CatfoodSoftware: Catfood Weather Beta 2 updated: Now supports weather alerts, fixed 7-day forecast bug. #fb

Why is there no WinQual option to say that .NET is borked? Trying to phrase a nice polite custom message.

My Grandmother's oral history (including cryptography!) from being a Wren in WWII:

@d_shep, didn't work out that way...

UK astronomers to co-ordinate their search for alien signals -- nice, but why not something other than radio?

#bbcaq @BBCAnyQuestions where is the Oct 7 podcast?

Looks fascinating

Are birds hijacking quantum physics? -- um, BBC, that would be everything.

4 of 5 stars to The Snowman by Jo Nesbø

@urbagirl the horror is over... I'm just about to mix up a round of blood orange margaritas so the day is looking up :)

@rapportive @martinkl just something that says you need to browser extension AND the apps install. In bold. Near the top of the FAQ.

It's a Winter Spare the Air week in San Francisco - need some rain to clear the smog. #utday

@geocollective hope Seb had fun. Yes, tomorrow around the same time is fine.

Walk your dog in the GGNRA (San Francisco)? Join this Facebook page:

3 of 5 stars to Shift Omnibus Edition by Hugh Howey

San Francisco playground report card: Precita Park gets an F :( #fb

The 5 second rule for people equates to about five months for dogs...

Unless you pay them for Google Apps...: ( Has An Unmissable Ad Drawing Users To Google+)

RT @cucku: We just launched a feedback forum for Cucku at - visit to suggest and vote on new features.

Pledge week on KQED... cough up already free-loading slackers:

@urbagirl it's a little too easy to buy stuff. I'm going to need boundaries.

@robmen looking forward to it! Love WiX other than the lack of bootstrap. Beats wrestling with InstallShield any day.

KQED streaming seems very screwy... keep getting old programs

Off to New York tomorrow, bringing my cold. I'm a weapon of minor destruction.

ITHCWY: Sending email via GMail in C#/.NET using SmtpClient: I’ve stubbed my toe on this a couple of times, so here…

If you're going to override the context menu in my browser then provide an alternative spell checker!

ITHCWY: Carr is Wrong: Costolo is Wrong: Wikipedia’s SOPA Blackout is a Great Idea: I was very happy to see…

Redesigning the Netflix API: #api @myEN

Round Top loop at Sibley Volcanic Regional Preserve: @ebrpd

RT @IDEX: @GlobalGiving is matching your donations to Help Guatemalan Women Achieve Self-Sufficiency Please RT.

What is this strange, unfamiliar blue tinge in the sky?

ITHCWY: Use WPF Dispatcher to invoke event handler only when needed: After floundering a bit with the WPF…

How is Egypt not trending in San Francisco? #SF #Fail, #Egypt #Win

Stupid woman taking a photo of your dog harassing a horse, way to ruin Fort Funston for everyone :(

Have got USGS earthquake data (via up and running in the Catfood Earth beta:

Hurray for zero effort Facebook activism...

@BritishAirways when will you have staff available as SFO? Website is hopeless and you're not answering phone calls.

Still no clock...: (The TiVo Premiere Elite: 4 Tuners, 2 TB, Available Today For $499)

#boarding SFO

In case you missed this yesterday - please take a min to vote on Justmeans and help @IDEX, (cool SF non profit). Thanks:)

Thanks John Robbins for a great #Wintellect10 talk... a few more tools in the debugging armory now.

Suggestion to tax tall people more ( misses economic contribution of helping short people reach things.

Thanks @Mashery for an interesting #bapi today.

Raj Patel is the Eddie Izzard of food security.

Well, bugger. This is like pulling wings off flies. #GER #ENG

BBC News - Elite classic video games remake seeking backers -- give Braben your money!

BBC News - Maine town of Byron plans mandatory gun-ownership vote -- fucktards <-- awesome, but London only right now

Should really go and see this...: (Magna Carta: Live!)


@d_shep and I'm guessing you'll need them as well ;)

If You Give a Browser a Cookie: (apologies to @LauraNumeroff)

California, I can save you billions with a small and reasonably priced computer program... -> @JerryBrownGov