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ESRI Shapefile Reader in .NET: I've just released a .NET library for parsing ESRI shapefiles - see ESRI Shapefi.. http://bit.ly/08PtDB9

The only good PPT transition is no transition. And don't get me started on Wallace and Gromit sound clips. #BoS2009

VIDEO: Using GPS to find God http://bit.ly/1e7mpzL -- as Apple maps help you meet your maker?

BBC America - you win a Peabody for World News America and then bump the 7pm (west coast) broadcast to make room for Star Treck! WTF!

Supreme Court Rules JCPenney Allowed to Sacrifice Employees to Appease Cthulhu http://feedly.com/e/4Dc4XML3 #scotus

I have some free http://app.net invites. Hit me up if you'd like one. It's like the worst bits of Google+ and Twitter! #fb

Spherical Sunset (360 degree timelapse): https://ithoughthecamewithyou.com/post/spherical-sunset @theta_official

What happened to that week? Time to amble down to The Phoenix :) #fb

21A IPA in store for tomorrow :)

Amazon Tests Dash Barcode Scanner For Ordering AmazonFresh Groceries http://feedly.com/e/VbCNBOpn -- looks handy

It needs to be possible to do smartphone development *on* the phone.

Rising Home Equity Funds a Rising Birth Rate, but Only for Homeowners http://feedly.com/e/betQE7IC -- $200k == immaculate conception

Crushing PNGs in .NET: http://ithoughthecamewithyou.com/post/crushing-pngs-in-net?utm_source=twitter&utm_medium=share&utm_campaign=frompost

4 of 5 stars to Brilliance by Marcus Sakey http://bit.ly/18dejHU

#SOTU - since when did the opposition response get to include color coordinated pod people?

Some of these line items are confusing - i.e. is it a positive or negative factor. #IMU

ITHCWY: Reviews and links for December 2010: Don't Vote It Just Encourages the Bastards by P.J. O'Rourke 2/5 P.J. O… http://goo.gl/fb/fDDMn

Girls tear down the toy store pink aisle, demand engineering toys http://bit.ly/1cRi0QO -- yes, also this --> http://bit.ly/1cRi5E7

"PM to Scots: We want you to stay" http://feedly.com/k/1isTVqJ -- yes, please stay!

Packed house for @MarsCuriosity lecture at #AGU12 https://twitter.com/abfo/status/275336208127778816/photo/1

'herpetology is a silly field': http://goo.gl/2fyRL (Herpetology)

StackHash Beta 10 now available (adds plugin support to your Windows Error Reporting arsenal): http://bit.ly/h3vwpc #li

@urbagirl the sony doesn't have the wireless download, with the kindle you can download anwhere there

Fixed the unit test bug, heading down to the Phoenix for an IPA flavored reward :)

At cal academy for lecture on exoplanets...

@mzanh Hi!

America's great divergence - American History - http://Salon.com http://www.salon.com/2012/05/20/america_resegregated/singleton//

Got Questions? JustAnswer Lists the Most Curious Cities in the http://www.businesswire.com/news/home/20110824005289/en/Questions-JustAnswer-Lists-Curious-Cities-U.S. http://t.co/o5lPYg0. via @BusinessWire

Nothing to add...: http://goo.gl/o6vNu (Catholics object to Irish law requiring them to stop covering up the rape of children.)

What if the Internet was so slow it loaded one word at a time? Defend #NetNeutrality. https://www.battleforthenet.com

@urbagirl I stupidly went for free shipping so probably next week. Have a large enough pile of old fashioned planet killing books though ;)

Not enough women in the business of software - long queue for the men's room ! #BoS2009

Just burned my first BD-R. Takes me back to spending all Friday night trying to make one good CD on a burner bigger than the computer... #fb

Rethinking the SHIELD act - http://goo.gl/66AJ1 - need to stop examining patents altogether: http://goo.gl/E0At0

@RavenEllison Is it the East Pole? ;)

Freeloading Bay Area scum, donate to @KQED now: http://bit.ly/kuowDn (you know who you are).

#IMU is HTML or plain text best? Should you still ask for a preference here?

via @TheOnion - No One Murdered Because Of This Image http://onion.com/QTyK44

Think before you print? - I Thought He Came With You http://ithoughthecamewithyou.com/post/Think-before-you-print.aspx via @abfo


RT @cucku: Skype just announced that they're shutting down their Extras program. Learn more at the Cucku Blog: http://bit.ly/13au9K

4 of 5 stars to Flaggermusmannen by Jo Nesbø http://bit.ly/13q6ZAG

ITHCWY: House of Lords - time for Legislative Service?: I've mulled the idea of having an upper chamber randomly… http://goo.gl/fb/DmDqK

Stock from yesterday's roast is smelling really good :)

Support NORML at this critical time in the fight to re-legalize marijuana nationwide. http://actb.lu/p/norml-1

Pulse of the planet really gets on my nerves.

#SOTU - Pelosi is wondering if Obama tastes like chicken #fb

@gillwilson Rudy fine, one escaped dog now with animal control

house clean, time to take Rudy for a swim

BBC kindly streaming results show at http://bit.ly/doUknT #ge2010

Great Horned Owlet: http://on.fb.me/kzwuKA

Catfood Weather http://ithoughthecamewithyou.com/post/catfood-weather-220: http://t.co/g9hYhaEIlH (fixes forecast failure, simple free taskbar weather app for Windows) @NWS #weather

Obama administration defends the Defense of Marriage Act: http://tinyurl.com/m9ek45 (Salon) - having trouble wrapping my head around this.

"Google Lobbying To Block Distracted Driving Laws Against Glass" http://feedly.com/e/1sKOjJJ1 -- evil

Fitbit on a bike: http://ithoughthecamewithyou.com/post/Fitbit-on-a-bike.aspx#.UuRKytlwYbQ.twitter

#hubspot, apparently need ~1M posts... better get posting...

http://Pearl.com The Professional Q&A Site Formerly Named JustAnswer, Lands $http://techcrunch.com/2012/10/08/pearl-com-the-professional-qa-site-formerly-named-justanswer-lands-25-7-million-series-b-funding/ Million Series B Funding http://t.co/v5iLmfKG

Merry Christmas! #fb

MUNI: please fix cameras on buses and charge $5,000 for double parking. Fix your budget + Mission St. #MUNI @MUNI_SF #fb

4 of 5 stars to The Leopard by Jo Nesbø http://bit.ly/ykYatE

Thinking harder about how to make WinQual better...

Oh no. Starbucks red cups, the sign that nothing more will get done this year.

5 of 5 stars to The Divide by Matt Taibbi https://www.goodreads.com/review/show/955725727

@gillwilson damn, I knew I should have sent a direct message ;)

I seem to have risen to the #5 slot on Google for Dog First Aid. Searchers, I'm sorry.

Bummer - MessageInterceptor seems to be pretty flaky :(

1 pound of beef == 1 year of showers: http://bit.ly/ILSIB (GEL) - I think I'll skip the showers from now on...

I'm #reading Ready Player One by Ernest Cline http://bit.ly/oAzQRC

#hubspot and which blogging platforms would you avoid?

Misssion: Socks. I'm sure they must makes socks in America somewhere, but still... #fb

Pretty feeble arguments for why the phrase isn't discriminatory...: http://goo.gl/7XZTh (High court spurns atheist's 'under God' challenge)

It's time to kick out the Bishops: http://goo.gl/BRj9U

Animation of a year of global cloud cover: https://ithoughthecamewithyou.com/post/animation-of-a-year-of-global-cloud-cover

Seriously Chase, we can only communicate by fax? Lame.

Finally finished slogging through the 2012 propositions for California and San Francisco. http://goo.gl/ThDIq ... http://goo.gl/d85IZ

Just started using uservoice and it's gone very flaky since Sat. Nothing on their twitter account or status blog. 72hr estimate for support.

Is that the sun I see slipping below the yard arm? #fb

@andyy, love the selective twitter status app, just what I was looking for. #fb

@gillwilson chop chop

ITHCWY: Hummingbird http://goo.gl/fb/UorZr

Downloading RC1 :)

Cringely on iWhatever: http://bit.ly/a5MocE

One Feedly bug fixed in less than a week -- https://getsatisfaction.com/feedly/topics/unread_count_not_changing_properly_in_all_view -- one more to go an I'm a happy camper. Also, ChromeOS fixing VPN!

Hair Dryer http://bit.ly/WLi6HQ -- "Loud box you are too hot!"

ITHCWY: Robot Ahead http://goo.gl/fb/uVUwJ

In some sort of WPF Hyperlink hell :(

#goatposting at Citibank

Has the Fermi Paradox been banned this year? #SETIcon

@AmbarHamid I think 1990. The Stones were giving updates from the stage.

I've just completed a Mission:Explore challenge on Mission:Explore to... http://www.missionexplore.net/mission/TheDeadEasyMission/complete4

Book club for @gillwilson so mac, cheese, wine and a crap film for me :) #fb

Windows Update suckers you into thinking it's done, then spends an hour at 100% of various mystery stages.

ITHCWY: Thank you Feedly: It has been brought to my attention that I've been whinging too much recently. So I'd… http://goo.gl/fb/DcFlH

ITHCWY: Thank you for choosing HSA Bank!: No, thank you HSA Bank for not giving me a choice and then cheekily… http://goo.gl/fb/wFl4o

Depressing first - hairdresser offered to dye my hair after cutting it. :(

Superm*n http://feedly.com/e/L4wfMWq8 -- me at Safeway

Thanks IEEE for things that beep and flash #codecon

Hey, London oiks, leave my bank alone!

Florida bans computers http://bit.ly/12tQnY8 -- ooops

When packing a suitcase the dog gets depressed and the cat gets in the suitcase... #fb

yes, but a billion couch cushions... #twitterchirp ~ Come watch and chat with me! http://justin.tv/s/04/AlbVQro~/twitterchirp

ITHCWY: Episode Four: I became a US Citizen in 2010 so I didn’t get to vote in the last presidential election. If I… http://goo.gl/fb/pKBEh

@DanRavenEllison did have an epic Mexican last night.

Could someone please invent a bottle brush that lasts longer than five minutes. Thanks. #fb

Thanks for nearly running me over MUNI bus #5442

4 of 5 stars to Seveneves by Neal Stephenson https://www.goodreads.com/review/show/1307910357

CNN: the most trusted name in frozen iguanas. #fb

ces09 - sad, I'm watching Knight Rider on @huludotcom

Spelunking in WinQual. ASP 2.0 is a good technology provided that you don't use the web-breaking MS controls. Sigh.

Set your Skype picture automatically from a web cam with Auto Avatar: http://is.gd/e4fj

@twitterapi re hex id - this was coming from a place, not a status. My error, sorry.

@jprall, it works with sleep pretty good, and only a couple of watts on sleep (vs 250 normally).

How to get author photos on Google SERPs: http://bit.ly/orwUpz #todo @myEN

@earth2andy congrats. Can you do a database backed one that doesn't suck up all available RAM?

Any time I want to use Twitter search it packs in :(

[text: “what the fuck, it worked the first time”,... http://bit.ly/OqGIfP

@shashib sadly not until I get some bugs fixed and checked in...

Vegetable on vacation, Bernal Hill: http://bit.ly/bwcifc

Photo http://feedly.com/k/11aTMf7 -- Cannibalism

ITHCWY: Toys: Kate has a VTech Move & Crawl ball. From the name you can guess it’s supposed to help encourage… http://goo.gl/fb/DIF3Y

THINKWALKS: http://bit.ly/Khc73X #todo in San Francisco @myEN

RT @Bernalwood: Love: MT @jonsteinberg31: Park Slope = Noe Valley; Pier 39 = Times Sq. Flipping the bird to obnoxious SF to NY meme. http:/…

Really, @totn Tiger? Disappointed in you.

3 of 5 stars to The Phoenix Descent by Chuck Grossart https://www.goodreads.com/review/show/1606645703

ITHCWY: http://goo.gl/fb/ANQcc 1.50: I've just released a small update to my C# Shapefile library on Codeplex. Catfood… http://t.co/lXoGoBsY

Toasty: http://goo.gl/WFcIb (VIDEO: Lava overflow fears at Hawaii volcano)

Congratulations @SpaceX -- Dragon arrives at space station in historic 1st http://www.sfgate.com/cgi-bin/article.cgi?f=/n/a/2012/05/25/national/a014154D28.DTL via @sfgate

@ajs_gingertom I know, 50 years seems so recent but apparently have to go to a specialty firm! Incredible.

I'm #reading The Thousand Autumns of Jacob de Zoet by David Mitchell http://bit.ly/bfxH9t

This really seems very silly: http://goo.gl/ns8Da (England reading test to include non-words)

This long weekend I'll mainly be taking BBC Quizzes. 3/7 on http://bbc.in/htYfKh

Going to make some chocolate crunchy stuff and then a chicken curry. Mmmm.

Three upsell screens and chat popup so far on the long road to checkout from @intuit - I just want some fracking 1099s!

Test space

RT @CatfoodSoftware: Catfood Earth 3.10 Beta updated: http://bit.ly/k8TSP8 - includes screen saver and longitude/time based rotation. #fb

3 of 5 stars to Worth Dying For by Lee Child http://bit.ly/eg5Bch

Bad choice on background apps for Windows Phone 7 - this is one of the main reasons I still use the platform. #join2010

Dogs can get jealous (http://is.gd/aJnj), say researches who have clearly never observed a dog before.

#boarding LHR

Just got dumped by my law firm, via another law firm. Wow.

Breaking: Feds indict Demand Progress's Aaron Swartz for downloading too many journal articles: http://act.demandprogress.org/act/support_aaron/?referring_akid=.207600.vVKFrS&source=typ-tw via @demandprogress

This American Life on the awful, crooked mess of the patent system http://bit.ly/17qlHPi

Virgin America leaves from SFO international - can't shake the feeling that I should be bracing for an 11hr flight...

At #CHM for Norvig v Horvitz. Will punch anyone who mentions Searle's Room. http://twitpic.com/7b7sc4

RT @StackHash StackHash Blog | StackHash Beta 4 http://bit.ly/aw8DQ4

*Hate* it when there are about 60 loosely related things in one bug report. At least it's a happy Green Orb day.

My fitbit survived the laundry _and_ I got a totally unearned 15k steps badge. #fb

Hilarious, I had to Google how to power off Windows 8. Didn't figure it our until the third link: http://bit.ly/vsSRUe #fail

For some reason approximately all of the crabs came out of the sea today... http://bit.ly/9m7AiV

Death to the Electoral College!: http://goo.gl/PR83D (A popular idea for making California's votes count)

@geocollective next week some time? I'm away all weekend and Monday - quick break before baby chaos.

Looks like Authenticode signing is going to be more important on Windows 8 - IE just blocks an unsigned download.

@gzicherm graphics or fat?

What Happened to Obama’s Passion? - http://j.mp/qyu7Vi: http://t.co/U6bEI1i

Managed to fix dishwasher, so now oven is broken.

They are deadly serious about not taking photos at @#spamalotsf https://twitter.com/abfo/status/191270345053978626/photo/1

New word of the day: shoboshobo - Japanese for feeling sick/disoriented due to watching too much 3D. #CES10

I uploaded a YouTube video -- Rudy in slow motion http://youtu.be/gSK5BaDU1Kk?a

Cat and dog are taking it in turns lying on the deck. I'm wrestling with crash dumps.

Warm Stella :(

JellyBean sounds like it wants to pester you a lot. Uncanny Valley of mobile OSs. #io12

Hike: Golden Gate Park Loop: This gentle three mile loop is our favorite walk in the Golden Gate Park. Star.. http://tinyurl.com/9y8jrw

"Man makes explosives from things purchased in post-security airport stores" http://feedly.com/k/HXA7wj

Cheek Cells, Methylene Blue Stain http://ithoughthecamewithyou.com/post/Cheek-Cells-Methylene-Blue-Stain.aspx#.UhEsuuT45EY.twitter

I want #SnowForChristmas #Wintellect10

Might be interesting to hook up to an orb: http://bit.ly/nXuhLM #tools @myEN (Sentiment Analysis #API)

@RavenEllison Yes, have it blocked off. Work up in the air at the moment so might have a proper job by then but will be here.

Listening to Woman's Hour. On purpose! http://bit.ly/a8EAgW

@scottlum thanks, it is a bit.

Sign up for Daily Action alerts: text DAILY to 228466 or go to http://DailyAction.org

If you're going to use a horrible auto-follow-DM at least use a spell checker first. Also don't include an [optional] section.

Maybe the Scientologists are onto something... http://amzn.com/k/28P9L2SZ05R91 #Kindle

Back from Hill 88, where we bumped into several coyotes and one lost Dutch woman. Reward - key lime pie soon. #fb

So you found one dim user? #twitterchirp ~ Come watch and chat with me! http://justin.tv/s/04/AlbVQro~/twitterchirp

ahhh, KQED finally fixed their streaming volume

Developed mad crush on _Empire State of Mind_ while in the UK...

Good news: CA budget on time for the second time in 25 years. Bad news: Budget passed by stiffing education.

Don't do it, like defining π as 4: BBC News - Changes to the world's time scale debated http://j.mp/soyEfi

Jedi Warrior Defends Bernal from Dark Side of The Force http://bit.ly/YF2SBU

It's interesting how many people use 007 in their email address.

@gillwilson - which text message?

Sprowtt is a cool idea, but I'm getting an unhandled exception from the beta :( #tc50 (Live From TechCrunch50 live > http://ustre.am/1aQE)

Thanks #SETIcon for a stimulating couple of days. Hope this is going to become an annual thing.

Added four bars to the old errand medal. On to setting up DOGFOOD, internal test machine extraordinaire.

Ban smacking, children's tsar urges http://feedly.com/e/4ljoFw6N -- ban epic random meltdowns then urges parents's tsar

In OAK searching for non-boarded up cafe

Spring cleaning in summer http://googleblog.blogspot.com/2012/07/spring-cleaning-in-summer.html - Google kills iGoogle. It was naff, but it drove a lot of @CatfoodSoftware business. Sad.

3 of 5 stars to The Girl Who Kicked the Hornet's Nest by Stieg Larsson http://bit.ly/bMt7cG

leonsbuddydave:razerwolf:leonsbuddydave:favorite part of CSS? hmm that’s a tough one but it... http://bit.ly/12SAlMj

ITHCWY: Bernal from Davidson http://goo.gl/fb/JQOAJ

Off to SFO to pick up Gill...

RT @StackHash StackHash Blog | StackHash Beta 3 http://bit.ly/9IGbN1

Watching #Route125 videos with Kate.

#SOTU - Biden is like a Teddy Ruxpin emoting in time to the speech

RT @CatfoodSoftware: Fine tune the way that earthquakes are displayed in Catfood Earth Beta: http://bit.ly/4kjeeD

City Hall Hiding: http://on.fb.me/ndcJiX

ITHCWY: CAPTCHA advertising: It’s kind of clever because not only do you have to read the ad but you also have to… http://goo.gl/fb/C0rQk

It's Toronado time :) #fb

Thanks @kenhess and @jperlow, enjoyed it.

Maybe if we had more nuclear power the debate stream could be a bit brighter... #iq2nuclear

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