Has anyone seen flight 3066, SFO -> LAX?

Just circumnavigated Lake Merced. Bit too much traffic but still quite a nice walk. #fb

Boris: Make London a National Park!:!.aspx#.UzriSeSvIEk.twitter @LondonNP #GLNP @MayorofLondon #AskBoris @NaturalEngland @DCMS

Skype drops WinMo: - not that it ever worked, but still sad. Happily, there's a Nimbuzz for that...

Mazlow XXI C.

Congratulations @DanRavenEllison and @LondonNPC #NationalParkCity

Car needs hour long firmware upgrade :(

2 of 5 stars to The Very Quiet Cricket by Eric Carle

Held prisoner in a toothpaste factory

Blog: Overvalidation: Overvalidation is unhelpful error checking, usually caused by an over-zealous enginee..

More drama than usual for a lunchtime walk. Time to do some testing...

RT @RTPeat: New Zealand bans software patents | ZDNet

Just can't get excited about plug computing. Impressive - like the OQO - but don't want one. #sv10

Fermi paradox not resolved by panel discussion. #seticon

#ces09 off to eat Ewok food. Bam!

Time to attack some tomatillos...

5 of 5 stars to Surface Detail by Iain M. Banks


ITHCWY: Hummingbird

Jupiter from Casini Ranch:

Downloading 100K files on 511 threads... I feel like a mini-Google.

Watching three-party backups zipping away. Nearly there...

#hubspot, exec buy in, seek forgiveness not permission

4 of 5 stars to A Man Called Ove by Fredrik Backman

How much did I used to want one of these!

@RingCentralCare account is fine, but I keep getting marketing voice mails from you. I'm sure it's not just me. Please stop.

Crescent Moon and Mercury from Bernal.

4 of 5 stars to Embassytown by China Miéville

@d_shep, check out

@sfmta_muni Right

@urbagirl the horror is over... I'm just about to mix up a round of blood orange margaritas so the day is looking up :)

#bbcaq @BBCAnyQuestions where is the Oct 7 podcast?

@jprall, it works with sleep pretty good, and only a couple of watts on sleep (vs 250 normally).

ITHCWY: How to fix software patents: In 1790 Thomas Jefferson became the first patent examiner and issued a grand…

Fixing SEO problems on

Cool tool: grab PNGs of a web site's favorite icon directly from the URL:

SF Marathon Update: Gillian Wilson 13.1 mile Time: 08:43AM 13.1 mile Split: 01:02:16; Pace 11:04 min/mi Total Time: 02:27:15

Hating San Francisco for not publishing home sale data and Zillow et al for being frustratingly hard to mine.

N-400 Away.......

ITHCWY: WPF commands with nested focus scope: Here's a frustrating WPF scenario — you use the ApplicationCommands…

If there is a way to search the Windows Store I can't find it.

3 of 5 stars to Aurora by Kim Stanley Robinson

Ahh, everything is either filed or shredded. Very nearly including Jeep's tax sticker - close shave.

Google stopping Wave development... and the singularity clock moves back to 23 hours and 45 minutes before midnight.

@mrsmele forgetting to files reports with Delaware (which they don't like...)

Catfood Software Blog | Catfood Follower Beta via @CatfoodSoftware

Main drawback of working from home == dog farts

Episode 40: You Can't Bring A Snake In Here on Vimeo

Choosing the Right Seat: How not to get stuck next to someone that sucks

Freeloading #SF area scum, go chip in for @kqed at so I can stop listening to Ira beg. Please.

Apparently I'm the 49,265th member of LinkedIn. I feel like I should get stock or something.

Walgreens at Mission & 30th no longer offers Rx drop off. #SF #fail

Chilling in Seattle. Literally, as the weather up here is as bad as SF. #fb

Wolfram|Alpha Pro: #tools @myEN

RT @Bernalwood:

Happy New Year to all, including to my many friends and those who have embraced me and won so bigly they just don't know what to do. Love!

Today's embuggerance - NAS out of space, local backups failing. I'm just doomed to sorting out random IT shit this week. #fb

ITHCWY: Bottled Water: A company called Evive launched this week to battle the evil of bottled water with reusable…

4 of 5 stars to Seveneves by Neal Stephenson

How is security helped by me typing in my previous password and then my new password for three months until it all starts over again?

Catfood Weather - Catfood Software via @CatfoodSoftware

ITHCWY: Thank you for choosing HSA Bank!: No, thank you HSA Bank for not giving me a choice and then cheekily…

Doesn't seem that it's the pictures that are obscene: (BBC News)

Become an @IDEX fan today and they get $5 to do great work reducing poverty worldwide. Please RT!

My favorite form of procrastination is unnecessary automation.

Fitbit on a bike:


RT @bernalhistorysf: Some Bernal residents didn't feel the 1906 quake. One man walked down the hill to Mission and wondered why there... ...

@LiterarySluts hold it together at least until iPad 2 comes out. You can then make @gillwilson jealous.

The NSA is Breaking Most Encryption on the Internet via @feedly -- Thanks NSA and GCHQ

Quite agree with Nicholas Winterton that MPs should travel first class.

Got #newtwitter and it royally screws up lists and deemphasizes actually tweeting. Shut up and follow brands!

RT @drclue: "drclue: #pearlhunt making progress... --

“Millions of lines of code” -- need a 'lines of code yoiu wrote yourself' metric

Finally, shipped!

A Bird’s Eye View of Bernal Heights in 1938: from @Bernalwood

BBC World News Are frequent flyer miles really a good deal? -- not with @BritishAirways --

Echo knockoff and AI assisted dehumanization? #GoogleIO2016

Web Goes On Strike: Jan 18th! All-out blackout 2 stop #SOPA #PIPA. Petition @twitter and other sites to join us.

The Science Channel could more accurately describe itself as the Manufacturing Channel. Ahh, the joys of lounging around with a cold...

Has Twitter turned off my blog cards or did I screw something up? Something not fun for the weekend...

I say we just pull out and nuke Experts Exchange from orbit....

@gillwilson when will I learn...

T-Mobile Takes Aim At Rival Carriers With Free, Unlimited International Data -- ok, now you have my attention.

Schmap’s In-Depth Analytics Platform Lets You Take A Deep Data Dive On Your Twitter Followers via @techcrunch

DE Tax finally done. What a nightmare. They should just have a flat fee for smaller corporations.

From the Radio 4 coverage you'd imagine Miliband Minor was running the country, not just trying to rehabilitate Labor.

Unexpected detour to Skip's Tavern, made me feel like a proper drinker.

ITHCWY: Finding NPR on Windows Mobile: Now here's a niche: I'm occasionally jealous of an iPhone app, in this case a…

RT @Pearldotcom: Our new site is coming soon! Get on the list to be notified about launch details:

ITHCWY: 1.50: I've just released a small update to my C# Shapefile library on Codeplex. Catfood…

Playing with the Twitter API...

Earth and WebCams announcement from

4 of 5 stars to Countdown City by Ben H. Winters

I need some 21 Rock... #StrongBeerMonth #fb

Pissed off about stolen @Google Gadgets: and are direct knockoffs of mine :(

Shit Programmers Say:

One hour into spare room painting project - already bleeding. #fb

RT @justanswer: #tbt 2006 - We established our first headquarters in the basement of the Presidio Chapel in San Francisco.

Just saw a red tailed kite fly past with a gopher in it's claw. Didn't look like a play date.

#stayintheshadowofacloud is a really bad mission for California ;)

Ridiculous / awesome:

3 of 5 stars to Badass by Kathy Sierra

@sfmta_muni Wasn't on Nextbus. Did not check stop.

It's so damn hot, I saw little guys, their orange robes burst into flames.

ITHCWY: Catfood: PdfScan Catfood PdfScan 1.40 is a small bug fix release. PdfScan converts documents to PDFs…

@gillwilson, chop chop

Robot Hand beats you at Rock-Paper-Scissors every time. (Robot hand crushes rock, robot hand crushes scissors...)

KQED streaming seems very screwy... keep getting old programs

@scifri - were the subjects told the current as well as the voltage?

Dog is not that into movie afternoon...

Wrapping my head around drag and drop.


Actually it's not a curse. ADP wants me to enroll benefits twice, Sterling's FSA claim site was coded up a slime mould and RBOS sends me ...

ITHCWY: Annular Eclipse at SFO: The only solar observatory outside the international terminal at SFO (some…

@RavenEllison ditto ish

Dear Vatican, if the excuse is you didn't know Williamson's views then excommunicate the *#$%er again.

No clean nipples :(

#goatposting at Citibank

Your App Is Slow Because Our World Is Ending -- hope not, about to make the jump to quantum

Ridiculously nice...

ITHCWY: Isle of Skype: There are things I still sort of like about Skype. I use it a lot for video calls (although…

#fail @IntuitInc also, could you make look any more like a lame phishing site if you tried?

@d_shep are you sure you don't want to do a Gazpacho-b-q?

Added four bars to the old errand medal. On to setting up DOGFOOD, internal test machine extraordinaire.

@sfmta_muni And not just confusing to me given how packed the next 28 is...

How can an annular eclipse and the 'supermoon' be so close together? Stoked, but puzzled. #fb

Uservoice is back to life, details at - and they followed up by twitter and email so gold star for support.

Need another December. I'd like to squeeze it in around 11am on Tuesday please. #fb

@ajs_gingertom twhirl at the moment

Staying Chrome?

RT @DanRavenEllison: Why I took my 10-year-old son on a walk along the highway

Have cracked my ESRI Shapefile parser - at least for 2D shapes (which is all I need)

KQED (SF NPR affiliate) use "by all means" when begging for pledges, as if they're doing you an unusual favor by allowing you to pledge.

ahhh, KQED finally fixed their streaming volume

RT @IDEX: Create lasting solutions to poverty. Join @IDEX at our event, Seeds of Change on June 23 #charitytuesday

I'm #reading The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo by Stieg Larsson

From now on it's the troubled troubled asset relief program or T.TARP.

It takes longer to reboot Vista than it did to write it... #fb

Harbor Seals at #FitzgeraldMarineReserve

Just got dumped by my law firm, via another law firm. Wow.

Develop Windows software or drivers? Please help me out by completing this quick survey: #li #fb

RT @newscientist: The Dutch scientist who recorded the first case of homosexual necrophilia in the mallard wants a publisher for his book...

Mid-afternoon my mouse's scroll wheel starts glitching. Can the @Logitech -dark-field- not cope with a little sun?

Hike: International Date Line Longitude, Latitude Coordinates #random #catfood

@jprall I was out testing, not buying. There are a lot of really tragic laptops out there.

ITHCWY: Prophylactic: Absolutely no chance of scurvy tonight.


4 of 5 stars to The Girl with All the Gifts by Carey

@mrsmele how odd. I'm using incognito mode for banking and normal mode for porn ;)

Learning happy things in QuickBooks :) Also catching up on filing :(

Finally saw Star Trek. Excellent cast but otherwise irredeemable. Pity.

Thanks Norm, that was a great time to talk over Sotomayor. I had no idea what radio station I was listening to.

RT @cucku: We just launched a feedback forum for Cucku at - visit to suggest and vote on new features.

LogMeIn Kills Its Eponymous Free Service As New Users Decline; Existing Users Irate -- bummer

Legislative Service:

Oxford comma?

My head is full. Drink time :) #fb

Webcam showing runners on the golden gate bridge:

Rudy is coping well with everything at the office except for one plate glass door. Looked painful :(

San Francisco first - just got hailed by a cab.

Filling in #bos2009 survey on happiness is making me less happy :/

Ooops, have angered some PR gods.

Bitching and moaning about UK MP expenses. Hell, pay them £1M/yr with all the free porn they want. We'd get better MPs.

In case you missed this yesterday - please take a min to vote on Justmeans and help @IDEX, (cool SF non profit). Thanks:)

@DPMoffice why not this:

The science of to-do lists -- do some of the things on them

@AnswrExpt happy to help. Email me... Robert.Ellison@...

PM also has a set preview for the Radio 4 election coverage: vs. :) #ge2010

Thanks git rebase, nice of you to delete a file and random and then just keep going...

RT @CatfoodSoftware: Starting work on an update to Catfood Earth... stay tuned.

Tom DuBois for Palo Alto City Council 2014 via @VoteDubois

BBC News - Maine town of Byron plans mandatory gun-ownership vote -- fucktards

What's up with the city wide canned pumpkin shortage? Is it just not sold other than at Thanksgiving or was there a contamination scare?

ITHCWY: Catfood.Shapefile.dll 1.10: I've just released v1.10 of my ESRI Shapefile Reader (Catfood.Shapefile.dll… vs. smackdown - wins hands down

Holy crap. Helpful AT&T support fixed a slow Internet connection in 30 mins without insisting that I reformat my computer.

Non-visitor gag count broken... #todo @myen

The @polycom C100S *still* doesn't support Vista. Wonder if they'll support Windows 7. Useless brick.

Catch 22: can't dispute credit report without a copy. Can't get a copy without knowing TranUnion's bogus information. Sigh. #fb

WATCH: ‘Doctor Who’ Returns with Comic Relief Mini-Episode via @anglophenia

TiVo alive again after unrepeatable network voodoo, an hour with comcast, a new HDD and the magic of InstantCake :) Unsigh.

+1: Why Software Projects are Terrible and How Not To Fix Them:

Cisco's cloud vision: Mandatory, monetized, and killed at their discretion via @extremetech @CiscoSystems

How many people don't read this blog?: This is a joke metric that I first proudly displayed on Catfood Magazine..

Setting up a new NAS - 1TB RAID 1 goodness :)

AdWords scripts - could I get a debugger? @adwords

Line Break

Scout: get notified every time Congress proposes legislation with keywords you care about

RT @CatfoodSoftware Tweet from the command line with Catfood Cleat:

Calendar curation / aggregation: #tools @myEN

Coq au vin smells great, curry smells great, cooking both at the same time is not the best plan...

Battleships by text message: (for Windows Mobile)

Please check out and help me get the work out with a digg!

ESRI Shapefile Reader in .NET: I've just released a .NET library for parsing ESRI shapefiles - see ESRI Shapefi..

I'm #reading Drive by Daniel H. Pink


Off to MVSN reunion. Hope there's some food left...

Twitter plugged back in to @ifttt! Great! Until the next ToS swerve anyway.

I'd forgotten how comprehensively I hate working with CSV. #fb