Sometimes what looks like a catastrophic oil leak is actually just some condensation from the air conditioning unit. #LFMF

Response to updated GGNRA Draft Dog Management Plan: -- comment at

Just entered the @newscientist win a moon rock competition. I'm bound to win, but check out anyway.

ITHCWY: Scanning from the ADF using WIA in C#: I've been going nuts trying to scan from the document feeder on my…

5 of 5 stars to Fortune Smiles by Adam Johnson

Planning to take out frustration on some pizza dough... #fb

Check out my audit! #twitteraudit

Retweeting @scifri: awesome shot of Endeavour shuttle atop a 747: /christopher

Wow: Rear Window loop via @jwz

Great Horned Owlet:

I stand with Planned Parenthood @PPFA because I believe everyone should have access to the care they need:

Should online jokes be criminal? -- jail bad headline writers first

Fixed the unit test bug, heading down to the Phoenix for an IPA flavored reward :)

Hilarious, I had to Google how to power off Windows 8. Didn't figure it our until the third link: #fail

Suit storage anti-pattern: in bottom of cupboard covered in cat sick. #fb

Any Answers chaser - - time for the nutters to call in

RT @GeoCollective: Daniel @RavenEllison speaking at National Geographic on the importance of #geography and #guerrillageography http://t ... <-- Pearl iOS Update.

I uploaded a YouTube video -- Rudy in slow motion

How can it possibly be 3pm already!! Sorry dogs....

Unsubscribing from @oneforty - spamming out test emails :(

@Syndic you'd still go after offenders rather than infrastructure, especially where there is substantial non-infringing use

California officially fucked: (Salon, and I'm paraphrasing)

RT @IDEX: @GlobalGiving is matching your donations to Help Guatemalan Women Achieve Self-Sufficiency Please RT.

Immature Gmail Exploit:


@sfmta_muni At Taraval and 19th 15 mins ago. Though it might be limited rather than local which used to be the case. Confusing.

RE: Feel free to use the code, no attribution required.

RT @StackHash StackHash Blog | WinQual Survey

At last!: (Robot Armpit Prototype)

In London? Check out from @geocollective #fb #li

Today's canceled flight moved to the 24th. For Kate's sake I hope that Santa can shimmy in through the APU exhaust... #fb

RT @IDEX: Happy Thanksgiving! Don't miss GCN founder, Betty Makoni, on CNN's Heroes Tribute tonight!

Monarch Butterflies Eclosing:

Perfect beach day. At beach :)

Have installed: .NET 3.5, .NET 4.0, SQL Express 2008 R2, MSI 4.5. Really wish Windows could get its shit together on dependencies.

It's actually sunny at the beach!

Love that Visual Studio 2010 doesn't crash every third time you paste a message into resources.

Testing on XP...

Desperately seeking 1099-INTs

Lecture week - something by The Long Now Foundation tonight.

Phil Ting has decreed that our house has increased in value... maybe I should see if he wants to buy it? #fb

I read that wrong: (Smartphones 'could be powered by walking')

Is it normal for dogs to love pistachios?

@urbagirl but says "This item is currently unavailable" so possibly no spots actually found yet...

4 hours to get a shield icon working properly in WPF. Some of the gory details at

...and another believes that Eyjafhallejoekull will lead to a return to piston driven engines OR the use of some lost Tesla technology.

@HilaryEllison thanks... one small victory for the week.

Depressing first - hairdresser offered to dye my hair after cutting it. :(

Off to see This American Life live :) #fb

Read/write Office 365 Excel from a C# console app using @microsoftgraph -

Division via @RavenEllison

The broader issue here is whether any laws apply to the President, or as Nixon claimed anything the President does is…

At the @IDEX bash at The Solarium :)

BBC News - Al-Qaeda leader Bin Laden 'dead'

Any Questions? audience angry with UK gvt. stiffing the Gurkhas. Maybe they should switch sides and fight for the US.

Central Plaza == no queue for food. #CES10

This American Life on the awful, crooked mess of the patent system

Confined to study with dog recovering from surgery. Installing TiVo Desktop... #fb

Bugger. Stephanie Zacharek seems to quite like The International, and I had such high hopes for it...

#join2010 webcast is too small on web page, too fuzzy at full screen :( Would be nice to see the code that life is running on...

Things that don't work with Chrome: Google Analytics (site overlay) and Blogger (upload image)... come on Google!

@missionexplore no expedition needed to find poo...

America's great divergence - American History -

@TiVoUpgrade, thanks for making InstantCake. You saved my Series 3.

Of course. And which Muppet decided to carpet BART?: (Are cloth seats a public health hazard? Possibly.)

Earthquake! via @usgs

Just donated to @NRDC

Clegg should pledge to form a government with the first party to commit to bring back Spitting Image ;) #ge2010

Ooops. Epic dirty comment on the wrong Facebook post #fail

ZoneInfo Update (tzdata for .NET)

Great walk at crissy field... just need to wake up in time for #BoS2009 now!

I wish I believed in hell, because this Archbishop would be near the front of the line: (BBC)

San Francisco: install offshore wind turbines. Generate during the week and then reverse polarity at weekends to blow away fog. #fb

Aced the citizenship test. Examiner had to look up one of the answers... just need to take oath and will have gone fully native. #fb

Parents against reprehensible metal music sounds like a great name for a band. #IMU

New product beta from Cucku aimed at developers: - check it out if you ship anything on Windows #fb #li

In my unhappy place: Home Depot

RT @LiterarySluts:

Planetary engineering idea - suck all the San Francisco fog into a big blimp, then float south and release. Global warming solved. #fb

Google PageSpeed Insights hates Google Analytics:

Blaze Seeks To Save Cyclist Lives With A Laser Projection Bike Light -- death by swerve to avoid laser bike

ITHCWY: Bernal from Davidson

RT @cucku: Cucku Backup 2.0 launch coverage roundup: (Cucku Blog)

I'm #reading My Empire of Dirt by Manny Howard

I just supported National Popular Vote and their cause. Join me and help make an impact -

RT @IDEX: IDEX has launched our new website! Check it out -

Retweeting @CatfoodSoftware: Blog: Scratch and Sniff: A blast from the past... The Utah Education Network links ...

@dweekly great presentation tonight, thank you.

Immediately release Trump's full tax returns, with all information needed to verify emoluments clause compliance.

Testing from XP at the north pole...

The nut is taking some time... Sorry Rudy!

@phsumi thanks for the WPF NotifyIcon wrapper.

Yet Another Awful Dumping Incident on Bernal Hill via @bernalwood

TiVo - API please!

Round Top loop at Sibley Volcanic Regional Preserve: @ebrpd

4 of 5 stars to My Empire of Dirt by Manny Howard

@AppDotNet I'm joining the movement and backing Sign up here: #joinus

West of West Portal (highlights of one year of timelapses):

Hunting down an upgrade problem with a third party COM component. Oh joy.

4 of 5 stars to The Evolutionary Void by Peter F. Hamilton

Hike Map - I Thought He Came With You via @abfo

ITHCWY: Apparently you can’t build an alternative to Facebook without Facebook integration…

Screw the web, bring back finger!

The Clinton Tapes is a real slog.

Attending RSM McGladrey M&A webinar. Not a pretty picture. Tip - be an 'A' company and wait until next year.

If there isn't an API... screen scrape one together.

Restaurants and food processors: what you sell, by definition, is never 'homemade'.

The Technical Interview Is Dead (And No One Should Mourn) -- how many golf balls can be pinned to the wall of a Fiat?

Operated by the knights who say NI!

Was just exceptionally rude to a door to door charity person. He's going to a) never come back and b) require a good thesaurus

@robmen thank goodness for the Google cache!

From the honking outside #SF must have won a small war or a large game. #FB

@d_shep glad it was just your bike - and lucky that they caught someone. UK police would arrest _you_ for wasting time in that situation...

Thanks IEEE for things that beep and flash #codecon

Zeno's Advent Calendar: #fb

ITHCWY: Playmobil

Mission: Slow down time --

"Burning US trees in UK power stations" -- seems a little crazy

Unicode Character 'PILE OF POO' (U+1F4A9):

Smart Balls!: (Science's latest tricks for making things disappear)

...: (Photo: Father and son at first and last Space Shuttle launches, 30 years apart), please, please add a checkbox to only show stuff that you're actually willing to sell.

@gillwilson bon voyage ><><

Backed in to a horrible corner. Have to do Target or Bed, Bath and Beyond. Can't stand either.

RT @missionexplore: A tricky mission: Share a tee with the Queen - Play a game of golf with the Queen in her tea garden. ...

Cat and dog are taking it in turns lying on the deck. I'm wrestling with crash dumps.

I'm listening to the Frugal Friday with Robert Ellison show by Ken Hess on BlogTalkRadio -

Wow, was having a nice day and then saw from @Renee4Congress - wish I lived in NC just to vote against her.

#you'vebeenserved -\

CodePlex tip - don't ask to join a project if you 'prefer not to be contacted', especially if you're actually trying to report a bug.

I've cleaned the 21st amendment out of double trouble. Admittedly they only had one glass left, but still...

Just discovered that I've created custom Facebook privacy settings that only share my posts with me. #fb

Ready for a heat wave. I know it's summer in San Francisco but this is getting ridiculous. #fb

Testing from a scheduled task...

OK Cameron, we'll take you up on the "No Money" offer:

Got Questions? JustAnswer Lists the Most Curious Cities in the via @BusinessWire

2 of 5 stars to Terminal World by Alastair Reynolds

Also, you can't raise money if you need it. Prime directive is don't run out of cash. @hubspot

June on ITHCWY -

Inadvertant afternoon of IPAs...

Sunset behind the Farallones: #Farallon Islands, no sign of @KarlTheFog

RT @RTPeat: App developers withdraw from US as patent fears reach 'tipping point' via @guardian

Bald eagle, fox, and cat are porch friends - Boing Boing via @BoingBoing

RT @jmoiron: "I just started using X, migrating all my projects from Y, and it's been a joy" - every JavaScript programmer, every few weeks.

House clean, build fixed, hitting a comfy chair in the sun with a well stocked kindle :)

ITHCWY: Bernal Chair

Waiting for animal control on Bernal Hill having caught 1 of 2 escaped dogs.

BBC News - In pictures: Annular eclipse (Check out the Lemurs checking out the eclipse)

Hike: About Hikes: Hikes indulges my passions for walking and being uncontrollably geeky. I love recording ..

BBC Radio 4 - The Infinite Monkey Cage, Series 7, Secret Science -- can't remember who suggested this, but awesome!

3 of 5 stars to Three Tales from the Laundry Files by Charles Stross

It's Toronado time :) #fb

Please Stay: #indyref #no

@geocollective how did the presentation go? Will it be online at some point?

2 of 5 stars to You're Not Much Use to Anyone by David Shapiro

Another comedy amendment:

Stop Colbert: via @NancyPelosi

I didn't break it!: (Liberty Bell in 2006)

4 of 5 stars to The Fifth Season by Jemisin

Only just made it - cab driver faster than taking a helicopter.

Why can't you comment on wall posts on Facebook Pages? Odd that the only way to reply is with a wall post to everyone.

Securing the internet of things: #iot #ddos

Just discovered our Earthquake kit has rusted, combined and gone putrid. It was CSI: San Francisco for a while there. Preparedness #Fail.

Chrome Instant mode must have seemed like a good idea but in practice it sucks. Unnecessary bandwidth and 404 flood for webmasters.

Yippee! That was my theory when we did it...: (Homes' solar panels often boost values)

@repcor how does one go about getting on the imu-grads list?

@gillwilson - did you eat the red bell pepper

How not to use Facebook, if you're a cop: (BBC) - also, what's a canteen culture? I've been away too long...

ITHCWY: Baby Yellow Spiders: A chair in our garden has produced a bumper crop of baby Cross Orbweaver spiders. Very…

ITHCWY: Reviews and links for September 2010: NurtureShock: New Thinking About Children by Po Bronson 4/5 I'm a big…

4 of 5 stars to Annihilation by Jeff VanderMeer

ITHCWY: goes nuclear: CNET stopped being a useful source of downloads for me ages ago. Over the…

#IMU thanks @dmscott - great presentation. Makes up for yesterday.

@antor - I'm using this, when the PC goes to sleep everything else gets switched off.

WinQual / Windows Error Reporting Data Client - StackHash via @StackHash

ITHCWY: Sending email via GMail in C#/.NET using SmtpClient: I’ve stubbed my toe on this a couple of times, so here…

Chrome uses amazingly less memory than Firefox. ~40MB vs ~240MB while using just FogBugz. Becoming a convert.

Lots of GEO #API goodness #tools @myEN: (Centralized Geo Data with New InfoChimps API)

Stargate Universe is almost Blake's Seven dark ... Hoping that they don't wuss out

ITHCWY: Mission:Explore Food - Get It Now: I posted a few months ago about my brother's crowd funded book, Mission…

@robblewis yes, I mentioned that. You can get them to link properly if you ask them - disables their tracking but who cares about that.

It's hot. I'm sat next to a little bird and it's panting.

Creating Google+ Circle paranoia... #fb

ITHCWY: ESRI Shapefile Library Update: I've just released a small update for my ESRI Shapefile Reader project on…

"1,400 tigers in captivity in Florida"

"Can you legally travel without a passport?" -- yes, it's fine, you don't even need a ticket

I'm #reading The Idle Parent by Tom Hodgkinson

4 of 5 stars to The Snowman by Jo Nesbø

Bay to breakers might be saved:

DOS on DNS wipes out the cloud (for an hour).\

May on ITHCWY -

Cringely on iWhatever:

Had forgotten how much I dislike DWML. Repetitive tag use, inconsistent layout and irritating indirection.

RT @GeoCollective: If you would recommend Mission:Explore as a great Christmas/Hanukkah gift for children please r ...

Ok MetLife, I was expecting the outcome to be five cents. You barstards.

very cool - urban earth (bristol, mumbai, mexico city and london) up at, videos made of a photo evey eight paces

Hike: #Catfood: Earth, PdfScan and Weather

It's always the nannaberry that holds everything up :(