4 of 5 stars to RESTful .NET by Jon Flanders

What I just said, but with video:

ITHCWY: Reviews and links for February 2011: Agents of Treachery: Never Before Published Spy Fiction from Today's…

Best explanation of software estimation failure ever:

I think needs some sort of free tier. Maybe a smaller character limit, or no vowels or something.

<9lb cat has occupied the bed of the >90lb dog

FogBugz integrating source control and code reviews with their hosted service - beta available now, looks cool.

RT @gillwilson In San Francisco? Join @IDEX, and Claire Hope Cummings tonight at The Solarium #CharityTuesday

Can't cancel broken @TiVo through web site. Scummy. Have paid you guys enough over the years, shouldn't have to be forced to phone you.

ITHCWY: Gray Whales at Fort Funston

ITHCWY: Geotagging posts in BlogEngine.NET: I've written an extension for BlogEngine.NET that automatically adds…

Cheek Cells, Methylene Blue Stain

Gaia revisited: - I'm still in the extreme camp:

4 of 5 stars to Night School by Lee Child

@urbagirl I stupidly went for free shipping so probably next week. Have a large enough pile of old fashioned planet killing books though ;)

Hmmm, are the #fail whale birds releasing that whale or capturing it?

Mid-east Internet cables (3/4) severed _again_

ITHCWY: Kindle: Figure out sorting!: I love my Kindle. Loved it since seeing the screen for the first time after…

Network Solutions WatchDog loading slowly at the moment - ah, @netsolcares says that they're looking at it.

BBC: Brown didn't resign, he just took a while to realize that he'd been fired. #ge2010 #fb

Obama: key to promoting human liberty and dignity worldwide is richer Americans. Right...

Must. Escape. Classic. ASP!

Can I have a black car if I promise not to switch on the AC?

"not a threat to the penguins, we don't suspect" - - it wasn't a dream!

NASA data #API :) #todo @myEN: (New Data API Around NASA Data Sets)

Presentation Zen shows Neil deGrasse Tyson some love: - Awesome

Heading out to Sun Rise for the @IDEX happy hours(s): #fb

The Patent Protection Racket

how happy is it possible for a clam to be?

I'm #reading The Evolutionary Void by Peter F. Hamilton

@Syndic it's kind of a blocker

@nihiofkdi indeed, that hasn't come up at this conference though!

I really hate vanilla Win32. Nearly there...

RT @katzav: Why TED Is a Recipe for Civilizational Disaster | Alternet

The cat has figured out how to switch off the UPS. I need to get the manual out to do that. Embarassing. #fb

RT @StackHash: Getting Started With WinQual For Windows Error Reporting (WER): (eBook)


VIDEO: The best ever April Fool's ever? -- no, panda eggs!

Catfood Software Blog | Winter Solstice 2011 in Catfood Earth via @CatfoodSoftware

@ajs_gingertom has it stopped yet?

How the NSA Attacks Tor :" NSA really should release a style guide for press organizations publishing their secrets"

Hitchenson, you are a flake!

No wheels on heels!

ITHCWY: Use WPF Dispatcher to invoke event handler only when needed: After floundering a bit with the WPF…

President Obama: 'I Think Same-Sex Couples Should Be Able to Get Married'; (shameful that it has taken this long)

Matt Taibbi is making me madder: (Rolling Stone). #fb

4 of 5 stars to Ancillary Mercy by Ann Leckie

3 of 5 stars to The Spire by Richard North Patterson

MIT Prof’s anthropological study of Vegas at Gel '08:

Redwood Park:

Check out Catfood Earth Live Wallpaper on Google Play!

US town bans small water bottles -- how about banning large coke bottles instead?

Watch out for "SEO enabled" releases that redirect rather than link directly - lot of snake oil out there, @hubspot

I now know about Server Gated Cryptography. I hope I forget about it again soon.

Starting to relax. I'll probably be made to regret this soon...

@geocollective yes, I should be around all morning - will have a brief call around 6pm your time but after that would be good.

@HuffPostUKPol a better one:

IMAX is like Southwest. Sell assigned seats please!


ITHCWY: Crissy Field Lunch

Daniel Raven-Ellison, Guerrilla Geographer Information, Facts, News, Photos -- National Geographic via @NatGeo

10 Disturbing Similarities Between Dating & Raising Capital: (SEOmoz)

Exit poll is hung parliament #ge2010

@d_shep and I'm guessing you'll need them as well ;)

Have a new HDD for TiVo, will be trying an InstantCake resurection later.

Who knew that Prius regenerative braking meant "as in Doctor Who" :) #fb

It's not a deal, it's a big enough cave to charge for tours: (.Obama, Congress will avert default) #fb

Thanks @repcor, another helpful webinar from @hubspot

Stupid Unix trick: why you shouldn't pipe yes into yes

The next time I go to France I'm wearing a veil and flogging heather. #fb

5 of 5 stars to The Jennifer Morgue by Charles Stross

Heard, but did not see, and ad for clip on smiles yesterday. I hope actually seeing the ad will cure the nightmares...

Agile / Rally great for neutralization, not differentiation. Can't get excited about neutralization. #AgileNewLevel


Isn't this exactly what you get from decent analytics? Seems that hidden traffic would be when JavaScript is off. #IMU

Leek & potato soup very nice, bloody eyeball and buggered up neck less so.

10 reasons chess may never make it as a spectator sport -- 10?

Hike: Año Nuevo: We decided to visit Año Nuevo State Natural Reserve today because it's one of the h..

Also have to bootstrap Windows Installer 4.5... which is different per OS, and includes a 'beware of the leopard' screen :(


Is it just me or is the SETI logo channeling BBC1 from the 70s? #fb

Turkey Broth, Percocet and _Wait, Wait, Don't Tell Me_ - mainlining happiness

@urbagirl Kindle is here :) Much better than the first version. Struggling to keep working...

4 of 5 stars to Advanced Web Metrics with Google Anal... by Brian Clifton

@citibank your online banking is broken, spins trying to start a transfer, can't click the text in buttons.

Yay! Precita Park Upgrade:

ITHCWY: Reviews and links for August 2011: RESTful .NET by Jon Flanders 4/5 Great coverage of exposing and…

Oh #USA, you lost to a country you can't find on a map. With about the population of Texas.

OK, I'm willing to do my bit and sign up for Obama's $500K executive pay cap.

Just saw Slumdog Millionaire, most excellent.

Marked as to-read: The Lean Startup by Eric Ries

Linting... #fb

Fog over Twin Peaks:

Fridge sends spam emails -- botnet of things

And done. For now.

Like quantum pair production every time a new #SF Mayor candidate declares so does a Republican presidential candidate. #fb

I've just funded Mission:Explore Food on

UK, enough with the thought crimes already! (BBC News)

@urbagirl for print books... reading a debugging book with lots of really useful but painfully long URLs in the text.

Ha: (Insert coin to continue)

I'm not afraid of @Google (yet):

#boarding SFO

Poor Spirit: :(

Finally finished slogging through the 2012 propositions for California and San Francisco. ...

Taking Caltrain to #SETIcon ,aliens who have encountered Caltrain probably concluded no intelligent life on Earth and left again.

Favorite presidents ( for @HilaryEllison ): 1. Jefferson 2. Roosevelt 3. Grant

San Francisco playground report card: Precita Park gets an F :( #fb

It's July 16th. Enough with the daytime fireworks already San Francisco. #ffs

Hating databases, and that Microsoft spends so much time on cool demos rather than making actual deployment work....

Off to my first ever baby shower. I hope it isn't what it sounds like... #fb

You could be playing #Amiga #Elite on #Android - (via

House clean :) Time for a movie...

@daveoflynn when you're stuck in a queue behind the clueless...

Seeing Beyond the Human Eye: Video of beautiful scientific and artistic photography

Why does @Windows 10 make me dismiss every notification twice?

Clegg doing well enough for nutters to question his birth certificate... #leadersdebate

Agree with Cameron the most on education. #leadersdebate

HOWTO: fix meetings and boost global productivity --

ITHCWY: Debugging Treasure Trove: Mark Jackson, my co-founder at Cucku, is blogging re-mastered debugging tips from…

@RavenEllison Yes, have it blocked off. Work up in the air at the moment so might have a proper job by then but will be here.

5 of 5 stars to The Hidden Reality by Brian Greene

The Spoilsmen: How Congress Corrupted Patent Reform - a must read on the failure to reform patents. #li

Making an enormous batch of chili :)

I’ve been Twitterized. See my infographic generated by @visually.

Molly has encountered the three-garden-escape-attempts and you're staying in rule. She's now shouting at me. #fb

Everything is terrible. -- time to dust off PGP

I'm a Home Improvement Journeyman. What about you? Take the @JustAnswer quiz. #HomeImprovement

RT @cucku: 1,000 year DVD-R: (The Register). Pity the writer is $2.5K. Typical DVD-R experience:

Don't do it, like defining π as 4: BBC News - Changes to the world's time scale debated

ITHCWY: Google Maps Ate My Battery: I've been slowly becoming aware that Google Maps is eating up a lot of the…

MIT blog on my additictive webcams: :)

Working on dealing with Twitter API limits when processing a large number of accounts. Not a fun problem to debug.

That looks like one lame situation room.: (Photo: Obama and National Security team during Osama kill operation)

Why YouTube gets stuck buffering so much -- should lose common carrier status


Our iron has been on cupboard holiday so long it's only good for applying dust to clothes. Hurray for modern fibers and a home office. #fb

"the GOP will have as much success vying for lost moderate voters as a garlic seller at a vampire's convention" #frei

Does the US have a dog in the fight in Syria? -- parallel debate at @LikeDebate @IQ2US

@KadeemH Try using StackHash for WinQual -

Awesome mail icon matching the look and feel of the standard RSS icon:

Mythbusters: gluing bees to laptops is just cruel. Disappointed in you. @MythBusters #fail

RT MarkLittlewood: #tccloud IBM apocryphal joke prediction true. 5 computers Google, MS, Yahoo, ebay, Amazon.

ITHCWY: MMS Photo Upload to Facebook: Does Facebook now hate MMS? For the past couple of weeks every time I tried to…

Why mobile web apps are slow: #li

Retweeting @CatfoodSoftware: A year in twelve seconds: video using Catfood Desktate, rendering a frame for each...

You're doing it wrong: on toast, with butter: (Sandwich Monday: The Marmite Sandwich)

Social Media news release template at (via @hubspot)

RT @DumpAnalysis: New blog post: TestWER Tool to Test Windows Error Reporting:

Dynamo rush hour!

Google denies giving NSA back-door access to user data -- nice post, some possible weasel words though...

*Why* give tenure to teachers? Makes no sense.

LEGO Management:

@jprall there's also the eventual crashing, you should work on the podcasts while you're driving and save the twitter for later

Ahhh, exactly the right amount of sun...

Managed to escape the #SF fog today:

Back to wrestling with power management. Fun fun fun.

Fermi Suicide:

Working from home hazard - cat joining in conference call with lawyers. She made some good points, but doesn't get billable hours.


Apparently 'child annoyance' is a crime. May be doing time soon... #fb

ITHCWY: Reviews and links for May 2010: Founders at Work: Stories of Startups' Early Days by Jessica Livingston 4/5…

RT @HillaryClinton: Everything we’ve worked toward comes down to today. RT this if you're voting for Hillary: https…

Alpha 1 Sanity Test...

Darpa seeks to WikiLeak-proof the Pentagon - the only way is to not do things you'd be embarrassed about.

Study: why parents help their underage kids pretend to be 13 in order to use Internet sites - Boing Boing

Astroturfing from @PGE4me now on Facebook. Shame on PG&E. What if a 2/3rds majority was required for every special interest?

3 of 5 stars to Constellation Games by Leonard Richardson

Support NORML at this critical time in the fight to re-legalize marijuana nationwide.

OMG!! - Intel is sponsoring "tomorrow". Can I just send in bar receipts?

Looking at options for buying quarter of a cow... worried that nowhere seems to let you specify which quarter...

You're not a Jedi

Too much reading today. My eyeballs are dehydrated. They're begging me for a G&T.

Windows Mobile #fail - download email when tethered to a PC, enjoy roaming email charges later even though it's set to manual :(

Every congresscritter now has an email address, thanks to Sunlight and EFF -- very nice

Going to try and see the new Bond on black friday - may end up regretting this...

Hmm, pancake day, need to find some golden syrup...

Still no clock...: (The TiVo Premiere Elite: 4 Tuners, 2 TB, Available Today For $499)

Anno NTK: 15-year-old tech news just keeps on getting better -- now bring back the t-shirts

off to the beach #fb

At Walgreens behind people trying to post goats.

the tuna guy on NPR right now should really get a room

March and April on ITHCWY:

(Having said that, if you listen to KQED and don't cough up then you're perpetuating the pledge misery for the rest of us.)

@ATTNickT I finally reached someone who could help on the phone. Hopefully fixed now. Thanks for the response.

Rising Home Equity Funds a Rising Birth Rate, but Only for Homeowners -- $200k == immaculate conception

OneSwarm - anonymous p2p by forwarding through social graph, from U of WA, pretty nifty. #codecon

In masive will call line at cal academy for dark matter lecture. Could San Francisco show less interest in science please?

@PawLuxury Greenies!

Pacific Gopher Snake, full of gophers!:

is heading north... #fb

Nothing is certain in life except for takeout and taxes.

I'm attending Vator Splash --

LooseLips is a post only twitter client that shares photos on Facebook: #li

"Stop saying Chagford!"

BBC News - Mars rover makes first colour panorama

Yes, @grader got hacked ( - revoke access from Settings -> Connections on

@urbagirl ... is a cell connection.

Shagged. The mockingbird stalking @gillwilson kept me up too last night.

Future of ATA = more dishes. Not that expensive. What about it @NancyPelosi ? #SETIcon