Government should buy chartered accountants a house? Also a pony? #leadersdebate

RT @presidioknolls: It's the last few hrs of our latest auction: lunch w/ CEOs of Paypal, GRPN, etc. Check it out & add your own offer @ ht…

A good deed brightens a hairy world - I just donated to #Movember. Pls support men’s health @

4 of 5 stars to When Will There Be Good News? by Kate Atkinson

Playing the inaugural game of TextShips (hopefully!)

@SugarSync I got some billing error message from the client and the web site keeps going to an Ooops/Locked page. How do I fix this?

also, the plural of fish is also fish, unless you're talking about multiple species, which you're not, because you can only talk about tuna

Trying to resist the urge to flick a pen at the guy snoring across the aisle... #sv10 #fb

Why can't I set ServiceHostingEnvironment.MultipleSiteBindingsEnabled in code? Also, why is it wrong at runtime? Grrrr. #WCF #fail

Sunless Earth -- would save us from Parsnips.

Time to make some chocolate pots :)

Unbelievable. There's a queue for a "supercut".

Check out Field Trip on Google Play! -- looks cool, automatically tells you when something interesting is near

4 of 5 stars to A Good and Useful Hurt by Aric Davis

There should be a word for when you sigh at exactly the same time as your dog.

I'll say!

All passed. Final checkin of 2008, touch wood :)

There's a planetary protection officer to prevent BP from getting their grubby mitts on Mars.

At Little Baobab. No sign of a baobab of any size.

Going to Alameda - haven't done that for a while.

Um, no. Unless you're a cyclops this is exactly how you see ants.: (In 3D - ants as you have never seen them before)

I love the LinkedIn Outlook plug-in.

ITHCWY: Catfood: Cleat I've just released an updated version of Cleat that supports geolocation and…

ITHCWY: Pelicans

I should get text updates which I'll forward to twitter. There should also be updates at (5481).

Merry Christmas! #fb

In benefits detention.

Horrid Megane. Have spent 2 hrs on M25 trying to set clock. Have found forums saying dealer can't figure it out. About to fix with axe.:(

Get Started with WinQual via @StackHash

Kate's first encounter with a swimming pool did not go well.

Aggggh. Bad time for Virtual PC to give up the ghost. Bugger.

Oh, it wasn't with @beavis it was with @beevis. Easy mistake to make...

@TarekDemiati Just replied to your comment as well - look for an updated version in December.

Siren in San Francisco is apparently a test. Thank you Twitter Search.

Kate and I have discovered early morning YouTube karaoke. I have a numb arm and probably some irritated neighbors. #fb

An important update from the International Earth Rotation Service <- warning, subculture

Is Facebook reducing their font size 1 point a day? #fb

Insufficient whale supply.

Flying rhinoceros:

BART is operating on some sort of Welsh interpretation of 5 minutes :(

Mile 21

ITHCWY: Licensing Fail: WinZip vs. ScanToPDF: Software licensing is a tricky art - too little security and you leak…

VP of Growth at @justanswer -

SMS sending working but out of steam for the day. Will have to play with intercepting messages next weekend.

I signed the "Oppose GGNRA Draft Dog Management Plan" petition! #petol

RT @Bernalwood: Oooooh RT @pfgal0pin: Panorama: Bernal Heights - photomerge

RT @cucku: Cucku Backup 2.10 now available for download - learn more at

Readers share memories of where they were Nov. 22, 1963 -- in an ovary

#boarding LHR

:) Hot weather to continue next week

ITHCWY: Twitter's API has got too painful for me: I've developed a bunch of stupid, niche and vaguely promising…

RT @CatfoodSoftware: Catfood Follower 1.10 released: (Twitter tool to follow new follower and/or remove non-followi ...

Thanks #codecon organizers and presenters. Excellent conference.

I love finding and fixing a complex bug from diag trace. Not good that the bug is there, but is good that the trace is so good.

ITHCWY: I can't post a single photo: You'd think Facebook or Twitter could scrape together a semi-functional…


RT @StackHash StackHash Blog | StackHash Beta 6 #li

Two valid passports from two different countries - I feel like a spy.

Improving our WinQual to FogBugz synchronization. Rock and Roll!


ITHCWY: Ordoñez Gun

How can installing windows updates take longer than installing the OS? And why bother with progress that's always 0%?

bDule gets Facebook updates before Facebook does...

Andy Kurtzig Raises $25M To Take Expert Services Online With - #PearldotcomLaunch

"The Queen is like Heineken lager"... off with his head! #ge2010

On the Espionage Act charges against Edward Snowden | Glenn Greenwald

Waiting for #goatposting at Walgreens...

#boarding SFO

Enough WinQual...

Facebook ate my comment :( It was a fine one as well. #fb

Windows Update suckers you into thinking it's done, then spends an hour at 100% of various mystery stages.

Illegal dumping can now be voted to fix at #bernal-heights!

Devil's Slide to Get New Life as Place to Play via @WSJ -- this is going to be interesting

Margarita time. #fb

ITHCWY: Full Outlook Web Access on Chromebook: When trying to load the Outlook Web App on a Chromebook you'll find…

Terminator Salvation actually not bad, a relief after the appalling Star Trek reboot.

ITHCWY: Ambient Orb Controller .NET Library: The Ambient Orb is an LED illuminated globe designed to display subtle…

Checking out bDule after seeing it on TechCrunch. Liking it so far but having to reenter accounts every time you change the layout sucks.

Woolwich 'joke' tweeter sentenced -- bad joke, but no joke should get you in trouble with the law.

Not enjoying writing help. Also seem to have been stood up by Sean Of The Bed.

This long weekend I'll mainly be taking BBC Quizzes. 3/7 on

Pissed off that the AV referendum is first-past-the-post. Would prefer to rank more than two possibilities.

@sfmta_muni why is the outbound 28 not showing up at Richardson and Francisco?

Windows Marketplace on Windows Mobile 6 has not opened for me once. Not exactly competing with Apple yet...

3 of 5 stars to WAR by Sebastian Junger

RT @StackHash StackHash Blog | Windows Error Reporting at the 2010 Windows Summit

Hurray, fog is burning off. Dog might get to visit the buffalo after all.

There isn't enough coffee.

Just registered for #SETIcon next Saturday

Main advantage of becoming a parent in SF: knowing that you'll never have to answer the question "why is the sky blue?" #fb

debugging :(

Infinite Jest:

Volcano blows smoke rings

ITHCWY: Email marketing - don't shoot yourself in the foot: If you send email to customers it's important that you…

I'm attending Vator Splash --

I want #SnowForChristmas #Wintellect10

When packing a suitcase the dog gets depressed and the cat gets in the suitcase... #fb

fu@#ing macs and their fu@#ing .this and .that crap

Neal Stephenson on getting big stuff done #todo @myEN -- and this one

Aha @googleapis 500 server error try again later really means spreadsheet column names need to be lower case. Lesson learned.

Back to inbox zero :)

Why does @Medela_US include a power adapter that won't eat 240 volts in a portable breast pump?

Day longer than expected due to Pantech crapness but first game of TextShips complete! I was playing myself, so not an impressive win.

Figuring out Skype DRM stuff.... uugghh, DRM

Jack Dee did a great job on the new I'm Sorry I Haven't A Clue:

Wow. Bush's farewell speech was short, 9/11, good vs. evil. Clinton's was about an hour of accomplishments. Please go already.

4 of 5 stars to The Land of Later on by Anthony Weller

How to find aliens: advice from NASA, SETI and the EMH. #SETIcon

ITHCWY: San Francisco 2012 Propositions: Following yesterday’s post on the California 2012 Propositions here’s a…

I don't always find droids...:

3 of 5 stars to The Kremlin's Candidate by Jason Matthews

#boarding ORD

Don't!: (How to build website without knowing coding, design)

Yosemite check list... Camera broken: Check. Car broken: Check.

It's a case of 'first past the pug': (Police called as dog bites voters)

Drake equation making an appearance on @scifri ... a guess multiplied by an unknown multiplied by unknowables. Like a business plan ;)

Batteries to Bluffs:

America Demands: Obama, Build Us a Death Star | Threat Level |

@ajs_gingertom you'll have to ask @gillwilson

VerticalResponse - why does the first login at your site always fail?

@BritishAirways is there a bug on your site or are there no flights that can be booked with miles for the rest of the year?

Destined to spend the day in installer hell. #fb

The best opening paragraph on Wikipedia

RT @CatfoodSoftware: Catfood WebCamSaver 3.00 released:


Adobe Acrobat & Flash wide open to attacks again:

Not guilty by reason of finely tuned initial conditions: (The Brain on Trial)

Today, I'm a tool making machine: and - tomorrow, really need to chill

Windows 8:designed to garishly install Windows Updates regardless of what you'd rather be doing (if you could find how to do it). #fb

You do not want to be the eighth 'possum baby. #fb

ITHCWY: SETIcon 2: I'm at SETIcon 2 this weekend. It's a mix of science, sci-fi, religion and general speculation…

@nhwebdesign thanks, seems to have the most votes so far

Entrepreneurs: save angel investing in the US, visit and sign the petition. #SaveRegD #li

Oh no. Starbucks red cups, the sign that nothing more will get done this year.

Eating a bewildering variety of Marmite infused munchies. Thanks Mum.

World Time Lapse via @youtube

Resisting the urge to refactor... for now.

Ah, Chrome needs to register a document icon as well as their application icon.

BBC News - Gay marriage: Religious 'opt-in' offered, but not to CofE -- the establishment part should be illegal

Commute to work recorded on @Strava

What is up with the L line @sfmta_muni ?

The Nobel Peace Prize, if it ever meant anything, means nothing today. #fb

ITHCWY: Guess?

thinking time wasting twitter api thoughts...

Big data: "complete bollocks. Absolute nonsense."? -

RT @SenSanders: I'm very proud to be introducing the Medicare for All Act today, which has 15 co-sponsors in the Senate, a record level of…

Visualizing Bernal Heights After Lots and Lots of Sea-Level Rise -- surprised Holly Park is still around.

San Francisco should charge $50K for double parking. Would either solve the budget problem or make it possible to get across town. #fb

@d_shep it seems you need to have google maps running for it to work. Really want something in the background... may get to rolling my own

Lawmakers declare war on science: Want schools to teach Creationism! Fight back: via @demandprogress

Quadcopter vs moose - Boing Boing via @BoingBoing

Have xAuth blessing... hopefully no more

#IMU is HTML or plain text best? Should you still ask for a preference here?

Installing Windows 7 RC

Task list zero :) ... now filling it up again :(

Catfood WebCamSaver - Catfood Software via @CatfoodSoftware (now with time zone time lapse video!)

Epic roadmap meeting. I'm deaf in one ear from the Skype headset.

Jupiter debate has become football vs soccer #SETIcon

San Francisco from Hill 88:

Playing with #newtwitter ... all the giddy excitement of getting into Wave and none of the subsequent disappointment and loneliness!

Catfood Earth for Android

Apple’s Patently Absurd Smartphone Crusade -- yes @HarvardBiz, so do this -->

If you're developing for Windows and haven't signed up for WinQual yet you're really missing out.

Online small print 'not enforceable' -- sure, I totally read your ToS

@jemkarsales how much wanted porn is there for children?

Delete everything from C|Net ...

Right, because someone might see a photo of someone in a burqa: (Sarkozy questions 'neutral' net)

Messing about with templates...

ITHCWY: Thank you Feedly: It has been brought to my attention that I've been whinging too much recently. So I'd…

Complex test "quotes" & with © § ÇEven a second line...

Almost time for a BBQ... and it looks like margarita weather :) #fb

Taking Rudy out for coffee (well, coffee for me, biscuit for him).

4 of 5 stars to Farthest Field by Raghu Karnad

Back to work... shutting up for a while.

In OAK searching for non-boarded up cafe

I want @SynFusionProducts #Wintellect10

RT @missionexplore: MISSION:EXPLORE - See Georgie attempting some visual missions in central London

I am listening to the Frugal Tech Show with guest Kurt vo show by Ken Hess on BlogTalkRadio -

Sir Patrick Moore, 1923-2012 -- sad

Finally solved the sleep problem. @gillwilson 's computer was pinging mine for some reason (suspect failed print job). Rebooted both.

Goes up to 100% once baby has actually used them.: (Many baby items found to contain toxic chemicals)

Google Analytics is slow as a dog this morning.

Bad choice on background apps for Windows Phone 7 - this is one of the main reasons I still use the platform. #join2010

Slow Camera: single frame time-lapse photography for Android:

RT @Bernalwood: Love: MT @jonsteinberg31: Park Slope = Noe Valley; Pier 39 = Times Sq. Flipping the bird to obnoxious SF to NY meme. http:/…

Checking out Diaspora on the pod.

The bacteria are winning.

Comments you don't want to see: // some fuck up between lat and long...

Woohoo! Thanks to TurboTax, my taxes are done! Start yours now for free

Test no fix...

I need to cancel my Google Alert for the other Bing before I drown in updates...

Watching the Kinect SDK launch and trying to resist the urge to build something with it:

New @UserVoice Facebook integration is awesome:

Being a tired, poor huddled mass myself strongly disagree with the motion! #immigration @IQ2US #fb

Is Jupiter helpful to life on Earth? In some ways yes, in some ways no. #SETIcon

3 of 5 stars to Freedom by Jonathan Franzen

Watching some dude sing to the #SF board of supervisors at (#GGNRA dog plan hearing) #fb

WinDBG is spelunking symbol severs... I'd make some tea but probably have to pick up @gillwilson soon