One of the red tailed kites is roosting in our garden... it's usually crows or a jay doing a car alarm impression. Very cool.

That's over 6% of the admittedly anemic turnout. Still unbelievably depressing.

RT @CatfoodSoftware: Blog: To Follow or Not To Follow: The Third Way: Mashable published an article by Christine…

@RavenEllison I still think it's a good idea. Will have to have a play the next time I need to edit a video.

Help Fix the Biggest Problem with American Democracy via @egelwan

Looks fascinating

Good to see that congress is adopting my bonus tax plan :)

3 of 5 stars to Shift Omnibus Edition by Hugh Howey

Back to text message filtering.

Bill Nye slams GOP rep. on evolution -- go Nye, go!

"Bernal Writer Wonders, “Is It to Kill Cyclists?”"

Accidentally imbibed way too much IPA last night after bumping into @billrivers

@geocollective hope Seb had fun. Yes, tomorrow around the same time is fine.

@aliving thanks for the follow friday mention

@DumpAnalysis Thanks, you can contact directly via rob cucku com.

I have a major crush on

#IMU lots of people struggling to get streaming working. Miss the days when just one person needed to remember Fn+F7!

Sunset into fog (from Monday):

I'm at Storage Visions and then CES next week - ping me if you want to meet up. #li

ITHCWY: .NET and Windows 8: Inexplicably .NET 2.0, 3.0 and 3.5 are not installed by default in Windows 8 and…

Should I get a tweeting dog collar for Rudy?

4 of 5 stars to The Information by James Gleick

Test & this

Downloading The King of Limbs... @Radiohead released it a day early to distract me from tedious post release tasks...

Which company/organization has the most annoying verbal tick? Microsoft employees have to use "go ahead and" in every third sentence...

RT @IDEX: Join us tonight for a discussion on the situation in Sudan

Autumnal Equinox 2013

@geocollective no :( are you still going to post me a copy? ><

What do you get when you multiply six by nine? #Brexit.

I'm making a spreadsheet that could start a nuclear war. #fb

Windows thread scheduling is too close to dungeons & dragons to be a coincidence…

Adobe Reader... you open PDF file, slowly. How can you need a reboot after update? Hope PDF is the next to die after Flash.

I'm reading Mission:Explore Food on @graphicly! <-- awesome, but London only right now

Toasty: (VIDEO: Lava overflow fears at Hawaii volcano)

Yay #ENG & #USA

Happy New Year! #fb

@sr00t right after I took the photo it hissed at me, pretty scary for a big cricket...

ABC: your video player is appalling.

Why is this firefighting robot familiar: vs. US Navy, call Cybernetics #fb

Apparently Amazon won't gift-wrap gift-wrap. Fix that first, then worry about drones Bezos.

Does anyone go to Disney World without children? I think that's why you go back #BoS2009

@d_shep how long for? It's strong beer month in February.

4 of 5 stars to The Leopard by Jo Nesbø

-1: (Belgium's veil ban now in force)

Attention authors - please us a URL shortening service rather than long hard to type URLs. Thank you.

September on ITHCWY -

@WithinRafael for crash data? If so, have been working on a tool ( and would appreciate any feedback.

Listening to Woman's Hour. On purpose!

Going to @crushpad tonight to learn how to blend (and hopefully drink) a good Claret. Xmas pressie from @gillwilson :) #fb

Cat just doesn't understand that I don't want to share a glass of water with her...

Hello deadlock, my old friend / I've come to talk with you again... #fb

@johnmccain - if balancing the tax system is socialism what’s bailing out bad home loans?

xAuth and oAuth sorted. Geocoding tomorrow... #fb

Mandelbrot spinning zoom:

City Hall Hiding:

Photo -- Cannibalism

Could someone please invent a bottle brush that lasts longer than five minutes. Thanks. #fb

I'm attending Juice Pitcher --

Seem to have reached the point where Kate is more capable of ordering in a Mexican resteraunt than me.

Kickstarting a Bluetooth-controlled cyborg cockroach -- high tech training for psychopaths... very sad

San Francisco: 37.8% *registered* voter turn out. Pathetic. #SF

@mrsmele Yes, although a bit of research won't make VCs any less like Priests (both like to prey on the young...)

Test #todo some more.

RT @IDEX: Check out this article in the Huffington Post highlighting IDEX and our partner Biowatch.

Shocking, but need to distinguish between standardized tests and shit standardized tests: Florida standardized...

Oh, and check out the new IDEX web site:

Listening to @glenngreenwald holding Chuck Todd's feet to the fire:

Regular expressions crossword -- now you have two puzzles...

Running an API at HUGE Scale - Webinar: #API

2 of 5 stars to Good to Great by Jim Collins

@snags1993 how did that happen? and why would you want to escape!

Live STS-135 feed:

@robblewis it would be a distration. I think Obama should pardon Bush for any and all war crimes and not bother prosecuting. One can dream!

The @intelligence2 pay wall is more like intelligence square rooted... after hearing a story on PM now leaving the site again.

Rolling up social APIs: #todo @myEN

At #VatorSplash

Twitter API is fickle. Could do without patching apps to cope with it today...

Got it - how our restore works when you backup on XP then restore on Vista (hint - it works well):

@urbagirl i think so. see you Thursday :)

Quiche: It's like a melted chicken. -- Kate

testing a tweet with voice recognition for malia

Because if there's just one thing you can't find on cable it's a Star Treck rerun.

Aggggg latest release of Xamarin MonoDroid still crashes Visual Studio when trying to edit a layout.

"Bitcoin has a dark side: its carbon footprint"

Wonderful... ship a new Twitter tool and Twitter decides to roll over and die. Grrrr.

ITHCWY: Reviews and Links for August 2012: The Last Policeman by Ben H. Winters 5/5 Stonking police procedural set…

ITHCWY: Dog First Aid: After decades of ethnographic and quantitative research into the medical skills of Canis…

ASCII Sunset: (4K timelapse)

Rudy is too scared to eat some sausage :( #fleetweek

At BJ's for lunch. Looks strangely familiar.

-1: (So Long, Fairness Doctrine)

3 of 5 stars to Adjustment Day by Chuck Palahniuk

Twitter OAuth switchover pushed back to August 16 :) Thanks chaps!

RE: Sadly it doesn't seem that you can make a Venn diagram out of your circles. Very disappointing...

#tccloud, thanks for explaining sneakernet...

How I hate the word 'learnings'

Looks interesting: #tools @myEN: (You have data. What you need is DigMyData.)

StackHash via @StackHash #li

Being a luddite and watching Gravity in 2D.

ITHCWY: Last Light: Last light of 2012 (up Bernal Hill). Happy New Year!

Unless Jobs is unveiling a live boy or a dead girl I don't care! #fb

Have to face the fact that it's not going to stop raining and just walk the dog already...

Running errands and scareing children...

Software development: Those who can, do. Those who can't program HSA/FSA reimbursement websites. #fb

Crushing PNGs in .NET:

Hike: Golden Gate Park - Stow Lake, Stawberry Hill and Museum Concourse: An alternative to our normal loop is anothe...

Exoplanets #fb

Wow. I'm toast. Wish that TB hadn't need to get rid of the rest of their cask...

LHR -> SFO takes too long. I want suborbital flights!

Catfood Earth beta: (it's a new name for Desktate)

I'm attending Vator Splash --

Has @grader been hacked?


RT @cucku: Skype just announced that they're shutting down their Extras program. Learn more at the Cucku Blog:

Cameron sounds like Bush in '99, only articulate. #leadersdebate

Hike: Reviews and #links for June 2011 #bookreviews

Cost of alt energy now poor argument - benefit is inventing tech that drives cost down & selling that to others @iq2us #energydebate

'Fungible' argument re Planned Parenthood implies that the government shouldn't pay pensions, tax refunds or salaries. #fb

RT @StackHash: Great paper on Windows Error Reporting / WinQual from #sosp09 (on the StackHash blog)

Finished taxes. Still hating Blogger more than the IRS.

Just over a week with a baby and everybodies heads look too small.

Building a Useful Task Board: - only this should be a large monitor and an #API

Babies really don't get the concept of 'Flow'

No, just preparing to.

RT @cylin4: A tree falls in Bernal...power's out!


Skype Will Finally Start Syncing Chat Messages Across Devices -- thanks!

Air Spared! Hope it's grateful.

If you run Skype, could you let me know (reply or DM) if your Extras menu is enabled (under the Tools window on the main Skype window)?

An interesting puzzle from @MasterTheorem: Shifty Financial Business

4 of 5 stars to Neanderthal Man by Svante Pääbo

The People vs. Goldman Sachs | Rolling Stone Politics

Just say terrorist enough times Panetta:

StackHash released as open source on CodePlex via @StackHash #li

#marchforscience #SanFrancisco #EarthDay

+1 #patents @myEN: (The Terrible Cost Of Patents)

KQED pledge week. If you're a Bay Area free loader give them some $$$:

ITHCWY: BlogEngine.NET most popular pages widget using Google Analytics: I finished off my BlogEngine.NET migration…

Android users smart enough to drive without an app preview...: (Preview Coming Bay Bridge Road Change With New App)

Progressive, your fancy quote form would be better if you didn't disable the DELETE key! (in Chrome at least)

2/100, that's really lame :(

I really hate the phrase "Blood and Treasure".

"Lunch Time is Sacred: Valuable Lessons Learned from Working in Brazil [SLIDESHOW]" -- yes, lunch and LUNCH

They are deadly serious about not taking photos at @#spamalotsf

Making movies...

Any Questions should so an I'm Sorry I Haven't a Clue style introduction to their host town.

Dear SQL Server Installation Center: how about you install your own damn pre-requisites?

Pretty cool: @DanRavenEllison you might enjoy...

I'm #reading The Lean Startup by Eric Ries

Forum on #SF chasing away families:

*Hate* it when there are about 60 loosely related things in one bug report. At least it's a happy Green Orb day.

@DanRavenEllison good luck Dan!

Why does changing USB ports make Windows act like it's never seen the device before? Bloody hell, what's this, time for a drive hunt.

I just voted for Obama in #TwitVote --

RT @Camilla_SDO: But I know I won't go to the #SETIcon session "Humans vs. Robots: Who Should Explore Space?" -- I'll just make trouble! ...

Clean :) #fb

Office dog... #fb

I'm #reading When Will There Be Good News? by Kate Atkinson

Wow. 53% of US adults can answer the question "how long does the earth take to go around the sun":

How to get technical support without spending hours on the phone: Them: Hello, my name is Phil, how can I help ..

Check out Stack Overflow Dev Days San Francisco at

@earth2andy congrats. Can you do a database backed one that doesn't suck up all available RAM?

#boarding SEA

RT @pemasattva: is looking for: Director, Product Marketing #job

In pictures: England and Wales bask in sunshine -- while I consider turning the heating on...

#boarding SFO

2-Ten FM is going under ( - Facebook). I miss Rob Randal on County Sound.

UNIX as Christianity --

Reasonable: (PR firm boss will fire you if you don't replace milk in fridge after using the last drop)

ITHCWY: Three reasons the dream of a robot companion isn't over: David Lee reports from the Innorobo 2012…

Been out for a bit. Is that O.J.? #ge2010

Re-Thinking the Game of Monopoly

@DenelleDixon @chefhja @ACLU Thank you so much! #resist

California Academy of Sciences good but v.busy

@gamemom Hi Linda, good to find you here


Elon Musk plans Hyperloop high-speed train -- kind of what I expected Dean Kamen to have announced

Blogger has started injecting unwanted JavaScript into some template tags. If you're having this problem workaround is

Fatbeard (Un Lightsabre terrible!)

Declaring RSS bankruptcy...

Forrester Says The Chromebook's Time Has Arrived In The Enterprise ... -- working VPN would help

Catfood Follower fixed: via @CatfoodSoftware

Happy Christmas!

How is Egypt not trending in San Francisco? #SF #Fail, #Egypt #Win

Shoot me, I want a GyroBall.

Every book on goodreads is rated three point something. #fb

@robblewis it was a job for long arms...

Rather relaxingly spending the afternoon creating bugs on purpose. #fb

I'm #reading The Hidden Reality by Brian Greene

ITHCWY: Drones and Gun Control: A quick question for the two thirds of Americans who see gun rights as being…

Panspermia -- Fermi Paradox solved?

Merry Christmas! #fb

What if the Internet was so slow it loaded one word at a time? Defend #NetNeutrality.

@BBCRadio4 your live stream is badly broken at the moment (just before 10pm)

Bouncy, bouncy druids, not available outside the UK:

We've found San Francisco's least pleasant park...


spare seats on #ces09 flight... creepy

Don't Panic! Today's Google Doodle Honors Douglas Adams' 61st Birthday -- 'you have: a splitting headache; no tea'