The top four Petitions that will help to Impeach Trump

Updated on Sunday, August 1, 2021

The top four Petitions that will help to Impeach Trump

Democrats are being rather lame about pushing to impeach Donald Trump. Sure, they don't have the votes. But maybe next year they'd stand a better chance of getting them if they did a little less cozying up on deals that won't happen and a little more talking up impeachment. It would be nice if Mueller wrapped things up and dropped an incontrovertible bombshell but that doesn't and shouldn't matter. It would be nice if the various Congressional enquiries did their job but again that should be viewed as icing on the cake.

Trump assaulted equal protection and religious freedom by banning Muslims from travelling to the US. It doesn't matter what else Mueller turns up. Trump violates the Emoluments Clause on a constant basis. We don't need anything more from Congress. It's hard to see the Comey firing as anything other than obstruction of justice. Democrats need to start beating the drum and get Trump out of office. They're not going to do it without a big push.

You should sign all of these petitions today:

Need to Impeach. Over a million signatures already.

Impeach Trump Now. Over 1.25M.

Impeach Donald J. Trump: The Million American Petition on

Impeach Trump on Care2.

After all that signing don't forget to call your Senators and Representative and make sure they know how you feel as well.

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Elwira mizgier - Barbara Urbank

He is destroying Poland 🇵🇱 impeach him know. And lock him up!!!


The leaders of the countries that messed with usa's election needs to be confronted. Trump comes from a generation in ny plagued with schizophrenia.

im from ny. this presidency was difficult to watch.

Steve Mersand

Must organize marches to Impeach Dispicable TRUMP. It's time to act like we are real Americans.

March on Marologo. Need volunteers to march now.


Impeach President Trump now.

Jeanie Thompson


By not impeaching Trump Democrats we are basically handing Trump another 4 years in the White House according to Professor Alan Lichtman from American University, who has correctly predicted every winner of the presidential election for the last 30 years!

We should listen to this wise history professor!!


Leshawn Ross

Ross family wants him impeached

Virginia Magallanez

Need to impeach Donald Trump he is a liar racist plus other things that he won't help our children

manuel j rios

Once Mr. Trump and crew are charged with felonies it will be time to start referring to them as defendants and not by their titles that they were given that they were too incompetent to handle. All news broadcasters and pundits, etc. should begin referring to him in that way to alter the nation's consciencness.

Manuel Rios

Henry Kim

No one is above the law. President Donald Trump is trying to break up this fundamental for his personal interest.

He has been so much damaging fundamentals of our democracy: of the people,for the people, by the people. As an American, I realize we need to impeach President Donald Trump as soon as possible before he damages the principals of our country further more,

Sally Wilson

Impeach Trump now! Before he does anymore damage to the America that was already Great. Not only is he an idiot, he is very unstable, a racist, working for the rich, and there is so much more. What is wrong with the Republican's. I thought Congress's job was to represent all of the people in the United States. Why is our congress allowing this?

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