Twitter <-> LinkedIn :)

I love fixing a bug just be trying to write the email explaining why it can't be fixed and then going... Oh

Wanted to get Follower ported over to XAuth as well, but forgot the step where you need to email Twitter and ask nicely. Tomorrow maybe.

#hubspot, some sort of pitch would be good - very familiar with your brand, no idea what you do, even looking at your homepage

Thank you @blogger - (FTP publishing extended until May 1).

Seymour Hersh has tough words for Obama, NSA, 'pathetic' US media

Should liberals have buyers' remorse over Obama? - Joan Walsh: (yes)

San Francisco, if it's not too much trouble could you get some bloody cabs!

Wow, did I just read an entire @wired with no lame continued on page xxx? Nice one :)

Off to the Thirsty Bear for midday mayhem :) #fb

The Lodge by the river in Grants Pass is a winner.

a space as one char testing how many with urlencode but sending using oauth as it might be the case that one space counts as three character

RT @cucku: Is your Skype Extras menu still disabled? If so see the latest comment at

"Tiger's whiskers are pulse detectors" -- suddenly way more afraid of tigers.

Cool, there's an API to access WER/WinQual data (Crash reports submitted by Windows) at :)

Late night visit:

Enjoying coffee, bagel and dog biscuits at Progressive Grounds.

Listening to entrepreneurial lore is a lot like advice on aging from centenarians : selection bias.

Jedi Warrior Defends Bernal from Dark Side of The Force

Just registered for #summit2010 - looking forward to the WER session ( #li

That Obama doesn't want to release the photos after the last batch is pretty disturbing... just how much worse are they?

2 of 5 stars to Presence by Richard MacManus

It's very, very nearly time for a Gin :)

3 of 5 stars to Everybody Writes by Ann Handley

Catfood Software Blog | Vernal Equinox 2011 in Catfood Earth via @CatfoodSoftware

Plotting a series of meetings at random Starbucks locations on the way to #juicepitcher

Watching @BillRivers tagging potholes along Clay Street...

Bad news for girls...: (Baby sex blood tests 'accurate')

Evernote hacked - almost 50 million passwords reset after security breach via @NakedSecurity

Listening to some world class Mornington Crescent. #fb

Twitter search just explained all the honking in the Mission - I guess El Salvador just beat Mexico. Local news sites 0 twitter 1.

Stuck in a David Blunket loop. It's like the worst possible episode of Sapphire and Steel.

ITHCWY: Butterfly

RT @cucku: Obama on Network Neutrality, Broadband Access:

Safeway queues in Protero apocalyptic.

Kids App Maker Duck Duck Moose Raises $7M Series A From Sequoia, Lightspeed & Others -- well deserved

Home insurance hell - homesite has gone up 2x in a year, progressive not interested in quoting for homes older than 50 years! Among Best Places to Live if You’re Under 35, Report Says -- well, bugger

4 of 5 stars to Acceptance by Jeff VanderMeer

#IMU Conversion equation reminds me of the Drake equation - guess multiplied by guess. Just need to test...

RT @MerriamWebster: *whispers into the void* In contemporary use, fact is understood to refer to something with actual existence. https://t…

Doesn't look nearly square enough!: (Land Rover confirms new Defender)

You've got to see from @stopthenra via @RebelMouse

Book reviews for November 2014: -- agree with Shapiro's title, All the Light is a good read.

Lots of dolphins cavorting at Fort Funston today - perfect day for a walk at the beach.

Just spent $75 dollars on two broken light bulbs, because it took an electrician to discover the problem...

slowly stiffening

Two Lines

It's Brrrrissy Field

ITHCWY: Really BA?: Not to pick on British Airways but yes, that screenshot is real. It's a marketing email opt out…

Best go-around ever:

ITHCWY: Shiti: Citigroup sent me a nice notice saying they are going to share my information in about four thousand…

3 of 5 stars to Authority by Jeff VanderMeer

I hate people who cobble together XML without a thought for those that will end up parsing it.

Reminder - if you're in San Francisco next Tuesday (23rd) support @IDEX by coming to this event:

Making WiKis

If you only buy one house in Bernal Heights this month make it —

Where's the sound? #io2010

Homebrew DNA testing talk at #codecon very interesting, should double-check my APC resistance...

RT @dmichelleca: I ❤️ my hometown SF (Ocean Beach) cc: @womensmarch #resist

@twitterapi re hex id - this was coming from a place, not a status. My error, sorry.

Just went to a Network Solutions SEO seminar. Much better than I was expecting - hardly sold their services and good info. Recommended.

ITHCWY: Basic HTTP auth for an IIS hosted WCF 4 RESTful service: Wasted far too long on trying to get WCF to work…

By 2030ish every movie ever made could just ship pre-loaded in devices. #sv10

Off to the UK tomorrow, back Oct. 13.

RT @CatfoodSoftware: Critical Catfood Follower update: all Follower users should upgrade to the new version.

CHKDSK on reboot, I hate you.

Failed to follow own advice re not stabbing self with cat's needle yet again...

On Medium? Please read/recommend: @abfo/democracy-vision-one-person-one-vote-55290b0c77d9#.64pbslj2b" target="_blank" rel="nofollow noopener"> (National Popular Vote - #Resist)

Merry Christmas :) #fb

This American Life on patent trolls, especially Myhrvold: via @BillRivers & @gillwilson #li

Owch, just cut a chunk out of my thumb in a bizarre shaving accident. And no, I wasn't trying to shave my thumb.

Triffids are way more frightening when you're eight. #fb

@rapportive @martinkl maybe my mistake, but didn't work until browser extension installed, no option to link accounts etc.

"Climate change is increasing the habitat of brain-eating amoebas" -- great :/

Watching 'twitterchirp' on @justintv

@urbagirl the sony doesn't have the wireless download, with the kindle you can download anwhere there

ITHCWY: Reviews and links for December 2010: Don't Vote It Just Encourages the Bastards by P.J. O'Rourke 2/5 P.J. O…

@dave_lo thanks, seems about right.

ITHCWY: Reboot computer in C# / .NET: .NET doesn’t support rebooting, logging off or shutting down your computer…

ITHCWY: Going Chrome: I came to Chrome OS by a circuitous route. Initially I though a browser in a box was a silly…

Still suffering from a cold. In the future we need to fly in a sealed bubble.

3 of 5 stars to iD by Madeline Ashby

Blog: MessageInterceptor doesn't always...: I've been writing a play by text message version of battleships..

@urbagirl there will alway be a thinner gadget next year... i'd have bought one already if i wasn't scared of the bill i'd run up on it...

RT @SFBayBridge: For those humans panicking about the storm: it could be worse. You could basically be five lightning rods tied together wi…

"The Wolf of Sesame Street: Revealing the secret corruption inside PBS’s news division" #fb

Time for total war on patent trolls -- yes

In some sort of WPF Hyperlink hell :(

@d_shep bust out a map and get on the A roads. Bonus - find interesting pubs instead of depressing motorway service stations.

Website filler text based on the works of William Gibson -- all i'm using from now on.

@mrsmele way to powerful, makes for sloppy programming!

cleaning :(

ITHCWY: Reviews and Links for April 2012: APIs: A Strategy Guide by Dan Woods 3/5 Works as a good checklist of the…

I wish I hadn't followed the link to learn what a McGangBang is...

Dear Amazon, please let me put Kindle books on a wish list. You'll make more money from me in the long run.

Must stop installing apps

ITHCWY: But does it get you in the HOV lane?: Interesting but highly disturbing alternative fuel source...

Installing a Windows Home Server VM...

*Sigh* the official twitter facebook app sucks so badly...

#ces09 got my first change to fly Virgin America @thisishowtofly - they rock, game over, all other domestic carriers doomed (except Alaska).

If you're going to make a langauge C-like, don't make it nearly C-like but randomly not, use a different syntax to provide fair warning.

ITHCWY: It was where he left it: Not to bang on about the BBC and their horrible headlines but 'lost' is a bit…

I really couldn't care less what form factor Steve Jobs is whipping out tomorrow. Looking forward to some good State of the Union instead.

External drive sounds like it's full of cockroaches. Luckily there's nothing important on there...


CRM for your personal address book makes my skin crawl #IMU

I'd really missed tea and banana bread - glad it's back :)

Chrome Beta for Android just sucks power. Don't know what it's doing but going back to the generic browser if this isn't fixed soon.

Would have preferred to see Prop 8 go down at the polls, but great result nonetheless. #fb

Cloud Atlas trailer (on the plus side, lots of reasons for this to be great, on the minus side... Tom Hanks :( ) #fb

ITHCWY: Agua: Little known fact, geologists would tell you that Bernal Hill is made of chert, actually it's mostly…

@gillwilson i thought you were quiet, wasn't sure if you were listening, but noticed that it ties into salesforce...

+1 Error Code 451: an HTTP error for censorship

A hummningbird is finally dining on our hummingbird bush :)

I've been to two different Safeways, two different post offices and walked between Noe Valley and Bernal Heights twice: Poorly organized day

"It’s the product development version of the Hunger Games" - via @uservoice

Two time lapse videos baking... will do anything to avoid finishing off a contact form...

Now that I'm about to drive 1,200+ miles in one I have to apologize for this tweet: - sorry!

I can save 100% of battery life with a simple uninstall.

Customer Story - Dr. David Helps Nick Recover from Brain Hemorrhage: via #PearldotcomLaunch

It needs to be possible to do smartphone development *on* the phone.

Radiation perspective...: (Radiation Chart)

Great presentation on landing page optimization: (Tim Ash from SiteTuners on YouTube)

Attending the @IDEX Creating a Just Food System panel in Berkeley tonight - - fantastic panel, please RT.

I seem to have risen to the #5 slot on Google for Dog First Aid. Searchers, I'm sorry.

Tip: when injecting subcutaneous LRS in your cat, don't then stab the needle in your finger. Again.

Gamification is Not a Four-Letter Word via @gzicherm

@RavenEllison she certainly doesn't seem to have any sort of stranger danger. You might get lucky on the puff front when you're here!

Bernal not Burby - - and a higher score than Noe! #SF via @mapquest mqVibe

Moving my open source projects out of CodePlex:

#ces08 bumped into TomC while sneaking through south hall to find pass

QBz Flashback!

ITHCWY: Legislative Service: Churchill said “Democracy is the worst form of government, except for all those other…

Aspam, Aomori, Japan - looks like Blade Runner.

More on hijacking shareware to install crap: #fail

Thirsty Bear via some coffee :)

ITHCWY: Chiroopractoor: Google's use crime of a new compose window is going to become compulsory soon. I suspect…

RT @BBCRoryCJ: Now Ikea gets in on the election act - with Brün, Kamerun and Kleggi kitchens

Just got one of those day-changing emails from a happy customer. :)

Great, I'm the punch line in a phishing email to CDW Canada!

Load Testing with @CloudAssault #API @myEN

I've no idea because I can't afford Joel's videos #makebettersoftware #BoS2009

@gzicherm graphics or fat?

Check out pearl biotech gell boxes #codecon diy bio

#hubspot, separate domain for blog = more SEO juice linking back to the mothership?

Catfood Earth update for @Windows and @Android -- (fixes clouds, Android version now free)

@sr00t SugarSync for me. And a NAS and some Google Drive, belt and braces and the other thing...

Darwin's Finches, 20th Century Business, and APIs: #API @myEN

RT @ScienceMarchSF: Wow!!! #sciencemarchsf #marchforscience @ScienceMarchDC

The new Radio 4 website fails half of the time. And takes 7,543 clicks to get anywhere.

Pier 14:

AT&T Considers Selling Your Browsing History, Location, And More To Advertisers. Here's How To Opt Out

RT @idex: @realhughjackman End poverty. Solutions designed by the poor that empower women - Real heroes Pls RT

I think @coinstar needs a lever and some fruit wheels that always land on a jackpot when you're done (got rid of shrapnel yesterday).

Arch druid ... said it was a "good omen for the year ahead" that the sun had come up after the ceremony.

ITHCWY: Disqust: I just discovered that Disqus started running adverts on my blog without permission. It's probably…

Why your camera's GPS won't work in China (maybe)

RT @StackHash StackHash Blog | StackHash Beta 2

NPS PEPC - GGNRA Draft Dog Management Plan / Environmental Impact Statement

2 of 5 stars to The Lion by Nelson DeMille

Geoffrey Moore alone worth the price of admission. #BoS2009

I'm #reading The Peripheral by William Gibson

After living with one for a while, here is how @nest actually works:

Why more Americans don't have passports: (spoiler alert, it's @USPS)

Am I allowed to say Nicholson ?

Replaced tires, tubes and brakes. Steiner will probably defeat me again on Monday :(

Actual story less depressing than headline: (Slower high-speed rail encouraged by officials)

Interesting project. Seen this @missionexplore ?

Panetta: CIA have lied since 2001. Not saying what was lied about though: (WSJ)

Sigh, obvious, invalid, bullshit -- BBC News - Microsoft wins patent fight with Google's Motorola unit

ITHCWY: Installation: Early and Often: Jiri Novotny at Dextronet wrote a great post this week on improving…

Ridiculously nice walk with Rudy.

if you fancy invading australia apparently christmas is the time... their navy now gets two months off

4 of 5 stars to Dark State by Charles Stross

When the TSA scanner calls over her supervisor and says "You're going to love this!" you know it's going to take a while...

BNP now officially two seats in #eu09. What the fuck?

Pet (only) airlines launching soon...

Nooo. Send cats, then dogs, then Cthulu!: (Pesticide bombing of Farallones mice spurs debate)

4 of 5 stars to The End Has Come by John Joseph Adams

Hurray - Rudy is allowed to do stairs, and can swim in a couple of weeks.

At MVSN reunion - good to see so many old faces.

Catfood Earth update: (fix for volcanoes layer).

I'm #reading Freedom by Jonathan Franzen

it must be low then... #twitterchirp ~ Come watch and chat with me!

5 of 5 stars to Dust by Hugh Howey

Facebook Just Changed Your Email Without Asking

@mrsmele I'm jealous. Mainly Nigerian dudes for me, I'm sure with a win-win offer.

Bootstrapped Company Behind iDrive, iBackup Is Fed Up With Patent Trolls:

RT @abfo I Thought He Came With You | ESRI Shapefile Library Update

BBC Releases 30th Anniversary Edition Of The Hitchhiker’s Guide To The Galaxy Text Adventure Game.

HOWTO: Fix @Twitter #280characters #280CharacterTweet

ITHCWY: Reviews and Links for November 2012: Tsar (Alexander Hawke, #5) by Ted Bell 2/5 Good yarn, poorly spun…

Work toilet door has been removed. Having flashbacks to school before the Children's Act.

#VIA calls instant coffee "soluble & microground"

@nihiofkdi must be something in the US then... doesn't seem to just be me.

South Carolina State University nutters warn that candle-lit dinners are bad for your health: (BBC News)

Writing many 150 character love letters to Google....

Aliens on Ice:

Kate has started feeding us her cereal puffs. And so the student becomes the master. #fb