Presidio Theatre

@ajs_gingertom dog won't go near the bath, he gets hosed off outside. Plumber has called in his "Cleaner". I hope it isn't Harvey Keitel.

Where did the WiX documentation go?

I hate manually digitizing International Date Line coordinates only to realize that Wikipedia is using some undocumented projection.

Leaving Chrome:

The more tedious the product the fewer clothes on the booth babes #CES10

#todo @myEN: (Lists of award-winning/nominated science fiction books)

Set your Skype picture automatically from a web cam with Auto Avatar:

Reviews and links for August 2010 - I Thought He Came With You via @abfo (Testing new tweet button)

@mrsmele I'm in a volcano.

I get confused between the time that a film is showing and the price. Hey, that's not right...

Anti Muslim cartoons fine in Holland but anti Jew will get you prosecuted. Sad double standard. (BBC News)

On a Kindle stocking spree. One click is deadly. #fb

@faresismail1996 wow, sorry... can I email one to you? You can send me your address via if you don't want to post it.


Airlines should charge passengers by weight, says economist - and economists by health of economy says passenger

@sr00t I'll hunt some down and report back.

I'm sure Mozilla plan Firefox releases around breaking my JavaScript at the least convenient moment. #frackers

BBC reports game streaming as "new" - - come on BBC, can you not even be bothered to google before reporting on tech?

bummer, the new Skype for winmobile still only supports the speakerphone

back, and not talking for the next few days

#IMU @hubspot thanks for a great, generous week of information.

Building an installer. I do like WiX.

When is the intermission? @monkeycagelice @monkeycagelove @monkeycagelive #sfimc

I'm #reading The Brief Wondrous Life of Oscar Wao by Junot Diaz

I wish SF Panorama was a Sunday paper and not just a one off.

RT @GovPressOffice: .@JerryBrownGov declares state of emergency for the City and County of San Francisco: #RimFire

@idex 50 Twollars for the fun of a $5 tweet!

RT @CatfoodSoftware: WebCamSaver 3.00 beta updated - grab the latest from - free licenses for feedback while in beta.

@Minifig81 try entering -86

Clegg's orange tie is the sartorial future of UK politics #ge10

New BBC radio website is very well done, discovered while KQED stream is on the fritz.

On the cusp of routine spaceflight - at #SETIcon

#BayToBroken #B2B100 #BayToBreakers #fb

Leafhopper Nymph (identified via @Pearldotcom).

Steam and clockwork powered Nazi zombies! Not-Book club movie night is better than I thought it would be.


@Agile_IT Thanks, I'm on AT&T. Tapping fingers and waiting for a fix...

World’s oldest working digital computer reboots at Bletchley Park- The Inquirer -- must go see! via @HilaryEllison

Every House I've Ever Lived In:

Excellent. Now get rid of the Examiner as well.: (Mayor signs Yellow Pages law restricting distribution)

Thanks Skype, the Windows 7 taskbar thing was driving me nuts:

Clue: BNP doesn't get any freebie seats in the Lords...

3) Can you reconcile that with "On the other hand, I also have a belief that we need to look forward as opposed to looking backwards."

@shashib sadly not until I get some bugs fixed and checked in...

RT @cucku: Off Topic: Cuckoo in egg pattern 'arms race' (BBC Earth News)

Inbound marketing webinar series the week of June 15:

Completely gorged on British sausage products from _You Say Tomato_ :) #fb

My new measure of productivity is SLOC/diaper. It's about 1.

What did I do before Chromecast? It was only last week, really should be able to remember.

If you're on Google+ find me here: #li

Off to New York tomorrow, bringing my cold. I'm a weapon of minor destruction.

@VeriSignSupport thanks - eventually got through to support and I think I'm good now.

Hurricane Rita carried 100,000,000 elephants of water (an elephant being about 4 tons) according to dude on Morning Edition.

Is It Worth the Time? -- looks like it probably is...

Off to the Justice In Nigeria Now (JINN) Tings Dey Happen benefit tonight:

Help make it happen for 'Never Ending Night' #indiegogo via @indiegogo

@gamemom 2%, i'm not a fan of it. Prefer smaller coffee with richer milk...

Make #London a National Park! Not later, now! --> @LondonNP

I can't believe how little _brown_ there is on the UPS web site.

Servings per container: about 10

"Security Analysis of Children" -- 'threat model' is my new nickname for Kate

Business of Software 2009: I'm a Joel Spolsky stalker at the moment - after Stack Overflow DevDays last month I..

ITHCWY: Reviews and Links for September 2012: 1Q84 by Haruki Murakami 5/5 Epic Murakami, set in a maybe-alternate…

Have to learn some PHP today. I already feel slightly dirty.

Now outlook is preparing for first use... Maybe the security update was deleting all my email. Sigh.

@totn, miracle question is incredibly leading, can't ask "as in ancient times" and then draw meaningful conclusions from the response.

Book club for @gillwilson so mac, cheese, wine and a crap film for me :) #fb

Makes no sense: -- stupid http://ASP.NET

Just got back from our first trip to Fort Funston in ages. Rudy was delighted and will hopefully still be walking tomorrow... #fb

ITHCWY: Cam of Fortune!: My first and last foray into being a TV production company. Tragic that this never got…

Wow, My Flout score is -7 on @floutdotme! Get yours at

Pulse of the planet really gets on my nerves.

February on ITHCWY -

Hurray, Google is bringing back finger. I miss finger.

Penn Jillette's rant against Obama's drug policy

"Google Lobbying To Block Distracted Driving Laws Against Glass" -- evil

RT @presidioknolls: Our latest auction is live! Bid to win lunch with VCs from Greylock, Accel, SV Angel, & more:

Every time you start a new Excel document somewhere a fairy dies. Or maybe that's just me. Stair break

How Apple and Amazon Security Flaws Led to My Epic Hacking

Join @alfranken - add your name to save Net Neutrality from the corporate takeover of media:

Don't tell Hitler that you outsourced to the cloud: ;) #fb

Just spent an hour screwing with the scammers at Live PC Solutions. Go to and 'Report Group' #fb

All chores completed and ready to get on with stuff... and oh, bugger, it's nearly 5

NPR: barbie is a stimulus package. Needs to get out more.

4 of 5 stars to Squirrel Seeks Chipmunk by David Sedaris

Three upsell screens and chat popup so far on the long road to checkout from @intuit - I just want some fracking 1099s!

All Adobe Updates -- yes... have we really not nailed showing a PDF yet...

Death of the @netflixapi -- #api

Explorer hangs every time I try to rename a file. Not helping.

Worst case scenario: smashed coffee pot and no coffee pot replacement stores open before tomorrow :'(

ITHCWY: Reviews and Links for May 2012: No book reviews this month. Links #boarding SFO Penn…

ITHCWY: Share a picture in MonoDroid: Here’s how to share a picture to Facebook, Twitter and so forth from…

ITHCWY: PolyLineM support in I’ve just updated Catfood.Shapefile, my ESRI Shapefile parser for…

Holiday tip: nobody is trying to post a goat at the Noe Valley post office.

RT @StackHash StackHash Blog | StackHash Beta 5

Vernal Equinox 2015:

From sunburn to hypothermia in 70 miles... Brrrrr-isco

"Microsoft has no taste... I don't mean that in a small way, I mean it in a big way" -

ITHCWY: Congress: instead of breaking the Internet how about fixing child identity theft?: According the the…

Retweeting @EarthVitalSigns: You can follow how we're tracking against previous months on the vital signs page:

Being fed too well by @gillwilson 's dad #fb

Grey hat SEO with FBML #fb

Final Plan for Bernal Hill Trail Restoration Unveiled: - from @bernalwood

@geocollective sounds good

This week in defeating Patent Trolls

Nice hike, lovely warm evening, drank too much to be able to forage for food. #fb


@AskCiti Seems to be a general issue and I'm off to the UK for two weeks to bad time to talk. New version of the web site just not working.

ITHCWY: California 2012 Propositions: My favorite proposition would be one to do away with propositions altogether…

#boarding LHR

Latest concoction - blood orange and key lime pie - in the oven, fingers crossed.

troll the troll! send a troll doll to intellectual ventures. via @nathtone

omfg who is _All Things Considered_ interviewing. There is no hope.

Doing at least one of life's certainties...

#SuperbOwl (via #fb

Not one stamp is the correct amount. Need to go buy lots of 1c and 2c ones. Grrrr.

Second stiff margarita. Time to stop emailing strangers.

RT @StackHash StackHash Blog | One week left to grab a StackHash September discount

Discover London With Mission:Explore!

Great. Perl. --

I want @redgate smartassembly #Wintellect10

Right-clicking in XP installed on a MacBook is the finger equivalent of those magic eye ohhh it's a vague dolphin stereograms

Still collecting chrome for a cause tabs... will I be able to vaccinate the world by next Christmas? @googlechrome ?

$20 Gift Card for $10 on livingsocial (US Only):

Google imitates Catfood Mag from 1998:

Time lapse made from time lapses:

ITHCWY: Even Shitier - Citibank Remortgage Scam: Citibank contacted us in December offering to remortgage our house…

Dept. of Homeland Security Suggests Users Disable Oracle's Widely Used Java Software; Instructions For Disabling

I didn't think I'd ever fall for fake news of Facebook:

@repcor maybe missing something but I don't see how?

#IMU whether, not weather I assume. </snark>

It's brrrrrr-isco #fb

Post Doyle Drive detour quite pleasant on the way home tonight.

Birds and Dinosaurs

Good news: CA budget on time for the second time in 25 years. Bad news: Budget passed by stiffing education.

The triffid that @gillwilson is growing is now taller than me. I'm staying indoors for any fireworks from now on... #fb

Stop Internet #Censorship! Sign the global petition @Avaaz urging the US Congress to reject the #Blacklist Bill #SOPA

Online and social backup list: @abfo/online-and-social-backup - let me know if I've missed anyone.


ITHCWY: GGNRA Dog Management Plan Update: I love it when making some noise works. The NPS is pushing its dog…

5 of 5 stars to What Is Real? by Adam Becker

@geocollective looks like an incredible lineup. Wish I could be there...

First Tweet from Cleat!

"Google And VMware Make Accessing Windows Apps, Desktops From ChromeOS Easier" -- functional VPN would help.

ITHCWY: Toys: Kate has a VTech Move & Crawl ball. From the name you can guess it’s supposed to help encourage…

URGENT: The Senate is passing a bill to censor the Internet. And nobody's spoken out against it yet! Can you help?

Sorry Rudy, too wet for coffee...

RT @urbanearth: URBAN EARTH: MASH 1 - download it, watch it small and don't watch the preview...


What I just said - five star rating schemes are useless: (TechCrunch)

Colbert might actually do it:

@kevbryan you're welcome!

VIDEO: The man who became a pigeon <- did this before it was cool.

Good speech by Schwarzenegger.

Fixing an insane non-problem with analytics...

ITHCWY: Not a Private Key: When jarsigner says "Key Associated with [alias] not a private key" it almost certainly…

Business Wire's SEO service apparently links to *their* site. Grrrr.

Paul Graham - agree on Linux #BoS2009

Viewpoint: Did our brains evolve to foolishly follow celebrities? -- no

Vernal Equinox 2016 in Catfood Earth:

@AmbarHamid I think 1990. The Stones were giving updates from the stage.

#boarding SFO


Chromebook? Can't get your Cisco VPN connected? Go star this issue:

Procrastinating. #fb

Bugger. Skype 3 beta for WinMo still doesn't support the internal speaker. So it's still pretty pointless.

4 of 5 stars to All the Light We Cannot See by Anthony Doerr

@abfo got a Twitter Grade of 2/100 from @grader. See:

Got my postal ballot for the EU elections... there are a lot of insane single issue parties out there, mostly xenophobic :(


3 of 5 stars to The Hunger Games Trilogy Boxset by Suzanne Collins

We've now been in Afghanistan as long as the Soviets:

The radiation detection chopper is spending an alarming amount of time over The Presidio.

testing, testing, testing

Is anyone following a member at The Funded?

Tips for giving subcutaneous fluids to cats: 1) don't pull the needle out while flowing and 2) don't then try to catch the needle #fb

#Bernal now has a Solar Pump

Seem to have booted into recovery mode... #fb

Oh no! It's KQED pledge time. I'd double my pledge for a password protected stream with no program breaks.

RT @cucku: Great Cucku review by @labnol (Digital Inspiration):

Accidentally Turing-Complete -- Pokemon Singularity

Looking for the marmot...

#ENG v #ALG at home, but with a fridge full of 21st Amendment IPA

Salon, why are you dumping AP articles in your RSS feed? Stick to unique stuff, not syndicated fluff :(

@goodreads why can't I save a star rating? Why does your miserable Facebook app fail in a different way every week?

Capital 1 API to pay with reward points #BAPI2012 #tools @myEN

Too many CMSs

5 of 5 stars to The Divide by Matt Taibbi

@davebritton It's a set I've seen a few times, but fair point...

There, we fixed it: (The woman... must marry her rapist as a condition of the release.)

I need some WD40 spraying in my carburetor...

RT @mumoss: BBC News front page: "Five convicted in paedophile case". One of Enid Blyton's less popular books.

Taibbi on Goldman: (Rolling Stone): "relentlessly jamming its blood funnel into anything that smells like money"

Retweeting @cucku: Skype Extras Manager problem fixed:

Liquid Democracy:

3 of 5 stars to The New Rules of Marketing and PR by David Meerman Scott

Stonking review of Cucku on Bright Hub:

I really want to just blame Boehner...: