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San Francisco, if it's not too much trouble could you get some bloody cabs!

Isn't this exactly what you get from decent analytics? Seems that hidden traffic would be when JavaScript is off. #IMU

@RavenEllison I still think it's a good idea. Will have to have a play the next time I need to edit a video.

A 'frigging miracle' from Cringely: http://goo.gl/XT078 (Be a Hero, Barry)

@RavenEllison maybe when Kate goes to university...

RT @Pearldotcom: http://Pearl.com is now in beta, come check us out at http://www.pearl.com #PearldotcomLaunch

Should have had that tea...

4 of 5 stars to Personal by Lee Child https://www.goodreads.com/review/show/1044418008

Does anyone go to Disney World without children? I think that's why you go back #BoS2009

The hole Rudy dug in the garden today is the only dog-made object visible from space.

@mrsmele I was testing rather than buying. It's just interesting how complete the change seems to be.

Windows Mobile #fail - download email when tethered to a PC, enjoy roaming email charges later even though it's set to manual :(

Dear SQL Server Installation Center: how about you install your own damn pre-requisites?

Toast sandwich is UK's 'cheapest meal' http://bbc.in/sFC5Tw (can't possibly be true - not factoring in cost of electricity!)

Happy 2009!

2 of 5 stars to Presence by Richard MacManus https://www.goodreads.com/review/show/1783017116

RT @cucku: Cucku Backup 2.0 launch coverage roundup: http://tinyurl.com/p7qneh (Cucku Blog)

Cannot make myself understood today. Need to hire an interpreter.

How Newegg handed a patent troll its own ass on a plate http://bit.ly/X44wbI +1, good job @Newegg

Writing helpful API documentation « The Amiable API http://j.mp/u1wgZs #API

Far-Fetched Scams Separate the Gullible from Everyone Else http://bit.ly/MlEwF0

You can't trust the cloud, part n: http://goo.gl/wvONz (Apple's MobileMe email secretly blocks some outgoing messages based on content)

Sounds like one hell of a speed bump.: http://is.gd/dSsfFx (Tarmac lorry sheds its load on M3)

RT @bernalmarmot: Stay back, Duane. http://bernalwood.wordpress.com/2013/06/28/how-you-can-help-this-man-repatriate-the-bernal-heights-marmot/

Happy New Year! #fb

JustAnswer Becomes Pearl, Comes Out From Under the Radar http://dthin.gs/LBCKPq #PearldotcomLaunch

Cool tool: grab PNGs of a web site's favorite icon directly from the URL: http://is.gd/fxZM

What I just said, but with video: http://is.gd/g21t

Retweeting @cucku: Skype Extras Manager problem fixed: http://snurl.com/e33y2

Fog over Twin Peaks: http://ithoughthecamewithyou.com/post/Fog-over-Twin-Peaks.aspx#.UwpIQIFk1tw.twitter

Catfood Earth update for @Windows and @Android -- http://ithoughthecamewithyou.com/post/catfood-earth-340 (fixes clouds, Android version now free)

AT&T MicroCell causes Google Latitude to think that I'm in Berkeley all the time - it requires GPS fix + home address to install !?!


Good article: http://goo.gl/UMOHs (Tornadoes, climate change, and real scientific literacy)

"It’s the product development version of the Hunger Games" - http://www.uservoice.com/blog/founders/trello-google-docs-product-management/ via @uservoice

@gillwilson, chop chop

Making an animation of global earthquakes... it's going to take a month to collect all the frames.

Inner Workings... http://on.fb.me/s2dldh

XML: http://bit.ly/N3FwmX #rofl

Check out Catfood Earth Live Wallpaper on Google Play! https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=net.catfood.earth

Yum, left over curry for lunch.

@mrsmele they seem to have decided that putting clips in buttons is better than a timeline... grrrrr....

Any Answers is hilarious. One guy thinks that Gordon Brown is derelict for not arranging ships for stranded travelers...

Artist Captures Dog vs. Gopher Confrontation on Bernal Hill http://wp.me/p1dGY0-2IG - It could be Rudy...

ITHCWY: Reviews and links for August 2010: Packing for Mars: The Curious Science of Life in the Void by Mary Roach… http://goo.gl/fb/x2Re6

Remembering #ENG #GER game while at Rolling Stones concert at Wembly.

Chrome 3 *still* doesn't pick up RSS feeds. Does support some pretty nasty looking skins though.

Hunting down an upgrade problem with a third party COM component. Oh joy.

4 of 5 stars to Night School by Lee Child https://www.goodreads.com/review/show/1820133325

Testing truncation of a long tweet that is going to be well over 140 characters and so unless truncated would fail to post which wouldn't

I just want to get rid of @windows 10 notifications with one click: https://ithoughthecamewithyou.com/post/i-just-want-to-get-rid-of-windows-10-notifications-with-one-click

Windows Live Writer can't do tables for toffee.

5 of 5 stars to The Goldfinch by Donna Tartt http://bit.ly/1iQ2GpD

Dear Amazon, please let me put Kindle books on a wish list. You'll make more money from me in the long run.

3 of 5 stars to The Fire Seekers by Richard Farr https://www.goodreads.com/review/show/1122591094

#10yearsago I was disappointed by both the "river of fire" and the smell emanating from a co-reveler in London.

Holy crap. Helpful AT&T support fixed a slow Internet connection in 30 mins without insisting that I reformat my computer.

June on ITHCWY - https://mailchi.mp/bc691bf239db/june-on-ithcwy

San Francisco 2014 Ballot Measures: http://ithoughthecamewithyou.com/post/san-francisco-2014-ballot-measures?utm_source=twitter&utm_medium=share&utm_campaign=frompost

Amazon.co.uk, please, please add a checkbox to only show stuff that you're actually willing to sell.

Playing around with the "open" graph protocol.

Tweaking the Cucku blog - adding lots of new feeds :)

Which company/organization has the most annoying verbal tick? Microsoft employees have to use "go ahead and" in every third sentence...

LinkedIn API open for business http://bit.ly/7f9Hss :) ... pity I have a huge list of things I need to get done :(

Neal Stephenson on getting big stuff done http://bit.ly/A729V0 #todo @myEN

Our iron has been on cupboard holiday so long it's only good for applying dust to clothes. Hurray for modern fibers and a home office. #fb

RT @presidioknolls: Our latest auction is live! Bid to win lunch with VCs from Greylock, Accel, SV Angel, & more: http://www.charitybuzz.com/support/2021

RT @LikeDebate: First Debate! Alpha 1 - It’s buggy, ugly and rough but you can now have a debate on the site. Sign in with... http://tmblr.co/ZpHiJukK3M2y/Y…

@jprall, like this: http://is.gd/9CMR, computer goes to sleep, all peripherals get switched off

Victory over XP/Vista power management API randomness. On to some fun stuff :)

My new favorite word: semithermonuclear: http://bit.ly/ywPbQS (what Google will be doing tomorrow).

Star Wars easter-egg hidden in a traceroute http://bit.ly/12eDXDS

Vote for issue Illegal_Dumping/3450 Folsom St San Francisco, CA 94110, USA http://bit.ly/rf5EXN #bernal-heights!

Running errands and scareing children...

United and Continental missed a golden opportunity to create Contended. I'd fly Contented. Never United if I can help it. #fb

@CatFoodRobot still no

I'm attending IDEX Annual Event - From The Ground Up -- http://idexfromthegroundup.eventbrite.com - @IDEX #SF #SanFrancisco

How does cdb access the Microsoft Symbol Server from within a Windows Service. http://www.stackhash.com/blog/post/How-does-cdb-access-the-Microsoft-Symbol-Server-from-within-a-Windows-Service.aspx via @StackHash

Once you pay Google you can't access Plus, Profiles, iGoogle and goodness knows what else. If I pay more search will probably go too.

Settled into skanky Riviera room for Storage Visions and then #CES10 ... room service, ironing and bed await.

ITHCWY: Reviews and Links for May 2012: No book reviews this month. Links #boarding SFO http://goo.gl/fb/pSDcx Penn… https://twitter.com/abfo/status/206160101751529472/photo/1

Fix for Chromecast wifi issues: http://ithoughthecamewithyou.com/post/chromecast-wont-connect-to-wifi--finally-found-the-fix (hint, its an @amazonfire stick).

Chester on scifri, you are a fuckwit

ITHCWY: I can't post a single photo: You'd think Facebook or Twitter could scrape together a semi-functional… http://goo.gl/fb/HzcR1

ITHCWY on Messenger: https://www.revoice.me/ITHCWY

Regional Beauty Shot: The Bay Area, at Night, From Space http://feedly.com/e/W27J7pwJ -- I can see #bernal

Catfood Earth http://ithoughthecamewithyou.com/post/catfood-earth-342 update: https://t.co/CCEfCvW4Ft

2 of 5 stars to You're Not Much Use to Anyone by David Shapiro https://www.goodreads.com/review/show/1024026539

RT MarkLittlewood: #tccloud IBM apocryphal joke prediction http://tinyurl.com/67wb45now true. 5 computers Google, MS, Yahoo, ebay, Amazon.

12% of International calls are now over Skype: http://goo.gl/trFw

San Bruno Mountain: http://ithoughthecamewithyou.com/post/san-bruno-mountain #hike @CAStateParks

Actually it's not a curse. ADP wants me to enroll benefits twice, Sterling's FSA claim site was coded up a slime mould and RBOS sends me ...

Misses the reason for the ending, which btw can't be improved: http://is.gd/gUPx. "I only told you to blow the bloody doors off"

Whew, month end crap finished, back to the to do list of doom.

I'm #reading The Evolutionary Void by Peter F. Hamilton http://bit.ly/d3o1jf

@mrsmele I'm just planning to expensively sync twitter RSS feeds, nothing heavy,

@daveoflynn I did... must be a lot of doppelgangers on there already!

TransUnion, your recorded message may as well be "Thank you for calling TransUnion. Now please fuck off. PS, can we have some money"

About 2 days to reproduce a problem, about 2 seconds to fix it.

#boarding SEA

Presidio Theatre http://ithoughthecamewithyou.com/post/Presidio-Theatre.aspx#.UxvDWZfT6sc.twitter

I can save 100% of battery life with a simple uninstall.

Deeply awesome!: http://goo.gl/PnkfB (Time-lapse video taken from International Space Station orbiting Earth at night)

Watching unit tests...

Fracking anal $105 parking ticket + processing fee. Someone has to pay for MUNI drivers to call in sick I guess.

fu@#ing macs and their fu@#ing .this and .that crap

Happy New Year UK! #fb

Lottocracy vs Legislative Service: http://ithoughthecamewithyou.com/post/Lottocracy-vs-Legislative-Service.aspx#.UuWyeSQDpDc.twitter

http://seeclickfix.com/issues/3086212 graffiti #glenpark playground

Rubik cube solved in 20 movements or less http://www.fixr.com/infographics/rubik-cube-solved-in-20-movements-or-less.html

Illegal dumping on Bernal Hill: http://bit.ly/Ap5IEC - Vote to get this cleaned up!

RT @StackHash StackHash Blog | StackHash Beta 9 http://bit.ly/9x6ZIr <- Try this if you use WinQual / WER #li

I'm #reading Surface Detail by Iain M. Banks http://bit.ly/dsCIZf

Sometimes what looks like a catastrophic oil leak is actually just some condensation from the air conditioning unit. #LFMF

#ces08 bumped into TomC while sneaking through south hall to find pass

Mission:Shiregreen http://www.missionshiregreen.co.uk/ via @www.missionshiregreen.co.uk

Earthquake! via @usgs http://earthquake.usgs.gov/earthquakes/recenteqsus/Quakes/nc71667366.php

Franken the highlight of Sotomayor hearings. Need more comedians in Congress.

ITHCWY: Book reviews for May 2013: Troika by Alastair Reynolds 4/5 Stonking little novella. http://goo.gl/fb/aNLzb

Thank you Dell for not bundling too much crap :)

Nailed the GPS app, should release after one more test tomorrow (at the beach, with the dog)

You're doing it wrong: on toast, with butter: http://n.pr/w0sZbO (Sandwich Monday: The Marmite Sandwich)

Loving @rapportive but your FAQ really needs to make it clear you need both Google Apps AND a browser extension.

Mission: Slow down time -- http://www.missionexplore.net/mission/SlowDownTime http://youtu.be/eCOGt6R3Jwk?a

ITHCWY: Isle of Skype: There are things I still sort of like about Skype. I use it a lot for video calls (although… http://goo.gl/fb/9vrlp

Also, people in a busy supermarket line who just stand there rather than packing your own bags, I hate you.

Migration of http://ithoughthecamewithyou.com/ to BlogEngine.NET complete. Now time for some fun...

Oakland PD confused: An Open Letter to the Citizens of Oakland From the Oakland Police Officers Association http://j.mp/rVkGQM (me too)!

Bad code offsets: http://codeoffsets.com/ - but seem to be funding existing goodness rather than actually reducing bad code ;)

Cisco's insane securedoc HTML attachment: http://ithoughthecamewithyou.com/post/ciscos-insane-securedoc-html-attachment?utm_source=twitter&utm_medium=share&utm_campaign=frompost -- @Cisco wants to train you to fall victim to #phishing

So happy we're moving to Kaiser...: http://goo.gl/tjXW3 (3 Bay Area hospitals cited for serious violations)

Tracking CPU, disk activity, memory and network traffic through the power of light. Orbsome.

Finding my innner calm again...

Memo to self, a receipt won't get you through a ticket barrier and complaining to BR results in mockery...

I say we just pull out and nuke Experts Exchange from orbit....

Autumn! https://ithoughthecamewithyou.com/post/autumnal-equinox-2017

http://twitpic.com/b6448 - The problem with the new 'Like' feature in Google Reader. #fail

Orbital Speed http://bit.ly/1eH3Hze -- tied in to the Pretenders!

Whuffie is similar to twollars.com #tc50 (Live From TechCrunch50 live > http://ustre.am/1aQE)

4 of 5 stars to The Start-up Way by Eric Ries https://www.goodreads.com/review/show/2160032358

Finish medals nowhere near finish #B2B100 #BayToBreakers

Help make it happen for 'Never Ending Night' http://igg.me/p/never-ending-night/cstw/4194289 #indiegogo via @indiegogo

Loving v4 of the Red Gate .NET profiler.

no, i think it's saving humanity from you that's more important: http://is.gd/d3di

Smoked salmon hotdogs are not the future.

RT @cucku: Off Topic: Cuckoo in egg pattern 'arms race' http://bbc.in/eySSwd (BBC Earth News)

Dog and Car: http://youtu.be/o1f2lRuY4ZE (fun at the Exploratorium)

The cloud is great until the plug is pulled - HP Upline most recently #tccloud #badcloud

KQED Forum on Shutting Down SETI: http://www.kqed.org/a/forum/R201105101000 (Live now)

Off to the Thirsty Bear for midday mayhem :) #fb

I'm #reading The Information by James Gleick http://www.goodreads.com/review/show/159258404

Hike: High-Frequency Trading http://goo.gl/fb/ag4a4 #politics #random

Ahhh - cyberhomes.com has an API: http://bit.ly/8z3fT

Off for a soggy drive to Woodside...

Dog catcher of Bernal Hill strikes again... reunited lost black lab with dog walker...

Quiche: It's like a melted chicken. -- Kate

Why is Dismiss All disabled in Outlook reminder window when no items are selected? #fail

Help make it happen for Laser SETI: First Ever All-Sky All-the-Time Search https://igg.me/p/laser-seti-first-ever-all-sky-all-the-time-search-science/cstw/4194289 #indiegogo via @indiegogo

Pride: http://ithoughthecamewithyou.com/post/Pride.aspx #fb

Why more Americans don't have passports: http://ithoughthecamewithyou.com/post/the-real-reason-americans-dont-have-passports (spoiler alert, it's @USPS)

-1: http://goo.gl/6M0WL (So Long, Fairness Doctrine)

ITHCWY: We can’t fix politics without fixing 24-hour news: Take a moment to watch Brian Kilmeade and Janet Jackson… http://goo.gl/fb/jrJpy

When the TSA scanner calls over her supervisor and says "You're going to love this!" you know it's going to take a while...

Lots of GEO #API goodness #tools @myEN: http://goo.gl/o3Uk7 (Centralized Geo Data with New InfoChimps API)

Have to learn some PHP today. I already feel slightly dirty.

4 of 5 stars to Ready Player One by Ernest Cline http://bit.ly/oAzQRC

Ahhhh the sound of Freedom. Makes me glad that I don't live in San Diego.

That makes a nice change...: http://goo.gl/JEcqN (Odds are good you won’t be hit by a satellite this weekend)

@missionexplore what do you mean nope? How would you explore one?

@gzicherm frustratingly it needs at least two hours in the fridge. It's a bit pinker than I was hoping for but didn't want it too sweet...

@urbagirl no idea, maybe @gillwilson will know

5 of 5 stars to Advanced .NET Debugging by Mario Hewardt http://bit.ly/aDWi5h

Apple's mobile devices have a secret list of "sensitive" words that don't autocomplete http://bit.ly/15NdEd7 -- and Android knows fucktard

Good grief, GMail tasks are a festering half backed canker on an otherwise good product.

Santa is giving away free answers online for kids and kids at heart http://asksanta.pearl.com/ via @pearldotcom

3 of 5 stars to Professional Android 2 Application De... by Reto Meier http://bit.ly/ajakfU

@sr00t I have LastPass... this is stupid windows domain password rules

Oxygen?: http://goo.gl/sZmPY (Kabbadi players fail doping test)

Hurray, Google is bringing back finger. I miss finger.

Salesforce conference (I'm guessing) seems to have overwhelmed AT&T mobile Internet :(

Mazlow XXI C. http://feedly.com/k/10oaPj8

Catfood Weather - Catfood Software http://catfood.net/products/weather/ via @CatfoodSoftware

Does anyone know the story behind this manhole slab at Mission & 30th: http://bit.ly/anB4bc ? #SF

Don't!: http://goo.gl/vgLTn (How to build website without knowing coding, design)

#ces09 taxi line reassuringly long, but can be skipped if you grab a luggage person with access to secret cabs so now at @mgmgrand

bummer, the new Skype for winmobile still only supports the speakerphone

Banana Slug http://ithoughthecamewithyou.com/post/banana-slug

ITHCWY: http://goo.gl/fb/MYrkU 1.40: I’ve just released a small update to Catfood.Shapefile. Stephan Stapel, who… http://t.co/qindsQBw

Paul Graham - agree on Linux #BoS2009

Kate has started feeding us her cereal puffs. And so the student becomes the master. #fb

@earth2andy 1 and 2 worked... should there have been more?

@sfmta_muni what is the 28L and why isn't on your website list of routes?

ITHCWY: Reviews and links for November 2010: The Anthologist by Nicholson Baker 4/5 A first person account of a… http://goo.gl/fb/jVPoU

Finally, shipped!

RT @CatfoodSoftware: Learn how to get a free copy of Catfood Earth for you or a friend: http://bit.ly/k8TSP8 #fb

5 of 5 stars to Dust by Hugh Howey http://bit.ly/18UaTKh

@LiterarySluts hold it together at least until iPad 2 comes out. You can then make @gillwilson jealous.

Also: Facebook people: time to accept that any given side dish can acquire more fans than any given celebrity or politician. #fb

The cat is easy - drugs.

Mission:Explore Food - http://www.pleasefund.us/projects/missionexplore-food http://t.co/ysLyDOZ6 via @pleasefundus

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