Let’s Compete on Innovation Rather Than Patents

ITHCWY: Merging Resource Dictionaries for fun and profit: Here are two scenarios where merged ResourceDictionary…

"When farts are a good thing" -- I'm healthy today.

Victory over the serrano shortage!

RT @MissionExplore: Caged play - A short and serious new video from @MissionExplore

I'd be willing to look after 17 Uighurs for just $100M: (Salon)

Better way to organize kids' clothing departments -- yes please

Making an animation of global earthquakes... it's going to take a month to collect all the frames.

@mrsmele California, or Alpha 1, or something else entirely?

Martian photo gallery: Breathtaking panoramas from rover's 10 years on Mars

Great free offer: - @schmap is giving away 10,000 PRO accounts, check it out while stocks last...

ITHCWY: If you can’t see my mirrors, I can’t see you: I used to work in Woodley, a small town on the outskirts of…

logged into skype in too many places...

RT @GavinNewsom: Happy Earth Day-- just launched first of Its kind Ecomap-- will help people reduce carbon foot...

NASA JPL Live <-- that great big asteroid, live now.

ITHCWY: City by the Bay: View from Bernal Hill this afternoon.

It's interesting how many people use 007 in their email address.

Also a woman just walked past carrying Boba Fett's head. Feel like I might be live tweeting a dream.

SF Marathon Update: Gillian Wilson 7.5 mile Time: 07:40AM 7.5 mile Split: 01:24:59; Pace 11:15 min/mi Total Time: 01:24:59

Packing. Well, more of a mise en place effort so Gill can pack. #fb

Demand Fox News stop censoring anti-Trump views @moveon

Death to the Electoral College!: (A popular idea for making California's votes count)

Yippee ki-ay, motherfracker!

Snort: (Development)

Don't mention the war! #ENG #GER

Back to #goatposting

I'm #reading The Atrocity Archives by Charles Stross

@d_shep it's not cucku, uploading a website that had been edited on a Mac which then spewed gibberish all over the place. Grrrr.

Vegetable on vacation, Bernal Hill:

ITHCWY: Clutch, you have no friends...: How I have to start my car.

Skype for Android 4 - Better but Useless

Sealion at Fort Funston:

Also works if you can: (Eric Schmidt: If you can’t use your real name, don’t use Google+.)

Thanks SCOTUS for making us eat sick pigs:

At Outlands Festival. Foggy.

#inaug09, john williams' tune seemed to borrow heavily from "lord of the dance"... is this actually the rapture?

Hike: Golden Gate Park Loop: This gentle three mile loop is our favorite walk in the Golden Gate Park. Star..

Facebook: people have friends in different time zones. Sort your stupid events out.

Check out "SF Tech Community Mixer" via @eventbrite

If they do create a *bad* bank, I want to open a *bad* checking account with it

@davidboleyRN thank you

At #bapi

@gillwilson - which text message?

@urbagirl that's a big thread. I'll check it out tomorrow. Cleaning tonight :(

#boarding SFO and should have remembered to bring a coat.

4 of 5 stars to The Rise and Fall of by Neal Stephenson

Can't believe the BNP won an EU seat. I'm as embarrassed of the UK as I am of California for passing Prop 8. #frackers #fb

4 of 5 stars to The Testament of Gideon Mack by James Robertson

Snort: (The Important Field)

Catfood Weather (fixes forecast failure, simple free taskbar weather app for Windows) @NWS #weather

ITHCWY: Religion's Kayne West Tendencies: BBC News has a report today on a conference held by CERN to bring science…

I'm going to count backwards from 10...:

Yay supes!: (SF Board of Supervisors Vote to Oppose GGNRA Dog Policy)

:): (Delta-P)

Facebook needs a Friends + Friends of only these specific friends setting for sharing. Friends of Friends is too broad. That is all.

San Francisco from Alameda

BBC kindly streaming results show at #ge2010

It's @KQED pledge again... freeloaders go to and make it stop!

Just noticed that there's a James Bong Building in SF. The name's Bong...

@gillwilson, check out, very cool but doesn't work with pages

Watching #Route125 videos with Kate.

Is it just me or has reCAPTCHA finished scanning all the books with real words in and moved on to absolute gibberish?

Great Saturday at #seticon - wish I could make it tomorrow.

How does cdb access the Microsoft Symbol Server from within a Windows Service. via @StackHash

5 of 5 stars to Revenger by Alastair Reynolds

Good xkcd - this has been bothering me as well:

Got to say, don't need support from @ServerIntellect often, but when I do they are amazing. Blog back to life in the middle of the night.

Check out the @IDEX silent auction items: - event is in #SF tomorrow night! #SanFrancisco #BayArea

Configuring bDule yet again... at least they've fixed the transposition problem with the first characters of a tweet.

#frei on "Tehrangeles" and "the president who missed an historic opportunity" (BBC News, #IranElection)

What a polite and orderly march.#GGNRA

Winter Solstice 2013:

@TravelingDad @hightouchweb #imu there were some questions I don't think were covered. Overall OK - not much you can do with the format.

The dog can stop crossing his legs now. #ge2010

Faster, TiVo Desktop Transfer! Kill! Kill!

If You Give a Browser a Cookie: (apologies to @LauraNumeroff)

Teaching Kate how to reconcile QuickBooks...

If Corporations want to be "people" they should accept the responsibilities as well as the rights. Starting with jail time. #fb

Ready or not, little sustainable sausages, here I come! #fb

Stupid woman taking a photo of your dog harassing a horse, way to ruin Fort Funston for everyone :(

The Choice: Prof Kevin Warwick -

101 in Oregon has some very nice bridges. The coastline isn't exactly painful to look at either.

3 of 5 stars to Beacon 23 by Hugh Howey

ITHCWY: Boob Bombs: The current pushback on the nasty choice between nude backscatter photos vs. ‘enhanced’ TSA…

@PhilTing thanks, I tried returning the call but no answer. Will email Tim.

Maybe if we had more nuclear power the debate stream could be a bit brighter... #iq2nuclear

IPA'o'clock :)

@mrsmele testing compatibility before making the switch. Can't shake the feeling that Chrome is watching me...

Fixed embarrassing off by one error in the Catfood Earth beta. Doh!

XBOX: Don't ask, don't tell:

@masondan it's at #IMU

Parking tickets in The Presidio are delivered on horseback. Awesome.#fb

ITHCWY: World Time Lapse: I've just made a new time lapse video using web cams from the Catfood WebCamSaver…

You Might Be A Smanker If…

You can't trust the cloud, part n: (Apple's MobileMe email secretly blocks some outgoing messages based on content)


Twitter public timeline screensaver (for Windows):

Rudy is allowed short, unslung walks :) And no more anti-lick collar :) #fb

@ajs_gingertom, @gillwilson not amused by that suggestion ;)

Then under what theory is female circumcision banned?: (Judge blocks circumcision ban bid)

2 of 5 stars to Phantom by Ted Bell

Going to Absinthe to celebrate ten years in California. Plus three in Virginia so almost a third American now.

ITHCWY: High-Frequency Trading: Algorithmic trading is getting a little out of hand: “For high-frequency trading…

Making time for fun is a big theme at #BoS2009

StackOverflow DevDays: Just got back from the StackOverflow DevDays event in San Francisco. I was a bit worried..

@PaulGAllen are you going to save the ATA? Very sad to hear this is being forced to shut down. I'm a small SETI donor.

Almost there...

running a build with fingers crossed after moving many projects around

Kate's new activity station instructions look like the technical manual for the death star.

Enjoying Weed

If you're going to use a horrible auto-follow-DM at least use a spell checker first. Also don't include an [optional] section.

Network Solutions shut down a website and then their technical support lied to me before switching it back on. Grrrr.

"Why won't you answer me?" - Parenting - (I should stop telling Kate about her 'milk head')

ITHCWY: Petrol & Marks & Spencer: I recently got back from a trip back to the UK. Every time I go back these days…

Bakerloo line closed, Circle line no longer goes in a circle, would be faster to take BA :(

MUNI: please fix cameras on buses and charge $5,000 for double parking. Fix your budget + Mission St. #MUNI @MUNI_SF #fb

ITHCWY: Reviews and links for July 2010: Imperial Bedrooms by Bret Easton Ellis 4/5 Returns to the characters of…

Arrrrghghghghghg three days and still no SSL renewal. Server Intellect being muppets and Verisign support hold hell.

#inaug09 good speech, new era, thank goodness

December on ITHCWY:

Auschwitz on Facebook: - Facebook needs to expand its interaction vocabulary beyond "Like" and "Fan".

My voter guide... Hillary: CA props: SF props:

Hike: Salt Point State Park:

Best @waitwait in a while --

Response to GGNRA Draft Dog Management Plan - I Thought He Came With You via @abfo

100% of my advertising budget is wasted. I just don't know *which* 100%.

RT @RTPeat: Voyager 1 has left the solar system.

Dear Google: please don't make f***ing JavaScript the future of app development.

SF Metreon has great new coffee place with gourmet mini-doughnuts (replacing old Starbucks)

Catfood Earth (update for #NorthKorea timezone change today):

4 of 5 stars to Flaggermusmannen by Jo Nesbø

2 of 5 stars to Zero Day by Mark Russinovich

Why have an artificial limit on taxis in SF? And then trying to sell medalions? Need more cabs in this town.

RT @spacearcheology: Will #InspirationMars accept a same-sex married couple for their mission to Mars?

Lego tries to get less sexist - and previously:

RT @Amazing_Maps: What's closer to Texas than Texas itself? -

We Can’t Make It Rain… But We Can Still Write Poetry -- disagree on both counts

I really want this stupid bit of shit: (oh no, it's already obsolete).

Visa card cloned again. Canadian groceries instead of Christian t-shirts. PITA. #fb

UK government online disability benefits signup requires IE6 -- perverse

Job hunting in Washington

It fills me with an irrational and useless rage that the Windows Snipping Tool wants to use upper case file extensions.

Having a Back n Black to soothe my back #21A #fb

4 of 5 stars to The Sense of an Ending by Julian Barnes

UK Government to start investing in startups? (BBC) ... Yes please @DowningStreet #fb

Held prisoner in a toothpaste factory

Sad that #BSG is over... great ending though, didn't think they'd pull if off after that last few directionless episodes.

I love Any Questions (, but Any Answers attracts some total nutters.

@mrsmele they seem to have decided that putting clips in buttons is better than a timeline... grrrrr....

RT @StackHash StackHash Blog | StackHash Beta 9 <- Try this if you use WinQual / WER #li

US Protestants no longer majority -- can we ditch the under god crap now?

@ajs_gingertom because you've regressed or James is precocious?

Cock a doodle barf... #fb

#SOTU - Biden is like a Teddy Ruxpin emoting in time to the speech

Off to IDEX open house:

White wine may not really exist --

There is no excuse for your pathetic trickle of traffic - @dharmesh at #BoS2009

RT @SVbizjournal: Congrats to Emily Porter of @Pearldotcom for winning Rising Star! #BayAreaCCA

Dog and Car: (fun at the Exploratorium)

#io12 livestream server error disaster

@BritishAirways when will you have staff available as SFO? Website is hopeless and you're not answering phone calls.

I'm #reading Professional Android 2 Application De... by Reto Meier

Hike: Lake Merced: Lake Merced is a natural lake near Fort Funston. It used to be San Francisco's main fres..

done with php :), completed google maps mashup, time for blog template?

Current NHS coverage on NPR ignores the fact that private insurance exists in the UK as well. Get facts straight please! #welovethenhs

Final house clean of the year complete. Time to make bakewell slices and some duck.

Oh Fuck These Lighthouses 2014 Calendar

4 of 5 stars to Packing for Mars by Mary Roach

Where are the whales?

ITHCWY: Mission:Explore Food - Crowd Fund It!: My brother is part of the Geography Collective, the team that make…

Kick-ass books?: (How did Murakami conquer the world?)

Really, @totn Tiger? Disappointed in you.

Starbucks now providing a cancer warning to go with your coffee?!?

Have had too much of the 'Queen has joined Facebook' story. It's the Queen's marketing department. Get over it.

Transit of Venus AND Sutro Tower Serendipitously Photographed from Bernal Hill The Professional Q&A Site Formerly Named JustAnswer, Lands $ Million Series B Funding

Thought my bike had developed an unpleasant cracking sound. Turns out it was my right knee :( #fb

Network Solutions tip - when ordering click the shopping cart link at top right to avoid 4,000 pages of upsell offers.

RT CindyHelton: June 28th you can get Facebook vanity url even if have less than 1000 fans #imu (good news, thanks!)

Cleaning. Sigh. #fb

Dude with parakeet on shoulder: don't take parakeet shopping with you when it has diarrhea!

Joy, Starbucks (at least in the Presidio) has dropped their stale corporate pastries and started stocking La Boulange.

Now shipping 1.20 - it's much faster:

Ahhhh, pretend poker, glass of wine, happiness

Kate loves Goldfrapp :)


Use press releases to build internal page authority, anchor text same as page title ideally (@hubspot)

Stuck in a social network checking loop...

Christopher Moore takes on the Bard ( - just heard an Interview on @TOTN

Chrome 3 *still* doesn't pick up RSS feeds. Does support some pretty nasty looking skins though.

I've proposed that way before 2003...: (Philosopher describes the Simulation Argument)

Using VNC to connect to a Virtual PC instance... it feels like I'm drunk.

RT @Cloutman: Ayn Rand Worshippers Should Face Facts: Blue States Are the Providers, Red States Are the Parasites | Alternet…

Heart Attack: open shower curtain with eyes closed and riley dog immediately starts licking my shins.

Click and Clack are pimping ShamWows...


Happy New Year! #fb

@mrsmele had to get the updated site live in time for launching Cucku Pro - press release went out at 6am PST. Brutal, but worth it.

What Happened to Obama’s Passion? -

BTW, sorry Panasonic for getting interviewed by CES TV while wearing broken 3D glasses! #CES10