It's not a deal, it's a big enough cave to charge for tours: (.Obama, Congress will avert default) #fb

It can travel a foot between recharges...: (Rolls-Royce to show electric car)

ITHCWY: The startup costs are too damned high: The Startup Genome people have launched a complicated tool to…

Just can't work without ReSharper any more... going to have to take the plunge for personal projects.

Shagged. The mockingbird stalking @gillwilson kept me up too last night.

@mrsmele is this dance floors or something else?

@VeriSignSupport thanks - eventually got through to support and I think I'm good now.

Good speech by Schwarzenegger.

Doesn't look nearly square enough!: (Land Rover confirms new Defender)

Donated to @HRC #resist

RT CindyHelton: June 28th you can get Facebook vanity url even if have less than 1000 fans #imu (good news, thanks!)

In benefits detention.

Just got three tiers of Citibank to say "that's weird".

Quadcopter vs moose - Boing Boing via @BoingBoing

@robblewis it was a job for long arms...

@gamemom Hi Linda, good to find you here

Right-clicking in XP installed on a MacBook is the finger equivalent of those magic eye ohhh it's a vague dolphin stereograms

ITHCWY: Bernal Bug

I supported International Development E... by voting for them to win $25k with #chasegiving. Please fan, vote, and RT!

slowly stiffening

How Apple and Amazon Security Flaws Led to My Epic Hacking

Should have made green bread last night. #fb

Sorry about the constant toothpaste messages, Nimbuzz has gone a bit mad. Now unplugged...

RT @missionexplore: MISSION:EXPLORE - See Georgie attempting some visual missions in central London

Enjoying snowy fields and a toasty fire in Mapledurwell after a short but very happy Christmas. Also itching for Cranium rematch.#fb

#SF is so cold making a stew in August actually makes perfect sense.

Epic day. Water heater broken. Car broken. Kate unwilling to stay at daycare. Now, the mortgage fairy is calling.

I love the LinkedIn Outlook plug-in.

MS killing off OneCare in June (, but just emailed to say they plan to charge me $49.95 in May. Cheeky @MSWindows!

The Lodge by the river in Grants Pass is a winner.

Clegg doing well enough for nutters to question his birth certificate... #leadersdebate

Pissed off that the AV referendum is first-past-the-post. Would prefer to rank more than two possibilities.

ITHCWY: Goldilocks: Israel just banned models with a BMI under That's not severely underweight, it's the…

ITHCWY: California 2012 Propositions: My favorite proposition would be one to do away with propositions altogether…

Radiation perspective...: (Radiation Chart)

testing, testing, testing

Accidentally imbibed way too much IPA last night after bumping into @billrivers

@BillRivers tread carefully!

Hurray - Rudy is allowed to do stairs, and can swim in a couple of weeks.

I'm #reading Freedom by Jonathan Franzen

@gillwilson check out - it places me about equidistant from all the main parties :(

Thunderbolts and lightning, very very frightening me. Well, mainly the dog. #fb

ITHCWY: Reviews and Links for July 2012: The Sense of an Ending by Julian Barnes 4/5 A personal anti-adventure…

No plan B for lunch at home so heading over to Progressive Grounds for foggy coffee

Shake your way into space:

It must be crazy gopher season - another one was a quick lead pull away from being eaten. That, or rabies...

2) Did the US sign the Convention Against Torture and incorporate it into US law?

Timelapses and spherical totality from #Eclipse2017 in Madras, OR:

Ex-Google Reader Product Manager Posts Scathing Review Of Reader Redesign | TechCrunch

Off to what promises to be a very moist wedding.

California 2014 Propositions:

San Francisco from Hill 88:

Trying to code my way out of a corner. #fb

If you send a newsletter out to say that you have no news you are lame.

RT @Bernalwood: Seriously? Bernal Child Baffled by Bumbling Sidewalk Blunder

I actually would like to buy your Unicorn. I could then get working on some of those Unicorn Metrics. #BoS2011

Catfood Earth Patch ( via @CatfoodSoftware (recommended if you use the clouds layer)

Flipping pancakes = 1 for me, 1 for the dog, repeat. And the dog was just being polite.

StackHash via @StackHash (lots of frequently requested enhancements added) #li

ITHCWY: If you can’t see my mirrors, I can’t see you: I used to work in Woodley, a small town on the outskirts of…

ITHCWY: Licensing Fail: WinZip vs. ScanToPDF: Software licensing is a tricky art - too little security and you leak…

StackHash released as open source on CodePlex via @StackHash #li

Figuring out shapefiles.

Right, time to wail on RC3...

Posting some votes from #SF #ge10

RT @StackHash: Getting Started With WinQual For Windows Error Reporting (WER): (eBook)

Here's why http://BlogEngine.NET shares to Facebook are failing:

NSA: We lack the capability to search our own email

Knowing is a surprisingly dark and bat-shit crazy film. XXX:State of the Union also better than expected. #fb

Has Twitter turned off my blog cards or did I screw something up? Something not fun for the weekend...

Microsoft: suppress XML documentation warnings in generated code. Thanks.

3 of 5 stars to Authority by Jeff VanderMeer

Desperately seeking 1099-INTs

Installing Windows 7 and testing a very, very large restore.


Fixing an insane non-problem with analytics...

Ready for a heat wave. I know it's summer in San Francisco but this is getting ridiculous. #fb

Back from a week of visiting lots of National Parks. Can't believe how varied and pretty Utah is, or how much great beer they make :) #fb

Bill Nye declares Todd Akin "fucking idiot"; issues debate challenge #fb

Pier 14:

Eating a bewildering variety of Marmite infused munchies. Thanks Mum.

Fort Funston was amazing today, paddling heaven for dogs, perfect temperature.

Looting nipped in the bud - heading to 16th.

Seem to have picked up a cold from one of the innumerable meetings this week. Bugger.

@Syndic you'd still go after offenders rather than infrastructure, especially where there is substantial non-infringing use

What is up with the L line @sfmta_muni ?

I want @infragistics tools #Wintellect10

No ground almonds at BiRite, none at Safeway, time to slog over to Whole Foods...

Presidio seems to be burning right now.

Become a SETI Star and help reboot the @SETIInstitute Allen Telescope Array:

Random #ge2010 streaming coverage at - apparently expats get to watch Newsnight for now.

@SugarSync I got some billing error message from the client and the web site keeps going to an Ooops/Locked page. How do I fix this?

I still don't like the Oxford Comma, but...

Clegg: House of Lords is 'flawed' -- yes, do this:

#IMU Conversion equation reminds me of the Drake equation - guess multiplied by guess. Just need to test...

GMail: You'd be doing the world a greater service by suggesting people *not* to include in emails... I might even pay for it.

Darpa seeks to WikiLeak-proof the Pentagon - the only way is to not do things you'd be embarrassed about.

CA Budget woes shut down Allen Telescope Array just as Kepler finds planets to point it at: (PDF) #fb

@BrianCarl set noindex in the page metadata #IMU

Discovery Days at AT&T Park: - Bay Area Science Festival, via @bayareascience

Being fed too well by @gillwilson 's dad #fb

70% of UK traffic deaths caused by >50mg but <80mg alcohol per 100ml of blood? Not likely. Extrapolated from someone's bottom.

Vernal Equinox 2015:

BBQ: combining lowest end hot dogs with highest end home ground steak burgers. It's a frack the air day! #SF

Wolfram|Alpha Pro: #tools @myEN

Is It Worth the Time? -- looks like it probably is...

Shut down the Interstate highway system because a few people are speeding? Then don't do this:

ITHCWY: Ordoñez Gun

Not drinking will kill you. -- hic

@clayposey thanks - not clear on the site, it looks like the same thing again.



Where's this new Kindle firmware then? #fb

Visual Studio toolbox has forgotten all it's mobile controls. Reset doesn't help. Grrrrr.

"Climate change is increasing the habitat of brain-eating amoebas" -- great :/

At Stack Overflow Dev Days in SF - it has kicked off with a The Office style spoof.

Any Questions should so an I'm Sorry I Haven't a Clue style introduction to their host town.

#frei on "Tehrangeles" and "the president who missed an historic opportunity" (BBC News, #IranElection)

Vator Splash: great location, horrible seats.

BA customer service message: "your estimated wait time is 545 hours". Doesn't say if a meal will be served. #fb

In London? Check out from @geocollective #fb #li

@faresismail1996 hmm, it says that email is already on the service... did you get in with the link?

"106 long-lost Doctor Who episodes found in Ethiopia"

Final Plan for Bernal Hill Trail Restoration Unveiled: - from @bernalwood

Hike: Lands End: Lands End to Eagle's Point is a stunning section of the Coastal Trail. Park in or near the..

@daveoflynn when you're stuck in a queue behind the clueless...

Test with timestamp 2012-04-21 15:56:46

You do not want to be the eighth 'possum baby. #fb

@robblewis i'll meet with anyone...

@robblewis it would be a distration. I think Obama should pardon Bush for any and all war crimes and not bother prosecuting. One can dream!

Street View:

More testing:

RT @RTPeat: App developers withdraw from US as patent fears reach 'tipping point' via @guardian

Trying to figure out how I ended up on the South Sudan list. Claim your independence and stick it to the north guys...

Just ordered a Kindle :)


About to eat at the Liberty Café (on Cortland) for the first time in a while. Mmmmm.

RT @IDEX IDEX's annual celebration of our partners is just a few weeks away. Buy your tickets today! (<- I'm going)

@gillwilson check out -> @perrybelcher: 26 Charities and Non-Profits That Tweet

Holder says waterboarding illegal; president can't order illegal acts. So why not ask the question - will be prosecute Bush?

@missionexplore parallel inflationary bubble universes.

Bringing a dog to the cat picnic. #fb

RT @CatfoodSoftware Catfood Software Blog | Catfood Follower 1.30

ITHCWY: Reviews and links for October 2010: The Thousand Autumns of Jacob de Zoet by David Mitchell 5/5 Stonking…

Facebook is broken, Google+ is a hollow shell, Twitter is too vanilla, bah! #fb

5 of 5 stars to The Jennifer Morgue by Charles Stross

Do I need a Zumbox?: Zumbox is trying to take the paper out of the postal system. It's a laudable goal, if it ta..

Making bakewell slices then trying to figure out some oscar picks.

On the phone to the TransUnion muppets again.

#juicepitcher giving away actual juice. Awesome!

Made it. Long day. Awaiting room service.

I'm attending Vator Splash --

@nihiofkdi Hasn't been much of a barrier to previous recipients ;)

Yet another bad idea -- no, please write this book.

I'm the dog catcher of Bernal Hill. In temporary possession of an escaped Pit Bull. #fb

“Millions of lines of code” -- need a 'lines of code yoiu wrote yourself' metric

I am listening to the Frugal Tech Show with guest Kurt vo show by Ken Hess on BlogTalkRadio -

ITHCWY: Agua: Little known fact, geologists would tell you that Bernal Hill is made of chert, actually it's mostly…

@RavenEllison getting hints from @HilaryEllison ? It's going well, nothing solid yet though. Fingers crossed for next week.

@sfmta_muni At Taraval and 19th 15 mins ago. Though it might be limited rather than local which used to be the case. Confusing.

I understand TiVo might not be interested in repairing their boxes, but would a list of repair centers be too much to ask?

@elijahmanor have you checked out selective twitter status: - great FB app for Twitter

Pyura Chilensis, the living rock

Parents against reprehensible metal music sounds like a great name for a band. #IMU

RT @CatfoodSoftware: Blog: End of life for Catfood #Follower and #Twitter Screensaver: The Twitter v1 API is being…

Satellite crash:

how happy is it possible for a clam to be?

@jprall there's also the eventual crashing, you should work on the podcasts while you're driving and save the twitter for later

Instead of banning the last thing used in a terrorist plot (i.e. Ink Cartridges), why not ban something at random? More likely to help.

Geoffrey Moore alone worth the price of admission. #BoS2009

I'm #reading The Atrocity Archives by Charles Stross

Redwood Park:

Just discovered that I've created custom Facebook privacy settings that only share my posts with me. #fb

Playmobil appear to have merged with IKEA.

@gillwilson - Thirsty Bear is open tonight :)

I really hate JavaScript.

Puzzling SCOTUS decision - man can't use DNA technology that wasn't available at the time of his conviction: (CNN)

@mrsmele good-o. Some folks are getting a version of Skype without Extras. Trying to puzzle it out...

Can't decide which walk to do.

SMS sending working but out of steam for the day. Will have to play with intercepting messages next weekend.

Why do I need to download GoToMeeting every fracking time I have to Go To a Meeting?

5 of 5 stars to The Last Policeman by Ben H. Winters

Why would we spend countless taxpayer dollars on a Death Star with a fundamental flaw ...

RT @GavinNewsom: Happy Earth Day-- just launched first of Its kind Ecomap-- will help people reduce carbon foot...

RE: Did you get a device progress dialog, and did this appear once or twice? Are the DPI/Width/Height set correctly f…

Bouncy, bouncy druids, not available outside the UK:

StackHash Released via @StackHash #li

Summer Solstice 2014

Planning to take out frustration on some pizza dough... #fb

@mrsmele Yes, although a bit of research won't make VCs any less like Priests (both like to prey on the young...)

ITHCWY: Cycling again…: …after a five year break and while it’s true that you don’t forget how, your knees can stop…

Thanks SCOTUS for making us eat sick pigs:

Off to the Thirsty Bear

The winner is here:

4 of 5 stars to The Fifth Season by Jemisin

This morning failed to suck.

RT @DanRavenEllison: Please support "Teach #water" @worldh2o @wateronline @unw_wwd @canadianwater @workwithwater @a…

Actual story less depressing than headline: (Slower high-speed rail encouraged by officials)

ITHCWY: Chiroopractoor: Google's use crime of a new compose window is going to become compulsory soon. I suspect…

@mrsmele Jeep long gone sadly. New Kate-mobile (a long Jetta).