4 of 5 stars to The Brief Wondrous Life of Oscar Wao by Junot Díaz

4 of 5 stars to The Killer Angels by Michael Shaara

Vernal Equinox 2012 in Catfood Earth via @CatfoodSoftware #equinox

RT @LikeDebate: It’s been a while: Alpha 11 - I’ve fixed an embarrassing redirect loop due to a change in what Facebook...

How not to enjoy chocolate nuts: 1) leave them in the sun to melt and then 2) scatter liberally on the kitchen floor to add pet fur. Yuck.

Just released Cucku Backup Pro. GigaOm and have already covered the launch. Check out the blog:

RT @cucku: Reminder - two days left to vote for Cucku at #juicepitcher - please vote and RT.


Good article: (Tornadoes, climate change, and real scientific literacy)

Am now infant CPR trained. Tomorrow I'm learning how to breastfeed which seems more of a stretch... #fb


RT @stephenfry: Imagine London as the world's first National Park City. Wow, heck of a thought. Help make it happen:

Skype’s Enhanced Chat Experience -- i hope they're not kidding this time

Over half way now... Donate to SETI and reboot the ATA

I'm #reading One Day by David Nicholls

Test space

Watch out for the Script Kitties! (amusing typo in the Kindle release of Zero Day)

How did the Marines come to build a theater in San Francisco?

Dimbleby: "Fox News is not good enough, no". BBC America really getting on its game.

ITHCWY: The startup costs are too damned high: The Startup Genome people have launched a complicated tool to…

RT @Caterina: #womensmarch

If only I could play real poker as well as I play pretend poker...

RT @vectorpoem: Actual ninja misreads job posting, infiltrates SF web startup, slaughters 27 brogrammers, leaves after failing to locate ...

3 of 5 stars to Dark Matter by Blake Crouch

I want @infragistics tools #Wintellect10

Adding 65,554 pages to the Internet. A personal best.

Git is a very accurately named tool. Just do a 'git --reset --HARD --HARDER --HARDER' and you'll be fine.

I'm #reading Nocturnes by Kazuo Ishiguro

RT @MissionExplore: Get ready for a wild Summer - the Mission:Explore virtual Summer Camp is live! Check it out here:...

Watching unit tests run with bated breath...

Land of the free taken nearly taken care of: just need to do something about home of the brave. #fb

Oh no, he just cut off Kate Bekinsdale's fingers!

Brave Brand Stand: (Ben & Jerry's taste for protest)

Right, ready to sweep the Oscars.


I'm going to print up some 'No, Thank You' stickers for wars of escalation when stores want to prove you didn't steal something. #fb

Given the alternative, going with the brew free.

@robblewis i'll meet with anyone...

Discovered that the emergency broadcast system causes TiVo to lock up. EBS needs upgrading to include photos (it was an amber alert).

ITHCWY: Reviews and links for July 2011: The Psychopath Test: A Journey Through the Madness Industry by Jon Ronson…

@mrsmele always...

Planetary redistricting in progress:

ITHCWY: Worst special TiVo offer ever

Test from Cochabama

Getting excited about camping this weekend - it's the first time we'll have been in ages.

A detailed study of key blog metrics against household child volume:

RT @MissionExplore: Mission:Explore Food – Video yourself doing one of the missions from the book and get a free copy

#ENG #USA at Thirsty Bear :)

ITHCWY: CAPTCHA advertising: It’s kind of clever because not only do you have to read the ad but you also have to…

4 of 5 stars to Provenance by Ann Leckie

I'm #reading Rule 34 by Charles Stross

Live sighting near mile 23.

techcrunch seems to get us

Can't wait to install Visual Studio 2010. IntelliTrace... drool...

Mount Davidson (San Francisco's highest hill) 4K 360 degree timelapse:

Fuck Off As A Service -- RESTful

Get an email when your webcam sees something totally surprising (Google Apps Script + Cloud Vision API):


Molly didn't make it to the next 10,000.

I don't know what's more irritating - that the @KQED stream keeps looping, or the number of hours before I notice...

Always remember to read the response stream from a WebException before swearing in the direction of Mountain View...

The rise of "yes or no, yes or no, yes or no" in UK politics is quite depressing. #ge10

Last meeting of the week... unfortunately down in Palo Alto.

#hubspot and which blogging platforms would you avoid?

Plan: Check in code, walk dog, make G&T that counts as a single-serving binge and will soon be illegal :) #fb

Elusive beastie

Much boosting and skepticism of 3D #sv10

Making bakewell slices then trying to figure out some oscar picks.

ITHCWY: AT&T MicroCell Woes: AT&T's MicroCell extends their famously inept network into your home or office. It…

The BBC has pulled the News 24 feed... no more video fix for overseas voters. Back to Radio 4... #ge2010

@mrsmele great coverage so far. 0.33% conversion can't really be spam, is this from your own list?

RT @bernalmarmot: Stay back, Duane.

Bringing a dog to the cat picnic. #fb

W3C green-lights adding DRM to the Web's standards -well bugger, wouldn't have thought the web stack could get worse.

Radio 4: Can I buy you a new hard drive? - I Thought He Came With You via @abfo - @BBCRadio4, please read!

ITHCWY: Thinking about the UK referendum on AV: I just got my postal ballot for the UK referendum on switching from…

"narrative" is getting worn out, find something else to say - especially you, NPR

Ha, Apple rejects tweetie because you can say fuck on twitter ( Next they'll remove the web browser and phone. #frackers

Maybe it's time to select MPs on a rota basis. "I don't want to run education", "But it's your turn...". #fb

BBC News - Alan Turing: why the tech world's hero should be a household name

4 of 5 stars to The Redbreast by Jo Nesbø

Wheel now ~20% less likely to fall off. #fb (new #SF data portal) #todo @myEN

"Anniversary of the Blue Whale at London's Natural History Museum" -- only just visited it.

Thanks John Robbins for a great #Wintellect10 talk... a few more tools in the debugging armory now.

Every possible permutation of my name is already taken on Wave :( #in

En route to Thirsty Bear

At Point Reyes for a yomp #fb

Pope gave Obama a "booklet" on right-to-life:

Joining @hubspot news release webinar at

Tip for conversion from a slide - use a short URL that I can be bothered to type! #IMU

Analysis: The Darwin Economy:

Graffiti - Public - Other_enter_additional_details_below/101 Elsie St San Francisco, CA 94110, USA #bernal-heights!

California 2014 Propositions:

Why is the North East so quick at counting votes? #ge2010

ITHCWY: Siriusly?: Are you running your website on a VIC-20?

Bill would force patent trolls to pay defendants’ legal bills | Ars Technica +1, via @sr00t

For Whom the Bell Trolls: Life for a startup on the receiving end of a patent lawsuit -- yes, evil scum

Does your company use WinQual/WER (Windows crash reports)? Please get in touch if you do, I'd like to ask a couple of questions. #li #fb

@templer08 none, if you don't have RSS then I'm not listening to you... #IMU

4 of 5 stars to JavaScript by Douglas Crockford

Off to the Thirsty Bear

I guess the RFID updates stopped working, had me worried!

I installed @xobni for fast Outlook email search and to see twitter updates from my contacts. Get it free here #xobni

And the candidate the returning officer would most like to take home with them is... #ge2010 #fb

NextTEN Budget Challenge

360 degree 4k timelapse from Twin Peaks in San Francisco:

Field Papers - - looks very cool. Via @RavenEllison #todo @myEN

Idea for Google Maps "More" menu... "Bomb this location". Could integrate nicely with Google checkout and blackwater...

Not enough women in the business of software - long queue for the men's room ! #BoS2009


ITHCWY: Circles: I just got on Google+, and the Circles concept definitely moves the ball forward, but my heart…

The only #SF residents who follow the MUNI front door only rule: ((title unknown))

Right, time to wail on RC3...

British press "better intellectually capitalized" - heard on NPR

Catfood WebCams for Android - Catfood Software via @CatfoodSoftware

Some of these line items are confusing - i.e. is it a positive or negative factor. #IMU

hulu streaming didn't really work out

Falsehoods programmers believe about time - riff on the malleability of computer time

@missionexplore Find astronomical proof that it really is turtles all the way down?

Red Tailed Hawk:

Why London should be a national park via @msnbc -- watch and then -->

Must stop reading Photoshop Disasters!

Billions of dollars must be wasted by listening to stupid IVR systems telling you that their stupid options have changed. #fb


ITHCWY: Sand Ladder at Fort Funston

Found an abandoned pet mouse. Now called Christopher Twichens because it didn't show up at Borders either.

I'm #reading WAR by Sebastian Junger

I love being able to support international customers using Google Translate.

1) Is the President above the law?

Much buzz about circles and video chat, but the ability to reply to a message from a toolbar popup is the best of Google+ for me so far.

@ATTCustomerCare can someone help with paperless statements not being delivered (and _not_ caught in spam filter)?

At Thirsty Bear enjoying a post-release IPA (and that my phone predicts Bear after Thirsty).

Apparently it's #IPADay - luckily there's some @21stAmendment in the fridge.

Cow Fartpacks -- i'd pay good money for a dog sized one #fb

KQED Forum on GGNRA dog plan: (live now, link will have audio archive later).

It seems like time for cheese...

Wow Kate was not happy with going to bed tonight.

Developed mad crush on _Empire State of Mind_ while in the UK...

RT @jbvit_sf: is looking for: Online Community Coordinator #job

Pride: #fb

@DrDisco2000 unlike Weed, CA presumably...

Excellent, the pound is tanking - - hope it keeps going until October

Seem to be pretty broken today. Have fixed a few easy bugs but out of steam already.

@newscientist complains about misuse by creationists, but could have gone for a more responsible cover story:

Gotye's YouTube orchestra remix of "Somebody That I Used to Know"

Listening to the dog cry :(

Office Halloween party fear: everyone else is coming dressed up as an 'office worker' #fb

Retweeting @cucku: Cucku Backup will be on "The Digital Shoebox: New Options for Consumers" at @2009CES:

Instead of banning the last thing used in a terrorist plot (i.e. Ink Cartridges), why not ban something at random? More likely to help.

@sanphrancisco thanks, looks interesting. I'm after more specific comparable sale data - playing with the cyberhomes api at the moment.

In DLL hell :(

Artist Captures Dog vs. Gopher Confrontation on Bernal Hill - It could be Rudy...

This Mind Blowing Video Does NOT Use Green Screen

A career spanning nearly three blocks of Mission ;): (S.F. bus driver marks 40 years behind the wheel)

Have got WinQual automatically syncing into FogBugz - as soon as a crash happens we get a new case and an email.

GDP, The Music Video:

Seem to have picked up a cold from one of the innumerable meetings this week. Bugger.

I'm #reading Hull Zero Three by Greg Bear

How does Hulu manage to suck so badly and the missing app for cord cutting:


ITHCWY: Catfood: Klout and Follower: Klout is building PageRank for people. You get a score between 0-100 based on…

2-In-1 iPotty with Activity Seat for iPad -- OMFG, this is actually a thing you can buy

Sounds like one hell of a speed bump.: (Tarmac lorry sheds its load on M3)

4 of 5 stars to A God in Ruins by Kate Atkinson

Windows Movie Maker seems to get a little worse with each release.

@mrsmele it's constant SF summer drizzle everywhere at the moment. On the plus side I'm going up to Sonoma tomorrow for wine and sun...

@sr00t escaped work early and found a hop stoopid. Very pleasant.

I'm #reading Don't Vote It Just Encourages the Bas... by P.J. O'Rourke

I'm #reading The Testament of Gideon Mack by James Robertson

#SOTU - since when did the opposition response get to include color coordinated pod people?

Where the hell Is the 28L?

Tool to uninstall hated U3 from memory stick:

In some Yahoo account loop of death.

Very happy that CodePlex has started supporting Mercurial :)

Sodastream is back!

Merging Resource Dictionaries for fun and profit - I Thought He Came With You via @abfo

Not really the main inequality of a monarchy...: (Girls equal in throne succession)

RT @NoProp16: @abfo Senator @markleno introduced a "ratepayer's right to vote act" because of @PGE4me

William Gibson Essays: (How much do I need a parallel universe reading day?)

via @TheOnion - No One Murdered Because Of This Image

Making key lime pie. Only they're not key limes, so I guess it's just a lime pie but that doesn't sound nearly as nice...

Coke machine not knowing your Facebook profile seen as a failure by Benioff. #w2s

Why Continuous Deployment May Mean Continuous Customer Disappointment

+1 for Apple allowing QuickTime without iTunes again. -1,000,000 for QuickTime still being needed on Windows.

Thank you solar inverter for dying just _before_ the end of your warranty. if millions of uninterruptible power supplies cried out in terror, and were suddenly silenced... #officemove #fb

Unless you pay them for Google Apps...: ( Has An Unmissable Ad Drawing Users To Google+)

People in Japan learning how to swear in English -- ファック <-- match a @realDonaldTrump quote with a mitigating charity.

@netsolcares thanks for the offer, issue has fixed itself. Your email support is *horrible*, non-answer and no-reply address. Still fuming.

Timelapse of stars in 4K from Pine Mountain Lake in Groveland, CA:

Far-Fetched Scams Separate the Gullible from Everyone Else

What is it with not stocking anything? At least have a giant checkbox to only show stuff you're willing to sell. #Frackers

What a happy coincidence. As well as #IPAday it's also goof off at work day:

Smile! Cassini sets up shot of Earth -- heading out now!

Renewed hatred for: FTP, USPS, people who don't think they need to cooperate when passing on a single lane road. #fb

I supported International Development E... by voting for them to win $25k with #chasegiving. Please fan, vote, and RT!

Feeling the need to play Battlships via SMS

@robblewis I'm better now. Hey, I know how to have lunch :)