Doing many dull things to 64,000 files.

Own a color: (for Unicef)

Blog: Fastest image merge (alpha blend) in GDI+: I've been experimenting with the best way to merge two ima..

Not sure why git is telling my my head is detached but not the best start to the day.

Have to go and navigate the dreaded fashion island tangle to meet a friend for lunch.

Got my postal ballot for the EU elections... there are a lot of insane single issue parties out there, mostly xenophobic :(

@gillwilson just landed... Running late

wishes that websites would migrate by themselves, like gray whales... #fb

Shit San Franciscans Say: via @youtube

We Can’t Make It Rain… But We Can Still Write Poetry -- disagree on both counts

CA news... mystery missile ( and burning cruise ship ( - coincidence? #fb

Got to love the Paul Revere head slap: (Sarah Palin on Paul Revere)

Since twitter is American why aren't hashtags called poundtags? Or maybe octothorpetags?

O Imaging wants to charge an usurious "administration fee" to move a ScanToPDF ( license to a new PC. Avoid!

RT @RTPeat: New Zealand bans software patents | ZDNet

I don't know what I've said or liked but all my Facebook ads are in Dutch now. #fb

Still testing...:

@d_shep, sign up for facebook and then tweet about the whole facebook experience!

Done with Storage Visions, off to find Ballmer's keynote. #sv10 -> #CES10

Missing kids plan for 404 pages -- kind of creepy

ITHCWY: Reviews and Links for April 2012: APIs: A Strategy Guide by Dan Woods 3/5 Works as a good checklist of the…

Check this video out -- Cello Wars (Star Wars Parody) Lightsaber Duel - Steven Sharp Nelson via @youtube

Bitching and moaning about UK MP expenses. Hell, pay them £1M/yr with all the free porn they want. We'd get better MPs.

Adobe Reader... you open PDF file, slowly. How can you need a reboot after update? Hope PDF is the next to die after Flash.

ITHCWY: Instead of punishing bankers why not disrupt them?: I'm not the biggest fan of banks. Not content with…

Seymour Hersh has tough words for Obama, NSA, 'pathetic' US media

I hate it when you click a "read more..." link and there are only two more words to read. Web two point doh!

Babies really don't get the concept of 'Flow'

Should I really be auditing my own benefits?

101 is fucking evil - The Funded please don't make me drive this far south again.

At #VatorSplash

Installing a virtual build machine. Yawn...

Just cannot persuade my computer to go to sleep. Going nuts.

Accidentally Turing-Complete -- Pokemon Singularity

A Bird’s Eye View of Bernal Heights in 1938: from @Bernalwood

ITHCWY: Basic HTTP auth for an IIS hosted WCF 4 RESTful service: Wasted far too long on trying to get WCF to work…

Creating Google+ Circle paranoia... #fb

Better way to organize kids' clothing departments -- yes please

What an unexpectedly interesting Wednesday I seem to be having...

Ideal Sunday. Beach, IPA, Code :) #fb

Eagle-mounted GoPro -- is the future

@seeclickfix Android app says "Something got wrong with the content, please contact the software provider."

Classic British sci-fi show Blake's 7 returns ... to Xbox

Twitter Cuts Off Tumblr's Ability to Find Friends

"the GOP will have as much success vying for lost moderate voters as a garlic seller at a vampire's convention" #frei

AT&T support #fail ... anything I type into their send an email form gets deleted. Obviously deploying some time saving javascript.

@mrsmele way to powerful, makes for sloppy programming!

VIDEO: The man who became a pigeon <- did this before it was cool.

Flawed dog guilt research: (BBC News) proves instead that dogs read people well, sloppy reporting.

From the Radio 4 coverage you'd imagine Miliband Minor was running the country, not just trying to rehabilitate Labor.

RT @Pearldotcom: Have you received your preposterous love life predictions? #vday #love #lovelife

Happy Birthday Claude!

Just registered for #summit2010 - looking forward to the WER session ( #li

Andy Kurtzig Raises $25M To Take Expert Services Online With - #PearldotcomLaunch

Steam and clockwork powered Nazi zombies! Not-Book club movie night is better than I thought it would be.

BNP now officially two seats in #eu09. What the fuck?

California Academy of Sciences good but v.busy

If someone on NPR "explains" Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac to me one more time I will explode.

I get confused between the time that a film is showing and the price. Hey, that's not right...

@daveoflynn I'm abfo.rob ... which makes some sense, if only to me ;)

The rise of "yes or no, yes or no, yes or no" in UK politics is quite depressing. #ge10

Kate loves Goldfrapp :)

Off to the BloodHound, which apparently has Old Speckled Hen on draft. Fingers crossed it hasn't been powdered and rehydrated.

Overnight feed a rude shock after a few weeks off.

I read that wrong: (Smartphones 'could be powered by walking')

#IMU how do service provider recommendations on LinkedIn differ from personal recommendations?

Wow, smart strips on both computers, big drop in power consumption already.

troll the troll! send a troll doll to intellectual ventures. via @nathtone

RT @cucku: Spread the news about Cucku Backup Pro - please Digg and RT.

Your App Is Slow Because Our World Is Ending -- hope not, about to make the jump to quantum

BBC reports game streaming as "new" - - come on BBC, can you not even be bothered to google before reporting on tech?

@OlenaKoval all had form at the bottom, so learn then convert, I'm guessing longer copy worked better. Not sure about the form.

How the NSA Attacks Tor :" NSA really should release a style guide for press organizations publishing their secrets"


Aced the citizenship test. Examiner had to look up one of the answers... just need to take oath and will have gone fully native. #fb

It's very, very nearly time for a Gin :)

I really hate vanilla Win32. Nearly there...

Just finised reading the rough cut of SEO Warrior - learned some things and there's some interesting sample code.

I've been forbidden to tweet something that's really pretty funny.

Stumped on COM, playing with dotnetfx error codes and trying to stay mad with the dog (for digging offences)

is heading north... #fb

Babies R Us is rocking on a Friday night.

Gross is right #w2s: (Bill Gross Explains What’s Different About “You Can Follow A Part Of A Person”)

@ajs_gingertom dog won't go near the bath, he gets hosed off outside. Plumber has called in his "Cleaner". I hope it isn't Harvey Keitel.

4 of 5 stars to Embassytown by China Miéville

Facebook: you need to disambiguate pages that happen to have the same name.

Party Limits: (like Term Limits, but for entire political parties)

10 reasons chess may never make it as a spectator sport -- 10?

Office has laid on EURO 2012 coverage.

More on hijacking shareware to install crap: #fail

ITHCWY: Bringing a SHIELD to a conker fight: I've supported the SHIELD Act before, which would force patent trolls…

Saw at Vator Splash. Looks like a great meeting tool.

Dear Vatican, if the excuse is you didn't know Williamson's views then excommunicate the *#$%er again.

On the verge of writing a Twitter client again...

The best opening paragraph on Wikipedia

Q: When is Larry King on @cnn? A: Whenever I check into a hotel, no matter what the @%#$*&! time. Need to do some ironing :(

Should liberals have buyers' remorse over Obama? - Joan Walsh: (yes)

How to find aliens: advice from NASA, SETI and the EMH. #SETIcon

Well said @PJCrowley

Sick of: Droid, Climategate, Tiger Woods, November, auto-DMs, Plaxo #fb

@gillwilson, check out, very cool but doesn't work with pages

Nice hike, lovely warm evening, drank too much to be able to forage for food. #fb

It's brrr-isco.

@TravelingDad @hightouchweb #imu there were some questions I don't think were covered. Overall OK - not much you can do with the format.

Wow Kate was not happy with going to bed tonight.

ITHCWY: Grape Plasma: Gill found these instructions for making plasma in a microwave by carefully cutting up a…

Is it just me or does Chrome 27 just suck?

Reality rocks in San Francisco earthquake exhibit (Looking forward to this!)

"A conversation with my 12 year old self" (video) -- freaky

LEGO Management:

I'd like another weekend please...

External drive sounds like it's full of cockroaches. Luckily there's nothing important on there...

Also a woman just walked past carrying Boba Fett's head. Feel like I might be live tweeting a dream.

If you bring a dog to a meeting you're going to end up with action items like 'hire squirrels'. #fb

Off for a meeting at the Thirsty Bear. Hard life ;) #fb

Congratulations to @mattfrei

Blog: The Perfect Twitter Client: I started using bDule today after reading about it on Techcrunch. It seem..

Horrid Megane. Have spent 2 hrs on M25 trying to set clock. Have found forums saying dealer can't figure it out. About to fix with axe.:(

Listening to my Dad on Simon Mayo: ... like the Oscars, but more uplifting... starts at 00:19:38

US needs a national newspaper that doesn't suck. Can't get upset by local rags folding when they're just tarted up AP feeds.

BBC News - Al-Qaeda leader Bin Laden 'dead'

Stack Overflow Dev Days - battle of the mobile development stacks. I hope Android wins - I hate Objective C.

Eating mini-eggs. Why didn't you take them away @gillwilson? #fb

Check out this new @IDEX video on their work in South Africa: (YouTube)

360 degree, 24 hour time lapse from West Portal, San Francisco:

RT @IDEX: The Earth Day make earthworms happy -

Chrome Instant mode must have seemed like a good idea but in practice it sucks. Unnecessary bandwidth and 404 flood for webmasters.

ITHCWY: Mission:Explore Food - Get It Now: I posted a few months ago about my brother's crowd funded book, Mission…

Watching 'twitterchirp' on @justintv

San Bruno Mountain 360 4K timelapse:

API basic values #api @myEN: (Does API Value and Reliability Trump Docs and Code Samples?)

Who designs a child gate that doesn't take skirting boards into account? Has to be an idiot, a sadist or a physicist. #fb

Rejected and controversial New Yorker cover art (the mentos one is very good) via @BoingBoing #fb

Fandango #fail - no Avatar this weekend :(

There should be constituencies for ex-pats - the number of Brits in California must be worth at least two MPs. #ge2010 #fb

Taxonomy of the Lean Startup Anti-Pivot via @trikro

I think my Blogger template is probably now more complicated than Blogger...

Resisting the urge to refactor... for now.

All this homing snail excitement is completely derivative of my ground breaking limpet research from 1991!

OK, I'm willing to do my bit and sign up for Obama's $500K executive pay cap.

Quite agree with Nicholas Winterton that MPs should travel first class.

@netsolcares thanks for the offer, issue has fixed itself. Your email support is *horrible*, non-answer and no-reply address. Still fuming.

Brown's deal on bank pay ( going down that path, why not start at home @DowningStreet, really need nearly GBP200K?

Only banging on about it as I have pork related meals planned for tonight and tomorrow...

ITHCWY: UAC shield icon in WPF: WPF: When it's good it’s very, very good and when it’s bad it’s like sautéing your…

ITHCWY: Reviews and links for March 2011: The Idle Parent: Why Laid-Back Parents Raise Happier and Healthier Kids…

Watching Jeff Lawson at #BoS2011 having just seen his presentation at #BAPI - owl drawing & DOer funnels bear repetition.

OnLive working well for me :) Tearing myself away from FEAR 2 to get on with some work now...

Crypto guy at #codecon is threatening dogs, hypotheticaly

my day of not faffing is getting... pretty faffy

@sr00t even better than PEBKAC?

Ahh, the happy sound of the dog harmonizing with Portishead :) #fb

HOWTO: Punish Banks:

RT @GeoCollective: Daniel @RavenEllison speaking at National Geographic on the importance of #geography and #guerrillageography http://t ...

Stop the NPS from taking the recreation out of the Golden Gate National Recreation Area: @GoldenGateNPS

@BBCRadio4 your live stream is badly broken at the moment (just before 10pm)

ITHCWY: City by the Bay: View from Bernal Hill this afternoon.

Thanks @repcor, another helpful webinar from @hubspot

I. Hate. Muppets.

Ah, one good way to go over your twitter api limit is a while loop that just won't end. Sorry twitter.

I'm not afraid of @Google (yet):

Bernalwood 2012: The Year in Superlatives

@DPMoffice why not this:

My new measure of productivity is SLOC/diaper. It's about 1.

RT @abfo I Thought He Came With You | How to fix software patents

@gillwilson i didn't realize when i saw it earlier, just thought it was a really, really bad cake

@gillwilson just read the IKEA article, very good :)

I'm at Storage Visions and then CES next week - ping me if you want to meet up. #li

Marked as to-read: REST API Design Rulebook by Mark Masse

5 of 5 stars to Zero History by William Gibson

Joining @hubspot news release webinar at

ITHCWY: LEGO, now for Girls: LEGO Friends is “The new LEGO theme – for girls!” So I guess the current sets not for…

@RingCentralCare account is fine, but I keep getting marketing voice mails from you. I'm sure it's not just me. Please stop.

RT @abfo I Thought He Came With You | Finding NPR on Windows Mobile (testing...)

@antor don't try that with your head!

Am I allowed to say Nicholson ?

The coming war on general computation (Cory Doctorow)

Code analysis with errors switched on is like XP with a camelCasingPedant from Microsoft as your partner...

RT @SVbizjournal: Congrats to Emily Porter of @Pearldotcom for winning Rising Star! #BayAreaCCA

Interesting, but the first book I tried was wrong: (The Interpreter in Look to Windward)

@mrsmele I know. I can't believe the anchor didn't crack up.

Packet loss while trying to work: 8%. Packet loss while on the phone to Comcast: 0%. Sigh. #fb

Thanks Norm, that was a great time to talk over Sotomayor. I had no idea what radio station I was listening to.

Fog is back. Grrr.


Unbelievable. There's a queue for a "supercut".

Hint - always using 7706 isn't a CAPTCHA.

@robblewis yes, I mentioned that. You can get them to link properly if you ask them - disables their tracking but who cares about that.

Good morning parrots #fb

The new Radio 4 website fails half of the time. And takes 7,543 clicks to get anywhere.

@robblewis new readers are for reading the news you can't be bothered to read ;) (see Dirk Gently)

ITHCWY: Reviews and links for August 2011: RESTful .NET by Jon Flanders 4/5 Great coverage of exposing and…

Some companies plausible, but slide decks universally awful. #vatorsplash

Tip for conversion from a slide - use a short URL that I can be bothered to type! #IMU

I need to cancel my Google Alert for the other Bing before I drown in updates...

Teaching Kate how to reconcile QuickBooks...

Inbound marketing webinar series the week of June 15:

...: (Photo: Father and son at first and last Space Shuttle launches, 30 years apart)

Bugger. Have just snapped only pair of glasses in half. Also, superglue solid. Also, dog just barfed in the study.

@DrDisco2000 you're much more considerate at once a month ish...