Electoral Precedent

RT @BrokeAssStuart: Would Twitter Ban Hitler? See projected on Twitter HQ last night. pic by: Lowell Kirsh

Tracking CPU, disk activity, memory and network traffic through the power of light. Orbsome.

Gin, tonic and pretend poker o'clock :) #fb

Testing with multiple Windows, Skype and Cucku accounts. Hard to keep it all straight.

Wow, everyone said they'd vote LibDem and then didn't. Bummer. #ge2010

A school, in the woods, in the city: #utday

Headlines -- yes, sigh, no longer possible to skim

Rethinking the SHIELD act - - need to stop examining patents altogether:

Week of lunch - happily have two meetings booked at the 21st Amendment. Hopefully they won't run out of Double Trouble this time.

Facebook, instead of a generic error message you could have mentioned that you've changed the mobile upload email address. #fb

Off-leash dog areas should not be closed - SFGate

Off to the 21st Amendment - it's by far my favorite amendment #fb

Looks as cab rich as Henderson after a Shakespeare performance. Eyed peeled for OAPs.

There is one simple fix that would have saved us from both @realDonaldTrump and Bush: @NatlPopularVote @fairvote

Just discovered that our new car goes through a "regeneration cycle". Hopefully it doesn't also pick up "assistants"...

"Snowden's Run" -- nice

ITHCWY: Reviews and Links for October 2012: Skios by Michael Frayn 4/5 Perfectly well oiled comedy of errors. The… #todo #SETIcon @myEN Kepler archives opening in October

ITHCWY: UAC shield icon in WPF: WPF: When it's good it’s very, very good and when it’s bad it’s like sautéing your…

Adding some truth to the interwebs...

Just made the bastard stepchild of a meringue, a flourless chocolate cake and a nutty brownie with Kate.

Catfood: Earth and Follower: I've been busy updating a couple of Catfood products.Catfood Earth updates your deskto...

If Obama gets the peace prize for doing nothing just imagine what he'll win for backing Egypt protesters after the result was obvious. #fb

RT @StackHash: WinQual will be down for maintenance this Thursday/Friday:

Obama: please don’t run in 2012. I need a new hope: @BarackObama @OFA_CA #Obama2012's only river otter at Sutro Baths - SFGate via @SFGate

@sr00t never! Not even if I have to do without coffee, sandwiches and inner tubes.

Trying to work up the energy to walk the dog and feed self...

ITHCWY: Reviews and Links for February 2013: Shift Omnibus Edition (Wool, #6-8) by Hugh Howey 3/5 I read this…

Memo to self: do not attempt to drive to Bi-Rite. #fb

The unbearable (nearly) awkwardness of Real Time with @billmaher : @RealTimers @HBO

#ces10 projected to be down slightly on #ces09 - (SFGate) - still glad I'll be walking distance for a change.

4 of 5 stars to Advanced Google Adwords by Brad Geddes

RT @StackHash StackHash Blog | StackHash Beta 8 #li

Ideal Sunday. Beach, IPA, Code :) #fb

Law and order piracy = keeping honest users honest. #BoS2009

Deeply awesome!: (Time-lapse video taken from International Space Station orbiting Earth at night)

Oakland PD confused: An Open Letter to the Citizens of Oakland From the Oakland Police Officers Association (me too)!

Blogger Classic Templates Bugs and XHTML: I've just migrated this blog from to its own domain. In t..

RT @TheOnion: RT @Pontifex: Who am I to tell me what to do?

Lost all of your 'like's? Need to lint pages ( to freshen up Facebook's cache.

First few planets exciting for SETI, somewhere to look. But planets so common isn't it back to everywhere again? #SETIcon


End the Electoral College: Amendment, Compact, or Supreme Court?

Update to Google webmaster tools is pretty, but seems to have broken the iGoogle gadgets. Bummer.

Due to some strange curse everything I try to do on the Internet I have to do twice today.

@missionexplore what do you mean nope? How would you explore one?

Breaking: Feds indict Demand Progress's Aaron Swartz for downloading too many journal articles: via @demandprogress

ITHCWY: Is PAD dead?: I’ve been a member of the Association of Software Professionals (née Shareware Professionals…

Ooooohhh, the lectern is coming out of #10... #ge2010

Times Online: Why do you take five mins to load a page? And then split the smallest article into fifteen pieces?

Elite reboot hits funding target -- yay!

RT @IDEX: Hey IDEX Facebook friends! We need another 138 people to reach our goal of 1000 fans before the end of the year.... http://fb. ...

Which US state matches your personality? -- apparently I actually belong in California, man

Should the corporate tax rate be 0%? Why or why not? #likedebate

@gillwilson check out

Watching Whose Cloud Is It Anyway? on TechCrunch ( Not as funny as Whose Line Is It Anyway.

ITHCWY: House of Lords - time for Legislative Service?: I've mulled the idea of having an upper chamber randomly…

Having a weird Friday. #fb

@jprall, like this:, computer goes to sleep, all peripherals get switched off

Your Name in Life

Who designs a child gate that doesn't take skirting boards into account? Has to be an idiot, a sadist or a physicist. #fb

Rudy is hiding from the Blue Angels in the back of the car. #scareddog #fleetweek

Do not meddle in the affairs of WPF Hyperlink controls, for they are subtle and quick to anger :(

@urbagirl no :( ... and it's USPS so the tracking resolution is just somewhere between KY and CA. Slackers.

Just sedated the dog...

@McDonalds @McCafe i'd rather eat a bucket of sick with used chopsticks, thanks.

No Snow :(

I've got a brand new solar inverter and I'll give you the rectifier...

It's cool that UTF-8 plays nicely with ASCII. It's also incredibly painful sometimes. My twitter screensaver looks much better now.

Just posted the obituary for nearly four years of hard work: :( RIP Cucku Backup #fb

I saw a car in Bernal stickered with two guys and two dogs...: (Family Decals)

The winner is here:

RT @StackHash StackHash Blog | StackHash Beta 4

Boxer vs. Fiorina is a disappointing choice. Can we import Franken? #fb

Hey, Terry Jones, skip the Qurans and burn up a few proxy servers for me. Thanks. #fb

Hunting through PSTs to piece together evidence of International travel 5 years ago.

@BillRivers and do you like it?

"Five Surprising Bicycle Safety Rules for the Bay Area" -- none of these should be a surprise

Fixed irritating Windows Explorer crash - Perforce shell extension with no Perforce server any more. Doh!

Curses, who put 100,000 test files in that folder and then forgot to back them up...

Attending a C# 4 webinar and eating stew. Neither of which I'd have planned if I knew how nice today was going to be.

“Children are tiny idiots and we are slaves to them” -- Go the Fuck to Sleep for newshounds.

Google indexing via POST: (P.S. may not grok your robots.txt, suggests bending over)

Bugs. Arse.

@urbagirl i've had a brief play, and it's very cool... there's a 2.00 rumored for next year though (

Seems like I'm going to need to use different apps for regular FB and the Cucku page #fb

Sorry England:

What I Want For Christmas From Each Major Tech Company Next Year -- yes, #1

Missing kids plan for 404 pages -- kind of creepy

How to attract #hummingbirds -

Off to Mono Lake #fb

Looks like @Skype has killed @implus (as well as @imoim) -- would a functional Android or web client first have been too much to ask?

@robblewis problem is that online doesn't allow you to scan lots of stories. A good paper gets you the news you didn't know to look for.

To do in #SF tonight - @IDEX at @World_Affairs : followed by happy hour at

RT @StackHash StackHash Blog | StackHash Beta 3

I am a pathetic slave to closed Google betas.

O'Reilly new books RSS feed is super-stressful... should I learn this, what the hell is that, etc.

I'm #reading The Psychopath Test by Jon Ronson

All Fridays should involve quaffing large quantities of micro-brewed IPA. #fb

ITHCWY: Top 5 reasons to hate the Facebook like button: 5. Validation The metadata required to use the like button…

Really BBC, you needed to crowd source this one?: (What should you do if a cash machine overpays?)

Has AT&T introduced a new MMS limit or is it another #fail ?

In interminable queue for new California Academy of Sciences.

Moved into temporary apartment. Bye bye Bernal Heights, hello Pacific Heights. Searching Amazon for leggings and a monocle. #fb

@ajs_gingertom it has missed you!

Catfood Follower via @CatfoodSoftware

Doing many dull things to 64,000 files.

The cot I just assembled has inexplicable chirality... #fb

Trying to work up the energy to call Comcast. I think I'll walk the dog first.

5 of 5 stars to Hull Zero Three by Greg Bear

Six hour window to get windscreen replaced. Jeeps are designed as a kind of life support system for the auto glass industry.

Satellite crash:

Every time I search on MSDN these days it wants to start some sort of relationship with me. Bing #fail Google #win

Oh the joy of Skype vomiting up a million messages I've already read.

@sterlinghsa - if you're going to allow 10 claims could you allow more than 5 uploads for supporting documentation?

ITHCWY: Like Debate?: I’ve just started work on a new project called Like Debate. It’s going to be a new type of…

Is The Death Of JavaScript Upon Us, Or Is A Universal Language Transformation Underway? -- please let it be yes!

Clouds Over The Farallones:

@gillwilson Colon?

ITHCWY: Zombie Robs: I use Facebook for people I know well, LinkedIn for weaker ties and Twitter mostly for people…

Not drinking will kill you. -- hic

Dog fur splinter... ow!

I wish Latitude would open up a set location API...

Stealth Fighter #MondayMission #ME0091

Bad code offsets: - but seem to be funding existing goodness rather than actually reducing bad code ;)

Waiting for PKS Parade --

Should use Klout in Follower #bapi #todo @myen @CatfoodSoftware

Microsoft working on a smart bra to measure mood -- prior art:

Happy New Year! #fb

Stop Watching Us: The Video:

Beach Closing -- good

@mrsmele good-o. Some folks are getting a version of Skype without Extras. Trying to puzzle it out...

Summer has arrived, it just isn't evenly distributed. #SF #fb

@earth2andy that or a naff mug, up to you :)

I just declared my support for #London to become the world's first #NationalParkCity! You can too...

Amundsen's Dogs, Information Halos, and APIs #API via @sramji

Finally, can rearrange LinkedIn profile and move application block out of the way. Thank you LinkedIn. #li

Uff Da!

RT @CatfoodSoftware: Catfood Weather 2 beta updated: Now supports proxy server, fixed installer bug. #fb

ITHCWY: Reviews and Links for January 2012: Damned by Chuck Palahniuk 3/5 Very much a vehicle for Palahniuk to rant…

If you're buying Skype for Android ads those aren't real clicks that you're getting.

Where did the afternoon go? Should write a book on NGTD.

Dear @KarlTheFog , couldn't you have waited until Monday?

And yet I've always preferred working for CEOs who were founders. #BoS2009

Succession reform doesn't go far enough... should be based on gvt run reality TV program and raise money at the same time:

Overnight feed a rude shock after a few weeks off.

@gillwilson just landed... Running late

According to @Klout, @abfo is a Explorer. What's your influence style?

@BillRivers tread carefully!

Save the opt-out, should be able to work longer than 48hrs/week in the UK: (BBC).

@RavenEllison getting hints from @HilaryEllison ? It's going well, nothing solid yet though. Fingers crossed for next week.

Fixed a printer just be being in the same room as it. @gillwison now troubleshooting email.

Like bumping into an ex post sex change... #bapi

ITHCWY: Reviews and links for June 2011: Go the F**k to Sleep by Adam Mansbach 5/5 A new must have parenting book…

Windows Live Writer can't do tables for toffee.

Back from a week of visiting lots of National Parks. Can't believe how varied and pretty Utah is, or how much great beer they make :) #fb

Feedly keyboard shortcuts not working? Check Caps Lock!

I'd like another weekend please...

Visual Studio Gamification:

BBC News: Thanks for adding video tags to your RSS feed so I can avoid adverts for Wallonia. Now just stop using 'warn' in every title.

ITHCWY: Fight Facebook with Email: I was a little saddened to read today that Diaspora is transitioning over to…

Surprise: top U.S. city for babies, website says - SFGate -- the key being babies, not school kids #fb

Patent troll

So will be able to not connect much, much faster now :)

2 of 5 stars to 2312 by Kim Stanley Robinson

Gob smackingly awesome first day of #BoS2009 - now getting pickled at Thirsty Bear #fb

HOWTO: Punish Banks:

@mrsmele I know. I can't believe the anchor didn't crack up.

Off to Startup SF 2.2

Another Friday in WinDbg. Sigh. Mostly have self to blame though.

Greatest threat to Cameron regime: no confidence vote or BBC news chopper running out of kerosene over the palace? #ge2010

@urbagirl it's a little too easy to buy stuff. I'm going to need boundaries.

Also experimenting with Brizzly.

Was the UN really thinking about Musca domestica eradication for Libya?

Catfood Weather via @CatfoodSoftware

1906 earthquake refugee cottage at The Presidio.

CA Budget woes shut down Allen Telescope Array just as Kepler finds planets to point it at: (PDF) #fb

Still shipping :( Bad day for FTP connectivity to Server Intellect to pack in.

Blog rant: Why I Hate TreeViews:

The Reader is a beguiling turducken of a movie.

Diary of a Living Room

Do not mix up bassinets and bayonets.

#sfimc did the voyager disc really contain a photo of a man eating a boy? @Infinitemonkeylice

Retweeting @gillwilson: perhaps we should offset every tweet... []

Weather is bad enough that a UFO could be right over the hotel...#seticon

Breaking Good: how to synthesize Pseudoephedrine (Sudafed) From N-Methylamphetamine (crystal meth):

Things I didn't want to deal with so far tonight: cat vomit, cat crap, smashed glass, car with alarm going off for past hour. Sulk. #fb

Can't get Whoops Apocalypse on Netflix. The future isn't here quite yet, check again in a year. #fb

Why does each USB port treat each device as something that the computer has never seen before? Sigh.

How is Event Viewer on Vista so slow? It must have taken a concerted effort to make it so painful.

Memo to self, a receipt won't get you through a ticket barrier and complaining to BR results in mockery...

Testing the new Kindle firmware... #Kindle

#tccloud great point on data in the cloud... too often it's easy to put in but hard or expensive or impossible to get out

Trip so far... Newcastle (ish), Cambridge (ish), Southampton, Reading, now in Port Talbot

So ready for a drink. How bad would it be to turn up to a hospital tour a little tipsy? #fb

Suggestion to tax tall people more ( misses economic contribution of helping short people reach things.

Stop the NPS from taking the recreation out of the Golden Gate National Recreation Area: @GoldenGateNPS

Looks like Authenticode signing is going to be more important on Windows 8 - IE just blocks an unsigned download.