Griffin turns out to open at noon on Sundays. Brrrr

External impact report for @IDEX at

Field Papers - - looks very cool. Via @RavenEllison #todo @myEN

8 weeks, 6 days to stop using basic authentication with the Twitter API:

ITHCWY: Reviews and Links for January 2012: Damned by Chuck Palahniuk 3/5 Very much a vehicle for Palahniuk to rant…

Technorati now refuses to claim a blog if you 301 from non-www to www. #Fail

@RavenEllison or waiting for iPad3 ;) - you can use iPad2 for facetime, lighter and faster as well...

England vs Italy happily coincides with #SETIcon lunch break.

Pledge time again on @kqed - if you listen and don't chip in _you_ are the tragedy of the commons: #fb

How is it possible to spend this much time getting a form to close properly!

@gillwilson you won't want to know about this:

RT @DanRavenEllison: So, who wants to see my son (who's 10) rescue a #sheep by #kayak in the #Shetland islands? #Rou…

Playing with Nimbuzz. So that's how it interfaces with Twitter (last status). Thanks @SFtourguide - cool app :)

Inadvertant afternoon of IPAs...

Wrong nut! Back again next week...

OK Cameron, we'll take you up on the "No Money" offer:

RT @LikeDebate: Getting Started - Like Debate is my attempt to build a new type of debate web site. The teaser page launched … http://t. ...

I'm #reading The Lean Startup by Eric Ries

I'm #reading The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo by Stieg Larsson

@PhilTing thanks, I tried returning the call but no answer. Will email Tim.

RT @CatfoodSoftware: World Webcams Google Gadget updated: - view and control hundreds of webcams from your iGoogle page.

ITHCWY: International Date Line Longitude, Latitude Coordinates: I’ve been working on an update to Catfood Earth…

I'm #reading Squirrel Seeks Chipmunk by David Sedaris

Where the hell Is the 28L?

4 of 5 stars to The Psychopath Test by Jon Ronson

#hubspot, thanks @rickburnes and @ellieeille, good presentation

@geocollective check out

Building a Useful Task Board: - only this should be a large monitor and an #API

ITHCWY: Legislative Service: Churchill said “Democracy is the worst form of government, except for all those other…

Immature Gmail Exploit:

@geocollective looks like an incredible lineup. Wish I could be there...

If you're developing for Windows and haven't signed up for WinQual yet you're really missing out.

Blogger has started injecting unwanted JavaScript into some template tags. If you're having this problem workaround is

Could we solve the financial crisis just be getting Obama nominees to pay their back taxes? Seems that way.

Test with time and place 2012-04-21 16:00:41

Don't give way to the right, take way from the left. #fb

Fun task for today - learning the Google Maps API for an automatic hikes map...

I'm making a spreadsheet that could start a nuclear war. #fb

Baby tech should let everyone sleep:

Going to Portola Valley. Have to cross SLAC. Gulp.

There isn't enough coffee.

Watch out for "SEO enabled" releases that redirect rather than link directly - lot of snake oil out there, @hubspot

Help Fix the Biggest Problem with American Democracy via @egelwan

#IMU - Chris, go broad and participate everywhere or go deep and excel in one community medium?

@snags1993 how did that happen? and why would you want to escape!

Seth says friction saves the medium, stamps underrated: I spend less time on spam than throwing out junk mail though.

Can't believe the BNP won an EU seat. I'm as embarrassed of the UK as I am of California for passing Prop 8. #frackers #fb

Amundsen's Dogs, Information Halos, and APIs #API via @sramji

Yippee! That was my theory when we did it...: (Homes' solar panels often boost values)

A "Guerrilla Geography" Google Hangout for Geography Awareness Week #GAweek via @RavenEllison

Testing on XP...

3 of 5 stars to The Idle Parent by Tom Hodgkinson

Note to self: fancy purple carrots lead to pinky-grey pot pie filling :( #fb

All chores completed and ready to get on with stuff... and oh, bugger, it's nearly 5

RT @StackHash StackHash Blog | Include your application log in WinQual crash reports

&$%^ing cat bas barfed on: my phone, a contract, a pen, the floor and some Christmas cards. #fb

RT @IDEX: Happy Thanksgiving! Don't miss GCN founder, Betty Makoni, on CNN's Heroes Tribute tonight!

Memo to self: do not attempt to drive to Bi-Rite. #fb

Google+ fix for Google Apps users in a matter of days! +1! via @vicgundotra at #w2s

@mrsmele it goes to sleep fine manually and doesn't wake up. It just won't go to sleep automatically. It's some bastard process or other.

Red Tailed Hawk:

ITHCWY: Converting Blogger ATOM export to BlogML: I'm slowly converting a number of blogs from Blogger to…

Hurricane Rita carried 100,000,000 elephants of water (an elephant being about 4 tons) according to dude on Morning Edition.

Thank you office max, best buy and sony style. Grrr office depot.

ITHCWY: Shrubbery: A missed opportunity to demand that violators shall provide... another shrubbery! (At the Old…

Check out Viva Fund Summer Campaign: via @razoo

The color of yesterday:

Listening to @scifri on gene patents... do you need a license to create proteins from a patented gene? Does my body infringe?

ITHCWY: Reviews and Links for March 2013: The Land of Later on by Anthony Weller 4/5 Probably not what happens when…

Hikes on google maps - - parse RSS, then parse first track point from KML, then output dynamic page using the maps API.

#SF is #32 on Mercer quality of living list - #2 of US cities (just behind Honolulu). #fb


It's always the nannaberry that holds everything up :(

Dept. of Homeland Security Suggests Users Disable Oracle's Widely Used Java Software; Instructions For Disabling

Steinbach's Guideline for Systems Programming: Never test for an error condition you don't know how to handle.

@ATTNickT I finally reached someone who could help on the phone. Hopefully fixed now. Thanks for the response.

Relaxing with some WebCamSaver updates. Strange, but works for me.

Just noticed that there's a James Bong Building in SF. The name's Bong...

The parrots are not amused.

Taking Caltrain to #SETIcon ,aliens who have encountered Caltrain probably concluded no intelligent life on Earth and left again.


There are about 1M people at the Cal Academy already!

PGP on top of GMail:

ITHCWY: Magic Mountain

"Help make Abercrombie and Fitch synonymous with homelessness" -- oh yes

RT @cucku: Great Cucku review by @labnol (Digital Inspiration):

In some Yahoo account loop of death.

Any Questions, Any Answers, and now time to make soup and pot pies :)

I really want to just blame Boehner...:

ITHCWY: Procyon lotor

Benchmarking. Bah.

Dear new @bbcnews feed: I don't need to know about every single person that dies. Also find some synonyms for warn. #fb

@robblewis but most online news is sourced from offline content. There is a problem with who pays. Bigger problem is bad product.

Android users smart enough to drive without an app preview...: (Preview Coming Bay Bridge Road Change With New App)

Breaking Good: how to synthesize Pseudoephedrine (Sudafed) From N-Methylamphetamine (crystal meth):

Ahhhh, pretend poker, glass of wine, happiness

My voter guide... Hillary: CA props: SF props:

I've cleaned the 21st amendment out of double trouble. Admittedly they only had one glass left, but still...

ITHCWY: Catfood: Cleat: Need to tweet from the Windows command line? Well, now you can…

@gillwilson when will I learn...

Non-visitor gag count broken... #todo @myen

@DrDisco2000 unlike Weed, CA presumably...

Which US state matches your personality? -- apparently I actually belong in California, man

'Fungible' argument re Planned Parenthood implies that the government shouldn't pay pensions, tax refunds or salaries. #fb

Priceless SeeClickFix error: "Something got wrong with the content, please contact the software provider."

ZoneInfo Update (tzdata for .NET)

Visual Studio 2010: stop locking your own output files. Not big, not clever.

Personal Finger Daemon for Windows -- bring back finger!

@robblewis 31st is good, let me know when/where. Linking text non-obvious? Please....

You wouldn't guess that we'd invented the game. Boo. #ENG #ALG #fb

Capture DropCam frames to Google Drive:

The cat can no longer tell the difference between her litter tray and a laptop. This could get expensive.

"Boy Scouts Vote to Accept Gay Boys" -- +1

Presentation Zen shows Neil deGrasse Tyson some love: - Awesome

Google Latitude is no threat to privacy as it has absolutely no idea where I am...

Excellent, this Jesus-fish has not only evolved but also taken up hashing.:

#SuperbOwl (via #fb

Experimenting to remove GPS jitter from hike statistics - you can end up covering ground while standing still otherwise.

Network Solutions tip - when ordering click the shopping cart link at top right to avoid 4,000 pages of upsell offers.

RT @CatfoodSoftware: Blog: Catfood #PdfScan I’ve just released Catfood PdfScan This is a minor update…

WPF ComboBoxes are doing my head in.

@antor perfect! Hadn't heard of them before.

Building an installer. I do like WiX.

Discovered that the emergency broadcast system causes TiVo to lock up. EBS needs upgrading to include photos (it was an amber alert).

Catfood Earth for Android

Just learned that there is a Middle Class Task Force: - not sure if the objective is moving to lower or upper #fb

Hike Map - I Thought He Came With You via @abfo

Back to it!

ITHCWY: State of the Micro-ISV-osphere: I was a micro-ISV (µISV) for years before I heard of the term. It was coined…

Fermi Suicide:

"Eileen boo a tease me Dante news cool" -- android voice recognition of Kate singing ABCs

5 of 5 stars to Web Analytics by Avinash Kaushik

Bugs. Arse.

They missed the pop up toilets from Reading.: (Unusual toilets)

@geocollective yes, I should be around all morning - will have a brief call around 6pm your time but after that would be good.

Testing the new Kindle firmware... #Kindle


Task list zero :) ... now filling it up again :(

Suddenly the 5 star safety rating but non-machine-washable new car seat for Kate seems like exactly the wrong trade off. #fb

RT @GeoCollective: In the US? You can now order the (Outdoor Book 2011) #MissionExplore books on Amazon #play #pla ...

Blogger shutting down FTP publishing on March 26: - two months to figure out what to do with five blogs :(

I'm #reading Nocturnes by Kazuo Ishiguro

ITHCWY: Gopher Snake: Bernal Heights Park

Street View Again: #streetview #stalking

@mrsmele Just about.

Cleaning. Sigh. #fb

Fun week of #IMU. Now need to fix a couple of bugs before the sun gets over the yardarm...

Choosing the Right Seat: How not to get stuck next to someone that sucks

ITHCWY: Book reviews for April 2013: Drive: The Surprising Truth About What Motivates Us by Daniel H. Pink 4/5…

Bald eagle, fox, and cat are porch friends - Boing Boing via @BoingBoing

Working from home hazard - cat joining in conference call with lawyers. She made some good points, but doesn't get billable hours.

Wow. Bush's farewell speech was short, 9/11, good vs. evil. Clinton's was about an hour of accomplishments. Please go already.

RT @DumpAnalysis: New blog post: TestWER Tool to Test Windows Error Reporting:

Left 1099 printing to the last minute and have realized that I've got a package of W2s. Bugger.

ITHCWY: Loose Lips...

The triffid that @gillwilson is growing is now taller than me. I'm staying indoors for any fireworks from now on... #fb

Looking for dimmable LED spotlights...

Cucku is now certified:

Join @alfranken - add your name to save Net Neutrality from the corporate takeover of media:

Crurp: to burp while crawling with sufficient violence that you need to sit up and look shocked.

End the Electoral College: Amendment, Compact, or Supreme Court?

The People vs. Goldman Sachs | Rolling Stone Politics

Last meeting of the week... unfortunately down in Palo Alto.

Response to updated GGNRA Draft Dog Management Plan: -- comment at

Plants in, dog out.

Watching #Wintellect10

The dog can stop crossing his legs now. #ge2010

The New Yorker has excessively extravagant capital q's

Just donated to Council on American-Islamic Relations @CAIRNational #resist

C#, C++, C, PHP, JavaScript, SQL #code2009

Anti Muslim cartoons fine in Holland but anti Jew will get you prosecuted. Sad double standard. (BBC News)

@jprall I was out testing, not buying. There are a lot of really tragic laptops out there.

@kevbryan you're welcome!

Excellent. Now get rid of the Examiner as well.: (Mayor signs Yellow Pages law restricting distribution)

#ces09 off to eat Ewok food. Bam! goes nuclear:

Google's Nexus 7 tablet image leaks onto the Web via @CNET - holy crap that's a big bezel #io12

4 of 5 stars to All the Light We Cannot See by Anthony Doerr

Looking forward to seeing the restored Battery Townsley: #todo @myEN

Need to squash two bugs, then Woodside, then Roti.

Pacific Gopher Snake, full of gophers!:

"Security Analysis of Children" -- 'threat model' is my new nickname for Kate

Google SOAP search API is finally getting switched off tomorrow. Wah! #fb

Wow the Silverlight video controls are annoying. "Look at me, look at me, look at me" - no, I just want to fracking pause....

Tip: when injecting subcutaneous LRS in your cat, don't then stab the needle in your finger. Again.

ITHCWY: Occupy Intellectual Ventures: Send them a troll. Now.

Things I have fallen out of so far this weekend: the bath, a fire engine. #fb

ITHCWY: Even Shitier - Citibank Remortgage Scam: Citibank contacted us in December offering to remortgage our house…

BBC World News Are frequent flyer miles really a good deal? -- not with @BritishAirways --

Patent 'trolls cost $29bn a year'

New PC :) Backing up and then offline for a while...

back, and not talking for the next few days

Walking through doorways causes forgetting, new research shows:

@bbcthisweek Here's how to fix it:

Replaced tires, tubes and brakes. Steiner will probably defeat me again on Monday :(

Git is a very accurately named tool. Just do a 'git --reset --HARD --HARDER --HARDER' and you'll be fine.

Puzzling failure of Twitter Cards:

Office dog... #fb

#ces09 packing. Cupboard contains bewildering turducken consisting of various suitcases, a duvet and a selection of lara bars.