I <3 Noe Valley Auto Works, and spontaneous dog-sitting bikers!

About time to go to the beach :)

Santa is giving away free answers online for kids and kids at heart via @pearldotcom

@ajs_gingertom totally screwed. Idiot voters.

#boarding LAX

Listening to Cameron channeling Émile Coué on PM...

Wow, it takes a long time to delete 64,000 files. And the new bDule update has completely borked the input panel - swaps initial letters.

"You can't schedule amazing" Geoffrey Moore #AgileNewLevel

Spherical Sunset (360 degree timelapse): @theta_official

I'm #reading NurtureShock by Po Bronson

1 of 5 stars to Warriors by Ted Bell

Sigh: (‘Inventors’ Claim FarmVille And Other Zynga Games Infringe On Patent)

RT @DanRavenEllison: I'm fundraising for Outward Bound by running the London marathon. Text RAVE70 £1, £5 or £10 to 70070 to sponsor me. Th…

I hate COM.

Bye bye DOMA.

Blue & Gold forgot to stop at Sausalito...

Don't believe what Park Preserve say about their envelopes not melting in laser printers...

Retweeting @IDEX: Help coffee growing communities in Chiapas. Vote on Justmeans to Change Climate Change Please RT.

95.68% of my email is thrown away automatically. Thanks spam arrest!

@faresismail1996 hmm, it says that email is already on the service... did you get in with the link?

A 'frigging miracle' from Cringely: (Be a Hero, Barry)

@gillwilson Rudy fine, one escaped dog now with animal control

4 of 5 stars to The Anthologist by Nicholson Baker

CNN: the most trusted name in frozen iguanas. #fb


Bill Nye declares Todd Akin "fucking idiot"; issues debate challenge #fb

Apparently the dog can't drink alcohol on his new pills. If it was the cat this would be a problem - she does love her G&Ts.

Completed epic pet resupply mission. They don't seem grateful.

Off up Hill 88

@DanRavenEllison did have an epic Mexican last night.

Startup == emotional roller coaster :/

Export Google Fit step count to a Google Sheet automatically via apps script: @googledrive

Wierd day.

RT @DanRavenEllison: Why we should make Community Childhood Maps #everychildwild #wildtime #50things #playoutdoors …

At least @incserv has good support :)

Has the Fermi Paradox been banned this year? #SETIcon

4 of 5 stars to So You've Been Publicly Shamed by Jon Ronson

@HilaryEllison more of a US spell checker thing.

I think my Blogger template is probably now more complicated than Blogger...

I've sacrificed the afternoon to the FxCop sadists. One useful bug found for every fifty pointless messages.

Illegal dumping on Bernal Hill: - Vote to get this cleaned up!

Madness = thinking about finding Kate's VTech phone by calling it...

I suspect that UPS is hiding round the corner waiting for me to take the dog out...

Surely he's just doing that to screw with Gaddafi?: (Obama's war tent)

How is it possible to spend this much time getting a form to close properly!

WinQual / Windows Error Reporting at @WinSummit2010: - registration is now open. #WinSummit2010

Ship software on Windows? Watch the @StackHash Overview video on YouTube: #li

Old notes show that movie executives initially hated “Bladerunner” -- I thought the studio insisted on the voice over

ITHCWY: Reviews and Links for March 2013: The Land of Later on by Anthony Weller 4/5 Probably not what happens when…

Nexus 7 ships with Chrome... hope is has a massive battery then! #io12

Is there a hashtag for Storage Visions yet? #sv10 maybe?

Off to the @IDEX event in San Francisco, hope to see some of you there: #CharityTuesday #fb

@geocollective large! 5 weeks to go...

ITHCWY: Migrating from Blogger to BlogEngine.NET: In January I got an email from Blogger announcing that they're…

Just finised reading the rough cut of SEO Warrior - learned some things and there's some interesting sample code.

Rudy wishes I hadn't just shown him: "Saber-toothed squirrel" from the dinosaur days - Boing Boing

The sound of pine cones cracking open is making it nearly impossible not to mix up a Margarita... #fb

Be afraid. CDC is interviewing us today to determine the health of the nation. #fb

ITHCWY: Cycling again…: …after a five year break and while it’s true that you don’t forget how, your knees can stop…

Running round in circles on power management. Time to give up for the day and have a drink. *so* tired from the walk yesterday...

LinkedIn API open for business :) ... pity I have a huge list of things I need to get done :(

Oh no, it's pledge week(s). Bay Area people - throw @KQED a bone: Thanks!

How Newegg handed a patent troll its own ass on a plate +1, good job @Newegg

Everything on my new computer is so much faster... except QuickBooks.

I thought this was just me: -- Windows key toggles Confluence menu. Has been driving me nuts.

RT @flyosity: "We don't allow faster than light neutrinos in here" said the bartender. A neutrino walks into a bar.

RESTful API Design, Second Edition #API from @landlessness

If You Think Glenn Greenwald Should Interview Pres. Obama, Sign This Petition -- this I'd like to see. #fb

About to leave for #ces09. If you're there and have time tomorrow drop by this panel and say hi:

Sorry for the gibberish. oAuth appears to introduce much unpleasantness with encoding spaces.

ITHCWY: Converting Blogger ATOM export to BlogML: I'm slowly converting a number of blogs from Blogger to…

It's like Cloverfield in a garage!: (Bernalwood’s Wild Kingdom, or How To Deal Unwanted Guests)

No, you're thinking of mahogany: (Is monogamy essential to democracy?)

Time, solved:

Thanks for nearly running me over MUNI bus #5442

ITHCWY: Carr is Wrong: Costolo is Wrong: Wikipedia’s SOPA Blackout is a Great Idea: I was very happy to see…

KQED: AK-47 "like" a coffee pot in Oakland

Next in The Hague: Defense calls Justin Bieber, George Clooney files an amicus brief and a motion is filed to send in the clowns. #fb

Chop chop Devon... #ge2010

Left over curry for lunch... it has gone thermonuclear in the past couple of days.

VIDEO: Using GPS to find God -- as Apple maps help you meet your maker?

oh no, applications on linkedin...

Facebook: for pity's sake just remember the whole Top News / Most Recent decision.

ITHCWY: More on breaking the Internet: I finally got round to actually reading SOPA and PIPA. I make my living from…

Playing with cortex...

Listening to Any Questions from Friday and getting depressed at the extent of anti-mosque bullshit:

O Imaging wants to charge an usurious "administration fee" to move a ScanToPDF ( license to a new PC. Avoid!

I feel that I woke up at an unusually specific time this morning.

SSL Check: scan your website for non-secure content

Have facebook pages stopped importing notes? I guess with the horrible new design it really doesn't matter :(

Testing some API stuff with cute dog photos...

I'm #reading The Lean Startup by Eric Ries

"After torture, and between Harry Potter novels, CIA allowed KSM to design a vacuum cleaner" -- of course

First question for #hubspot - where are you?

@PhilTing 415 401 6312 - thanks

While I don't think I'll ever use it I just love saying "XBAP". :)

Does anyone know the story behind this manhole slab at Mission & 30th: ? #SF

BBC News - Whole internet probed for insecure devices --

About 2 days to reproduce a problem, about 2 seconds to fix it.

Obedient Bird!:

Why does wmdc.exe keep eating half a gig of RAM? To sync fracking email?

Filing and then budgeting. Grrrr.

I just backed Hammy Hamster's Chocolate Factory Needs Your Help on @Kickstarter

There are about 1M people at the Cal Academy already!

RT @TwitdomUpdates Twitdom » Catfood Follower (via @tweetmeme)

@GeoCollective still nothing - only three days late

Shouldn't hackers be _taking over_ a network of satellites?

Have got USGS earthquake data (via up and running in the Catfood Earth beta:

Installing Windows 7 and testing a very, very large restore.

I’ve been Twitterized. See my infographic generated by @visually.

Lindsey Graham is making me feel pretty ill at the moment.

Patents and Unions: When Good Intentions Go Horribly Wrong via @techcrunch

gizmodo is ambivalent

Just learned that there is a Middle Class Task Force: - not sure if the objective is moving to lower or upper #fb

On the verge of writing a Twitter client again...

NY Times Verbatim: What is a photocopier? -- watch watch watch

Holder says waterboarding illegal; president can't order illegal acts. So why not ask the question - will be prosecute Bush?

On to RC2... Fingers crossed

Scooby-Doo and Secular Humanism:

Ahhhh the sound of Freedom. Makes me glad that I don't live in San Diego.

Sick of listening to racists on NPR.

4 of 5 stars to Sand by Hugh Howey

BBC News - BitTorrent Sync challenges cloud-based file management -- BitTorrent version of Cucku #fb


Victory over XP/Vista power management API randomness. On to some fun stuff :)

Please @bbcquestiontime put up a download of today's Question Time for international viewers - #bbcqt

Exoplanet found 'just next door' <-- let's go there! #fb

"Brown? In London? Papers please." -- really? are we Nevada now?

Got it, unemployed should build free houses for chartered accountants! Fixed it! #leadersdebate

Almost caught up... #fb

Drumming fingers, waiting for Google Play to do whatever it is that it does...

When would you overthrow the government? --

On the phone to the TransUnion muppets again.

More founders that program. Yay! #BoS2009

Blog: Fastest image merge (alpha blend) in GDI+: I've been experimenting with the best way to merge two ima..

Hummingbirds apparently v. high in omega 3's but so hard to catch... #fb

Check out this presentation : How to stop sucking and be awesome instead via @slideshare

Sick weekend: three people with colds, dog with a very bad stomach, cat was never right to start with. #fb

Visual Studio toolbox has forgotten all it's mobile controls. Reset doesn't help. Grrrrr.

@mrsmele I'm just planning to expensively sync twitter RSS feeds, nothing heavy,

Devil's Slide Trail: #hike

Ooops. Unhappy cat accidentally locked in back bedroom. She's telling me all about it now. #fb

4 of 5 stars to Successful Analytics ebook 2 by Brian Clifton

Recursive lame @AskCapitalOne ad on @Salon - fuck your #Escape and the pop up it rode in on.

Forgot to make bread so eating Reese's that even trick-or-treaters were smart enough to turn down.

I always read American Medical Response as Armed Medical Response - ambulances with attitude!

ITHCWY: Reviews and links for October 2010: The Thousand Autumns of Jacob de Zoet by David Mitchell 5/5 Stonking…

Catfood Software Blog | Catfood PdfScan via @CatfoodSoftware

+1: (Investors Fred Wilson, Chris Dixon, And David Lee On Software Patents: Get Rid Of Them (Video))

That Mitchell and Webb Sound on R4:

Fix for Chromecast wifi issues: (hint, its an @amazonfire stick).

Thunderbolts and lightning, very very frightening me. Well, mainly the dog. #fb

Waiting for doggy drugs - much hilarity at WalGreens

Tedium on grass... #ENG #USA

5 of 5 stars to Web Analytics by Avinash Kaushik

Sun's campus is nice. What is it they do again?

Loading too many symbols...

Just ordered a Kindle :)

It's only fair: one can of Guinness for the gingerbread, one can for me. It's going to be pretty boozy gingerbread. #fb

I <3 SWREG (for offering me a product they no longer sell, and not kicking me off the plan I'm on)

New "Plain Preferred" Term Sheet: ... missing term is VCs can't say no on Tuesdays ;)

RT @gaylordbelinsky: Gaylord & Belinsky provides Wealth Management, Financial Planning, and Tax Counsel to individuals, businesses, and oth…

Donated to @HRC #resist

D-Link: thank you for the free coffee :) #CES10

Learnings include that macro is presumably Scottish for market #vatorsplash

Well, bugger. This is like pulling wings off flies. #GER #ENG

Ex-Google Reader Product Manager Posts Scathing Review Of Reader Redesign | TechCrunch

Remembering #ENG #GER game while at Rolling Stones concert at Wembly.

Playing around with the "open" graph protocol.

OK, the halfway update just got here. I guess the SF text network is overwhelmed with marathoners.


So which side to fight on in a hypothetical US - UK war? Conflicted independence / good riddance day ;) #fb

Dog catcher of Bernal Hill strikes again... reunited lost black lab with dog walker...

Help make it happen for Laser SETI: First Ever All-Sky All-the-Time Search #indiegogo via @indiegogo

Just spent the day getting rid of books to make room for Kate Jr. Total books got rid of: 5 #fb

Pyura Chilensis, the living rock

Catfood PdfScan via @CatfoodSoftware

blowing away the last three days of misguided work :(

Why do I need to download GoToMeeting every fracking time I have to Go To a Meeting?

'Supermoon' to light up night sky -- bend over and look at it between your legs?

Obama is better than Bush like your new husband is better because he only beats you once a day: #fb

Let failing banks fail, set up new publicly owned banks, privatize later.

Fascinating, if you live in Bernal.: (That Odd Bend in Precita Avenue, Explained)

ITHCWY: Fixing dropped wireless connection for Linksys E4200: I've been going quietly mad trying to fix a constant…

Clean energy & economy debate live now via @livestream

Yum, left over curry for lunch.

Just finished 15 hour release process. Washing down some Excedrin with a gin and tonic before heading over to the @toronado. #fb

Wave 1: Mosquitoes. Wave 2: Opossums. Wave 3: Moths. Not sure I want to go out again.

I'm dangerously close to the 21st Amendment...

Google Latitude is no threat to privacy as it has absolutely no idea where I am...

4 of 5 stars to Rule 34 by Charles Stross

Fog rolling back into San Francisco. Bummer.

ITHCWY: Think before you print?: Don’t tell me to think before printing your email. Firstly, it’s not that special…

The New Yorker has excessively extravagant capital q's

ITHCWY: Comments Restored: I've restored all the comments that vanished after I removed Disqus last weekend. This…

SFO not really geared up to deal with ice. Southwest's lack of information not helping either.

Power out in Bernal... time for Super Scrabble!

The Lawrence 37-Inch Cyclotron:

Grrr, PDC sold out before they got round to announcing the sessions. Will have to stream with a cocktail instead...

Mission Street has got bad enough to vibrate the connection off my starter motor (in a Jeep!). Of course it's the hardest to reach as well.