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West Portal Timelapse of Timelapses

West Portal Timelapse of Timelapses

This is the third and strangest video in my series of timelapses from West Portal, San Francisco.

Each frame is a single-frame timelapse where each vertical line is from a different time of day. 4,320 photos go into each frame over 24 hours. The video covers 366 days (from June 21, 2015 to June 20, 2016 - summer solstice to summer solstice) so 1,581,120 photos total. For the video I also generated a ten frame fade between each SFTL shot to try and make the whole thing a little more comprehensible.

Photos were captured using a Google Apps Script that I wrote to pull frames from a Nest Cam / DropCam to Google Drive and then downloaded and processed around once a week for the past year.

Music is Erratic Revenge by JukeDeck.

I have one more coming...

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