Methyl L-α-aspartyl-L-fucking-phenylalaninate

Updated on Wednesday, February 22, 2017

Methyl L-α-aspartyl-L-fucking-phenylalaninate

Every time I go back to the UK now I experience some sort of culture shock. A couple of years ago it was the matryoshka of Marks & Spencers. This trip, post-Brexit, I was expecting a J.G. Ballard style post-apocalyptic wasteland. But it was even worse - it's nearly impossible to buy tonic water without sweetener.

I'm unlucky (or maybe lucky) enough to be sensitive to aspartame and anything made with the stuff tastes foul to me. I can no longer have a gin and tonic in a pub because the full-fat tonic is as tainted as the diet stuff. It's not just tonic water, many other drinks are laced with the stuff. And kids in the UK now live on Fruit Shoots which are short on fruit and long on chemical warfare.

Is this some sneaky anti-obesity move I haven't read about? More likely the vile artificial stuff is just cheaper than actual sugar and it's a cost saving measure.

Oh, and I saw a crew of motorway workers washing traffic cones. In the rain.

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I agree with you foul stuff and I have to live here all the time! I only drink water now with a slice of lemon. Well apart from the wine, that has escaped its use, so basically my choice of drink is water of wine. What a decision.

I did notice on my visits to the USA that a lot of products have Stevia in, much healthier choice but still has an after taste.

Also, apparently it is either Coke Cola or Pepsi are no longer using Aspartame, except for in the UK, as they want to poison us all slowly!

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