Updated on Saturday, September 18, 2021

View of Alcatraz from Steiner and Pacific in San Francisco

View to Alcatraz from Steiner and Pacific - about to cycle down very fast.

Updated 2016-04-26 21:42:

Ecology Trial in The Presidio of San Francisco

View from the Ecology Trail in The Presidio of San Francisco.

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Crissy Field Lunch

Updated on Sunday, May 3, 2020

Bernal in Bloom

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Great Billboard Hack

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Chinese New Year

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Last Light

Updated on Sunday, May 3, 2020

Wave Organ

Updated on Friday, February 24, 2017

The Wave Organ, San Francisco

Like the Internet, The Wave Organ is a series of tubes. Unlike the Internet it groans at you in different ways as the tide comes in and out. It’s also a nice walk on a blustery day with great views around the bay and back over to the Marina.

Kate at The Wave Organ in San Francisco

(Google Earth KML, Google Maps)

Hike starts at: 37.806707, -122.446921.

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San Francisco 2012 Propositions

Updated on Friday, February 24, 2017

San Francisco 2012 Propositions

Following yesterday’s post on the California 2012 Propositions here’s a shorter post on how I’m planning to vote on the San Francisco (PDF) ballot initiatives:

A: City College Parcel Tax

Yes, happy to pay another $79 a year to support City College.

B: Clean and Safe Neighborhood Parks Bond

Yes, park improvements for a littler over $50 a year.

C: Housing Trust Fund

Yes, a modest amount of money to include affordable housing in a city that desperately needs it.

D: Consolidating Odd-Year Municipal Elections

Yes, because there are too many elections already.

E: Gross Receipts Tax

Yes, makes more sense than taxing payroll and doesn’t tax businesses until you’re over $1M in revenue (whereas the payroll tax hits pre-revenue startups).

F: Water and Environment Plan

No, this is a study on draining the Hetch Hetchy reservoir. Which is just crazy. I might not support building it today but it makes no sense to look at getting rid of it now. Plus that water is really nice.

G: Policy Opposing Corporate Personhood

Yes, because a San Francisco policy will totally reverse hundreds of years of legal precedent. More seriously, corporations are not people and while a policy won’t reverse the malign influence of unlimited corporate spending on elections it doesn’t hurt to whine about it a little.

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Twin Peaks

Updated on Sunday, May 3, 2020

Twin Peaks

Not much of a hike, but Twin Peaks is about as high as you can get in San Francisco and offers wonderful views on a clear day or night. Park here and then escape the throngs by walking up one or both of the peaks.

Rob and Kate at the top of Twin Peaks in San Francisco
We often take guests from out of town up Twin Peaks. The occasion today was a first visit for a new native San Franciscan – Katherine Harper Ellison – seven days old on her first trip up to the top of Noe Peak.

Red-tailed Hawk above Twin Peaks in San Francisco 
A Red-tailed Hawk hunting over Twin Peaks.

(.49 miles, total elevation gain 201 feet, 25 minutes, average 1.17 mph, view in Google Earth.)

Hike starts at: 37.754849, -122.446607.

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Fort Funston in the rain

Updated on Saturday, July 18, 2020

Fort Funston

(view in Google Earth).

This is the short version of our Fort Funston walk (the long version is here). Depending on the tide and the height of the sand it's sometimes not easy to get past a couple of sewage outlet pipes. Today's walk was wet with a high tide so we turned left at the bottom of the sand ladder and just walked along the beach and back. The longer version is to turn right and complete a three mile loop.


Rob and Rudy

Hike starts at: 37.714211, -122.502257383333.

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