Shots are: north to Mount Tamalpais from Golden Gate Heights park, south-west from Grand View Park, north from Grand View, south from Grand View, north again from Grand View and finally east from Grand View (if you look closely something is being hauled up Sutro Tower).

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Sutro Tower, Moon, and Plane

A Plane, the Moon and Sutro Tower

Google Pixel 6 Pro 19mm f3.5 1/250s ISO33

Brief moment of calm before a 737 knocks the Moon into Sutro Tower. Almost.

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South from Golden Gate Heights Park, Sutro Tower from Twin Peaks, south from Golden Gate Heights again with more clouds and west from Grand View Park. Photo is a panorama of Golden Gate Park from Grand View.

I'm switching from the more ambitious specific weeks to a timelapse of the week (TLOTW) when I have one.

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San Francisco Stars

Updated on Saturday, February 19, 2022

San Francisco Stars

Unusually good night sky conditions in San Francisco recently. Here's a video of several timelapses shot over the last couple of months. The sequences are: (super) moonrise, no Lyrids over Sutro Tower, Ursa Major rotating around Polaris, Orion setting, moonset.

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