Full Outlook Web Access on Chromebook

Updated on Monday, April 26, 2021

Outlook Web Access

When trying to load the Outlook Web App on a Chromebook you'll find that you can only access the 'light' version. It's pretty easy to fix, you just need to spoof the user agent. 

On a regular desktop computer launch Chrome and type chrome://version in the address bar. Find and copy the user agent string. 

On your Chromebook install the User-Agent Switcher extension. After this installs click the icon and choose Settings. Enter a new customer user agent - name something like 'Chrome Desktop', the user agent string is the one you copied from a desktop PC above, group is Chrome, type is replace and enter a character or two for the indicator flag.

Next click the Permanent Spoof list tab (still in User-Agent Switcher) and enter the domain of your outlook site (i.e. outlook.mycorp.com) and choose the user agent we just created from the drop down list (i.e. 'Chrome Desktop').

Finally log out of Outlook Web Access. You should now be able to uncheck the 'light' experience and get the full version of the Outlook Web App.

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Bethany Erhardt

I now think the problem with "Search" was a result of an update, rather than the fix that was suggested here, which worked great! Thanks!

Robert Ellison

I don't use a chromebook any more, so can't check this out. If anyone else still follows this thread maybe they can help?

Bethany Erhardt

This worked for me, but then the "Search" function wouldn't work in the full version of Outlook. Let me know if you have suggestions!


Awesome! Thank you.


you are my hero! Thanks!!

James Welbes
after I did all this, I still had to click on the extension icon, click on Chrome, and click on Chrome Desktop. Once I did that, my page refreshed and the light version box was un checked
Sacha Horowitz
This needs some correction if you don't want to end up pulling your hair out. 1. make sure you use "user agent switcher for chrome" (by Glenn Wilson) and not the other "user agent switcher" in the Chrome store. (The link in the article is correct.) 2. this is not enough as it will still not allow to drag and drop emails to folders so: choose OSX Safari 5 and not Firefox 15. This worked for me. 3. I added different URLs to the permanent spoof list, not knowing which one is really crucial: - https://dbxprd0710.outlook.com - *.outlook.com - https://db3prd0702.outlook.com - https://login.microsoftonline.com Of course you might have to work with different URLs. Look in your browser bar at each stage of the login process to be sure. Even this doesn't always work. If you exit Chrome and enter again, and you are still logged in, you might get the light WebApp. Log out and log back in.
Christian Hoeffel
Very effective, thank you! This is a huge help!
Rafael Freitas
By the way.. I've used this string: Mozilla/5.0 (Windows NT 6.1; WOW64) AppleWebKit/537.31 (KHTML, like Gecko) Chrome/26.0.1410.43 Safari/537.31.
Rafael Freitas
This is brilliant. Thanks a lot!

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