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Sutro Baths Timelapse

Sutro Baths in San Francisco

Timelapse of Sutro Baths in San Francisco, CA.

2017 Total Solar Eclipse from Madras, OR

Total solar eclipse composite shot from Madras, Oregon for the 2017 eclipse.

Edited highlights from the 2017 total solar eclipse shot from Madras, Oregon.

360 spherical video of totality. This is best in a virtual reality headset.

The three timelapse videos edited into the version at the top of the page. The first one was shot on a GoPro. The second is from a Sony RX100V with an ND5 filter and the third is the Sony timelapse processed to keep the sun at the center of the frame.


Stars from Pine Mountain Lake

Stars from Pine Mountain Lake

Timelapse of sunset and then stars shot over several nights at Pine Mountain Lake in Groveland, CA.

Stars over Lake Tahoe

Timelapse of stars over Lake Tahoe, California

4K timelapse of stars and the Milky Way over Lake Tahoe, California.

Spherical Sunset

Spherical sunset timelapse 360 degree video

An experimental spherical timelapse of a sunset looking west over the Pacific from West Portal, San Francisco.

In your browser use w, a, s, d to tilt and pan. Best viewed in a VR headset.

Shot on the Richo Theta S, post processed with Lightroom, LRTimelapse and FFmpeg.

Tam Pan

Tam Pan

Time-lapse panning over the San Francisco bay area from the Gardner Lookout at the east peak of Mount Tamalpais.

ASCII Sunset

ASCII Sunset

A sunset timelapse rendered as ASCII art. Music from JukeDeck.

Slow Camera for Android

Slow Camera for Android

I do a fair amount of time-lapse photography as a hobby and one format I really love is the single frame time-lapse. This is where hundreds (or thousands) of images are stitched together into a single picture instead of a video. There are several examples on this blog including trippy clouds, cranes, a living room and a video which is a time-lapse of single frame time-lapses (made from 1,581,120 photos!)

Until recently I shot the frames like I would a regular time-lapse and then combined them into a single photo using some custom software. This is fairly tedious and so I've packaged up the entire process into an Android app. It can shoot from a minute to 24 hours using the front or rear camera and then saves the finished photo.

Download Slow Camera from Google Play

I have 20 free license codes for ITHCWY readers. If you'd like one just send me an email.

Bay Bridge Timelapse

Bay Bridge Timelapse

4K time lapse of the San Francisco side of the Bay Bridge. Shot on a gloomy Friday morning with an Alpine Radian and Sony RX100 IV. Processed with Adobe Lightroom and LR Timelapse.

(It's the first project I've completed after upgrading my upgrade-proof laptop with a 1TB SDD, some cat fur and about a half pint of blood. I'm amazed it even boots. There is a tenth circle of hell for laptop designers who decide to hide the hard drive module under two tiny ribbon cables secured with ribbon cable eating tape. And thanks for the fake screws.)

Music from Jukedeck.

West Portal Timelapse of Timelapses

West Portal Timelapse of Timelapses

This is the third and strangest video in my series of timelapses from West Portal, San Francisco.

Each frame is a single-frame timelapse where each vertical line is from a different time of day. 4,320 photos go into each frame over 24 hours. The video covers 366 days (from June 21, 2015 to June 20, 2016 - summer solstice to summer solstice) so 1,581,120 photos total. For the video I also generated a ten frame fade between each SFTL shot to try and make the whole thing a little more comprehensible.

Photos were captured using a Google Apps Script that I wrote to pull frames from a Nest Cam / DropCam to Google Drive and then downloaded and processed around once a week for the past year.

Music is Erratic Revenge by JukeDeck.

I have one more coming...

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