San Francisco New Year's Eve Timelapse 2020

San Francisco New Year's Eve Timelapse 2020

A timelapse of San Francisco on New Year's Eve 2020:

Shot from Treasure Island, Corona Heights Park. Fort Baker and near Battery 129 in the Marin Headlands. Each sequence was transformed with a style transfer neural network (full details).

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Cause and Effect, or Strange Skies over San Francisco

Cause and Effect, or Strange Skies over San Francisco

A timelapse combining the mid-August storm and the 'day without a sunrise' on September 9, 2020 in San Francisco (lightning from the storm contributed to the wildfires that blocked the sun).

West Portal Sunset

West Portal Sunset

Spectacular sunset the other night, the kind where I really wish I'd left a timelapse running an hour earlier. This time I did! It was just a test run of a new GoPro Hero 8 Black to see what the nightlapse mode is capable of. I left everything on auto, including the interval, which I thought was an odd thing to have an auto mode for but that it might produce some interesting effects. Nope. The GoPro does a nice job of ramping down the shutter speed and ramping up the ISO, but it just randomly toggles the interval between one and two seconds occasionally which just glitches the video. So won't be using that mode again.

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Storm builds over Lassen Peak (Timelapse)

Storm builds over Lassen Peak (Timelapse)

A storm builds over Lassen Peak. Filmed from Lake Helen in Lassen Volcanic National Park.

San Francisco Stars

San Francisco Stars

Unusually good night sky conditions in San Francisco recently. Here's a video of several timelapses shot over the last couple of months. The sequences are: (super) moonrise, no Lyrids over Sutro Tower, Ursa Major rotating around Polaris, Orion setting, moonset.

4K One Year Global Cloud Timelapse

Hurricane Dorian in Catfood Earth

Six 4K images a day at 24 frames per second (so each second is four days) from April 18, 2019 to April 17, 2020:

I made a version of this video a couple of years ago using xplanet clouds. That was lower resolution and only had one frame per day so it's pretty quick. This version uses the new 4K cloud image I developed for Catfood Earth just over a year ago. I've been patiently saving the image six times a day (well, patiently waiting as a script does this for me). It's pretty amazing to see storms developing and careening around the planet. The still frame at the top of the post shows Dorian hitting Florida back in September.


Frame from Coastal Timelapse

An abstract timelapse of the California coast.

The sequences were shot over about six hours using a Sony RX100V, f5.6, 1 second exposure, ND3 filter and ISO 80 to around 250 depending on the light. Most of the frames are from the Marin headlands, one sequence is from Sutro Baths in San Francisco.

Post production used Lightroom and LRTimelapse. I skipped LRTimelapse rendering and wrote a custom application to mirror the frames (for this video mirroring is left/right top/bottom and for one sequence both). I then used ffmpeg to render each mirrored sequence and Premiere Elements to edit them together. Finally I added music with Filmstro.

If anyone is interested in the mirroring application post a comment below and I'll tidy it up a bit and release it.

This timelapse is absolutely inspired by the main title sequence for Bosch on Amazon Video.

More Bangalore

Tipu Sultan's Palace, Bangalore

Timelapse of Bangalore (Bengaluru) in Karnataka, India:

The segments in order are:


San Francisco New Year's Eve Timelapse

San Francisco New Year's Eve Timelapse

A timelapse portrait of San Francisco on New Year's Eve 2019:

The video features the view from Inspiration Point, The Palace of Fine Arts, Union Square, Crissy Field, The Ferry Building, Music Concourse in Golden Gate Park, Market Street and the sun setting over downtown shot from Twin Pearks.

Bangalore Timelapse

Bangalore, Karnataka, India

Dawn to dusk 60 frame per second timelapse of Bangalore (Bengaluru) in Karnataka, India. Shot on a GoPro Session from the 10th floor of the Sheraton Grand Hotel over two days.