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A Spy Among Friends

A Spy Among Friends

Not since the Kenneth Branagh version of Wallander has a TV series put me so comprehensively to sleep. I love Scandi Noir, I love Kenneth Branagh and yet through four seasons I didn't finish a single episode. A Spy Among Friends is an espionage 'thriller' with a fantastic cast set around the penetration and defection scandal of Kim Philby. It should be a compelling story but I can't say for sure because it was like a  rohypnol in a double Long Island Iced Tea. YMMV.



Bodies starts with the same dead person in several different periods and pretty soon four detectives are investigating four strangely similar cases. It's the most BBC thing I've watched in years, I really enjoyed it.

Reacher Season 2

Reacher Season 2

Season 2 takes on Bad Luck and Trouble. I wonder what they're going to do when they run out of books where Reacher has collaborators. His inner monologue is pretty hard to translate to TV. The first season went for a comedy sidekick cop to add in the humor and it worked pretty well. Season 2 is a lot darker and a lot less Reacher as a result. Hopefully they tack back and find a better tone for Season 3.

The Crown Season 6

The Crown Season 6

The Crown putters to a quiet end. It was quite compelling to start with and got less so the closer it gets to the modern era. I think probably because it starts to overlap with events I remember quite vividly, and can't really compete with those memories. In the last episode we jump back to WWII era Elizabeth and I wish they'd done a whole series just on that. Maybe that will be a spinoff. While an interesting historical drama, the fantasy ending I'm looking for is more like this.

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