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This was a random preflight download for me from Netflix. It's about a Belgian influencer who loses his mind after the arrival of a child (and the soundtrack nearly made me lose my own mind - the baby screams for most of the film and is only interrupted by things like eating soft fruit loudly). It was OK.


Mythic Quest Season 3

Review:TV:Mythic Quest Season 3

It's not quite as good as the first couple of seasons but still worth watching. I think this time around moving Ian and Poppy into their own studio was a mistake, but not as big as consummating the unconsumatable.

Poker Face Season 1

This is mostly talked about as a Colombo remake but I think Natasha Lyonne is channelling the Hoff because this really reminds me more of Knight Rider. Stranger comes to town, gets people out of jam, leaves. It's more about that vibe than the solving of any particular muder. Loved it.

The Last of Us Season 1

Review:TV:The Last of Us Season 1

Having just complained bitterly about Dark Summer skipping the apocalypse foreplay I was happy to see The Last of Us revel in it. This is what a high concept zombie show looks like. I'm sorry, it's fungus rather than zombies of course. I never played the game it's based on but it seems like zombies? They bite you and you get infected. As bored as I am with zombies this was really good.

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