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The Killer

The Killer

The Killer on Netflix looks like a lazy retread of any recent Liam Neeson movie or John Wick with an editor. But it's more than that for two reasons. The soundtrack is incredible, and the writing and tight editing do not allow the tension to slip for a minute. Although the plot is an assassin taking revenge on his employers it could have been an average Tuesday for a loss adjuster with nearly as much impact. Watch it.


Death of a Codebreaker

Death of a Codebreaker

This was a really strange story - a spy, dead in a bag. Putin? Sex Game? Who knew? This podcast does a deep dive and doesn't come up with much. It's worth it for the guy who spent months trying to lock himself in a bag and the person that pointed out you could pull the zip apart.


Marianna in Conspiracyland

Marianna in Conspiracyland

Examining the conspiracy minded in the UK. Worth a terrifying listen.


Lessons In Chemistry

Lessons In Chemistry

I haven't read the book yet, which is supposed to be pretty good, but I found the Apple TV adaptation to be a bit of a slog. Rainn Wilson is great as the cynical TV station manager and the TV series segments are the highlight. Apple's general model seems to be to buy up the rights to beloved books and then committee them into a slow painful death. Foundation was very much this way too. Slow Horses seems to be the brilliant exception.

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