Baby tech should let everyone sleep

Updated on Wednesday, February 22, 2017

Baby tech should let everyone sleep

The range of baby technology now available is astonishing. You can load up with a smart sock, smart diapers, smart pacifier, phone connected scales (doppler, ultrasound...), Nespresso for formula, a cry translator and of course a wide range of ultra-sensitive, night-vision stalking, shrieking / vibrating baby monitoring systems.

But all this innovation is mostly being wasted on paranoid first time parents who need to obsessively check that everything is OK every five seconds (not judging, have been there).

What I need is a baby monitor that does one thing: wait a minute per month of age and see if there is still a problem. Stay silent until this threshold is passed.

As usual, billionaire investor readers please call me.

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(Published to the Fediverse as: Baby tech should let everyone sleep #etc #parenting #baby #sleep #tech #lazyweb A proposal for a baby monitor that waits a minute per month of age before it alerts you to anything. )


Allen Santos
I have a sleep monitoring phone app + alarm that rings when I'm closer to awake than asleep. Theoretically the concepts are similar. Do it!
Jonny Reckless
Get seed funding for this idea and I will join you and build it. The hardware design will not present a problem. The software might be a tad more tricky, as you would have to have wifi enabled and a companion app for at a minimum iOS and android.

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