Capture DropCam (Nest Cam) frames to Google Drive

Updated on Monday, July 12, 2021

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Incidentally here's a timelapse movie I made using the principles in this script:


Same for me (I get a page saying forbidden). Cleve, I responded to you awhile ago but I don't think it posted. I wrote a python script to capture it. What url are you using for the image?


Does this still work? I just added a Nest cam and the still image URL always leads to a page that says "forbidden".


This works for me for saving timed snapshots into a Google Drive folder. What script are you all using to make a time lapse?


Mine is dead too. I have a timelapse script that's been running for a couple of years, and I can see by the timestamps that it stopped working at 11am on April 9, 2019, California time. Now the image returns some HTML that says "forbidden".

Interestingly it died last year for a couple of months too, so who knows, maybe it's intermittent.

If anyone figured out a fix, please post!


Has anyone been able to make it work beyond viewing the still in a browser?

My Google script is still giving me the FORBIDDEN error.



I'm so glad that there is a fix! Thanks for sharing.

I'm now able to the the image using the URL in a browser, but still get a FORBIDDEN error message through the google script.

At least we're making progress!

Clint Hendricks

I can't take credit for this one - but the fix seems to be............

1) replace with

2) then at the end of the request add &public=

last section of the "live feed" url

So for a

UUID of 12345

and last portion live video url of ABCDE

*my use does not need the callback information - but I would imagine you could leave that in


Suddenly stopped working for me as well. Any fixes or work arounds possible?


We've been using this for awhile - but today it seems to be broke.

We are getting pages that say "forbidden."

Anyone else having issues?

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