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Minify and inline CSS for ASP.NET MVC

ASP.NET has a CssMinify class (and a JavaScript variant as well) designed for use in the bundling pipeline. But what if you want to have your CSS minified and inline? Here is an action that is working for me (rendered into a style tag on my _Layout.cshtml using @Html.Action("InlineCss", "Home")).

public ActionResult InlineCss()
    BundleContext context = new BundleContext(
        new HttpContextWrapper(System.Web.HttpContext.Current), 
    Bundle cssBundle = BundleTable.Bundles.GetBundleFor("~/Content/css");
    BundleResponse response = cssBundle.GenerateBundleResponse(context);
    CssMinify cssMinify = new CssMinify();
    cssMinify.Process(context, response);

    return Content(response.Content);

Note that I'm using this to inline CSS for this blog. The pages are cached so I'm not worried about how well this action performs. My blog is also basically all landing pages so I'm also not worried about caching a non-inline version for later use, I just drop all the CSS on every page.


Buyi Wen
i find a free online service to minify js(http://www.online-code.net/minify-js.html) and compress css(http://www.online-code.net/minify-css.html), so it will reduce the size of web page.

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