Export Google Fit Daily Steps, Weight and Distance to a Google Sheet

Updated on Friday, December 29, 2023

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Robert Ellison

Sachin - I have not experimented with activity type. Have you tried not specifying activityDataSourceId? It looks like that should return everything and then you could try filtering down from there. If that doesn't help check the API explorer link near the end of the post.

Sachin Jain


Thanks for the code. After the initial hiccups I was able to run this on google sheets.

Do you have an example for bucketByActivityType.

I am not able to figure what value should be put in for parameter activityDataSourceId of this object.

Many Thanks

Sachin Jain

Robert Ellison

Hi Gabriel, not something I've had to deal with before. I'd suggest starting from scratch - new spreadsheet, new Google API Console project - and see if this solves the problem. Something must still be linked somewhere.


Hi there, I've made a mistake and deleted an oAuth Client and now nothing is working anymore, do you have any ideea how to fix this ?

I've created a new client, updated the codes however it doesn't work...


401. That’s an error.

Error: deleted_client

The OAuth client was deleted.

Request Details

That’s all we know.


Robert Ellison

Dom - if you look at line 20 this pulls 60 days of history. You can change this to 365 (or more) to pull for a longer period.

I think the data from the API is in metric units. If not, you could convert in the spreadsheet or multiply by a conversion factor in the script before writing the data (i.e. at line 86).

Not sure why you'd get blank rows. This would happen if there is no data - assume that you see data for those days in the Google Fit app?


First of all, thank you for the script : )

I was wondering if there is a possibility to import archived data from google fit (365 days and more), and change distance to kms. Also, last 8 days were imported blank, with just a date, don't know what might be a reason for this

Robert Ellison

Henk - look for the link to the API Explorer for Google Fit towards the end of the post. If you sign in with your Google Account you can list all of the data that's available to you. The documentation is atrocious, but the API Explorer is pretty helpful for figuring out what you need.

Henk Wieland

The latest script Works great, but i have a hard time finding more data types.

Like my bike rides and or weight training workouts, which show up in the journal.

Any pointer would be appreciated.

Thanks for this great post.

Robert Ellison

Jamie and others, I've updated the code sample in the main post to handle multiple metrics at the same time - currently it pulls steps, weight and distance. You need to update the sheet to have the new tab name (Metrics instead of Steps). The history function is also better, it pulls the date range from Google Fit in a single API call rather than making one call per day.

Robert Ellison

Hi Jamie. If you follow the link to the API Explorer at the end of the post and authenticate with your Google Account you'll get a list of all the data points that are available to you. This is how I figured out what to pull for distance and I'm sure duration is in there as well. I haven't tried pulling multiple data points at the same time yet. I'm sure it would work with consecutive API calls, you'd just need to make sure you have all the correct scopes when you authorize the API. I'm looking to get steps and weight at the same time - when I get around to this I'll post another code sample if I find a better way to do it.

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